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Beware, Princess Elizabeth ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Beware, Princess Elizabeth By Carolyn Meyer ✰ – Imprisonment Betrayal Lost love Murder What must a princess endure Elizabeth Tudor's teenage and young adult years during the turbulent reigns of Edward and then Mary Tudor are hardly those of a fairy Imprisonment Betrayal Lost love Murder What must a princess endure Elizabeth Tudor's teenage and young adult years during the turbulent reigns of Edward and then Mary Tudor are hardly those of a fairy tale princess Her mother has been beheaded by Elizabeth's own father Henry VIII; her jealous half sister Mary has her locked away in the Tower of London; and her only love interest betrays her in his own uest for the throne Beware, Princess PDF \ Told in the voice of the young Elizabeth and ending when she is crowned ueen this second novel in the exciting series explores the relationship between two sisters who became mortal enemies Carolyn Meyer has written an intriguing historical tale that reveals the deep seated rivalry between a determined girl who became one of England's most powerful monarchs and the sister who tried everything to stop her.

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  1. Whitney Whitney says:

    Not bad I do not know who is the ideal reader for this though Middle school? Elizabeth I is a fascinating historical figure This book does a good job putting readers inside her potential thoughts when she was a teen She was considered only a bastard daughter of the deceased Tudor monarch Henry VIII Her unpopular rivals on the throne were moving her around England into unsavory castlesprisons hoping she would die of natural causes If she died naturally the unpopular leaders would not be blamedThroughout Elizabeth's entire life and it was definitely a long life considering the late 1500s I'll wager that many people grumbled at regular intervals good god how is this bitch still alive??

  2. Neda Neda says:

    A short uick read about one of the best monarchs in history I love the Young Royals Series and this is one of my favorite books in that series Elizabeth is so likable so sympathetic so strong that it makes this short little book a very rich experience Meyer did a very good job crafting the fictional Elizabeth into a believable version of the real one; Fictional Elizabeth had so much grit and power in this story but she was also so graceful and kind After reading this story I immediately did research into the real Elizabeth just like I did as a teenager upon my first read That's why I love this series it sparks in me a love of history I hope if you decide to read this it will do the same for you

  3. Katie S. Katie S. says:

    In the historical fiction book Beware Princess Elizabeth by Carolyn Meyer the theme is to persevere against all odds This book takes place in the 1500's in London England and the outskirts of London The titular protagonist is a teenage Princess Elizabeth who is a bit of a rebel and the future ueen of England After her father King Henry VIII dies his last wife dies and finally her half brother dies the kingdom of England is left in the hands of Elizabeth's sister Mary Mary is the daughter of King Henry's first wife who hated Elizabeth's mother Anne Boleyn and therefore hates Elizabeth Under Mary's rule Elizabeth is in constant danger forced to convert to Catholicism and is put under arrest in the Tower of London After countless betrayals repeated imprisonments and being treated like a common peasant she still ascends the throne but not after a long and painful journey to get there While this book is aimed towards girls with its protagonist being a princess it still has the adventure beheadings and various other elements that could make it appealing to boys as well This is a really good book and shows an insight to one of England's greatest monarch's days before she was ueen It also shows how little those of stature cared for each other After her father's death Elizabeth remembers the death of her father's fifth wife My mother was not the only wife my father sent to the Tower and then had put to death I was eight years old when his fifth Catherine Howard was sentenced to die All the nervous excitement of this latest execution could not be kept from me and it was as if my own mother's execution were being repeated I wept I cried out for days I could neither sleep nor eat Kat frantic to calm me summoned the court physician to prescribe a sleeping draught When I awoke it was over I listened as servants whispered how Catherine Howard's head had been caught in a basket her blood sopped up by crones with handkerchiefs her body carried off for burial The way it must have been for my mother I thought and I have thought of it many times since that day Remembering Catherine Howard's death has always struck terror to my heart 17 18 This is an example of how ruthless the monarchs were at this point and how even eight year old Elizabeth could be in danger It also shows how empathetic Elizabeth is even when thinking of the woman who faced the own doom as her own mother This story is a lot like other stories of women in power at this time Elizabeth is forced to perservere against the odds that she faces and these odds are only increased by her gender This book is a fantastic read for anyone who loves adventure and a bit of a history lesson at the same time

  4. Grace Grace says:

    This book adeuately narrated the seuence of events in Elizabeth Tudor's life between her father's death and her ascension to the throne Even though it's written as a first person account it did so in a way I found to be nearly as lifeless as a Wikipedia entry If you're interested in Elizabeth I would recommend the Royal Diaries book from her perspective in place of this

  5. Evangeline Evangeline says:

    Reread love it So fun to take a trip down memory lane I used to be obsessed with this series and Henry VIII in general

