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We Were Young ➶ [Reading] ➸ We Were Young By Fortesa Latifi ➫ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This is the second book by Fortesa LatifiIn her sopho collection of poetry Fortesa revisits themes from past writings with a new maturity We Were Young explores the heartbreaks hangovers and hang ups This is the second book by Fortesa LatifiIn her sopho collection of poetry Fortesa revisits themes from past writings with a new maturity We Were Young explores the heartbreaks hangovers and hang ups associated with growing up.

  • ebook
  • We Were Young
  • Fortesa Latifi
  • English
  • 12 May 2016
  • 9781329592469

10 thoughts on “We Were Young

  1. Beatrice Masaluñga Beatrice Masaluñga says:

    I'm frustrated with this one because most of the poems are a miss and I just couldn't connect to it It's like a rundown of lines and random themes are thrown in uite messy in my opinion but I'm willing to give the author's other poetry books a chance

  2. Neil (or bleed) Neil (or bleed) says:

    I meant to call to tell you that we found your elbow in the bottom of the swimming pool but I wasn't sure if you would want it back

  3. annika annika says:

    Some poems worked for me than others but overall I liked it Some of my favorite parts yesterday I taught my niece how to sayI love you and she laughed and laughedI wonder who taught me the third rejection lettereveryone is terrified of your heart reaching through your ribseveryone is terrified of the way you love like an open doordidn't you ever learn you're supposed to guard yourself?you're supposed to swallow the key or at the very least hide itbehind your tongue everyone is terrifiedthe saddest thing about growing upis looking around at my friends and knowing that if I met themtoday we wouldn't give a fuck about each other historymy body doesn't know how to be a bodywithout constant reminders battleI feel most feminine when there is bloodI put on mascara three different times beforeI leave the house and still check it in the rearviewI get by on being pretty it makes people stick arounduntil they find something elseto like about me reflections on femininitywe want to be ruinedthere is something thatappeals to us about beingthe main character in a storythis awful wreckageI can't remember the last timeI laughed without worrying what I looked like collegeyou never thought your body could beanything except bruised your locked dooryour haunted house the unlearningis taking so long fingertipsmostly it comes down to this there are things that growwith water and there are things that drown in this storyhe is the water and depending on the day you can eitherbreathe or you can't facebook thinks you know this person Other poems I loved sepiawe promisedgirlhome

  4. Danica (The Hogsmeade Reader) Danica (The Hogsmeade Reader) says:

    looking through old photo albumsand envying ouryounger selves which is not a comfortable feeling once in a lecture a professor named the exactsensation exaltation of the pastthe tendency toview the past as ideal and feel the intense desire to return to it even last month seems perfect and today hopeless already This hit home too hard I loved it I kept rereading some lines for days actuallyBut reading it was like being stabbed in the gut—uick and painful not that I have been stabbed before

  5. irene irene says:

    I think I'm too old to this kind of stuff Or maybe it isn't good after all I didn't enjoy any single one of the poems

  6. Linnea Linnea says:

    I discovered Fortesa Latifi's poetry on Instagram of all places and immediately fell in love with it Latifi's writing is relatable detailed and profound These poems are about life as a young adult learning how to navigate depression and love I read this book in one sitting and keep going back through and finding new favorites

  7. Helen Helen says:

    He is the water and depending on the day you can either breathe or you can'tI really enjoyed this collection and it was even exciting because I think I recognised some of the poems or at least certain lines from years ago when I used to see a lot of poetry floating around on tumblr That only added to the nostalgia for me and nostalgia is definitely a theme in this poem It's about being a teenager being reckless drinking too much and living too wildly parties and nights out and hangovers and mistakes It's about the way we look back and see things layered in gold remember our lives as glitzy than they were and shake our heads at ourselves for never recognising the good times when they were happeningThere were really powerful images throughout and again this was a collection where I found something that resonated with me in almost all of the poems If I could compare it to anything I'd say a modern Great Gatsby the aesthetic of that movie of everything being polished and beautiful with grit lurking just underneath the surface It reads almost like a story which I loved The speaker was her own character to me and I'd love to read about her In terms of issues I had a problem with the formatting of the ebook as I think some of the poems got scrambled up a bit there would be some poems with a page all to themselves and then others where there was a poem and a half per page or a title and the first line of a new poem at the bottom of another poem and it was all a bit of a sprawling mess I don't believe it was intentional if it was my bad but it interrupted the flow a bit for meOverall liked this collection a lot and would definitely recommend

  8. Laura Laura says:

    We make dinner and are stupidly proud when it reuires than three ingredientsAt first I thought I wouldn't click with this book but the second half was intense and beautiful I relate with her words on many different levels There's a mixture between the daily and tangible and the abstract and universal Definitely worth reading

  9. kristen kristen says:

    I didn't understand most of the poems it's almost like they're nonsense and were just written for sake of writing a poem At the end of every poem I think is this it? where's the story? I wish they were just written in essay form— it would've been better

  10. peachairee peachairee says:

    355altho i LOVED the first few pages some of the poems were sO hard to connect with i loved the overall message of most of them super cool but had a little difficulty really feeling it u know what i mean?

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