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  1. Ioana Ioana says:

    I had the privilege of traveling to Ireland just over a month ago Alas when I returned as these things go my Netgalley reuest for Dinosaurs on Other Planets a beautiful debut short story collection by a budding Irish author was approved Having just spent a few days imbibing the soulful atmosphere of Dublin and the melancholy of the fertile but sparsely inhabited countryside of County Cork I was especially appreciative of McLaughlin’s portrait of Ireland in transitionThe backdrop is a place still struggling from economic depression and the overwhelming theme explored is human despairalienation driven by economic woesineuality A father desperately attempts to provide for his bipolar wife and child; a team of brothers engage in smuggling activities; a mink farmer is ridden by debt The most unsettling thread coursing through McLaughlin’s stories is her choice of setting locations far removed from urban centers long imprinted in human mythos as harbors of despairineualitystrife Cliffs of Moher IrelandAn example and indulgence I’ve always day dreamed about my ideal of a peaceful life roaming Romanian’s Carpathians as a shepherd just me the mountains and sheep And of course in my fantasy I’m also carrying a backpack full of books Piatra Craiului a sub range of the Carpathians in Transylvania my soul homeBut this daydream is a purely romantic notion born of a melancholy for simpler times in which nature symbolizes peacefulness and beauty Who knows if these times really existed? We tend to see the past through rose colored glasses yearning for an ‘Eden’ that lives purely in the imagination and is not supported by historical fact Piatra Craiului RomaniaRealistically if I was a Romanian shepherd I wouldn’t be carrying around a backpack full of books I wouldn’t have the means or the education most likely I’d be living in poverty away from human companionship for long stretches at a time And meanwhile the world would go on and I would know very little about it On second thought not so ideal after all In fact a privileged self indulgence for I’m sure I wouldn’t be having this fantasy if I were still a child in Communist Romania Ah the view from my American land of plenty perchMcLaughlin brilliantly captures this dilemma of modern times even in remote places even in places bountifully given to nature human despair persists darkness still encroaches There is no place where we can go to ‘escape’ Effectively these stories demolish the notion of a fabled haven of being able to somehow transcend the confines of our material situations ie economics Still McLaughlin does not leave the reader with a complete sense of loss or inescapable existential ennui For even within the bounds of our lives her stories relate the ways in which we still have the ability to make meaning for ourselves There is at least no cessation of movement we are compelled forward by our desire to understand And this desire is fundamentally a productive and positive force that propels actionlifeMeanwhile the choice is ours Whether we decide to act to seek out experiences knowledge wisdom life sweeps us along in an ever moving stream Whatever happens wherever we are rivers don’t stop on our behalf This sentiment is poignantly alluded to in the final story of the collection in which a child wonders could there be dinosaurs on other planets? Since they were wiped out on Earth by an asteroid what about all those places that have not been hit? Even when a devastating realization event or act may wipe out all we hold dear or may cause us to rethink all of our preconceptions the world goes on carrying us even as we may lie limp or try to fight against the current Sobering indeedMcLaughlin writes beautifully her insights are penetrating and her stories are easily relatable Still I wasn’t fully captured by the work While I fully identified with the melancholic tone the story of my being these stories were a bit too lethargic for my taste Reading this short book induced some kind of torpor it took me weeks to read and then weeks to write this review I received my copy from the publisher via Netgalley All opinions are solely my own

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    This volume consists of 11 short stories two of which appeared in the New Yorker One person at my book club noted all the stories featured bad mothers Some beautiful prose but the stories at times were grim But I appreciated this collection and will definitely read of her A book for those interested in new Irish writing short stories and writing by women

  3. Jill Jill says:

    When a publicist compares a debut writer to the inimitable Alice Munro and William Trevor expectations are bound to be high I don’t think Danielle McLaughlin uite meets that standard but I do think that this is a very promising collection of stories that builds momentum as it goes alongTaken as a whole this uietly powerful story collection each person’s evolving place in an often uncertain always mysterious universe The title story is the final story and it includes this description partially in response to a young boy who believes he has discovered a dinosaur skull “There were stars millions of them the familiar constellations she’d known since childhood They were white hot clouds of dust and gas and the light if you got close would blind you” Animals don’t fare well in Dinosaurs On Other Planets; neither in many cases do parent child relationships or relationships between lovers A particularly disturbing story A Different County focuses on an innocent woman named Sarah who travels with her new boyfriend Jonathan to the home of his brother Aidan and his very pregnant girlfriend Pauline As labor commences for Pauline Sarah’s innocence is shattered when she comes across the brothers’ unsettling and secretive activitiesAnother In The Act of Falling centers on a stressed out wife whose unemployed husband stays home with their antisocial young son Tension builds as we view the son’s obsession with dead ducks a traveling preacher who looks like Angelina Jolie and a depraved man who might be the cause of harmWith psychological acuity Danielle McLaughlin crafts her stories which – for the most part – evoke desolution alienation and in some cases redemption I foresee good things for this talented writer 45 stars

