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Janae Blacktop #2 [BOOKS] ⚣ Janae Blacktop #2 Author L.J. Alonge – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A street smart action packed basketball series from debut author LJ AlongeThe second title in LJ Alonge's basketball series explodes with action as the crew takes on a new set of competitors Shots are A street smart action packed basketball series from debut author LJ Janae Blacktop Epub / AlongeThe second title in LJ Alonge's basketball series explodes with action as the crew takes on a new set of competitors Shots are missed tempers flare and winning takes on a whole new meaning.

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  1. Liam Liam says:

    I read the book Blacktop by Lj Alonge I decided to choose this book because it's about basketball and I like basketball The author likely wrote this book to show that girls can play basketball well too This book was mostly about a girl basketball player playing with a boys team and also struggles a lot with things outside of school and in her hometown At the beginning Janaes granny does not believe in her that she can be good at a boys sport and also Janae plays a game verse a bald guy and she lost 2 times but he invited her to tryout for the bay area ballers and they Ucla Uconn Tennessee and many other good teams But granny does not want her to go because he needs her to help work in the shop Towards the middle of the book Janae makes the team and struggles with a non supportive family and a couch that is very tough on her I don’t want to give away the ending but you should know that Janae is not a uitter and will not give up basketball I liked how this book was written because it included a lot of mood swings and emotions A line from the book that highlights this style of writing is “ I shouldn't have uit basketball It's just a game Janae No its not granny My tears are falling onto her feet “ pg114 115 This line captures this writing style because its shows Janaes emotion and going from happy to crying and sad and shows her love for the game This book is similar to sandlot because Benjamin shows a lot of passion for the game of baseball and would be really sad if he couldn't play one day Another reason I liked this book is because it was kind of cool how she was a girl and could still keep up with and be better than boys You should read this book if you like basketball and stories about overcoming challenges

  2. Nissim Nissim says:

    Having read the first book in this series by LJ Alonge I knew what this book would be like It's a uick enjoyable read especially for anyone who enjoys sports or competing The main character Janae takes the role of a talented young basketball player but struggles in her home life Since she's a talented basketball player and a girl playing a male dominated sport she has extra motivation and drive to show the boys that she's just as good if not better Alonge also does a good job of what it's like for a teenager who's committed to a sport to balance that with her family and social life I'd definitely recommend it

  3. Alex Alex says:

    Reading this book for the first time I didn’t really know what to expect other than it was going to be about sports I the book the main character goes by the name of Janae and she is a basketball player that plays on a male basketball team She also struggles outside of school with her home town In the book Janae goes through a lot of emotions making you want to read and and see whats going to happen I think that the author did a great job putting all of these feelings into her life style and where she grew up and what she goes through I really do recommend this book because it will keep you wondering whats going to happen next

  4. Logan Buffo Logan Buffo says:

    It is a good book janae lives in Oakland California and love to play basketball She works at her granny’s strange goods superstore selling lucky rabbits feet and other useless junk she finds around She has a big game against one of the best around the city and everybody is their to see it

  5. Ash Ash says:

    I loved this book even than the first This is a really good series and I can't wait to pick up the next book

  6. Vanessa Garcia Vanessa Garcia says:

    The book Blacktop Janae by LJ Alonge is a very good book When reading this book they have a lot of details that make you picture some kind of picture in your head Janae is a girl who works at her granny’s Strange Goods Superstore selling useless junk In the night she sneaks out to play basketball with her boys Justin Frank Adrian and Mike Janae has a lot of different mood swings that will have you asking why does she do that but will make you want to keep reading the book to see what she decides to do that’s why I like this book I really like this book because it’s very catchy I really do suggest you to read this book it’s a very interesting book that will make you keep wanting to read

  7. Corrine Corrine says:

    I loved the dialogue and the main characters of this book as well as showcasing the difficulties of a teen trying to balance their future and what's going on in the present and I can't wait until I get my hands on the rest of the series The only problems I had was that the ending seemed rushed and muddled as well as how the author wrote how Janae views girly girls not bothering to give her sisters names or even differentiating them writing them talking in unison and treating them as one dimensional was just extremely insulting and lazy writing

  8. Chelsey Chelsey says:

    Janae's home is the basketball court where she dominates the boys Her grandmother has different expectations for her though Will Janae follow her dream or will she be knocked down one too many times?This has much better development than Justin did Janae kicks butt on the court but struggles with an unsupportive family and a tough new coach both of which are very relatable Janae also works better as a stand alone title as it feels a lot settled by the end

  9. Bridget Bridget says:

    I think this series would be a good read alike for The Crossover It's slightly grown up content wise and not in verse but many of the story beats feel like a good match Great writing too

  10. Anna Lawrence Anna Lawrence says:

    Awesome second book in the Blacktop series from new author L J Alonge

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