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Dark Economy ❮BOOKS❯ ✬ Dark Economy Author M. Keedwell – Love can’t stay buriedMedical student Cadell Meredith has been known to acuire “volunteers” from the occasional pauper’s grave in order to improve his surgical skills While the legality of thi Love can’t stay buriedMedical student Cadell Meredith has been known to acuire “volunteers” from the occasional pauper’s grave in order to improve his surgical skills While the legality of this practice is a bit murky he wouldn’t go so far as to call it out and out robberyHis latest acuisition however is different The body on his table was obviously healthy wealthy—and murdered Cadell feels compelled to seek justice for the dead man but while dissection comes naturally to him crime investigation is unfamiliar territoryFurther he’s caught the attention of one of those new police officers Blaine Breton A handsome sentimental fool who insists Cadell is a criminal A criminal Cadell is the first to admit he’s no saint but he’s no killerA marvelous game of cat and mouse ensues as Cadell seeks to expose the truth while hiding his own secrets A task that grows ever difficult as his desire for Breton growsand the danger deepens Warning This story contains mystery mayhem and a male romance that starts off in the most delicious way possible—mutual hostility Enjoy.

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  1. Kat Kat says:

    You know how with some books it’s hard to pinpoint why it worked so well for you or didn’t work at all? Dark Economy is not one of those books It has strong pros and eually strong consIt starts off as a wonderful debut and I found myself taking a curious peek at the author’s page to confirm that this is indeed her first work The writing is witty and effortless but above all so enthusiastic The fun the author had writing an early 19th century mystery about British medical student and part time grave robber Cadell Meredith is palpableWhat’s great too is that you can tell that she did her research Latin names are thrown around smartly during the MC’s pathological adventures and the lightly touched upon debate about the ethics of medical professionals practicing their surgical skills on the deceased and sometimes turning to stealing dead bodies out of necessity adds a nice touch The same debate sparks the cat and mouse game between Cadell and cop Breton who suspects Cadell of robbing graves This is one of the things that excited me most about the blurb I love me a story in which the two MCs attempt to outsmart each other and the hunter becomes the hunted And its execution is promising at first Cadell outsmarting the ‘hard to read’ cop with his ‘cold smiles’ made me smile However they have far far too little page time togetherSadly this brings me to the cons of Dark Economy The author focuses completely on her mystery and appears to lose sight of the MM factor completely Although their occasional snarky dialogue is wonderful there is little that points toward a romantic connection or even just chemistry between the MCs At times Cadell lusts after Breton for a bit but only when the men actually share a scene He doesn’t spare him any thought when he’s busy amateur sleuthing which is about 90% of the time To me these ‘horny daydreaming’ moments feel like they were added as an afterthought in a conscious attempt to create chemistry between the MCs Something similar happens when the as ‘unreadable’ presented Breton throws Cadell on beds or against walls in sudden bouts of frustration But most of all in obvious attempts to force psychical interaction between the two On top of that their already unconvincing pairing is sabotaged by the introduction of another potential love interest? DudeTaking this into account I need to point out what I know will be a deal breaker for some this is one of those books in which the breeches don’t come off until the 98% mark And here the author cuts off about the only scene that shouldn’t have been cut shortBecause for me the ultimate con of this book isn’t the lack of great MM dynamics although that disappoints – it is its length The mystery meanders on for 250 whopping pages without real highlights or breathers Since this is not a whodunit as a reader you have no choice but to tag along for the ride at some point not being able to keep track of the names and possible culprits any Since you are not actively involved in solving the crime either chances are that at some point you’ll find yourself not caring which 'random name' turns out to be the culprit Dark Economy is therefore not a book that despite the lovely writing plot concept and gorgeous cover I can easily and instantly rec to a whole bunch of peeps Perhaps it's a good bet for historical lovers who are kind of fed up with MCs fucking up their mystery with their penises?

