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The Woman in Cabin 10 [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Woman in Cabin 10 Author Ruth Ware – This was meant to be the perfect tripThe Northern Lights A luxury press launch on a boutiue cruise shipA chance for travel journalist Lo Blackwood to recover from a traumatic break in that has left he This was meant to be the perfect tripThe in Cabin MOBI ô Northern Lights A luxury press launch on a boutiue cruise shipA chance for travel journalist Lo Blackwood to recover from a traumatic break in that has left her on the verge of collapse and to work out what she wants from her relationshipExcept things don’t go as plannedWoken in the night by screams Lo rushes to her window to see a body thrown overboard from the next door cabin But the records show that no The Woman ePUB í one ever checked into that cabin and no passengers are missing from the boatExhausted emotional and increasingly desperate Lo has to face the fact that her sleep problems might be driving her mad or she is trapped on a boat with a murderer – and she is the sole witness.

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  1. Laura Laura says:

    Meh I enjoyed Ruth Ware's debut a lot than this one I found I was expected to suspend my disbelief even in The Woman in Cabin 10 and I wasn't having any of it It also felt like a not as good carbon copy of The Girl on the Train Usually even with all the similarities of thrillers these days I can find enough originality in the story to feel the author didn't try to follow the same formula That didn't exactly happen here It felt like the author just replaced a few facts with similar enough thingschanged the train into a luxury cruise liner Changed a few details here and there And boomhere's a new book I guess I'll delve into the plot a tiny bit to get my point across while still avoiding spoilersLaura Blacklock she goes by Lo suffers from extreme anxiety to the point of needing medicine to keep it under control When a break in occurs in her apartment with her present it brings her fear and anxiety to a whole new high Lo's sleep is suffering a great deal She got in a huge fight with her boyfriend But she still has to go on this week long luxury cruise assignment for work since her boss is on maternity leave This could be her way of finally getting that promotion if Lo can just keep it together enough to network among important people and help put their small travel magazine Velocity on the mapThe Aurora is a brand new super luxury cruise liner that will travel around the Norwegian fjords for it's maiden voyage It's rather small with only 10 cabins a maximum of 20 passengers and a handpicked staff on board Lo is roomed in cabin 9 It isn't far into the trip when Lo is woken by a scream from the cabin next door followed by a loud splash She goes out onto the veranda to see blood on the neighboring balcony She calls security to report what happened but there's nothing in cabin 10 The guest who was supposed to be in that room didn't make the cruise Which is odd because Lo swears she borrowed mascara from a girl in cabin 10 before dinner There aren't any passengers missing staff unaccounted for nothing amiss other than Lo's report of what she witnessed Is her anxiety ridden mind mixed with the lack of sleep and abundance of alcohol playing tricks on her? Lo insists something happened Nobody believes her So I felt like we took Lo and made her unlikable and unreliable in the same way that was done in The Girl on the Train Replace the alcoholism with intense anxiety giving others reason to uestion her reliability as a witness It's another protagonist witnesses murder and no one believes her story Add in the means of transportationboat in place of train It feels really similar The twist isn't the same though But that's where my next problem resides Was that even really much of a twist? Yeahthe first part of it was good but when it came to the actual endI was left thinking it was unbelievably dumb because it was obvious And I don't understand for the life of me how Lo didn't put that together Is she stupid? Well maybe because a lot of what she did through the book did not make sense I couldn't see the logic in her head even with all that she had going onPlus her ex boyfriend happens to be one of the other reporters on board adding a dose of drama Because who else would Lo be able to get to believe her if anyone? I hated the way these two interacted It made Lo appear even weak I couldn't stand it This was probably on purpose no matter how aggravating it made Lo It's annoying because the set up for the story was so great a possible murder on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean It was a locked room mystery a la Agatha Christie who might have done this better This is something I've noticed in both Ruth Ware's books her inspirations from the classic author I do hope to see of this I only wish this one had worked better It was too similar to The Girl on the Train and had too many implausible moments for me

