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A World of Dreams (Dreams #2) [PDF / Epub] ✐ A World of Dreams (Dreams #2) ☃ Alex C. Clarke – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Chris Flanagan has tried to find love so many times he got tired of trying On Christmas Eve he has vowed himself to chastity for a full year During this time he’ll do his best to be true to himself Chris Flanagan has tried to find love so many times he got tired of trying On Christmas Eve he has vowed himself to chastity for a full year During this time he’ll do his best to be true to himself and focus on what he really wants from life But that is without taking into account the arrival of his mysterious A World Kindle - neighbor Adam Adam Patinson looks like a tattooed thug and a biker to boot who recently moved into the building next door He’s temptation on legs and everything Chris should despise And yet Will Chris be able to resist the Snake’s call in his Eden’s Garden Especially when this snake appears to be anything but the macho thug he broadcasts Warning This book contains sexually explicit content and is suited for adult readers only.

10 thoughts on “A World of Dreams (Dreams #2)

  1. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Well I have no one to blame but myself I read the first book in this series and it was a disaster for me This one unfortunately was no different The characters speak in the weirdest way to each other The language and the manner in which the characters interact with each other is unrealistic to say the least The book is long winded and the manner in which things develop is unrealistic as well The style makes it difficult to get invested in the characters or the book at all Just not an enjoyable read at all

  2. CdnBookLover CdnBookLover says:

    Another well written storyThis story is also well done well written and easy to “fall into” The translation while somewhat better that the first book in this series A New Dream still could use some improvement There are sentences for your brain to “trip” over so that you have to go back and read it at least once but those are rare I can still “feel” the French in some of the phrasing but that’s not bad just a bit unexpected but it give the book a little extra flavour I think you will enjoy this as much as I have Bonne nuit

  3. Chris Kottner-Kirschner Chris Kottner-Kirschner says:

    Obwohl Chris sich eigentlich von Männern und Dates fernhalten will; dem exzessiven Party und Clubleben abgeschworen hat findet er seinen neuen Nachbarn ziemlich anziehend Der rauh wirkende Biker Adam hat es ihm angetan Doch Adam ist gar nicht so tough und unnahbar wie er erst wirkt Tatsächlich ist er ein Bär mit einem weichen Kern der als GrundschullehrerErzieher arbeitet Und er liebt seine Arbeit während Chris mit seiner Tätigkeit nicht so glücklich istZwischen Chris und Adam entsteht eine zarte Freundschaft aus der mehr werden könnte Doch da gibt es plötzlich eine weitere Person in Adams Leben die dessen Existenz von Grund auf verändern wird Ein kleiner Junge der plötzlich alleine auf der Welt ist und Adams Vaterinstinkte weckt Chads Eltern sind bei einem Unfall gestorben und Adam entscheidet sich spontan die Pflegschaft für den Jungen zu übernehmen Doch verkraftet das diese zarte im Enstehen befindliche Beziehung zu Chris?Der zweite Teil der Dreams Serie von Alex C Clarke macht einen Zeitsprung und der Leser erlebt Chris mutlos und frustriert All seine Datings und Partys bedeuten ihm nichts mehr Und eigentlich will er ein zölibatäres Jahr einlegen Doch Adam ist eine zu große Versuchung Adam ist aber nicht so leicht zu haben Er hat eine höchst traumatische Vergangenheit hinter sich und kann sich nur schwer auf einen Mann einlassen Doch Chris ist beharrlich und wirklich sehr einfühlsam; geduldigIch muss gestehen dass mich der zweite Teil der Dreams Serie nicht ganz so fesseln konnte Zwischendurch gab es ein paar Längen Jedoch fand ich die Hauptakteure gut beschrieben Die Autorin ging sehr einfühlsam auf ihre Vergangenheit und ihre damit verbundenen Erlebnisse ein Denn auch Chris hat Zurückweisung und Hass erfahren wenn auch keinen körperlichen Schaden erlittenDie Geschichte kann auch durch die vielen sympathischen und liebenswürdigen Nebenakteuren punkten Das nächste Buch wird dann von Paul handeln Er ist Chris’ Bruder und wurde ebenfalls von den homophoben Eltern verstoßen Auf seine Geschichte bin ich schon sehr gespannt

  4. FairyG FairyG says:

    I thought this was a great book and have been waiting for the next in series expectantly but was surprised to see such awful reviews when I was doing some housekeeping on my goodreads accountI read the authors blog and realise I read a second edition which is a different translation of the original French book than the one released in october which got such bad reviews I can still tell it is a translated book but I am interested in languages so it could just be me it didn't detract from the story for me if anything it made it feel romanticI just wanted to say it is a great book lovely story and to give it a try

  5. Kittykills Kittykills says:

    things I liked not one thingthings I didn't like 1 characters like trying to figure out who's talk in their chapter2flip flop viewpointspick one for cods sake3 how very boring it was long winded and several times I had tyo gho back to figure out which perspective I was readingDNF sadly I stopped when the little boy is told about his parentssooo did finish this book while waiting w my mom to do her stress test this morning at 5am it did not improve paraphrasing this ”when Chris Adam move in 2getherthey don't move apts they were moving one building to the next building wtf????? and did anyone else see the parents death coming so chad could get adopted? another thing when meg is doing the tat tocover the scar just as she was finishing upwe geta big in depth description of aftercaremy ? is why then as it was so ewhy notwhen the first session ended the brother Paul showing up and his crappy added attitude nope removed the one star rating

  6. Marinieves Marinieves says:

    This is the second book in the Dreams series by author Alex C Clarke If you read the first story that's where we met Chris and the moment he made his resolution of a year of abstinence  In this story  we meet Adam the neighborhood biker and the guy that is trying to hide behind the tattoos  Chris and Adam have different pasts but some similarities between them too Both of them suffering from rejection from the people who were supposed to protect them Each of them dealing with it in their own ways  When a friendship developed by a common goal things change and they finally found what they needed from each other  The addition of new friends and family is great and completes the story of love and acceptance  

  7. Alex Clarke Alex Clarke says:

    Hey everyoneJust a few words about A World of Dreams If you've read A New Dream and want to know what happens in book 2 you'll want to buy it and read it too Except you can't find it for now Here are the reasons why my blog postSorry for the delay but you'll find the second edition by the end of JanuaryHappy reading

  8. Denise Koopman Denise Koopman says:

    Chris and Adam is awesome Loved this book as much as the first Alex Clarke writes some great books

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    I liked this 2nd book than the 1st one I loved little Chad Can't wait for Paul's story

  10. Lily Lily says:

    Skimmed through this book It was as bad as the first one Both storylines had potential but failed in execution

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