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Aaron (Scars, #3) ❮Read❯ ➸ Aaron (Scars, #3) ➻ Author Sinden West – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This 36k word novella is told from Aaron's point of view Aaron and Rachel are still together but for how long Warning contains sex and violence This k word novella is told from Aaron's point of view Aaron and Rachel are still together but for how long Warning contains sex and violence.

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  1. Elfina Renee Elfina Renee says:

    My chief complaint with this story is its too short outside of that the novel was awesome Aaron is still a major douchebag cruel sinister and a raving lunatic and those are just a few of his good ualities; but even I have to admit the pompous ass is starting to grow on me I put it around her neck and she whimpered I knew exactly how she was feeling The powerlessness the terror of being in the hands of someone you knew was crazy After pulling it tight I took my knife and cut through half of the ropeThere's a fine line between love and forgiveness not that this couple will ever reach that point How can one forgive a monster who tortures for fun and kill as a hobby Aaron can say its his profession only a job when in reality its semantics How would you get even with your tormentor? Would you train for it maybe slip a little something extra in the coffee when no one is looking? Or maybe just maybe wait for the all clear and pry his blacken heart out with a rusty spoon? Mmmmmmm you tell me enjoy

  2. Naksed Naksed says:

    Once upon a time there was a peasant girl who lived with her mother Except these weren't just ordinary peasants you see the girl's mother was a witch She could cast spells over men and have them do pretty much whatever she wanted Luckily or perhaps unluckily the girl inherited thisenchantment I guess you could call it The girl and her mother traveled the land casting spells and ruining livesalthough don't feel too sorry for the men who fell for their wiles; most of those bastards deserved it anywayWow What a way to end the Scars Trilogy Thank you Sinden West for giving us the readers the best of your writing in this novella that concludes your very dark erotic romance series Thank you for plausibly writing in a male first person narrative I am a sucker for those when they are well done and you did a fantastic freaking job making me believe I was truly inside the mind of this despicable and charismatic repulsive and sympathetic bloodthirsty and vulnerable hard as iron and soft as velvet love to hate and hate to love title character Thank you for not ruining a good dark story with a barftastic kittens and unicorns epilogue Thank you for not being cheesy Thank you for staying true to your characters to the bitter end We don't need it You and I don't need love Love makes you weak but we're strong Together we're strongThank you for the sharp breathtaking violent scenes that were chilling in their simplicity The knife was out of my boot before he could even pick up the gun I slammed it into his throat The sharp blade bit into him with ease stuck there up to the hilt while blood poured around it like a waterfallThank you for not being flowery Thank you for being so visual with your writing not through excruciating minutiae but rather with simple straightforward and crisp words painting a vivid picture The swim was a whim Naked I walked into the cool water until it was waist deep Moonlight glinted across its disturbed surface as my movements sent ripples across it I dived down and swam underwater for as long as I could hold my breath and imagined the minor traces of blood and brain fleeing from my skin and dissolving into the pure lake water Only when my lungs were ready to burst did I resurface slowly and controlled as not to disturb the now smooth surface or draw attention to myself if anyone happened byThank you for making me love these characters root for them and giving me a than satisfying completely romantic against all odds epic endings ever I want to reread this entire series with an Apparat soundtrack in the background setting the moodThis is absolutely not to be read as a stand alone despite the author taking great pains to revisit the crucial events that made up the two preceding parts of this story Also definitely not for the faint of heart Puts the D in dark so I would recommend it only to hardcore dark erotica or mafia style romantic suspense fans Not at all a copy of JM Darhower's Monster in His eyes series but I think people who liked those books will also enjoy this Happy reading to all my fellow dark fans

  3. Ashleyjo Ashleyjo says:

    I'm pretty disappointed with this third and presumably final book This is from Aaron's POV an addition that I looked forward to because he was very flat and lacked dimension in the previous books I wanted to delve deeper into what made him tick what he thought what was at the center of his Tootsie roll?? Sadly even from his own perspective he still came across as flat obtuse His character doesn't evolve for me And I don't say that wanting him to turn into hearts and flowers; that would be pure character assignation I'm saying that in that we are in his head privy to his thoughts and I still don't know him or how he feels about anythingHis thoughts are like the psycho version of this riddler While I appreciated that this did not turn into a HEA w white picket and 22 kids I feel like these characters are still emotionally stuck in book one They care about each other despite hating each other Love and hate is such a fine line They both put on a show of pretending and trying to prove otherwise because they're afraid afraid it makes them weak vulnerable and even f'd up than they are as individuals Yet when it comes down to it they always choose each other So it's disappointing that neither admit to themselves or each other that they are capable of love and that they are better stronger together than apart It leaves me with feeling they are cowards vs emotionless Overall I think this a gripping story with intriguing characters It's delivered in a way that it's impossible NOT to be hooked Kudos to the author for that But by the end the author left me unfulfilled and feeling like I've licked the Tootsie Roll Pop for hours only to find a hollow center

  4. Kira Kira says:

    Most dark romances ruin them at the end by having them endlessly profess their love for each other That didn't happen here They were together but still really fucked up

  5. Helen Helen says:

    I have really been looking forward to this book It is a total must read if you read books 1 and 2This book is told totally from Aaron's POVwe find out a little of his horrendous childhood Aaron and Rachel are still togetherI don't want to give any spoilers here but I sure hope there is another book as the ending is pretty explosive Both Aaron and Rachel both had such horrendous childhoods and I was hoping they would be able to heal one another I think they both love each other but neither actually say it openly though Aaron does say he wants Rachel to be happy and Rachel says she wouldn't want anyone else to touch her but AaronIt is really a fast read This series has had me gripped front the start I do hope Ms West will treat us to another episodeplease

  6. Meredith Meredith says:

    5 messed up stars Loved it I liked the back and forth between Aaron and Paige's relationship It's clear they both care deeply about each other but they're so dysfunctional they'll never admit it They both lashed out verbally but then always ended up connecting physically They wanted to express affection and vulnerability but were scared That aspect of their relationship was relatable to me I was happy with how the story ended overall this was a satisfying series

  7. Brittany Brittany says:

    Sinden West slays me I've read just about all her novels and I'm always scrambling after the last page to read something as nearly satisfying Especially since it's another part of Aaron and Rachel's story Early Christmas present?FUCK YEAHI'm glad we had a glimpse in Aaron's mind it was refreshing and fantastic

  8. Ella P Ella P says:

    I love Aaron and Paigerachel's interactions with one another Still angsty as ever Still dysfunctional and broken but absolutely one of my favorite book couplesI really wouldn't mind if there was a fourth book

  9. Beth Morris Beth Morris says:

    WowThe third book was somewhat of a change from the first two but it was also just as amazing Talk about playing with someone's emotions These book were full of that It draws you in and keeps you on edge I would so read this whole series again

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    After reading just a few of Sinden West's books she is now a must read author for me She creates such complex characters You simultaneously love and hate them

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