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  1. Corinne Michaels Corinne Michaels says:

    I sometimes just want some really good smutThis was exactly thatI'm super picky though I need a little plot good writing and hawt sex scenesI've been binging on Nicole Stewart books and I'm really glad I am She is uickly rivaling Selena Kitt who I bow down to on the erotica list for me If you're in the mood for menage and really smoking hot sex scenes I loved this one

  2. Deb Deb says:

    Since this is billed as erotica I was not surprised that the book features a lot of sex scenes However this book is also prominently billed as MMF so I was surprised that almost all of the sex scenes were MF The threesome did not actually occur until near the end of the book and was frankly really lame There is also some perfunctory MM In between the sex scenes the three characters spend a lot of time thinking about sex and talking with each other about having sex The author notes the characters all develop feelings but never actually shows that happening Apparently the author intended to build tension though out the book until they finely all got together but mostly all I felt was boredom as I skimmed yet another redundant sex sceneThe writing itself is competent but the author has very little to say Instead of developing the characters or providing any background whatsoever she just has them keep thinking the same handful of things over and over again What little relationship development either occurs off page or is told to us secondhand though conversation The sex scenes were some of the least imaginative I have come across Jordan goes down on his girlfriend Alexis and then has missionary sex with her on the bed As soon as they climax they can't wait to start all over again and then the exact same thing transpires Jordan goes down on her and then they have missionary sex on the bed Rinse and repeat Eventually Alexis hooks up with Andrew and we get something completely different He slams her against the door and then he talks dirty to her while he goes down on her and has missionary sex with her on the bedNeither of the guys is remotely likable Jordan seemed like he had zero spine and Andrew came across as a manipulative doochebag Alexis mostly needed to have her head examined to find out why she wanted anything to do with either of them

  3. ⚣Michaelle⚣ ⚣Michaelle⚣ says:

    25 StarsNot rounding up because despite the smut which I will admit I appreciated and kept me from DNFing I wasn't impressed with the romance angleIn this case we have Jordan who cheats on his girlfriend repeatedly with Andrew the jack off buddy he was given permission to meet up with Andrew who only feels the vaguest sense of remorse for causing discord in their relationship and then proceeds to convince Alexis to sleep with him too for revenge of sorts Also because he likes the challenge and thinks Jordan is punching above his weight class as Alexis deserves better? And Alexis who starts out really sympathetic and then loses all my respect; she's open and adventurous and at first I thought it was really shitty of Jordan to abuse that trustshe's out of town several times and he and Andrew don't just fall on each other's dicks right away it's a gradual exploration that provided PLENTY of time for Jordan to talk to her about his attraction to engage her in his thoughts and changing feelings to see if she'd be willing to explore which considering her own fantasies and predilections I think she WOULD have And then sleeps with Andrew because she can and wants to hurt JordanSo yeah they manage to build a relationship somehow out of a bunch of cheating Despite Jordan's repeated proclamations of love and half assed apology Lexie's almost vindictive revenge which backfired because her having sex with Andrew kind of turned Jordan on and Andrew's disregard for relationship because he wanted what he wanted how do you trust each other now?I don't mind cheating per se Sometimes it's a useful story element that can show character development or move the plot along Not here though I feel like it would have worked better if only Jordan cheated or only Alexis not both Plus it was hard to like AndrewAnd I'm all for open relationships when all the parties consent and for poly relationships when it fits the charactersbut Andrew calls Lexie greedy girl and repeatedly calls Jordan greedy as well And while it's kinda hot in the throws of passion maybe it's my own experience here but it rubbed me as wrong outside the bedroom because it smacks of exactly what many gay and het people accuse bisexual people ofSo yeah Not sure I'll read the seuel I'm only slightly interested because I want to see how they navigate the difficulties of a triad like how one person feels left out even when they're participating because they're not the center of both partners' attention and whether that trust issue ever rears its ugly head again

