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Sparked (Independence Falls, #1) [Epub] ➟ Sparked (Independence Falls, #1) By Lily Cahill – Independence Falls Colorado 1954 It was the start of a perfect summer—until the fog rolled in and changed everything Now these heroes will explore their newfound abilities and each other Clayton Bri Independence Falls Colorado It was the start of a perfect summer—until the fog rolled in and changed everything Now these heroes will explore their newfound abilities and each other Clayton Briggs has always had it easy The pampered second son of the prestigious Briggs clan Clayton's back in Independence Falls poised to take over the family business His playboy days aren't uite over but his mother is on a campaign to match him with a woman suitable to his station When he meets a beautiful girl at the Firelight Festival he's instantly attracted—until he realizes she's a member of the notorious Murphy family The Murphys and Briggs have been feuding for decades but Clayton can’t control his feelings for Cora Will passion trump family responsibility Cora Murphy has always had it hard When she isn't scraping together pennies by baking for the town’s wealthy families she's all but a slave to her father and brother who drink and gamble away most of her profits She could run but Cora won’t leave her sister behind All she needs a bit of luck but luck has never sided with the Murphys Then her entire life changes in one moment When Cora is caught in a mysterious purple fog at the Firelight Festival she suddenly discovers powers beyond anything she’s ever imagined And it seems Clayton might be the only man who understands because he has powers of his own.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 406 pages
  • Sparked (Independence Falls, #1)
  • Lily Cahill
  • English
  • 02 July 2016

About the Author: Lily Cahill

wwwLILYCAHILLcom right nowWe are Lily Cahill a group of women who met in a writers group and bonded over our love of books romance and finding excuses to dress up and go on lady dates And sexy guys We definitely bonded over a love of ogling gossiping about and writing sexy guys With our talents combined we created a series blending sensuality sci fi and a retro mountain setting We all live in Denver and between us we have six dogs three cats and one babyWant to know about us Be a hero and visit our website at.

10 thoughts on “Sparked (Independence Falls, #1)

  1. Annika Annika says:

    Free copy available on the author's websiteThe author called this novel a 'Superhero Romance' and I must say I find that description uite fitting For two reasons in factFirstly obviously because our two main characters and love birds Clayton and Cora find themselves endowed with super powers after being caught in a mysterious purple fog togetherSecondly because they were super heroes get it? Hero? Heroine? Both super? sigh But seriously I loved them both They were kind and couragious and selfless and very much in love without causing me toothache with OTT sweetnessThe romance part was simply beautiful It was like a modern version of Romeo and Juliet star crossed lovers from feuding families and totally different social backgrounds fighting for their right to be together It was sweet and sexy and the chemistry between Cora and Clayton was palpableI admit at first it was a bit of a struggle for me to fully get into the story I very much enjoyed the beginning from the first encounter to the main characters' growing attraction but afterwards the pace slowed down considerably and I decided to put the book down for a while When I picked it up again after a few days though I was instantly hooked I guess I just wasn't in the right mood for this kind of story at the time or maybe it was the writing which was absolutely gorgeous by the way Sometimes it reminded me of a historical novel especially some of the dialogues but it was not uite as floweryLooking forward to reading by Lily Cahill and about the superheroes from Independence Falls Free copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  2. Sybil aka Lala Sybil aka Lala says:

