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ネクラートホリック [Read] ➲ ネクラートホリック Author Maguro Wasabi – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Sakuya used to be a fearsome high ranking vampire until he fell in love with Atsumi Now he's fallen so low that he can't even drink other people's blood because only Atsumi's blood suits his taste The Sakuya used to be a fearsome high ranking vampire until he fell in love with Atsumi Now he's fallen so low that he can't even drink other people's blood because only Atsumi's blood suits his taste The problem is Atsumi is not only a guy but also a vampire hunter Their love is than just complicated it's a game of life and death for them both.

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  1. Daniel Daniel says:

    35? I bought this in 2008 but I don't think I've read it before now It's a rapey vampire x vampire hunter thing played for comedy than anything else Kind of enemies with benefits to lovers thing ie I hate you because I can't admit I want you Explicit but on the just barely end of explicit Sakuya is a vampire runs a love hotel where he works as a dominatrix Freuent ueen and insultsjokes referring to him as female In the beginning he is lethargic and can't stand blood after being attacked raped kissed and made to drink the blood of a dhampir vampire hunter a year prior He thinks only of revengeThe art is decent I particularly like Atsumi's character design the hunter though he's drawn much better in the first chapters than towards the end I liked the unnamed Bat king character also Plot is all over the place I didn't really like storyline in chapters 4 6 when the second very famous vampire hunter shows up I'd have preferred the story went in some other directionCute though if you're not put off by the rape aspect

  2. Ryes Ryes says:

    Necratoholic is written by one of the mangakas of Tactics The cover is pure steaminess and I'm surprised to find that Necratoholic also got a few laughs out of meSakuya is a high ranking vampire But ever since he had sex with a dhampir named Atsumi he's lost his taste for blood It's actually much extreme—he can't even stand the sight and smell of blood Now he suckles on roses for nourishmentMeanwhile his manservant Balaur is in a constant state of panic because his master appears to be obssessed with a dhampir a vampire hunter no less and doesn't even seem interested in making money Sakuya and Balaur run a love hotel where Sakuya acts as a SM ueen Well we can't blame Sakuya for wanting to slack off because the humans that pay to be the masochists in his SM gig are weird perverts Add to that the fact that now Sakuya can't even get turned on by the smell of their blood They just repulse himWhat he really wants is to chase down Atsumi and regain his dignity But Atsumi disappeared completely after initiating a chase from Sakuya But one day he returns but tells Sakuya that he is no longer hunting vampires He's now a regular human being and is an insurance salesman One of the running gags in this manga is that Atsumi keeps trying to sell Sakuya life insurance which he obviously does not need because he is a noble vampire with a long and eternal future ahead of him Necratoholic is definitely one of the racier and explicit mangas that Juné has put out so far It's full of action and sword fights and stakes but it also has a lot of gore and blood and sex I wasn't put off by it at all because Necratoholic does a good job of entertaining It's sexy and has plenty of humor My favorite scene would have to be Balaur's solution to the problem of what to dress Sakuya in when he has to go out in daylight Really Sakuya is so gullible Necratoholic is not afraid to poke fun at some of the elements in vampire storiesThe art is beyond phenomenal see cover One of the things I would compliment the mangaka on is the variety of outfits They look so cool you'd want to own them Sakuya's wardrobe is the best—coats suits ruffles capes bondage apparel Necratoholic is the perfect fun way to pass the time and I hope that Juné takes on titles like thisReview first posted at Lincoln Heights Literary SocietyPURCHASE LINK

  3. Oreo Oreo says:

    It was a cute novel I wish the characters Sakuya had shown emotional consistency he seemed to swing wildly from emotion to emotion inorganically but otherwise it was an interesting read A nice palette cleanser