  4. Kristy Dean Kristy Dean says:

    Book Review By Kristy Dean September 2015Title An Unexpected Third Author Nicole StewartAbout the writing style This is the First Story that I have read a book by Nicole I was given an arc for an honest review This story was very well written Please be advised that this is a Threesome story before you read it It is broken into three parts that are all included in this book thank you The character had great depth The parts were from each person’s point of view and how they were adapting to what was going on The story was easy to fallow and I didn’t want to put the story down The different views also allowed you to see what it was like for them to step into a new life style The story was VERY HOT Lots of great sex scenes with in depth emotions I would read this story over and over as well as read other works by this author Overview might have spoilers The story starts off with Jordan at home working on a computer project He gets bored and decides to watch some porn He likes to watch other guy get off He remembers his college years of the guys all in the room together watching porn and getting off So he decides to ask is girlfriend Alexis aka Lexi if she would mind that he invited someone over and they get off while watching porn Lexi was fine with it as long as it was only a “Jerk Off Buddy” and nothing else The second part is from Lexi’s view of a few weeks later She comes home to find Jordan sucking on some guys cock She feels betrayed and starts doubting their relationship That is until she decides to meet the guy Andrew that her boyfriend was with She wanted to understand what the difference was and why it’s different? Andrew and Lexi meet and hit it off Soon as they get the basic uestions out Lexi and Andrew fall into bed together The third part is Andrews views and what happens in the next several weeks and what leads up to a threesome

  5. Chalice Chalice says:

    I love me some MMF but when in the very first chapter the husband is thinking things like it wouldn't be cheating because it's not like I'd be hooking up with another girl I know I'm in the wrong book for me Not giving it any stars because I don't think that's fair to a book I didn't actually read

  6. Sabrina Parsons Sabrina Parsons says:

    I think it would have been better split up into 3 books from each of their pov instead of only getting to see a little of each I also think that they didn't show a certain persons big moments in their pov like I feel they should

  7. Emily Seelye Emily Seelye says:

    25 StarsI am conflicted about this one It was hot but too many MF scenes I found myself skimming a lot I wanted threesome action There were times I wish this was MM as the men seemed to have a better relationship than either of them had with Lexie

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    Cheater cheater pumpkin eater That's all

  9. Laci Laci says:

    DNF 70% or something

  10. Karen ♐ Karen ♐ says:

    It took me a while to get into this story Alexis and Jordan have a good relationship except Jordan wants a masturbating partner I had no idea where this would go but it did end up with an HFN Andrew enters the picture and of course things fall apart for a while I'll definitely read Part 2 of this story to see where they finally end up

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An Unexpected Third [BOOKS] ⚡ An Unexpected Third Author Nicole Stewart – Love is found in the strangest places Alexis and Jordan are an incredibly happy couple with great careers and a sex life that would put anyone else's to shame Passionate creative lovemaking is a regul Love is found in the strangest places Alexis and Jordan are an incredibly happy couple with great careers and a sex life that would put anyone else's to shame Passionate creative lovemaking is a regular activity for the two happy lovers when they aren't cooking and kicking back An Unexpected PDF \ in their gorgeous home enjoying a the flames of an unbeatable romance But lately Jordan has experienced the need for something a missing element in his emotional life as well as his sexuality Alexis has sensed the shift too and she wants to do everything in her power to help infuse their relationship with a new dimension of spice as well as companionship Jordan finally gets up the courage to ask Alexis her permission to act on a fantasy that he has harbored for a long time A casual arrangement with Andrew an unbearably attractive music producer that he meets online Alexis is simultaneously turned on and a little afraid of this idea but she decides to let Jordan go through with it The results are dramatic insanely hot and life changing for all three people involved This is a standalone MMF Bisexual Romance Novel with an HEA ending and no cliffhangers.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 161 pages
  • An Unexpected Third
  • Nicole Stewart
  • English
  • 08 September 2016

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