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The Making of a Funeral Director ❰BOOKS❯ ✸ The Making of a Funeral Director Author Janice J. Richardson – What does a funeral director do with their day Why would one want to go into funeral service Find out what why and much in this entertaining memoir from a funeral director who loved her job A portion What does a funeral director do with their of a ePUB ✓ day Why would one want to go into funeral service Find out what why and much in this entertaining memoir from a funeral director who loved her job A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this book will go to Your Life Counts.

8 thoughts on “The Making of a Funeral Director

  1. Brian Greiner Brian Greiner says:

    The book is described as a 'memoir' but unlike any memoir I can recall this one made me stop and think several times while readingOn the surface it is a tale of one person's decision to enter a field that is foreign to most of us and her experiences during her training and subseuent graduation There are the usual vignettes of happy sad and startling moments that one expects in a memoir Linking all these are the author's feelings her feelings at the time as well as reflections some years after the fact Interesting stuff and worth readingHowever along the way we are given glimpses into a world and world view that is foreign to most of us It is a world where the participants suffer a very high degree of job stress and burnout as they deal with people at one of the worst times of their lives It is a world where the participants deal with the result of death sometimes natural sometimes criminal sometimes amoung family sometimes alone The closest most of us get to this world are the lurid stories of problems in the funeral industry we see in the news But the job encompasses so much and I was startled to learn how much there was The book touches on the social aspect of death as well how we deal with it on a personal and societal level as well as the practical aspects of treating the remains of the deceased Good stuff and highly recommended

  2. Jennifer Bakody Jennifer Bakody says:

    Although the title evokes death and doesn't shy away from the subject Richardson's memoir is replete with the beauty of real life as opposed to some glossed over version of it It is clear she loved her work and that love is infectious as is her writerly voice in describing it The result is an easy forthright and enjoyable read with a few suirming moments among the details as told by a person I inherently know I would like and admire

  3. Elizabeth Meadows Elizabeth Meadows says:

    Fascinating bookI had no idea of all that is involved in training to be and working as a funeral director Janice Richardson tells a very compelling account of her experiences

  4. M.J. Moores M.J. Moores says:

    I stumbled upon this memoir by chance but I must say it's one of the most heartfelt honest and real stories to come across my desk in years Richardson doesn't pull her punches as she opens her soul to the world You don't need to be a funeral director to fall in love with the trials this woman went through to be able to follow her heart and her calling

  5. Josephine Calabrese Josephine Calabrese says:

    The Making of a Funeral DirectorBy Janice J RichardsonSome might say the details of a funeral director's work should be left at the office Mrs Richardson's detailed descriptions of the work a funeral director performs is gruesome In my opinion too much detail is not always a good thing I also found the book to be rather lengthly If you don't have the stomach for this type of read or suffer from depression I don't advise you reading this bookWhy would anyone ever want to read a book on this subject? I can think of two reasons1 To inform individuals who are preparing for a future in the profession of being a Funeral Director2 To make individuals aware of that part of life With information comes understanding

  6. Caroline Aitchison Caroline Aitchison says:

    Really Good ReadI thoroughly enjoyed this book It was very Interesting to read I found it hard to put down and recommend this to anyone with an interest in the funeral service

  7. Karen Karen says:

    Written with compassion and grace this book is than just a what is a funeral director's job and what happens to our loved ones This book tells the story of the author's journey with honesty and integrity of the subject matter

  8. Kathy LeJeune Kathy LeJeune says:

    I really enjoyed this book Great information and being a female working most of my life in a job considered a man's world I can understand what she went through

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