  4. TT TT says:

    Artwork is kinda lame

  5. Julie Hayes Julie Hayes says:

    What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? Abject humiliation perhaps? The line between hunter and prey becomes blurred and the chase is on which way will the scales tip in whose favor? Who will prevail the vampire Sakuya or the vampire hunterdhampir Atsumi?Sakuya's troubles began when Atsumi comes into his life He drinks Atsumi's blood and now he finds that human blood makes him nauseous a pretty pickle for a vampire to be in He vows to keep Atsumi by him as his means of sustenance but the damn fool keeps running away That's no good not at all In the meantime his moping about is certainly not good for business Here he is in this goth looking love hotel with the strange name of Hotel Necrato He is the star attraction sm ueen Sakuya But lately he hasn't been giving the customers their money's worth and Balaur his right hand manminion is concernedA year has passed and no sign can be found of Atsumi Sakuya is determined to find him and put an end to his miserable existence once and for all so that he can go on with his own life And stop being so obsessed with the vampire hunter who has ruined his life A vampire that can't drink blood? What use is he? When Sakuya goes to his next appointment he is shocked to see none other than Atsumi there and in the flesh While Sakuya tries to provoke him Atsumi asks why since he has come as a submissive to him But Sakuya knows that if Atsumi touches him with that tongue which has a rather powerful crest upon it he will be lost And yet can he prevent it and does he truly want to? To his surprise Atsumi confesses to being just a man now that the hunters association found out about his tryst with a vampire and imprisoned him until he just recently escaped; his crest and his powers as a dhampir are gone A dhampir is the child born of a vampire and a human woman possessing a crest on his tongue and with powers to harm vampires natural born vampire huntersIt seems that Atsumi is now an insurance salesman He tries to interest Sakuya in buying some but the vampire is singularly uninterested He can only die at the hands of a dhampir and who would he leave the money to anyway? Atsumi admits to having bought some for himself naming Sakuya as beneficiary Balaur uestions Atsumi as to his intentions why does he want to kiss Sakuya again? What will he gain from that? Sakuya begs Atsumi to get one of the other dhampirs to kill him he feels useless a vegetarian vampire that can't even kill what use is he? Atsumi seems angry at the suggestion and what is this pain in Sakuya's heart? Atsumi tells him to get anyone he wants to kill him as long as he doesn't have to see it and he goes AgainSakuya is not pleased a week later to see Mr Haoka at the Hotel due to growing customer complaints Sakuya is waging an inner war over his feelings concerning Atsumi trying to understand them and come to grips with them He needs to overcome what has happened so that he may consume blood once again and be what he was meant to be He tries to seduce the humans who come to the Hotel but finds their stench unbearable Balaur decides he needs to take action Alone Sayuka makes an appointment for himself with a tubby pig of a man He finds himself having to fight off the man's unwelcome advances when suddenly Atsumi is there to defend him Interestingly he has his tongue crest back And once Sakuya drinks from him once he finds his blood to be actually sweet What does this mean?You can read my complete review at Yaoi Radius

  6. Nicole Loop Nicole Loop says:

    THIS PLOT IS DUMB AND WEIRD AND ALL OVER THE PLACE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHi wanna kill the man that made me not like drinking blood anyhe shows up hi im regular human nowYOU doesn't kill himi wanna die i cant enjoy blood any bc of you anyone can kill me not u thofine whatever idc THREATENS RAPE AGAIN BC VAMPIRE WANTS SOMEONE ELSE TO KILL HIMomg what a dick that dude is STILL NOT KILLING HIM UwU he makes me blush but i totally want to murder him or him murder merandom btsd hotel owner moments??????????WHY DO I STILL HAVE THIS MANGA AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  7. Reader17 Der Reader17 Der says:

    I really liked reading this It was making me laugh This is about a vampire and a vampire hunter The whole book is about the vampire that no longer craves blood except for the vampire hunters blood but he doesn't want anything to do with the vampire hunter The vampire hunter will appear and tease the vampire and then disappears only to return later on

  8. April April says:

    This is the frist yaoi manga I've read though I'm very familair with the genre i thought ti was actually kind of cute especailly for an explicit love story I would read mroe if they had follow up stories Also I really liked the art The book was larger thna average manga and that gave the artist space to really make some lovely full page spreads

  9. Stéphanie Stéphanie says:

    So angry A big part of the 6th chapter is missing and words are cut off This is very frustrating the editor could do a better job As for the manga itself well it was correct but I've read far better

  10. Julia Julia says:

    Strange but REALLY sexy

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