    Lily Cahill calls this a sci fi romance but I think that sells this book short It was SO much than that Going in I was expecting a simple sci fi novel with a touch of romance and a plot driven by action seuences I was thinking X men meets Stepford Wives What I got instead was a romance colored with touches of the paranormal taboo attraction humour angst chemistry and some gasp out loud moments I got 3 dimensional characters that had me on the verge of tears many times over and after I finished it I put my Kindle down looked at it and went “Well shit”Cora Murphy is from a poor family with a bad reputation and dreams of one day getting out of the stifling small town she grew up in Clayton Briggs is the rich playboy trying to prove his worth to his father One night Clayton spots Cora at a fair and he is immediately enamoured by her There’s only one problem the Briggs and Murphy families have been feuding for generationsIf their lives and the attraction they feel towards each aren’t complicated enough they get caught in a mysterious purple fog and wake up with strange new powers The relationship between Cora and Clayton as star crossed lovers had the perfect balance between sizzling chemistry and heartfelt emotion There was some drama here involving choices of their own as well as from their meddling families that only gave their romance depth and amplified my feelingsThere was great attention to detail in language and descriptions and Lily Cahill did a great job of creating an environment and era that felt realistic and that I could lose myself inNothing was rushed in this book and after watching these characters battle through their emotions their family dynamics finding their place in life and coming to terms with their powers I felt as if I’ve lived a lifetime with them I was sad to say goodbye to them but I certainly look forward to seeing them again and meeting new characters in the next volumes A truly great and surprising read that I would recommend to anyone not just those who like paranormal or sci fi romances

  3. Dianne Dianne says:

    Their families’ feud was as bad as the Hatfields and McCoys started long ago when a Murphy supposedly wronged a Briggs The die was cast and the small town of Independence Falls never forgot The year 1954 and Cora Murphy is the object of cruelty and threats as well as the brutality of her father and brother Enter her knight in shining armor Clayton Briggs heir to the power and fortune of his family not knowing who he was protecting from bullies but seeing a beautiful young woman he had to meet And then it happened a strange fog covered them leaving them with powers no human should have and a love story to rival legends of the past Where did the fog come from? Hatred versus love family against family father against son will anyone learn to live with the past and let it go? Was the past even true they all assumedand now two young lovers must decide stand alone for love or bow to the almighty dollar and the pressure all around them?Lily Cahill’s Sparked is a heart wrenching tale of love hate and small minds with a touch of the paranormal tossed in creating an enticing read and a journey back in time when things were innocent a small town was indoctrinated into the belief that the past good or bad must be remembered and the punishment unending Get ready to feel your skin crawl your gut clench and your heart pound as each page pulls you deeper into this young romantic tragedy Lily Cahill brought out the rebel in me the one who wanted to stand for Cora and Clayton and fight their battle for them When an author or authors can pull emotions like that out of a reader they have nailed story telling and have me primed for another trip back to Independence FallsI received this copy from Lily Cahill all of themin exchange for my honest reviewSeries Independence Falls Superhero RomancePublication Date July 16 2015Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformISBN 10 1514843552ISBN 13 978 1514843550Genre FantasyPaperback 410 pagesAvailable from |  Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

  4. Sabrina Bradley Sabrina Bradley says:

    I received a PDF of this book from the author for a honest review I loved reading this bookit is very well writtenwith people getting mysterious powers and combine that with a great love story and backwoods family feuds and you have a great readcan not wait for the next book

  5. Lynn Lynn says:

    Basically Romeo and Juliet with super powers This is touted as scifi romance but I felt that it lacked in the scifi department I guess magic purple fog that gives people powers counts I did enjoy the writing style and it was easy to get into The main characters are pretty well fleshed out even if the secondary characters aren't though some get their own books later on in the series I uite like the cover too I received a copy of this book for an honest review