  6. Erin Erin says:

    Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at younger daughter of Henry VIII Elizabeth’s future was far from certain She enjoyed the benefits of a royal heir for only a short period being declared illegitimate about the same time her mother lost her head She was only returned to the line of succession during Henry’s sixth and final marriage Her childhood was marked by a series of stepmothers; one dying in childbed one set aside one beheaded and one who was lucky enough to be widowed before Henry tired of her Though a child I believe she took to heart her father’s inconsistencies noting the lack of security which supposedly accompanied a marriageThe chances that Elizabeth would ascend the throne were minimal being behind both her younger brother Edward and older sister Mary in Henry’s Third Succession Act Both of Henry’s daughters were again struck from the succession by their brother Edward who left the throne to his cousin the Lady Jane Grey upon his death Jane’s tenure lasted a mere nine days Whereafter she was imprisoned in the Tower and eventually executed for high treasonHailed at her coronation Mary soon fell into her subject’s disfavor Her persecution of Protestants earned her the moniker Bloody Mary A Protestant herself Elizabeth’s position was a precarious one Like her older sister before her she defied her monarch and held to her convictions and much like her sister lived in fear that her religion would be her death warrant Discontent soon burned as brightly as Mary’s Protestant subjects lending support to those who wished to see Elizabeth on the throne The Wyatt Rebellion gave Mary reason to place her sister in the Tower of London I imagine the sentence was frightening as prisoners rarely escaped the Tower alive but doubly so for Elizabeth whose own mother was executed on the grounds some eighteen years earlierElizabeth as depicted in Beware Princess Elizabeth is an ambitious young woman I feel it is a true enough assessment of her character as ueen but premature for the period of Meyer’s story Elizabeth’s position was never as secure as Meyer implies Elizabeth also seemed overly confident in her conviction that she would one day rule England I am sure Elizabeth was aware of the possibility and even took steps to have it realized but considering the uncertainty that marked her adolescent years I don’t believe she was at any time assured she would take her father's throne Raised in the knowledge that ueen Anne was beheaded witness to the trial and execution of ueen Catherine spectator to the political games that cost ueen Jane so dearly I remained convinced that Elizabeth was very much aware that the crown offered as much security to a woman as did the state of matrimony Historically accurate in detail but I found this installment disappointing in its black and white interpretations It may be appealing to younger readers but even then I would suggest looking elsewhere for introductory material on the Virgin ueen

  7. Katherine Katherine says:

    Title Beware Princess ElizabethAuthor Carolyn MeyerGenre Historical Fiction Biography Length 214 pagesDate Finished October 5 2012 On January 31 1547 King Henry the Eigth Elizabeth's father died So then Elizabeth's brother Edward inheritted the throne He later became sick and died Mary Elizabeth's sister was supposed to inherit the throne but John Dudly tried to stop her and didn't succeed Mary became ueen and Elizabeth lived happily in a castle next to her's Although her happiness did not last Mary was Roman Catholic and forced Elizabeth to follow that religion as well Elizabeth did not want to do that though for she was Protestant So when Elizabeth was supposed to attend Mass she pretended to have a stomach ache or fever But Mary was not fooled She began to dislike Elizabeth And slowly they started to become enemies Elizabth had to try her best to survive and become ueen I rated this book as four stars because it was suspenseful I also thought it was interesting learning about Princess Elizabeth

  8. Rafaella Rafaella says:

    This book was incredible it kept me hooked until the very end which in this case wasn't very helpful because I had a set number of pages I had to read each night as a part of my literature circles homework Elizabeth is a wonderful powerful intelligent and incredible young royal who never gave up on her journey to the throne I can't imagine being jailed and forbidden to do many things by my own sister I wondered how Elizabeth coped with it I think when Kat Ashley was permitted to be with her she was her main support but when she was gone I am now writing a biography of Kat Ashley and have found that she really loved Elizabeth and thought of her as her own child Elizabeth was later thought to have said Anne Boleyn gave me life Katherine Ashley gave me love I would really like to read the other books about Mary I and Anne Boleyn also written by Carolyn Meyer because I want to get a different point of view and see the terrible thought that went through Mary I's head when she imprisoned Elizabeth I highly recommend this book to anyone who just loves history

  9. Kelcey Murdoch Kelcey Murdoch says:

    Another favorite from high school that I just re read

  10. Anbolyn Anbolyn says:

    I read this for a reading challenge at work I needed to read a YA novel and didn't feel like reading anything contemporary so I found this solid little historical novel with big print haha It was a good introduction to the life of Elizabeth I for young teens who like historical fiction kind of a fictional upgrade from the Who Was? series Part of a series called Young Royals it focuses on the life of Elizabeth before she became ueen A fast and engaging read

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