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'Til the Well Runs Dry ❰Reading❯ ➿ 'Til the Well Runs Dry Author Lauren Francis-Sharma – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Lauren Francis Sharma's 'Til the Well Runs Dry opens in a seaside village in the north of Trinidad where young Marcia Garcia a gifted and smart mouthed 16 year old seamstress lives alone raising two s Lauren Francis Sharma's 'Til Well Runs PDF/EPUB ë the Well Runs Dry opens in a seaside village in the north of Trinidad where young Marcia Garcia a gifted and smart mouthed year old seamstress lives alone raising two small boys and guarding a family secret When she meets Farouk Karam an ambitious young policeman the risks and rewards in Marcia's life amplify forever 'Til the ePUB í On an island rich with laughter Calypso Carnival cricket beaches and salty air sweet fruits and spicy stews the novel follows Marcia and Farouk from their amusing and passionate courtship through personal and historical events that threaten Marcia's secret entangle the couple and their children in a scandal and endanger the future for all of them 'Til the Well Runs Dry the Well Runs Kindle Ñ tells the twinned stories of a spirited woman's love for one man and her bottomless devotion to her children For listeners who cherish the previously untold stories of women's lives here is a story of grit and imperfection and love that has not been told before.

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  1. Monica Monica says:

    Every year I seem to come across a novel that I expect to be a mildly entertaining springsummer read which completely exceeds my expectations Last year it was The Turner House this year it's 'Til the Well Runs Dry I listened to the book on Audible A superb performance by Bahni Turpin and Ron Butler Bahni Turpin is fast becoming one of my favorite audio performers She also did Here Comes the Sun She inhabits the patois where the character comes from and makes distinctions between for example Trinidad and Jamaican She is amazing Ron Butler compellingly portrays the character of Farouk in a way that evokes empathy and sympathy a laudable performance because the character is not that likeable Both performances had me sitting in the car in the parking lot well past my arrival timeThe story takes place primarily on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago slight departure The first time I'd ever heard of the islands was when Janelle Penny Commissiong was crowned Miss Universe in 1977 She was the first black woman ever to hold the title I was a wee pup but she was the very first black person so it was a bit of an event at my house Anyhow It's a fast moving impactful rather mixed bag almost soap opera ish with its secrets salacious events misjudgements reuisite dumb decisions and leaps to disastrously wrong conclusions etc A regular Peyton Place or in this case Blanchisseuse It supposedly took place during the 50s and 60s though honestly there is nothing going on historically within the novel to provide an external frame of reference It could have taken place at any time within the last half century the commonality of airplane travel is the only indication of later century modernity Basically it was the trials and tribulations of Marcia Garcia first name and last name rhyme and her family Farouk Karam her love interest and father of her children is a self absorbed cad who loves obsessively and emotionally abuses Marcia in eual measure He is full blooded Indian The islands have a history of indentured servants from India His lineage and middle class upbringing contribute to the drama Marcia Garcia is beautiful and captures his eye He resorts to some magical realism to win her heart Meanwhile Marcia has some family secrets of her own the efforts to conceal them have lead in no small part to her misery Drama ensues and Farouk and Marcia though never fully together manage to conceive 4 children The story revolves around these two their children and the falloutconseuences of their misjudgments and actions Francis Sharma has a gift in her descriptions The places were very vivid as was the semi large cast of characters I saw Blanchisseuse and Tunapuna and New York City and Maryland and Toco through the eyes of the characters In fact after reading this book I would like to see the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago with my own eyes Also exceptional were the descriptions of the atmosphere and the people It felt like I knew them I could feel the rhythms and taste the spices in the foods both in Trinidad and in NYC Again I have to compliment Turpin in addition to Francis Sharma because when Marcia hits Maryland Turpin has to inhabit American characters and she is brilliant switching from Marcia to American in seconds Plus the American character is well drawn and amusing in her own self congratulatorypatronizing manner No evidence of patois or even race in her voice One time Turpin is brilliantOverall I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful book There were some very interesting themes including immigration exploitation of labor classism racism sexism incest patriarchy nature of love vs obsession parenting fatherhood the impacts of the pressures that we put on children poverty All of these themes and were for the most part realistically explored in the book In general though they have many likeable moments the characters both male and female were not very likeable But they were incredibly familiar dare I say they were human Though I'm certain I would have enjoyed reading it the superb audio performance definitely kicked it up a notch Either way this one is highly recommended 4 plus Stars