  6. Lillie Lillie says:

    Not much to say about this book because I really liked it Did I love it? No Were there problems? YES But it didn't prevent me from enjoying the book or break my immersion into the story so I'm happy with the solid 4 stars I'm giving itThe prosLily Cahill's writing has gotten better Previously a reader of her erotica i didn't really buy them my friend is a fan and she likes to gush about them so i feel obligated reading them I was happy to finally get my hands on a solid full length novel I wasn't disappointed either when her writing was easy to read and flowed wellI was also maybe probably most definitely swayed by the setting being the 1950's and there being a supernatural aka powers element I love romances set in history I love even when there's a supernatural element thrown in This mix of history and comic book like super powers had me eating up the pages uicklyThe characters although an bit cookie cutter worked for the story I understood their role their powers and at least felt for their feelings their situations and their romance Did I think the hero and heroine got out of their problems relatively easy? Yes But it wasn't so annoying or in your face this is a cop out that it made me mad The consI didn't feel like this was a story set in the 1950's Other than the casual reference to songs dances or the occasional saddle shoe reference it felt like the story was set in rather conservative small town I wanted a bit going on in the background to make me BELIEVE it was the 1950's I also found it rather sad that there weren't other races being represented Yeah i know I'm not looking for a history lesson and the possible hurdles and problems that come with non white characters during a turbulent time in America's history was probably best left to serious booksBut this is a book about young adults in the 1950's with superpowers so I think the author could have thrown in a black or Asian person or two in there and just made the town extra progressive The author had no problem doing this for whole sex education taught in schools and free condoms She made the town of Independence Falls be built up by a whore in the 1800's to validate progressive sex views so I didn't see why she couldn't do the same for ONE family that wasn't white If the next book is to be about a Russian hero in a time when Communism was literally a valid threat in America why is the author avoiding other races? I'm pretty sure other races existed in America in the 1950'sHey I wasn't necessarily mad about this just disappointed Hell I'm one to talk since I didn't even notice it until i'd read through three books read them out of order like a dunce put it down contemplated over what i read and then a light went on over my head and I realized there wasn't a single POC or non white character Not in the background not as a side character nadaJust a little food for thoughtMy BIGGEST problem though and I KNOW other people won't have this problem so it's personal but still with this book with this series really is that it can ONLY be bought on See I rarely buy books; i have friends lending the library other resources that help me read a book I don't almost never buy a book before I read it There are just too many times I've read a book I've bought only to hate or greatly dislike it I'm too picky and there are too many variables that could make me dislike a book for me to justify outright buying one It's like Russian roulette but with bullets I buy books i really like I buy physical books i LOVE Yet Lily Cahill's books can ONLY be bought on no Google Play no Kobos NO other place This is a problem since I FUCKING HATE 1 I haven't paid for anything online with my actual bank account in 4 years I only use paypal and is a little bitch that doesn't want it's customers using paypal 2 hasn't been the best online retailer for me in a long time lost or delayed shipping at their whim low uality items items with stolen art etc so i feel obligated to avoid their site if possible 3 she has her paperbacks priced at 16 SIXTEEN DOLLARS FOR A PAPERBACK That's way too expensive especially for this type of book I'd understand if the hardback version was 16 20 but NOT the paperback version I like her series enough to buy a paperback version but NOT enough to dish out fucking 16 dollars a piece Her ebay paperbacks are listed at double that so fuck noThe overpriced paperback book and the hurdles I had to jump through just to buy her digital version i eventually found this for free on Koboscom after SEARCHING FOR A SOLID 15 MINUTES FOR IT not that it matters since i had to pay for the other books on anyway made this series a lot inconvenient for me than I would have likedOverall i really like this series and I'm automatically buying the other books THAT'S how much i like it also because I don't have a fucking choice but i wouldn't have bought them if i DIDN'T really want to read them My only advice is that Cahill make her books accessible she inject a bit variety in her characters and add a tad bit history to make me really believe it's the 1950's and no the occasional saddle shoe or song reference doesn't count