  2. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    Thank you Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a fair and honest reviewI should start by saying I ended up not reading the author's first book In a Dark Dark Wood because someone I know spoiled the whole big twist for me I also should say I wasn't very disappointed as I wouldn't have enjoyed spending all the time invested reading it for another Gone Girl wannabe I'm getting a little tired of everyone wanting to write the next big hit in the genre but writing THE EXACT same story with differently named characters I'll also say that while comparing the plots of her two books this one was loads improved and I was interested to see what she wrote next as I felt it would be a show of her own work instead of trying to be the next big thing You can read the plot for this one on the book page but basically Lo is a journalist who has the opportunity to cover a story aboard a swanky new cruise ship where things start to go awryBecause so few people have read this so far I'm not going to hash out every problem I had with this book but I'll give some very vague generalizations as to not ruin the experience for someone else I had big problems with the very beginning and the last 20% of this book The middle 60% was honestly spot on and if the entire book had been written with that sense of excellency it would have been a 5 star readTHINGS I LIKEDAnother reviewer named Denise brought this up first but I liked how she described the format of this book reading like a classic Agatha Christie novel Group of people confined in a small area surrounding a murder This is always a plus for me I fangirl over any and all things reminiscent of Christie The pacing after the first 25% was great The suspense built layer upon layer until you just wanted to devour the rest to find out whodunnit Unfortunately you do find out who the culprit is a little earlier than expected with a few minor twists nearing the endThere was one big twist I 100% did not see coming I always like being taken off my game so this was a positive for me; however I can already see many people having a problem with not only this twist but the whole dang book because everything was very unrealisticTHINGS I DISLIKEDLo Blacklock Dear God I loathed this woman I've never had to follow the story of such a peculiar whiny uncomfortable woman in all my reading She did seem to find a backbone toward the end which I did appreciate I'm just not sure how to pity a woman who is defined by passages like this paraphrasing by me I don't want to have sex with you Ben LoBen grabs Lo's breast in attempt to have sex with her anywayLo knees Ben in crotchSCENEImmediately following Lo is crying in her room with Ben's arm around her and he is trying to make her feel less guilty for her kneeing him in the crotch This proceeded by the mascara incident which I know was an important scene in the book just grated on me So many random incidents happen in this book without being tied together or having any explanation I think she threw certain plot points in to give us a better overall understanding of Lo and her bizarre actions but it just didn't work for me I honestly am sitting here and am not entirely sure I even know how this book ended If you enjoyed her first book you will very likely enjoy this one as well I can't say I didn't enjoy this one as it was a uick compelling read but I did expect much from it This felt jumbled confusing and like a debut that you expect to be a little rough There is definitely talent here; I'm hoping book 3 will show stronger growth in the author's writing but I still think I would recommend to those who are looking for an easy uick read to capture their attention And I hope you all don't hate me for not loving this book as much as you probably will

  3. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    35 stars There’s a reason why we keep thoughts inside our heads for the most part—they’re not safe to be let out in public Laura Lo Blacklock just won the career lottery her pregnant boss can no longer attend the Aurora cruise Instead her boss sends Lo as the magazine's representative to the maiden voyage “For a travel journalist I’m worryingly bad at geography” The ship is full of rich socialites intrepid reporters and world renowned rich folks the perfect people to wine dine Lo can feel it in her bones this is her chance Right before she sets off her apartment is broken into and she feels fear like she's never felt it beforeThe very first night she borrows mascara from the woman in cabin 10 hey o it's the title Later that night Lo hears a splash outside and sees what looks like a body sinking beneath the wavesOnly when she raises the alarmeveryone on the ship is accounted for What's given Lo's shakey use of medication and her general lack of evidence fewer and fewer people believe her Even the mascara her one shred of proof goes missing “I know what it's like Don't you see? I know what she must have felt like when someone came for her in the middle of the night That's why I have to find out who did this to her” As frustrations and her own desperation mounts Lo is faced with the single most defining decision in her life was there ever a girl in the cabin or could it have been all in her head? This one was certainly engaging and I think the author did a fairly good job with the atmosphere and the setting As Lo became and panicked I felt adrenaline jumping However there were certainly moments where the pacing felt reallyoff where things would slow slow slowww down for no apparent reason Really took me out of the book This one had a similar feel to The Girl on the Train though this one had a main character with an actual backbone Well sort of Lo did get a bit weepy and annoying about 23 of the way throughOverall an entertaining read and I didn't see the ending comingAudiobook CommentsExtremely well read by Imogen Church This was set in EnglandNorway and the accents sounded rather good to my untrained ear Thoughthe reader's Brooklyn accent for Lo's boyfriend really could've used some work It wasn't enough to ruin the audiobook but it was certainly something I noticedYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  4. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    My initial reaction upon finishing The Woman in Cabin 10 can best be summed up as followsI read it I'm not mad about it It was good though not a new favorite; final thoughtMeh all the shrugsAdmittedly there is something very addictive about Ware's writing For me the second half of this novel was much stronger than the first I wasn't really invested in the story at all until the reveal The reveal itself as well as the events leading up to the final conclusion were compelling than the build up to the reveal Because of this I would say this one felt uneven overallDuring the build up I had uite a few moments of frustration with our protagonist Thinking Who cares? God Lo mind your business uit whiningThen the reveal happened and I was like hold up now that's kind of interesting Yeah so keeping it short and sweet those are my thoughts Would I classify this as one of the best mysterythrillers I have ever read? A No Will I read another Ruth Ware book? A Definitely I'm accepting no further uestions at this time Take from that what you will

