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  • 266 pages
  • Twilight
  • Anna Jones Buttimore
  • English
  • 08 November 2015

10 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. Shannon Moeck Shannon Moeck says:

    Pleased to readThere was a few typos in the book that is why I have given it 4 stars The parody is lighter than most but it is still there As close to Midnight Sun as it could be with out being from the direct author Thank you for writing this It helped ease my desire for to Midnight Sun

  2. Audrey Rich Audrey Rich says:

    I have been waiting to read the rest of Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyers for years I decided to read the parody and I was pleased with the bookI really liked that the author kept true to the Twilight book but then added her own twists to Edward's internal thoughts The majority of the additions were so funny poking fun at the book and movie but not in a mean wayIt's definitely a good read for Twilight fans who want his side of the storyI received this free book for an honest review

  3. lover of passion lover of passion says:

    Not bad I read the first draft of med night son by Stephanie Meyer and it was excellent I loved it and I wish that she had finished the story But as you know she came out with the excuse that she was offended by it being revealed personally I think she just didn't want to do the work She let us down and she doesn't look good in my eyes But us for this book it wasn't bad it had its ups I didn't like its humor It was romantically decent but it didn't feel truly personal like if it was the real Edward it wasn't a waste of money

  4. Payal Payal says:

    It was a little funny less than what I had expected I loved that the adjectives for his volvo increased each time she referenced it and they all began with the letter S Edward was recognizing that he was a typical emo teenager despite his actual age Loved that she pointed out glaring issues conflicting statements historical inaccuracies etc Would have enjoyed it if it was even filled with humor

  5. Iris Iris says:

    Honestly it was cute Not as funny as I expected it to be since it is labeled a parody but humorous nonetheless At the very least Edward's inner monologue was entertaining The occasional typos did get annoying but there weren't so many that it distracted from the story being told Overall an entertaining light hearted read I probably wouldn't read it again but it served its purpose at the time so I don't regret picking it up at all

  6. Dow Dow says:

    Captivating view of Edward This is a gift to Twilight lovers Looking into Edward's mind let's you see into everyone else's minds too Too bad it is only Twilight and not all the books But this was well worth my time The parody part is minimal and as a reader you should be able to look past it as I did Tears and joy await Good reading

  7. Lisa E Lisa E says:

    Not a parodyThis is a rewrite of Twilight where the writers are twisted around as if from Edwards point of view We do not learn anything new Sometimes there is a snide remark but that does not a parody make Skipped to the end after beginning of Chapter 3 No better

  8. Glenn Mitchell Glenn Mitchell says:

    UsefulI really loved reading Edwards version a clear understanding from his perspective I would like to read from his perspective

  9. Dawn Trivett Dawn Trivett says:

    It will doI cam tell it is a different author and that affected the story It was slow to get into Some of the things did make me laugh

  10. Hellen Riebold Hellen Riebold says:

    Midnight Sunburn by Anna Jones Butti is a witty joyful parody which dares to poke wicked fun at an obviously much loved topic I thoroughly recommend it to lovers of the Twilight saga it won’t disappoint I promise

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Twilight✰ Twilight Epub ✶ Author Anna Jones Buttimore – Twilight has enthralled millions of readers around the globe but Stephenie Meyer never completed Midnight Sun the story told from Edward's perspective Midnight Sunburn is a light and reverent parody o Twilight has enthralled millions of readers around the globe but Stephenie Meyer never completed Midnight Sun the story told from Edward's perspective Midnight Sunburn is a light and reverent parody of that long anticipated book It gives a glimpse into what Midnight Sun might have been with added gentle satire and wry humour Midnight Sunburn shows the unfolding of Edward's fierce love for the mysteriously closed Bella Swan explains how he overcomes his thirst for her blood and reveals why he would rather watch her die than transform her into a vampire It also divulges what Edward uses to paint on his abs explains why he can’t use smartphones and gives the reader a glimpse of Carlisle and Esme in Wal Mart Reviews for a previous version of Midnight Sunburn “I just needed closure This book provided it delightfully” “This is exactly what I've been craving as a fan It's just spectacular” “Surprisingly good book Really good job” “Wow I would highly recommend to everyone who enjoys the Twilight series to read this” “Finally someone kind enough to give us loyal fans our due This book was well worth my time Truly enjoyed this treat and will tell others about it” “I have waited so long for this book I didn't even know it existed I thankfully stumbled across it yesterday and bought it This book is EVERYTHING I wanted and then some”.

About the Author: Anna Jones Buttimore

Anna Jones Butti was born and brought up in the South of England but educated in Wales where she lived for the next years She is now living back in the village where she grew up with her daughters Gwenllian Angharad and Ceridwen and husband Roderic Anna serves as Seminary teacher in her wardAnna works part time from home for a legal charity and has always loved writing in her spare t.