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Dangerous Spirits (Spirits, #2) ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Dangerous Spirits (Spirits, #2) By Jordan L. Hawk ✍ – After the events of Reyhome Castle Henry Strauss expected the Psychical Society to embrace his application of science to the study of hauntings Instead the society humiliates and blacklists him His co After the events of Reyhome Castle Henry Strauss expected the Psychical Society to embrace his application of science to the study of hauntings Instead the society humiliates and blacklists him His confidence shaken he can't bring himself to admit the truth to his lover the handsome medium Vincent NightVincent's new life in Balti with Henry is disrupted when a friend from the past asks for help with a haunting In the remote town of Devil's Walk old ties and new lies threaten to tear the lovers apart if a fiery spirit bent on vengeance doesn't put an end to them first.

About the Author: Jordan L. Hawk

Jordan L Hawk is a trans author from North Carolina Childhood tales of mountain ghosts and mysterious creatures gave him a life long love of things that go bump in the night When he isn’t writing he brews his own beer and tries to keep the cats from destroying the house His best selling Whyborne Griffin series beginning with Widdershins can be found in print ebook and audiobook.

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  1. Ms. Smartarse Ms. Smartarse says:

    Vincent Henry and co are asked to assist in a haunting out in the midwestern boonies While both our heroes are nursing serious blows to their egos they're determined to be professional about it and earnestly pray that the other won't figure out their respective failures Or so they thinkTurns out that juggling an arsonist ghost and their own bruised self esteem is uite a difficult taskThere's just something weirdly attractive to me in creepy midwestern towns The general poverty and insane religious mix always create a specific atmosphere that just can't wait to jump out at the unsuspecting reader with some seriously creepy vibesSure enough the second installment of the series doesn't disappoint and delivers an absolutely riveting detective slash ghost story I was especially intrigued by whole reasoning behind the haunting especially when both Henry and Vincent kept failing to decipher her wishes In a most spectacularly fashion tooI also got used to the romantic aspects or rather stopped expecting too many butterflies That said I was uite pleased with the way their insecurities were finally confronted and eventually solved Sufficient drama to make the reader worry but not so much that it needed to be moved over into the seuelScore 325 starsThrilling detective work deliciously creepy ghosts and of course bonus points for schmexy timesBring on the final volumeReview of book 1 Restless SpiritsReview of book 3 Guardian Spirits

  2. Anne Boleyn& Anne Boleyn& says:

    45 starsWhen you are fangirl trash for an author like I am fangirl trash for Jordan L Hawk you rarely hesitate to read one of their books But I hesitated to read Dangerous SpiritsThe first book in the series Restless Spirits was so genuinely frightening that I had nightmares But it was so delightful that I didn’t mind Except when I was alone in my 90 year old houseEarly last week the spousal unit was traveling for work and I was alone in my 90 year old house But I had been wanting to read this So I steeled myself Crackled my knuckles ueued up Here I Go Again In my head I was Tawny Kitaen rocking out ready to do the damn thing Well I read the first page and realized that I wouldn't be doing anything I didn’t want to spend all night like this In the end Dangerous Spirits was less frightening than its predecessor but still offered thrills and chills and a touching romance making for an enthralling and entertaining readSome have claimed that it is unrealistic to depict happiness for people of color and ueer people in historical romance novels Series like this demonstrate why that claim is false Spirits doesn't pull its punches It depicts the bigotry and the danger that people of color and ueer people experienced But it also depicts uite joyously their laughter and their successes and their love Main character and psychic medium Vincent is Native American and his business partner Lizzie is trans The other main character Henry an inventor determined to apply science to spirits is raising his biracial cousin Jo They are a wonderfully diverse and fascinating cast of characters and their ghost hunting adventures are eually engaging Here they seek the spirit of a burned witch in a Pennsylvania mining town and find all is not what it seemsI enjoyed the relationship between Henry and Vincent in the first book but I enjoyed it here Many readers understandably won't agree There is a significant omission from Vincent and an outright lie from Henry But the omission and the lie both stemmed from insecurity from vulnerability from the fear that they are not good enough If I have to read about an established couple's relationship problems which I sometimes hate but other times seek out because I'm crazy I want THESE types of problems They are realistic and relatable but also redeemable I see a way back from them in a way that I don’t see with infidelity or other grave transgressionsHenry and Vincent are fundamentally decent men who make mistakes but most importantly love each other And I love reading about them And getting creeped out with them Read for SBTB October December 2018 uarterly Challenge A book by a favorite author

  3. Adam Adam says:

    BR with NickMaybe 25 stars?I gave the first book in this series Restless Spirits 4 stars It was a fun read with a spooky haunting some bloodshed and an entertaining romance to top it off So I was eagerly looking forward towards the seuel But 'Dangerous Spirits' while still entertaining just fell a bit flatI liked the paranormal that's for sure It was interesting to see the Psychical Society at work and other members of the psychic world The haunting had me hooked throughout Jordan L Hawk never fails to make goosebumps raise on my skin Granted I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to anything otherworldly but Hawk has a talent for writing creepy scenarios The plot reminded me of Threshold which I'm not complaining about because that's probably my favourite book in the Whyborne and Griffin seriesWhat didn't work for me was the romance In book 1 Henry and Vincent were an intriguing couple with some slow burn UST and an enemies to lovers vibe In book 2 they were bland and boring I couldn't be bothered to care about their relationship problems especially when it was all easily avoidableOverall I'd say I enjoyed the book but so for the mysteryparanormal than for the romance I'm also a huge fan of the two secondary characters Jo and Lizzie Bravo on the author for writing such a diverse cast of characters I'm hoping the next book will have a strong romance along with the strong plot