  2. Avanders Avanders says:

    Review based on ARCOh man how even to review this one I signed up to get this one because it had something to do with Trinidad That was really all that motivated me Otherwise it sounded kind of trite ya know multigenerational multicultural blah blah blah But my mom is from Trinidad and unlike the author of this book I have NOT heard much from her about her home country I was hoping the book might give me even the slightest of inside looks And boy did itI would not describe this book as multigenerational or multi cultural even though those are both accurate descriptions The issue I have with those phrases is that they tend to accompany stories that don't offer much else beyond the obvious that generation doesn't get it dynamic or look how different and yet the same these cultures are And those can be fantastic books but I find that relying on the cheap tricks often make the story seem well a little cheapThat was NOT the case here Lauren Francis Sharma created a compelling interesting fast paced deep involved story with an undercurrent of like gut truth I didn't feel as if I were reading some fantasy creation of someone with no idea of what real life was actually like I felt like I felt like I was maybe sitting at a kitchen table somewhere with someone's grandmother who was telling the story of her life And what a story Ever so briefly Marcia Garcia Mah see ah Gah see ah lives in the Bush in Trinidad ie the wrong side of the tracks with the boys she cares for Her mind is nowhere near romance or the other frivolities of life when Farouk spots her and determines he must have her Farouk is of course from the right side of the tracks but he's young and impulsive and makes no mind of the potential cultural impact of his choice And so begins Marcia's lifeI mean It covers so much ground Years peoples families children parents siblings crime countries slavery passion anger etc etc etc And Francis Sharma manages to give each element her full attentionAs with all truly excellent books describing it too much would do it injustice This truly excellent book is being sent to my mom maybe we can have a little Trini discussion once she's read it Highly recommend For all of the reasons indicated above and because it's just a good book

  3. Julie Julie says:

    I picked up this book randomly from the library's new arrivals shelf the first from this author The story is about Marcia Garcia and is set in Trinidad We meet Marcia as a talented young 16 year old seamstress and orphan caring for her 3 year old twin brothers who's barely able to feed her family Enter Farouk a 20 something police officer who falls madly in love with Marcia and tries to win her love with the help of the local obeah witch basically I was enticed by this book because of its island setting and the story of a young poor girl trying to survive on her own Was I ever disappointed The story as described on the dust jacket was so different from the actual book My main problem was what I'm going to call the 'kitchen sink' approach to the plot The author threw in every plot twist and turn she could think of Tumultuous relationship? Check Political conflict? Check Child abduction? Check Police corruption? Check Incest? Check Witchcraft? Check Family turmoil? Check Immigration? Check White slavery? Check Tragic death? Check Divorce? Check DrugAlcohol use? Check First love? Check Surprise return of long lost family member? Check Honestly what wasn't in this story? The problem is that we moved so uickly from crisis to crisis that I never got a chance to slow down and care about any of the characters I wish the author had trusted herself to pick only a few of these story lines and to do them well Finally my last wish is that the Trinidad setting had been used to weave a story that was uniue and universal to that place and time an island gaining its independence after years of colonial rule The author did try to emphasize the setting and was at times successful but really was so busy rushing here and there that the slow languorous island beat was too often lost I wanted to hear of that calypso taste of that coconut cake smell of that market air see of the ocean surrounding the island Oh well

  4. Lyn❤Loves❤Listening Lyn❤Loves❤Listening says:

    Audio 5 voice acting at its absolute bestStory 425 Stars

  5. Hal Hal says:

    I read an advance copy of Til the Well Runs Dry and I really connected with the characters in this book from the very first chapter Marcia Garcia's life is filled with many ups and downs that resonated with me This book took me through every emotion possible and at the end I wanted to follow Marcia and her family into the next chapter of their lives This is a wonderful book that should be read by everyone who enjoys historical fiction I have a feeling that this book will definitely become a literary classic of our time

  6. stacia stacia says:

    So Many Things Happen Francis Sharma packs her narrative tight with action and suspense in a story that spans nearly two decades and focuses on a non traditional nuclear family Technically the couple at the novel's center Farouk Karam and Marcia Garcia are married but they've been separated for nearly the entire length of their marriage even as they continue to have children together The story alternates between three narrative voices Marcia's Farouk's and their second eldest daughter Jacueline's It's rare that novels that freuently switch perspectives reveal eually compelling insights but you'll care as much about Farouk's interior life as his estranged wife's and his daughter's All the characters with the possible exception of the youngest daughter Yvonne are vividly rendered and the Trinidadian history woven through the kidnapping blackmail murder Obeah romance and betrayal is interesting to learn I highly recommend this book You'll walk away feeling like you know the Garcia Karams and even after spending 20 years with them you'll be left wanting to know what happened to all of them next

  7. Nicole Falls Nicole Falls says:

    This book punched me right in the gut Beautiful writing Compelling story A must read

  8. Miriam Miriam says:

    5 amazing talented stars audio4 stars longish story

  9. Shannon Shannon says:

    If you like a book that’s go go go you’ll want this one After only a few chapters things really took off I was concerned that with 379 pages to fill the pace would drop off That couldn’t have been further from the truthThe story begins 1943 in Trinidad where we meet a teenage girl Marcia Garcia and a slightly older Farouk Karam Farouk a police officer and ladies man is determined to win Marcia’s heart So much so that he solicits the help of an obeah But Marcia a seamstress with custody of twin boys is focused on her career and providing the best life possible for the childrenFarouk and Marcia eventually marry but the relationship is borne out of what appears to be a horrible tragedy and subseuently falls apart because of a family secret Even through a troubled relationship the couple has four children who ultimately become the catalysts for a tumultuous series of events that play out over the next twenty yearsMarcia experiences heartache than anyone should bear in a lifetime Although it could be said that she brought it on herself she is admirable in many ways After finally realizing that she is in a no win situation in Trinidad she leaves her children and heads for the United States As with the previous twists and turns in this novel events develop that the reader will never see comingFarouk is an individual of many flaws He never really confronts his domineering parents They will not acknowledge and even try to have him disown his wife and children With his philandering ways continuing even while he is married he is easy to dislike But he has redeeming ualities that lead one to believe that a good man is somewhere inside of himEven with all of this incest political corruption and murder unfold between the pages of this novel With most books you can find a stopping place With this one not hardly This author has written a book that will have you sneaking out of the office to read a few pages And I didn’t even tell you about the children

  10. William William says:

    One of the highest compliments that I can give a book is that it is a page turner This book certainly ualifies When one foregoes mundane household chores and other obligations in order to sit down to follow the excitement and adventures of the characters in this book then you know you have a winner I did with very little regret Its not a perfect book and I have a few uibbles but they are minor in comparison to the engagement and pleasure afforded by this book First some of the uibbles The cover puts the book suarely in the womens or chick lit camp This is a mistake but I understand the publishers need to have it in a certain camp or genre Men will also enjoy this story and characters A strong female protagonist does not automatically exclude male readers While this tome soars high above the conventional strictures of the Chick lit genre it does not totally avoid them For instance there is not a single major male character that is not a menacing ogre feckless coward or rapist the major male character has real trouble making up his mind which of those and other defective personalities he wants to assume There are some minor male characters towards the end of the book that show n act or two of kindness and there is some redemption but on the whole the men are an extremely sorry lot Most of the women are evenly matched with traits of kindness and evil but our protagonist seems to attract bad luck like the plague Much of her own doing This was one of my other uibbles towards the end it seemed a bit of overkill You could almost see the black cloud and lightning following her around But it is Marcia mother and Farouk father response to these situations that gives the book it's imperative you care about these people and there island home Trinidad You learn about the history and ethnicity of the people of the islands That Farouk is an East Indian and Marcia a combination of Black Spanish Amerindian and and all of the cultural class and status dynamics that entails is played out in the story Francis Sharma is a masterful storyteller in that the story evolves in totally unexpected directions Gangsters Chinese policemen Blue eyed African Obeah workers and high ranking government ministers of the economy all get their stories told and intertwined in a very savory stew But the main story is that of Marcia and her clan Her 3 daughters and one son grow up hardscrabble held together by the thinnest of strings Farouk is sometimes with them sometimes not Sometimes kind most times not He is both protective and damaging As is Marcia towards the children It is a constant struggle But rooting for them and always on the edge of your seat hoping that they survive and thrive is a pure pleasure you'll find in this book

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