  5. Will M. Will M. says:

    The Woman in Cabin 10 promised an intense read but all I felt after reading this was intense anger Anger because I expected so much than what the author promised The premise is typical of a thriller novel it depicts a rollercoaster ride This novel unfortunately is a huge disappointment for me So much time wastedI listened to this book because I had other books I was already reading and I need to listen to a book while driving The narrator didn't have the most pleasing voice but she still did a good job I believe that the character the author created Lo is the problem She's a rude conceited and honestly a bit stupid I hate thrillers with a good plot but has terrible characters This novel has terrible characters and a mediocre plot It all started with Lo and a certain event in her flat That event made her paranoid and affected most of what happens next in the novel When she finally got aboard The Aurora I thought that it should get really good from here but right from the start of her being onboard it starts to get really dull and annoying I didn't like her approach to people even if the justification is because of what happened to her before it's a bit unlikely that anyone is that rude If I were to meet her in person I would most likely hate her just from the introduction The climax of the novel shouldn't even be considered as a real climax because there is none It's all rambling and talking to the crew The mystery started to seem really boring because of all her rambling and complaining about everything The most annoying part of the novel is the disgusting ending and revelation of the secret That's it? I wasted 9 hours of my life listening to this piece of crap? I've read way better thrillers with cliches plot than this This is probably the most overhyped book I've read in my life I'm glad I didn't buy a physical copy because I might give it away to a person that I hate I firmly believe that it wouldn't have made a difference if I read this because I would be eually annoyed with the outcome and the main characterAfter days of contemplating I can't give this than 1 star Whenever I remember this novel there's no positive feeling or emotion felt toward it If only I could forget about novels this would be a good use of that ability

  6. Rachael Rachael says:

    I smacked my head on a low hanging light fitting earlier so am particularly grumpy but here's what irked me about this book Whining protagonist too anxious and irritating to functionPlot holes bigger than the Grand Canyon Every character unlikableGlossed over sexual assault Took Forever to get goingThat ENDING I hurt my eyes rolling them so hardGuess what Lo Blacklock? I wouldn't have believed you eitherThe end

  7. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Deep sixing this one Read only 14% so not rating it Not feeling it and to be honest the dialogue just seems corny

  8. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    I just realized I don't hate myself and therefore will not be completing this if you look up the word mediocre in the dictionary it’s just a photo of this book maybe a photo of the opening page because the cover is the only thing about this that isn’t shitListen this is just about the most generic thriller ever written Let’s talk about all the shitty ass ways this book copies The Girl on the Train a 2015 novel that I have an immense distaste for They have the exact same plot Lead observes something But no one will believe her because she is Un Re Li Able You can read literally any one of these novels and there’s an unreliable narrator Why is she unreliable? Some unspecific mental condition that will play into her character development absolutely zero Or better yet alcoholism It is 2018 The Girl on the Train was a shitty book Stop copying itAnd listen okay I am fine with unreliable narrators But in books like these we know from the beginning that they’re unreliable and that they might be hallucinating it all Ooooooooooooooooh You know what else we know? That no author is going to end the book with “yup they hallucinated that all” Because then how can you market it to work tired middle aged readers to bring on their Bahamas trip? Although I’m sure a vaguely boring sixty year old scholar somewhere could work out a marketing pitch about how an ending with no reveal simply demonstrates the pointlessness of existing They would be wrong Nothing could possibly be as pointless as this book Also you know complex characters do need to have some vague veneer of consistency For example let’s say your lead character looooooooves her boyfriend She wants to solve all the issues in their relationship and be with him forever So what does she do? Something nice? Of course not because that would be logical She gets in a fight with him and proceeds to ignore all his emails for days YeahAnd you know what? You get a bonus fucking round for the cringiest thing that happened in this book The main character’s ex boyfriend touches her boobs without any consent or even hint she’s into him She knees him in the groin for touching her boob Great right? No because Ruth Ware then promptly ruins the iconicness of the moment by having her protagonist apologize for it and say it was her fault He touched her on the boob without asking He absolutely deserved to be kneed in the balls this book can actually go jump in the ocean just like that woman who still has not been thrown in the ocean despite me being THIRTY ONE FUCKING PERCENT IN and it being in the damn BLURB I'm going to bedBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

