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きみには勝てない!1 [Read] ➵ きみには勝てない!1 ➼ Satosumi Takaguchi – Yuuhi kun planned to build a soccer field on the piece of mountain land that was his inheritance but when his brother’s elite Shuuiku Academy needed a new campus Yuuhi was forced to reconsider Now h Yuuhi kun planned to build a soccer field on the piece of mountain land that was his inheritance but when his brother’s elite Shuuiku Academy needed a new campus Yuuhi was forced to reconsider Now he finds himself both the landlord and a student at the school Needless to say the other students are none too happy about being shipped out to the boonies so Yuuhi – AKA “chicken head” – has become the object of their collective ire But there’s something about the country bumpkin that has many students eyeing Yuuhi in a different waya way that makes him very uncomfortable Seems there’s a lot than “book learnin’” going on at this school and Yuuhi’s about to get a whole ‘nuther kind of education.

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  1. TT TT says:

    3 star series

  2. Jaime Jaime says:

    I used to think I was not a fan of the school boy stories however I keep reading them so I guess I must see something in them after all This one uses the typical excuse of a school full of hormonal boys to explain why they are constantly all over each otherVolume one is setting out to be a pretty traditional take on the theme with the main character being the sweet and innocent uke who doesn’t know what’s going on and when he figures it out has no idea what to think about it A couple of themes in this book might not be for everyone starting with the age difference between the protagonist and the rest of the boys and including the way the older boys seem to have no compunction taking advantage of him It’s one of those things you either accept as being part of the genre and manage to look past or you don’t and if you belong to the latter group this story will not be for youThere is a sub plot involving Hayate and Kanya two older boys who have been going to school together for a while and who actually seem to feel something for one another but who aren’t doing such a bang up job of looking out for one another I hope this plot line brings the boys to a happy ending The fact that this relationship actually deals to some extent with the idea that an uke might want to have a choice I found very interesting It makes me feel for Hayate because he clearly does not want to service the older boys and his feeling of being taken advantage of is most definitely interfering with his relationship with Kanya I like that kind of real believable character developmentI can’t get into the main relationship as much mostly because I find it difficult to believe a kid with so little experience or knowledge would be given the kind of supposed responsibility he’s been given or that he would not be carefully watched by his older brother to make sure he’s okay The plot just seems stretched a little thin for me on that pointThe art however is lovely Maybe part of my liking of the secondary couple so much stems from the art and the very soulful expression Hayate always seems to have He seems to be a very fully realized character in the art so than the main characters The amount of detail in the drawing is wonderful tooI’m always of mixed feelings when it comes to chibi characters though On one hand it’s a great shorthand to get to the heart of a really strong or sudden emotion but on the other I just prefer the realistic drawing There’s a lot of chibi art in this story I’m finding By the time I get to the end of the series however I might even grow a deeper appreciation for itThis is the first manga I’ve read online through eManga with the idea of reviewing it so I thought I’d mention a bit of the pros and cons of that too I like the price I have to say The idea of ‘renting’ the stories I might never read again for a lower cost appeals to me I can search out the titles I really like enough to own and it saves me spend a fortune on books that will sit on my book shelf never to be read again So long as I read fast enough the cost of doing it this way is definitely worth it I get to spend my money on the paper books I really want to ownIt does tie me to my computer though and because I’m also a writer it’s time in front of the screen and that isn’t always something I want to do Besides coming from an art major background I still cannot get past the idea that holding the paper book in my hands and pouring over the pages of art is justnicer Some books of manga I own definitely fall open to my favourite pages of art and it somehow isn’t the same on the screenOverall I enjoyed this first volume of Can’t Win With You enough to pick up volume two I look forward to seeing how that secondary relationship plays out and I’m interested in how the writer deals with the main relationship

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Ich mag Manga von Yukine Honami normalerweise sehr gerne Rin zum Beispiel aber High School Nights ist einfach nur eines FurchtbarDie Zeichnungen sind gewohnt süß und knuffelig aber die Story kann man im Klo runterspülen Sexuelle Belästigung Vergewaltigung ist alles keine große Sache die Story ist in etwa so tief wie ein Teelöffel und es ist einfach nur langweilig Da ist nichts herzerwärmendes oder lustiges sondern einfach nur BlaBlaBlaBla sexuelle Belästigung BlaBlaBla Yuhi ist bewusstlos wir ziehen ihm Frauenkleider an und versuchen ihn zu vergewaltigen BlaBlaBla Das einzige interessante an dem Manga ist die Bzeihung von Hayate und KanyaEs gibt noch 2 weitere Bände Hoffentlich wird es besser Edit Wird es nicht

  4. Reader17 Der Reader17 Der says:

    This was a cute story

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