  4. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    I really enjoyed the paranormal aspects of this case As usual the writing was a smooth exciting ride with great atmosphere The secondary characters got a chance to shine again here especially Jo I enjoyed watching all the relationships shifting and realigning a bit The bad guy was obvious but the route to discovering him was notThe romance that seemed so promising in the first book becomes stalled out by a lie on Henry's part and a major misperception on Vincent's and it was Vincent's inability to see Henry clearly that irritated me even than Henry's repeated failures to come clean It creates some tension and resolves in a lovely moment But I'm generally not crazy about seeing an established couple kept apart by a misunderstanding that could be easily resolved so that flattened the book just a bit for me Still a fun read a fascinating series and characters I'd be happy to see of

  5. Sofia Sofia says:

    Hawk writes a great mix of creepy maggoty ghost story and the continuation of the family story I say family because it is not just Henry and Vincent I wouldn't want Lizzie and Jo left out they are integralA story of wishes lies hurts manipulation doubts love I like how Hawk writes her HEA she makes them real because in her series she continually shows the problems that arise in relationships and working through them This makes it closer to our own realities in that it is not just a kiss and they lived happily every after they would surely get bored with that For her the HEA is a work in progress and I like reading about that Ghostly BR with Ingela and Bev

  6. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Another terrific supernatural read I really love Henry's scientific spiritualism it's wonderful fun and the horror is gloriously sinister subsides happily into Jordan's storytelling forever

  7. Nick Pageant Nick Pageant says:

    What Adam said

  8. Ami Ami says:

    It has been several months since the event at Reyhome Castle where Henry Strauss was successfully test his Electro Séance machine to help eradicate ghost haunting He also had teamed up with medium Vincent Night and Elizabeth Devereux and formed Strauss Night Devereaux Occult Services in his home city Balti With this Henry thought that he finally would be able to join Balti Psychical Society Unfortunately they rejected him and told Henry he was partially responsible of the death of Reyhome Castle's owner Devastated and afraid that Vincent would regret coming to Balti to be with him Henry lied to everyone and said that his invention was welcome Then a Mr Emberey reuested the team to help with ghost haunting over at Devil’s Walk Pennsylvania where they would join Sylvester Ortensi an old friend of Vincent and Lizzie's teacher With the second book of Jordan L Hawk's latest Spirits series I have definitely have warmed myself towards Henry Vincent Lizzie and Jo I thought it was better than the first book especially related to the characterizations Gone was the dismissive attitude of Henry towards medium or the rudeness of Lizzie Instead we have a new 'team' other than WhyborneGriffinChristine that was pretty solid except when Vincent found out about Henry's lie which charmed me from the very get goThe haunting case was solid and pretty creepy and it kept moving foward in a uick measured pace I loved everything about this from the legend to the revelation on who was responsible for bringing the ghost back to the town including a twist that complicated everything I was a little bit weary about the 'secret' that Henry kept from Vincent though I am not a big fan of 'lie as plot device' and each time Henry thought that he had done a big mistake of keeping the lie a little bit longer I longed to knock him in his head BUT it also brought a very sweet romantic moment between Henry and Vincent so I guess it was somehow okay I totally look forward to be in the company of these people again I am so in with each new adventure with Henry and co I do hope that Hawk keeps this story as 'straight occult ghosts' series rather than combining some urban fantasy elements Don't get me wrong I love Whyborne and Griffin series too but sometimes the whole thing with view spoilerWhyborne being half fish man and having his mother and sister living at a sea hide spoiler

  9. Jewel Jewel says:

    I didn't enjoy Dangerous Spirits as much as I did Restless Spirits I felt unsettled for much of it and not in a good way because of Henry's dishonesty I understood at first but Henry just kept ignoring the situation maybe hoping he'd be struck by lightening before he was forced to tell the truth That dishonesty colored everything including his relationship with Vincent and boy did it annoy me I loved their chemistry in the first book but here it felt offI also pretty much disliked Sylvester as soon as we met him too He was bossy and pretentious and I didn't like how he treated everyone He was condescending to Henry but he was also very heavy handed with Vincent and Lizzie so anytime he had page timeughThe ghost story was top notch though and I loved the ending and where it put Vincent and Henry with each other I just wish I could have felt that hope during the rest of the book

  10. Elena Elena says:

    35 stars The paranormal mystery was great but the romanceomg the romance in this book was ridiculous The lack of communication went through the roof and that wasn’t even the worst partview spoilerHenry lying for most of the book about his reception at the Psychical Society was stupid and frustrating enough to read but Vincent's reaction when he found out was childish Storming out of the room throwing things and refusing to listen when Henry tried to explain dismissing every doubt he had himself about why Henry’s actions and what Vincent knew about him didn’t add up with Henry lying hide spoiler

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