  9. Linda Linda says:

    I received a copy of The Woman in Cabin 10 from NetGalley for an honest review Thank you to NetGalley Gallery Scout Press and Ruth Ware for the opportunity This book will be published in July 2016You know the feelingpoised for sound and vigilant for any hint of the slightest evidence of movement You are alone At least that is what your mind tells youLo Blacklock has barely an eye open after a night of some serious throwing 'em back drinking But there are sounds coming from the outer periphery of her tiny basement apartment And why is the door closed? A turn of the doorknob reveals a man completely encased in a cocoon of black clothing and wearing latex gloves Shock finds Lo instantly and she is completely immobile The door slams and Lo is locked insideLater Lo is able to break out of her bedroom prison But the break in leaves Lo shattered and filled with fear It has a downward affect on her relationship with her boyfriend as well Lo gladly accepts an assignment from the travel magazine that she works for in order to flee from this nightmare She boards the cruise liner Aurora Borealis on its maiden voyage No harm can ever come to her way out in the distant waters She finally embraces a haven that she believes to be safe But is she really?And here comes an injection of gaslighting at its finest Lo experiences the freight train collision of witnessing a body being tossed overboard She runs next door to Cabin 10 to alert the woman who had just loaned her a mascara earlier in the evening No one is there and no passenger has been booked for that cabin In fact the passengercrew list is intact No one but no one is left unaccounted for Have too many rounds of gin and tonic left Lo's brain pickled and off kilter?The tension mounts as Lo clings to what she believes and feels actually happened But there are no takers for the story that is ripping her to shreds inside Self doubt wants to take permanent residence inside her already fragile mind taunt with high pitched anxietyRuth Ware provides an easy uick writing style The dialogue is crisp and not bogged down with endless solilouy The build up is relentless As the reader you take pity on Lo and don't want to leave her adrift here So you keep turning pagesNow the conclusion may or may not fit the bill for you We each bring our own experiential backgrounds to the act of reading But I will say this I'm glad to have taken that eerie cruise with Lo It will not leave you adrift with wonder It all plays out in those deep deep waters

  10. Norma Norma says:

    Well that was a much better read for me than the author's first book IN A DARK DARK WOOD as it was slow moving for me and just didn't maintain my interest This one though was fast paced and had me entertained and engaged right from the very first chapterTHE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 by RUTH WARE was a chilling and suspenseful thriller with the perfect setting for a mystery on a small luxurious cruise liner with only 10 cabins set to sail from London to Norway I was really intrigued with the setting and plot of this novel as I have always wanted to take a vacation on a Luxury Cruise Liner I fell in love with THE COVER of this book when I first seen it and have been obsessed with reading it ever since that is the main reason that I chose this book to read Awesome embossed cover of water spots on a porthole window with the ocean waves in the backgroundTHE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 isn't all that creative of a TITLE but is fitting as there is a mystery that develops as we follow along the voyage of the Aurora about who the woman in Cabin 10 is that Laura Lo Blacklock seen and believes to have been murdered Her sanity is uestioned here as Cabin 10 was unoccupied but she is determined to prove that someone was indeed in Cabin 10 and murderedThis novel was filled with a few CHARACTERS and I had a little bit of problem at times keeping track of who the secondary ones were but it didn't really disrupt me from the storyline though RUTH WARE delivers an atmospheric and suspenseful story here with a few good twists that had me uestioning and guessing what actually happened and who was involved Although there were a few things that happened in this book that I felt were never answered or was missing from the plotThe ENDING was intense exciting and very satisfying with a surprising twist for another enjoyable readTo sum it all up it was an entertaining enjoyable suspenseful fast paced uick and easy read with a twist ending Would recommendReview can also be found on Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading

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