  4. Kasa Cotugno Kasa Cotugno says:

    I've observed this paradox before if a book of short stories is uniformly great reading it is hard work To give each story its due it reuires digestion and are thus better read individually between weightier novels as a sort of sorbet But when gathered in a collection the process of immersion intrigue absorption all reuires an ebb and flow of concentration culminating sometimes in an abrupt closure So how to review a collection such as this where every story is compelling Set in an Ireland that could be anywhere even anywhere USA with only sporadic reference to place names or metric measurements to identify this as Ireland There is so much good writing coming out of there I recently attended a panel of Irish writers who agreed that the flavor of contemporary Irish fiction is reflective of that island's long tradition of story telling If there is a common thread running through these particular stories it is one that is familiar to anyone who has lived the past decade anywhere in the world in which a financial surge and decline has affected all I recently read a book of short stories from Greece with similar themes These are hyper realistic hypnotic and recognizable situations that present us with a worldview proving our lives are not that much different from those not next door

  5. Eric Anderson Eric Anderson says:

    It's not till the last part of this debut short story collection by author Danielle McLaughlin that you reach the title story If you've read all the stories in order as I did then you'll already have a sense of the title's complex meaning It’s a phrase taken from a conversation in one story where a child speculates that if dinosaurs were made extinct after a meteor hit Earth there could still be dinosaurs on other planets However a layered understanding of how this image’s meaning connects with human relationships comes from the interactions of the characters throughout all of the stories They convey a sensation that even if we are emotionally destroyed in our own circumscribed existence other lives still carry on independently There is a feeling running through many of these varied and skilfully written tales that the existence of others happens at a far remove from you and your own internal reality Even if we live in close proximity to each other and especially if we're in a relationship with someone the bulk of these other lives remains distinct and private McLaughlin subtly handles this by creating deeply immersive and compelling stories which show a keen sense of how people relate to each otherRead my full thoughts on LonesomeReader review of Dinosaurs on Other Planets by Danielle McLaughlin

  6. Karen Mace Karen Mace says:

    Have been on the lookout for some short story collections to get into and I was tempted by this one as the cover and title intrigued meThis is a collection of short stories and not of the happy variety They are beautifully written and feature a host of different problems faced by families My problem with this book was that it was miss than hit for me with how the stories captured my imagination and interestThe best was definitely saved til last and a couple of the others were captivating too but I found a lot of the others didn't really move me

  7. Aj Sterkel Aj Sterkel says:

    This short story collection isn’t uite what I was expecting It contains no dinosaurs or other planets but it does contain realistic stories about characters whose lives have gone slightly off courseThese are iceberg stories You only see brief snippets of the characters’ lives but you know that a lot is happening under the surface Most things are left unsaid The characters bury their feelings and don’t find it easy to express their thoughts This isn’t a collection that a reader can race through You have to pause after each story and think about it to really understand its meaningThere’s nothing explicitly sad about the stories but they all have a heavy melancholy tone The characters are on the cusp of major changes in their lives The reader gets the sense that the characters are holding their breaths waiting to see which way life shoves them next There’s an eual chance of things getting dramatically better or dramatically worseDanielle McLaughlin’s writing is beautiful These stories are very well observed The author definitely understands human behavior and how subtle actions can sometimes say than wordsI love the setting Most of the stories take place in rural Ireland I’ve never been to Ireland but the author makes it easy to get a sense of the landscape and the peopleMy only complaint about this collection is that some of the stories are too uiet for me Compared to most short stories these are uite long Since they’re long and slow it sometimes feels like nothing is happening Still I like the tone of the collection and the complex characters I have to be vague about my favorite stories because they’re too easy to spoil They don’t have tons of action or unexpected plot twists Here they areIn “The Art of Foot binding” a rebellious teenage girl comes home with an unusual school assignment When the girl’s mother confronts the teacher she learns that her daughter may know about her parents’ failing marriage than the mother cares to admit “Along the Heron Studded River” takes place in a rural area A husband commutes to the city for work every day but he lives in terror that his wife will harm their young daughter while he’s goneOne of my favorite favorite stories is “Night of the Silver Fox” A young truck driver develops an interest in the strong minded daughter of a fur farmer He’s devastated to learn that she’s resorting to desperate measures to keep her father’s failing farm from going bankrupt“‘It’s what they’re bred for’ she said turning away ‘they don’t know any different’” – Dinosaurs on Other Planets“Not Oleanders” is the only story that doesn’t take place in Ireland After a breakup with her lover Lily travels to Italy alone To stave off loneliness she tracks down a fellow tourist who she met on a train but the encounter doesn’t go as planned“Life after all was mostly the art of salvage” – Dinosaurs on Other PlanetsMy other favorite favorite is the title story “Dinosaurs on Other Planets” This one is about dying relationships A grandmother wants to be involved in the life of her grandson but she worries that all he’ll remember from his visit to her house is the sheep skull that he found in a field And misidentified as a dinosaur skull TL;DR If you like uiet highly realistic short stories this is a must read

