Demeter Persephone Spring Held Hostage Graphic Myths and

Demeter Persephone Spring Held Hostage Graphic Myths and Legends [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Demeter Persephone Spring Held Hostage Graphic Myths and Legends ✈ Justine Korman Fontes – This graphic novel tells the story of Demeter the Greek goddess of the harvest and her daughter Persephone Demeter rules over a perpetual summer on earth where crops trees and flowers grow in abundanc This graphic novel tells Spring Held PDF/EPUB ä the story of Demeter the Greek goddess of the harvest and her daughter Persephone Demeter rules over a Demeter Persephone eBook å perpetual summer on earth where crops trees and flowers grow in abundance Persephone young and beautiful unknowingly attracts the attention of the lonely Persephone Spring Held PDF ☆ god of the Underworld Hades Hades kidnaps Persephone and a frantic Demeter searches in vain for her daughter Finally Demeter retreats to her Persephone Spring Held Hostage Graphic MOBI :Ê temple in mourning The goddess's sorrow causes the crops to die and the ground to freeze The first winter falls over Greece As people begin to starve the other Olympian gods and goddesses try to convince Demeter to accept a marriage between Persephone and Hades But Demeter will not give up her daughter forever to the Underworld Finally a compromise is struck Persephone will stay with Hades for half a year winter When she comes back from the Underworld to spend half a year Persephone Spring Held Hostage Graphic MOBI :Ê with her mother spring returns to earth.

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  1. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    I knew ahead of time what I was getting It would only have so many pages an d the artwork was good But I felt that the storyline was lacking There wasn't anything about how Hades and Persephone grew closer not even one page it just skips from the first day she is kidnapped to shortly before she eats the pomegranate seeds and this story says she only ate 4 seeds when the general consensus is that she ate six fall and winterThe artwork was enjoyable and a lot of effort clearly went into it which makes me wonder why this piece of work didn't have 64 pages as lots of special editiondeluxe issue comic books and graphic novels come in 64 or even 100 128 pages355 for a entertaining but brief read

  2. Dominique Dominique says:

    This is a graphic novel that retells the abduction of Persephone by Hades and the aftermath her absence from Demeter's side caused mortalsI first heard of this book when I began doing research on Persephone for a book I was writing but it was hard to come by so I wound up not getting it As it turns out not reading back then was a good idea There was a note in the front that listed that the authors and the illustrators were trying to make the story as visually and historically accurate as possible; but it seems they neglected one fact Zeus Poseidon and Hades drew lots to pick their domains Zeus did not decide who got what like it was depicted in this story Had it not been for that I probably would have given this three stars instead of twoVisually the art was pretty I liked how each of the gods were drawn For the most part the story was accurate

  3. StrictlySequential StrictlySequential says:

    I've tremendously enjoyed 22 books in this series of 27 and will have read them all soon enough All the rest range between 325 485 this one stars in terms of what they are not in terms of grandiose literature but THIS ONE SHINES BRIGHTEST I assume it will continue to reign although the writing couple has two I haven't gotten yetThe husband and wife team injected so much adult humor especially Hera's gripes about Zeus's infidelity in such an objectively gray story and avoided being horny which is so difficult in an all ages book about magical happenings Despite or maybe because of the dualitycontrast it remains my favorite love story in the entire Pantheon no matter who tells or draws itAs for the appropriate art my highest praise would go to Ray Dillon of Golden Goat Studios who did a tremendous job coloring such a bipolar atmosphere

  4. Roger Gaboury Roger Gaboury says:

    I love this story but was underwhelmed by this version Calling Dionysus by his Roman name Bacchus put me on guard Plus I was influenced by George O’Connor’s version of the myth in his graphic novel Hades Lord of the Dead Big props to all of O’Connor’s books in his Olympians series One thing the Fontes book did really well was bring forth the pathos of the Hades story getting the short end of the stick when divvying you’re the realms especially by his younger brother and the emotional longing of the lonely Underworld god

  5. Hannah Thomas Hannah Thomas says:

    This is based on a Greek Mythology tale of how the love between a god and goddess became soI've heard of the story between Hades and Persephone and only an outline of how they've became one Fontes did her research well and produced a spot on described story about how Persephone was brought to the Underworld and fell in love Thus how Persephone emerges during the time of Spring and goes to the Underworld in Fall

  6. F F says:

    The artwork was good and the adaptation was as accurate as I can remember but the book is not really fit for children The main myth is not the problem but rather the actions of the gods incest being the worst A knowledge of the Greek myths is a study in humanity's foibles as they give the false gods all the traits of man The True God as revealed in the Bible is holy righteous omniscient omnipresent and omnipotent Oh that men would know Him

  7. Andy Hickman Andy Hickman says:

    “Demeter and Persephone”“So each WINTER Persephone ruled in the underworld with handsome Hades And each SPRING when the seeds sprouted the ever young goddess returned to Earth”p16 top frame the speech bubbles are attributed to the wrong characterVery good series giving a generalised overview of the predominant myths and legends that have shaped our worldviews

  8. Stuart Stuart says:

    Demeter and Persephone Spring Held Hostage begins by giving background information on who Demeter is which is the daughter of Persephone and Zeus Yes Zeus has a lot of kids by a lot of different women and goddesses We then get information on Zeus and his two brothers Poseidon and Hades Zeus chose to rule the sky Poseidon was granted the water Hades was granted the underworld We see all the gods and goddesses happy but Hades is further isolating himself in loneliness Hades tells Zeus that he wants a ueen and that he has chosen Persephone as the woman he wants so he kidnaps herAt first Persephone doesn't like being in the underworld and who can blame her? She was kidnapped and separated from her mother However she begins to grow accustomed to it and seems to actually love it down there Readers are treated to a tour of the underworld and what happens to good souls bad souls and so so souls Because she is in the underworld the world is in winter so she has to make the tough choice between staying with Hades or going back up to the world and returning Spring to mankind When she returns she gives the people the gift of agriculture so that she can return to the underworld for half the year and not leave the people in dire need This isn't my favorite of the Greek myths but it does a good job explaining the seasons Like other books in this series it closes with a glossary and a guide for further reading If your child likes comics and mythology this is a good series and one that they will appreciate

  9. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    A graphic novel comic book version of the classic Abduction myth I love this format it is perfect for getting young children interested in the Greek and Roman myths The writing was a little simplistic at times the thoughts thought bubbles were kind of odd and repetitive at times but it suits its intended audience young children andor struggling readers The illustrations are a little bizarre at times too take a close look at some of the chins and facial expressions but overall it's pretty good I would definitely recommend it to Elementary and Middle school students as a tool for learning about Greek and Roman mythology or just as a good transitional tool for struggling or picky readers

  10. Jennifer Erwin Jennifer Erwin says:

    I needed a graphic novel for my reading challenge Unfortunately 's definition of a graphic novel is not the same as my own So after two days of off on searching in between my daily activities I snagged this through Kindle Unlimited It was the first thing I saw that was an actual graphic novel and not a novel that was graphic I have always loved mythology and am familiar with the story of Hades Persephone I found this to be geared towards younger readers and that's ok Made for a uick read to get that item marked off my challenge

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