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Two-Gun Sun [KINDLE] ❄ Two-Gun Sun Author June Hutton – In 1922 a lone woman arrives in a filthy frontier mining town in the Pacific Northwest Her goal to resurrect her dead uncle’s newspaper Within two days a naked man is shot dead a famous man is rumou In a lone woman arrives in a filthy frontier mining town in the Pacific Northwest Her goal to resurrect her dead uncle’s newspaper Within two days a naked man is shot dead a famous man is rumoured to be heading their way and the only man capable of fixing her broken down press so that she might spread this news is a Chinese printer from the nearby forbidden settlement of LousetownOver the next month Lila Sinclair will take even bigger risks to see her business thrive—from her uestionable news reporting to her negotiations with a partner who’s a liar and a gambler Reckless stubborn and with a maddening tendency to shed tears when provoked Lila works long hours next to her printer to see her dream through only to discover all that she could loseInspired by the historical figures Morris “Two Gun” Cohen and Dr Sun Yat sen whose joint pursuits would later bolster a revolution that ushered in the modern era for China and further informed by Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West with its themes of intercultural love in the Old West June Hutton blends fact with fiction in a dramatic tale that is part historical novel part steampunk opera and part otherworldly WesternBrutally beautiful at times playful and absurd and then swiftly tragic Two Gun Sun explores themes of truth love and independence.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Two-Gun Sun
  • June Hutton
  • English
  • 14 May 2015
  • 9781927575956

10 thoughts on “Two-Gun Sun

  1. Petra Petra says:

    Throughout I was tossed one way then another entertaining then slow; calm then wild It left me unsure what I was thinking of the story Even the setting is unsure set in British Columbia by the sea small town coal mining My closest guess of a model the author used for this fictional town would be Britannia Beach In the end I see what the author meant to portray That through all the chaos and unknowns that happen to us each day we have to bare ourselves in the end not let others direct us and live the life we want to live I'm not sure whether the style of writing is my favorite I appreciate the message the story was interestingchaotic enough to keep me entertained and interested But that's about all I think if the writing style works for the reader the story will resonate This may truly be a case of it's me; not you

  2. Megan Megan says:

    You inherited a printing press in a coal mine townwhat's the worst that could happen? Everything and nothing Dark gritty and a cast of colourful characters I enjoyed this read

  3. Mirella Mirella says:

    Two Gun and Sun is the epitome of uniue storytelling characters setting and plot go beyond the norm to reveal a creative tale Add to this a boldy courageous heroine whose determination knows no bounds and you've got a great story I would definitely classify this novel as intelligent cerebral and intensely entertaining This is wonderfulf literary fiction The author's style is to not use uotation marks for dialogue which took a while to get used to but the great story superceeded this issue June Hutton is one of my favourite Canadian authors a gifted writer with talent I highly recommend her books Thank you to the author and publisher I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  4. Mary Mary says:

    Two Gun and Sun is an entertaining novel by June Hutton set in the wild west of 1920s North America in the town of Black Mountain and its ghetto Lousetown where the Chinese workers live The book's rowdy cast of frontier characters stars the liberated Lila Sinclair the newspaper owner Vincent her Chinese printer Dr Sun Yat sen and his Jewish bodyguard Two Gun Cohen As the drama builds it slyly echoes the Puccini opera being staged in this raw and rambunctious coal mining town Clever witty and funny the novel is a delight to read with a triumphantly revolutionary ending

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    I originally picked this up as part of All Lit Up's summer book club and wasn't sure what to expect but I really enjoyed this The characters are well fleshed out and the story was intriguing I liked Hutton's writing style which is a little surprising as normally I can't stand books where the dialogue is folded into the rest of the text without uotation marks but somehow she made it work perfectly Will definitely recommend to others

  6. S.M. Freedman S.M. Freedman says:

    June Hutton's second novel is absolutely brilliant Rarely have I had the pleasure of reading such poetically gritty prose She creates imagery that fires the reader's imagination and characters so real you expect them to walk straight off the pages This is award winning writing

  7. Clare Clare says:

    I loved this delightfully subversive Read as part of the All Lit Up summer book club

  8. Susan Susan says:

    I was debating between giving this book two or three stars But then I realized that if I gave three then GR recommendations would repeatedly say 'since you liked two gun sun you might like' and realized that that would annoy me greatly since I did not really like this book So two stars it isThe book itself was OK Not spectacular not fantastic but OK I guess another vote for two rather than three stars But I actively disliked the protagonistnarrator Lila Sinclair Lila is selfish and self involved and overall offers nothing for me the reader to like The fact that I found Lila immensely unlikeable detracted from the rest of the book because as her self involved self suggests she was the main presence in the book I guess a vote for one rather than two starsOverall the book was neither bad nor good but could have been much better with a admirable protagonistnarrator

  9. Robert Confiant Robert Confiant says:

    A good read I read on the bus an hour each way and I had difficulty putting it away I enjoyed the mingle of two real life persons and the fictional story woven

  10. Sandy Smith Sandy Smith says:

    This was a good book I got it on a giveaway and it was my first time winning so that was fun First off there were two things I really really didn't like I didn't like the serrated edges on the side I hate when books do that it needs to stop More on the writing side Hutton doesn't use uotation marks This disturbs me greatly and kept it from being a five star The story though wow It's one of those books that pulls you in and you can't stop reading it Also one thing I care about The clothes are so wonderfully accurate for the time period However my heart is heavy because of those damn uotation marks

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