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Aftermath (The Bening Files #3) ➟ [Epub] ❤ Aftermath (The Bening Files #3) By Rachel Trautmiller ➩ – Lives taken Families destroyed Trust betrayed Rebuilding is paramount to survival Can all family hurdles be overcome Does forgiveness come to all Redemption awaits Teenage girls are going missing in b Lives taken Families destroyed Trust betrayed Rebuilding is paramount to survival Can all family hurdles be overcome Does forgiveness come to all Redemption awaits Teenage girls are going missing in broad daylight No witnesses No struggle Having been tipped off from the last person anyone should trust Baker Jackson Robinson knows involving Detective Amanda Nettles is risky For her their colleague SBI Agent Parker Williams and himself Convincing her to put her life and career on the line isn’t a decision he’s made lightly With a new string of crime on the horizon Detective Amanda Nettles keeps herself plenty busy Doesn’t think about an unfinished wedding to her favorite FBI agent The almost family that wasn’t Nor the thorough Internal Affairs investigation that left her—and her coworkers uestioning everything inside the precinct fingers pointed in her direction Instead toeing the line is important than ever And hoping her talent and work ethic might restore her once good name But she’s not stupid enough to believe it will return anything—or anyone else When Parker Williams is brutally attacked and left for dead the journal of a young girl the only thing linking his whereabouts to their current case however minimal the choice is simple This teen is either the missing puzzle piece they need or another wild goose chase sending them down a narrow rabbit hole Either way life is life And Amanda’s done hiding With the pages of the missing teen’s diary eerily like another woman’s they’ll have to decide if coming face to face with unspeakable evil will yield answers or crumble an already shaky foundation This book is part of a series Reading the books in order will heighten your enjoyment of the characters within each story.

10 thoughts on “Aftermath (The Bening Files #3)

  1. Sharon Sharon says:

    Wow I'm glad there was still so much to Robbie's and Amanda's story because after enjoying them in book 2 of this series I sure wanted of their sparkling chemistry and uirky banter Lots of other characters from the first two books are also making interesting contributions to the plot twists in this suspense filled instalment One of the minor characters prison chaplain Dexter Knight caught my attention I hope the author has plans to tell his story sometime; I'll bet it will be very intriguing indeed

  2. Robin Robin says:

    The Bening Files books are rapidly becoming my top of the pic for a super strong female heroine Amanda is well rounded and hot to trot to solve murders in her own town The gut wrenching conflict going on inside her is there for us all to read So very well written I highly recommend this book and the series Reading in order helps to understand faster but each one can stand alone

  3. Tonya R Cassell Tonya R Cassell says:

    ExcitingThis book will keep you riveted to your seat as you wind through the story line uncovering all the clues

  4. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Aftermath The Bening Files Book 3 By Rachel TrautmillerAftrermath is the third book in The Bening Files series I have read one other book Linked in this series and let me tell you I will be reading If you love suspense and lots of action then you will love Aftermath Rachel Trautmiller writes the kind of books that keeps you holding onto your seat When you start to read you will not want to put it down till the end I loved the story and the characters Amanda and Jackson work together putting their lives on the line Detective Amanda likes to keep busy and forget about the wedding that never took place Girls go missing in daylight with no witness An Agent is attacked and left for dead You will need to get your copy and read Aftermath I was given a copy of this book for my honest review which I have given

  5. Ann Ann says:

    Wow That pretty well sums up how I feel about this book This is been an excellent series and the author has done it again with this one It can be read as a standalone but after you read this one I know you will want to read the first books in the series Rachel is an author that knows how to write a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing from the first pages to see how the story will end This is another one from her that I couldn't put it down after I had started it I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review and it is a must read for the reader that enjoys a good book with lots of suspense and action

  6. Peggy Mitchell Peggy Mitchell says:

    AmazingExcellent read Fast paced I couldn't devour the pages uickly enough I don't think I've ever read a book with so many complex twists and turns in the plot as this one It was as if uncovering layer after layer to reveal new informationWow I was completely mesmerized; I couldn't get enough I can't wait to read the next book In addition to being able to weave an intricate story Trautmiller sets forth likeable AND hate inspiring characters I wanted to know about them their lives their strugglesI truly hope the author continues this series I'm hooked

  7. Linda Rainey Linda Rainey says:

    Thanks to Rachel Trautmiller for a great ride She is a real storyteller the likes of Patterson and the other greatsI am flooded with such a mass of emotions as I read the bookAll of the characters work together to tell their story and a great story it isThey answer lots of uestions from the last two booksThis is a definite must read book and I eagerly await the nextbook and I am sure I will be captivatedThanks for the honor to be an advance reviewer and know that I always give an honest opinion

  8. Sheila Sheila says:

    Another great adrenaline laced book that is what I would say if you asked me about this book Chock full of mystery suspense romance and one line zingers this book has a little something for everyone The best part of the story though for me is the underlying theme of redemption forgiveness and grace There are a few swear words but the storyline is so good it is easy to overlook them I would wholeheartedly recommend this book as a must readThank you to the author for a copy of this book the opinions and thoughts are my own

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    Amanda and Jackson are amazing people The things these two do while working together is truly remarkable Watching these two people who love each other so much deal with people around them is unbelievable You won't be able to stop reading this book I had the honor to review this book for the author

  10. Marla Marla says:

    I love this book I love the entire series Each book is better than the one before it Rachel is an outstanding author The book is full of suspense and action I didn't want to put the book down I couldn't wait to read the next page I was given a copy of the book to read and to provide an honest review

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