Ankhain Bheeg Jati Hain PDF/EPUB Â Ankhain Bheeg

Ankhain Bheeg Jati Hain ❮Reading❯ ➹ Ankhain Bheeg Jati Hain Author Syed Wasi Shah – Poetry Poetry.

10 thoughts on “Ankhain Bheeg Jati Hain

  1. Heer Malik Heer Malik says:

    Must read, one of my most fav poetry books.

  2. Zubaa Abdulkhaliq Zubaa Abdulkhaliq says:

    First read from the very well known poet Wasi Shah but it s definitely not for me

  3. Kiruu Kiruu says:

    i just love

  4. Saima Sadaf Saima Sadaf says:

    its awesome

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