  8. Katia N Katia N says:

    Hemingway said once about the writing of a short story “you could omit anything if you knew that you omitted and the omitted part would strengthen the story and make people feel something that they understood” The stories in this collection are constructed like that They often stop at the moment of uncertainty I could feel the time paused the image created But there was no resolution as in life And that gives a uniue space for the reader to be in not so much to make your own ending but to participate in the moment burdened with possibilitiesI enjoyed all stories which is rare for a collection But if i would need to single one it has to be “The smell of dead flowers” This is the only one in the book which has got some kind of resolution Butshe constructed a brilliant set of characters It seems they are coming from a 19th century novel A woman in her late 40s reminded me Mrs Faversham She has got a mentally disabled daughter in her late teens The narrator a girl fresh in Dublin from a farm arrives to lodge with the woman And there is another lodger a permanent it seems student of philosophy at Trinity college And the story takes us from thereAll the stories are realistic The majority of them are set in modern Ireland They left me with the thirst for I can see why the author was awarded the Windham Campbell Prize this year I think she is in the process of writing a novel now But i would wish for short stories by her

  9. Disha Bose O& Disha Bose O& says:

    I nearly always find myself worrying when I speculate over reading a short story collection whether they are worth investing time over Not because I don’t like reading short stories or indeed writing them but I much prefer reading a short story on off chance If I happen upon one or am recommended one etc However as always I don’t know why I worry I almost always enjoy them; especially when I space the stories out read them over a week and allow each story to settle in like dust on the leaves of my aloe vera plant Danielle McLaughlin is a talented uiet writer who is able to construct beautifully pieced together words which resonate into meaning several minutes after the eye reads the sentence Each story in this collection sticks to the soul It’s not impossible to describe what the stories are about but I’d rather allow you to discover them yourself Some of the unifying themes in the stories which I will take the liberty to disclose are dead animals and insects isolated lonely women and men the defeats and defects of life It is startling to think this is her debut work such is the power of her storytelling I am definitely a fan and will not hesitate to purchase her next collection Why you should read itIf you like modern short stories and don’t mind cliffhangers If you don’t mind being struck by a gush of beautiful sad emotions If like me you’re attracted to intriguing story titles Why you shouldn’t read it If you’re looking for a light and easy read If you prefer stories that end neatly and don’t want the story to end just when your breath is stuck in your throat

  10. Gretel Gretel says:

    More like 25 This book unfortunately does not feature either dinosaurs or other planets but it is a well written collection of literary short stories These stories are not happy ones These stories are of families with problems My favourite is the first story of the bunch The Art of Foot Binding following a teenage daughter's strange behaviour that arises from the problems between her parents All About Alice is another one of my favourites which follows middle aged Alice who has the house to herself after her father goes on holiday I could really feel Alice's regret at doing the thing she did that made her move back in with her father and it's wonderfully claustrophobic and tense as is the nail biting Along the Heron Studded River which has all the ingredients to be a thriller in its own right Unfortunately as the book progresses everything becomes very sameish At least throw in one happy family In Not Oleanders the only story not set in Ireland I initially became excited because of the change of scenery but it's probably the most dull story of the bunch

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Dinosaurs on Other Planets ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Dinosaurs on Other Planets Author Danielle McLaughlin – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A woman battles bluebottles as she plots an ill judged encounter with a stranger; a young husband commutes a treacherous route to his job in the city fearful for the wife and small daughter he has lef A woman battles bluebottles as she plots an ill judged encounter with a stranger; a young husband commutes a treacherous route to his job in the city fearful for the wife and small daughter he has left behind; a mother struggles to understand her nine year old son’s obsession with dead birds and the apocalypse In Danielle McLaughlin’s stories the world is both beautiful and alien Men and women negotiate their surroundings as a tourist might navigate a distant country watchfully with a mixture Dinosaurs on MOBI :Ê of wonder and apprehension Here are characters living lives in translation ever at the mercy of distortions and misunderstandings striving to make sense both of the spaces they inhabit and of the people they share them with.