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A Billionaires Gamble [PDF] ✈ A Billionaires Gamble ✍ Frey Ortega – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Dylan Ferrara is an academic wunderkind whose life just got a whole lot messier After his academic career comes to a staggering halt his best friends give him a reality check join the ‘real world’ Dylan Ferrara is an academic wunderkind whose life just got a whole lot messier After his academic career comes to a staggering halt his best friends give him a reality check join the ‘real world’ and start working or continue chasing an impossible dream Reluctantly he agrees Remington Whitley is a billionaire who’s sick of the monotony of his playboy life One day his company invites a geeky A Billionaires eBook ☆ little data scientist over for an interview The man piues his interest enough on a personal level that he decides to take a gamble and invite Dylan out for a date Dylan is conflicted Remy is a gamble in and of himself and Dylan’s inexperience makes him cautious Dylan doesn’t know if he wants to take the bet with such high stakes on the line But what can he do when throwing the dice and leaving his fate up to luck feels so so right.

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  1. Bob Jackson Bob Jackson says:

    PainfulIt’s so tremendously bizarre to me that this book was written by Frey Ortega I very much enjoy his work His books tend to be entertaining and written from the heart I have rarely only given two stars to a book But this book is definitely not worth reading The story is about a man with few social skills who is tremendously focused on establishing a career in order to take care of his mother due to reasons beyond histheir control The protagonist is recruited by a “playboy” billionaire who immediately falls for the young man A relationship ensuesThe entire premise of a potential employee being hired and supervised by someone who is aggressively pursuing the employee is not only not funnyit should be anathema to anyone in an employeeemployee relationship I tried and tried to put myself in the situation of the employer who owns his own company and is therefore able to make all the business decisions himself There are so many other options the wealthy business owner could have chosen which would have allowed the two to eually share control over a potential intimate relationship and done so with integrity That is why I say shame on you to the author But to all fellow readersplease DO read one of Mr Frey’s other works He really is uite talented and writes some kickass LGBT romance novels

  2. Love Bytes Reviews Love Bytes Reviews says:

    3 Heart Review by KimberleyI liked the premise of the book HOWEVER there were a few issues I had with it It wasn’t so much the writing as it was the charactersThe ONLY issue I had with the writing was the author’s overuse of the adverb rather I found his overuse of this particular word rather distractingNow on to the characters Oh boy where do I start? Let’s start with the MC Exactly who was it? The book starts off with Dylan as the MC and then sort of shifts to Remmy being the MC And that’s how it is throughout the book So that’s issue #1 the lack of understanding as to who the main character was Issue # 2 Neither Remmy or Dylan’s character were fully developed; there was really no depth to these two characters As for Remmy and his friends they were pretentious shallow immature a bit obnoxious anddouche yFor example Mackenzie one of Remmy’s best friends was the immature obnoxious douche of the trio Kirill was mildly pretentious whereas Remmy was immature promiscuous and unprofessionalSleeping with your employees show a lack of self control He asks Dylan out via text message the same day he interviews him for heaven’s sake What kind of CEO does that? Add to that he was an incompetent businessmanI’ll break it down by characterRemmy I had a problem with his character sleeping with his employees This is supposed to be a Fortune 500 company very professional yet the CEO was having sex with his employees? Men and women To top it off he wasn’t discrete about it It was a commonly known fact among the entire staff in that firm That is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happenHis behavior was similar to that of a college frat boy than a company’s CEO It was like he had to play up his billionaire playboy image As for him being a CEO he was a lousy one There was embezzlement happening right under his nose that everyone from the secretary to the mail clerk was aware of yet the company’s CEO was in the dark How in the heck is it that everyone knows except him? He’s running the company Maybe if Remmy spent less time sleeping with his employees and dedicate of time actually running his company he would’ve picked up on the embezzlement This is part of a multi millionbillion dollar corporation With that much money at stake I would’ve had someone keeping track of the dude who was responsible for keeping track of my company’s money I mean really?And also he hired Dylan and didn’t know or understand exactly what a data scientist was How do you hire a person when you’re not sure of what they do? Even Dylan admitted at one point that he wasn’t fully ualified for the job and that another scientist would need to be called in Remmy lacked the sophistication finesse class and mindset of a CEObillionaireMackenzie was a total douche He was the uintessential rich pretentious obnoxious spoiled immature entitled aKirill was only slightly pretentious Pointing out that you and your two other rich friends’ net worthcombined was than some third world countries is pretentious regardless of how true it is It’s just plain tacky With that said I felt that he would’ve been a much better choice for the lead character than Remmy Kirill was all about his business about watching his money He was constantly on his tablet “watching his money grow” Maybe Remmy should’ve hired him in accounting Kirill was also the most mature out of the trio of friendsSpeaking of friendsI found the supporting characters’ both Dylan’s and Remmy’s best friends lives and personalities interesting than both MCs combinedThis book was okay The plot and storyline were okay but the ending was anti climactic There was nothing really attention grabbing about this book It’s not bad but it’s not that good either The lack of depth and development as far as far as the lead characters and the lack of a defining MC was a bit of a problem The writing wasn’t bad but it could have been better This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below

  3. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    This book is pretty much a standard inexperienced nerd meets billionaire and is swept of his feet story It has some nice moments when Dylan interacts with his friends and I respected him for struggling with his academia versus paying job situationThere is nothing really wrong with this book but I had a hard time liking it I think it is a combination of just one cliche too many and the exceptional immaturity of Remy and his friends The fact that Dylan is a little behind in many ways makes sense because he focused on his academic career to the exclusion of everything else Remy though? He is much older and still behaves as if he's in kindergarten; the only guys worse than he is are his two friends And the fact that he openly sleeps with his employees? I find that unlikely in today's business world unrealistic and plain unprofessional Once Remy and Dylan get going though about halfway through the book they are definitely hot and kind of cute togetherA lot of the secondary characters were strange and what really bugged me was the oversupply of air headed and mean women The villain was too over the top and his behavior once caught very unrealisticIf you like the rich man snags himself a virginal nerd scenario give this book a try You may like it a lot than I didNOTE This book was provided by Evernight Publishing for the purpose of a review

  4. SiKReviews SiKReviews says:

    Forced to give up his education do to his major being dropped Dylan is forced to get a job No sooner does he post his resume on a jobs wanted website is he brought in for an interview The job seems too good to be true but it has many perks One being Remy Whitley his new boss Hot doesn't even describe him Remy is instantaneously attracted to his new employee He plans to keep him close and hopefully in his bed There is just something about him that he cannot deny He and his friends make a bet that he hopes he will loseVery cute story I hope to have a story about Remy's friends soon

  5. Simone Simone says:

    35 stars

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