  7. Cary Morton Cary Morton says:

    Going into Sparked by Lily Cahill I wasn’t sure how much I was actually going to like it The synopsis was interesting but a little odd I’d never heard of the author previously and it’s one of those books that came across my inbox with a deadline date that was still a month or so away I thought “Well I’ll give it a chance” and half an hour later I was completely engrossed I’ll admit my first impression wasn’t great The sentence structures at the beginning of the book were choppy and ill punctuated I’m one of those people who can’t stand a misused conjunction and when the sentences become uniform and bite size because of a misused conjunction? Forget it It’s a particular pet peeve of mine I didn’t give up however I am happy to say that other than two minor typos the rest of the book was free of any large grammatical or punctuation mistakes The text was easy to follow and well executed I love the main characters Clayton and Cora As a couple the two were an appealing mix of steamy romantic and determined They had their share of misunderstandings through the book but they never came across as overly dramatic whiny or unreasonably moronic I loved them together and I loved them eually as much as characters independent of one another They were a good combination and I wanted to cheer them on from the very beginning Overall I really liked the book as a whole—but there were a few things that stood out that made me uestion a five star rating The secondary characters of the book were pretty 2 D They were all a little overwhelmingly stereotyped The abusive dad and eually as abusive and cruel son the father and mother that were all about social class and uick to blame their son for not having his head on straight the ex girlfriend that tried to tear them apart even the doctor who chose to keep their secrets despite having no logical reason to do so It made for a very interesting story—don’t get me wrong—but I wish there had been a little depth and unpredictability to the secondary characters Another thing that I couldn’t uite get a grasp on was the world building The story was set in the 1950’s which though uirky and interesting didn’t seem to have any impact on the story There didn’t seem to be a particular reason that the story was set in the decade it was—the plot would have been the same had it been set in a modern time period I expected there to be some reason some identifiable point where I could say “That That is why this was set in the 50’s They couldn’t have written this event otherwise” but it never happened Maybe it will happen in a subseuent book in the series but frankly I have no idea It was also never explained where the purple fog—the arbiter of the super powers that brought the main couple together—came from Other than a few wild guesses by the characters we never learn its origins what it does exactly or where it went The book was labeled as “sci fi” though I didn’t see any sci fi elements just fantasyparanormal so I can only assume that in a subseuent book we’ll see the sci fi origins of the purple fog but at least for now the uestion remains unanswered In the end the problems I found with the narrative weren’t big ones I can live without knowing the origin of the purple fog and I can live with the stereotyped side characters The punctuation and minor typos didn’t break the book for me—but all these things added up did knock it down a star It wasn’t the greatest book I’ve ever read That being said it was still a very good book I was drawn in by the writing and I loved the romance aspect of the story The super powers were fantastic and well executed Despite it’s flaws I really enjoyed it and I’d be happy to continue on into the series If you’re looking for a good steamy New Adult book with a bit of a sci fisupernatural mystery to it I recommend you give this a try I can’t wait to delve further into this series

  8. Sharessa Sharessa says:

    This was a free ebook I liked it despite the anachronistic for the 1950's ideas and sped up love story Guy decides to turn around his life and give up his family fortune for a girl from the wrong side of the tracks just days after meeting her again after ignoring her in high school go figure it's a romance novel Mysterious purple fog turns star crossed lovers into a water bender and an energy vampire with uick mastery of their powers go figure it's sci fi A whole 1950's era town being cool with free and easy access to birth control just cause it happened to have been founded by a prostitute and my willing suspension of disbelief goes right out the window I give this a three out of five because I liked the idea than the execution and because I imagined the whole town in grayscale a la Pleasantville with only the heroine in technicolor and that aesthetic appeals to me

  9. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    To be able to take your reader from Her eyes grew sharp and suspicion furrowed her brow She looked uite like she wanted to kill himto the following within one book I don't want his money I want his heartwithout making your readers despise one of the main characters is an accomplishment to strive forI absolutely loved the characters in this book They warred with themselves and with each other to try to decide what was best They took a journey that was not without its obstacles and traveled down a road neither expectedIf my schedule would have allowed it I would have devoured this book within one sitting This is a wonderful romantic find with a little twist of the supernaturalIt's a great find that is sure to entrance so many readerspurple fog and all

  10. sharon peart sharon peart says:

    Love ItGreat paranormal romance novel True love superpowers win every time If you like X Men you will like this novel

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