  2. Ami Ami says:

    Sometimes early reviews even the not so encouraging ones could actually motivate me to read a book Especially if the reviews are listing those I could love I have to thank my friend Loederkoningin who wrote the review I read with these words exactly Perhaps it's a good bet for historical lovers who are kind of fed up with MCs fucking up their mystery with their penises? Such a poetic way to close a review laugh But it was EXACTLY what driven me to this book I love my mystery but I admit that I usually think that the romance would get in a way So this was a very encouraging statementAnd guess what I loved this It is definitely mystery first and romance second in a historical genre with interesting characters blackmail scandal action and revelation to the murder that is uite satisfying Exactly what I have been looking for I admit that while I was reading this it brought me back the feeling of my reading Christie's all those years ago except with a tad of romance between menCadell Meredith is a medical student In order to hone his surgical skill Cadell occasionally dig graves of the paupers and then haul the dead body to his own place so he could practice on them I admit I was uestioning his morale at that time I mean really Cadell grave digging?? But it was also a different time period Cadell reasoned that it was difficult to work actual surgical method on machine Plus these were bodies that would not be missed Anyway until one night Cadell's dead body turned out to be well a murdered one A man who definitely not a pauper Cadell was motivated to find out what had happened to the young man; it was like an obligation for him to find answers since he already used the body for his practice Even if he needed to imitate police officers and probably break a lot of laws lol while trying to get off the trail of a detective who suspected himIn the beginning Cadell came to me as a little arrogant like he looked down on others But it was also clear that he had a good sense of justice He also had friends who were willing to help him so he couldn't be that bad right? Along the way as Cadell discovered clues made friends as well as having sexual tension with the detective Blaine Breton I found him mellowing a bitThe mystery moved forward alongside Cadell's adventure so while I could guess some of the 'players' but I practically set myself to enjoy the ride with Cadell's investigation The scandal was surprising but definitely satisfyingAs for the romance ah like I said this was mystery first and foremost Yes we had sexual tensions And nope you will not get a sex scene the author devilishly cut off the page before it even happened but it didn't even matter to me It was a great historical mystery and I didn't care that it lacked romanceI really hope that Keedwell will make this into a series It will be fun to have a team of surgeonpolice to deal with dead bodies ala Rizzoli and Isles ^^

  3. MLE MLE says:

    I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really liked this book I loved that it was the mystery that drove the plot and not the romance It made for a much stronger story in my opinion I liked the way the romance developed as well That Cadell and Brenton had to learn to trust and understand each other before any real romance started There might have been attraction before but there wasn't any of the silly instant love I liked that the story felt very grounded in the time period and I found the medical and police procedure really interesting It also let me really feel how men like Cadell were treated at the time and how that shaped the way they thought about relationships and love The characters were well rounded and developed and I liked that it extended to the secondary cast as well There were no easy villains and everyone was than they first appeared to be and this was true for both the upper and lower cast characters The ending was well done and fit the story nicely Overall a nice period mystery with a nice touch of romance

  4. Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ says:

    This was the book that would never end I should have DNF at 50% like I planned to but I thought that adjusting and lowering my expectations would suffice And it did get better for awhile But then it started dragging again and I had to skim the last 5% or so to get through this because I wanted it finished tonightMaybe it was reading this while also listening to What Angels Fear since they're roughly in the same time period this one takes place 17 years after Angels and they both feature amateur sleuths who pursue murders that will ultimately never see true justice done for them but I found this book lacking Where Angels had a protag who was interesting versatile and charismatic Dark Economy's MC is kind of an obnoxious git Where Angels has an intriguing mystery within the mystery French spies in wartime England Dark Economy has privileged boys who couldn't wait for their allowances to buy things You've got Cadell Meredith the obnoxious git whose constant back patting made my hand itch to smack him He's supposed to be a conscientious top rate medical student but he's barely in class He decided to take it upon himself to solve the murder of a man whose body he stole from the graveyard because he obviously couldn't go to the cops with the info He also clearly didn't know what he's doing though he did a decent job of faking it and I was scratching my head what he planned to do with any of the information he was digging up Even an anonymous letter to the copper who's supposedly dogging his every step yet missing 95% of his antics wouldn't do much good since Cadell messed with most of the evidence he found Then again who needs evidence in Ye Olden Tymes? He kept running into one dead end after another only to find out that it's exactly who you thought it was right from the startThen there's the love interest or shall I say love interests He lusted after every other guy he came into contact with and even got a mutual hand job from one of them but it's the copper who he really wanted Why? I have no clue actually Their first interaction Breton had broken into his home cooked him dinner why? IDK and interrogated him threatened him was an overall jerk and then manhandled him against the wall I guess it was sexy manhandling??? And from this encounter on Cadell's supposedly in lust with the guy but since he was lusting after every other guy it was hard to see why Breton was so special They did finally get some real interaction after the 50% mark but most of that was so nonsensical I couldn't buy into it They didn't actually get together until 98%The author did well in portraying what it must have been like being a medical student at a time when grave robbing even for medical purposes could get you sent to the gallows and there's a good sense of atmosphere for the time period Unfortunately that atmosphere was often lost by Cadell's inner thoughts which made him come across like a modern age brat than a mature medical student of the early 1800s

  5. Pjm12 Pjm12 says:

    The revelation here is Cadell's narrative voice It is refreshingly original and really witty Cadell is a man of modest means studying to be a doctor in the 1800s He also works two jobs and volunteers at a hospital and does a little grave robbing on the sideOnly to hone his surgical skills of course oh and to create detailed illustrations of muscle groups to sell as wellHis moral fortitude his studious and logical manner is clear for us to see He does not suffer fools and we hear this in his scathing opinions of government policy his judgemental attitudes to gentleman toffs and best of all when he meets Breton the constable determined to catch him at his murdering and grave robbing ways we see and hear his hostility and aggravation towards himThe feelings are most certainly reciprocated As Breton stalks Cadell we watch Cadell set out to find justice for Robert's murder This mystery twists and turns and forces Cadell to change his opinion about toffs uestion liars thieves and Lords and the way he treats them all eually ensures we cheer him on and watch in glee as he thwarts Breton at his own gameOh it's a delight Although Breton scores a few points too Their changing attitudes towards each other moving from anger to respect to gratitude and admiration is really well writtenI loved this book so much Even without any smexy The way Cadell imagines what he and Breton might do to each other is enough smoulder to get me throughI will keep an eye on this author I hope she writes Copy provided by Netgalley Dark Economy will be out on October 13th I urge you all to read it

  6. Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥ Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥ says:

    DNF 41%15 stars for the writing but the story actually bored me to death Couldn't get through this one I think this should be classified as mystery without an ounce of on page romance Let's be for real I read HR for the romance in the olden days folks and the romance that was barely there didn't even attempt to bloom by 40% I hope for people who actually read this that they eventually get to it Majority of my 40% was spent on one mc not trying to get caught stealing cadavers and the other one spending his time trying to catch it I lost focus with this uickly It took me days just to try to read it Sorry this was not a winner Loved the concept just the execution didn't happen

  7. ☾ Dαɴιyα ☽ ☾ Dαɴιyα ☽ says:

    35 starsOne of my favorite parts of Samhain Publishing books is that warning that comes at the end of book blurbs They are always fun to read and for me not even a warning but actually a list of things to look forward to in a book With Dark Economy it was This story contains mystery mayhem and a male romance that starts off in the most delicious way possible—mutual hostility Awesome warning right? No surprise right after I finished the book the first sentence I wrote wasA whole lot of mystery uite a few suspects and a bit of romance in Dark Economy Mystery is rightfully mentioned first as it was what the book was mostly aboutIt starts off with the hero Cadell Meredith breaking the law As a medical student keen on learning as much as he can he finds his classes rather unsatisfactory in providing him with the knowledge he so desires Therefore he's forced to be creative in the ways of learning human anatomy meaning occasionally acuiring bodies from pauper's graves which was exactly what he was doing at the beginning of the story and thus breaking the law Right then and there we also meet the policeman who will throughout the book be his main adversary as he is an officer with a firm belief practicing on cadavers is an awful practice which sparked many an argument between them He will also be the man to wake a part of Cadell he spent years ignoring But back to the mystery at hand The body Cadell brought home to dissect did than offer insight in the intricacies of anatomy but also in the life and death of the person it used to be For one it was apparent the body didn't belong to a pauper but to a rich young man Second the young fellow had clearly been murdered That knowledge woke in Cadell the need to investigate Why he chose to go on the mission of finding out who the man was and what happened to him he'll ask himself several times without having a definitive answer He felt he owed it to him he supposed for helping him in his medical studies but over time it became “Kind of funny that you dragged me back to life by dying” His investigation reuired he get help from an old friend who had been at one time than that he made new friends and his path kept crossing with the bloody policeman who occupied this mind until even they made peace with each other and for all that Cadell was grateful Which brings me to this Dark Economy is a story I liked but there's always a but it would've been a story I loved the book would've been an easy five star read had a few parts been handled differently The parts I'm referring to are the ones relating to Cadell's personal life His love for medicine and his dedication to it was well described His dedication to his chosen studies and eagerness to put his knowledge into practice was so palpable it made me happy for him for having found a profession he feels that way about What I would've liked to read about was his personal relationships past and present as that is something that interests me about characters It was obvious he had issues with his family and that something happened to drive them apart Same thing with his friend His past love life I thought deserved page space Not to mention his present love life He and his main love interest had little time together for the majority of the book They didn't even become lovers until the very end I knew going in the main focus would be solving the mystery of Treswick's murder but I had hopes the romance would have a slightly bigger part in the plot Why this was as it was I do not know but since this book seems as one of those stories that could get a seuel or of them if it happens I do hope the attention shifts to Cadell's private life All this of course is because of my preferences I do watch crimeinvestigation TV shows and even then the episodes I enjoy most are the ones that are about cases that are personal to the main charactersUncovering Treswick's life and death piece by piece was interesting In fact it was so interesting and complicated I wished he were alive so we could get a book about him I think it would've been a good one Alas he's swimming with the fishes However as much as it was interesting keeping track of everything and everyone proved to a hard task for me and than once I would find myself confused by all the information as there were uite a few suspects this is something that happens to me while watching criminal investigations in TV shows as well Nevertheless as a whole Dark Economy Cadell Meredith and Blaine Breton have left a good impression I look forward to seeing what the author will come up with next In the end I believe Dark Economy would appeal most to mystery lovers who don't mind a tiny bit of MM romance thrown in the mix I'll continue hoping M Keedwell's next book will contain than a tiny bit of romance fingers crossed ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  8. Mark Mark says:

    And now for something completely different Why? Well this was a delightful murder mystery story where the plot drives the story first and foremost and the MM romance of the main character Meredith Cadwell is secondary Oh no I hear you cry Well to be honest it was refreshing to read a well plotted murder mystery where the characters are just gay and there is no need to be continually fed their bedroom antics even if there were anyMeredith is a medical student and is constantly on the wrong side of the law at least ethically for that time Being a medical student makes him a grave robber by default but he gets something he doesn’t bargain for with one corpse he digs up Looks like the corpse was murdered I just loved how Meredith has this insatiable appetite to get to the bottom of things Leaving no stone unturned until he finds out what has happened I sort of compared him to an historical uincy but much better looking and younger – lol His curiosity leads him into a lot of situations where he really shouldn’t be involved but he is determined to get to the bottom of the crimeThis is where Blaine Breton enters the scene He is a police constable and this at a time where the police was very much in its infancy in the days of Robert Peel who set up the Metropolitan Police Force Blaine takes his policing seriously and always has Meredith under suspicion for grave robbing Well he would be right but can’t prove anything He is also on the track of a gang involved in a number of robberiesWhen these two guys always meet the sexual tension in the air is palpable I loved the way that neither character would voice their attraction but instead a constant power play between them ensues I reckon if we did get to read a bedroom scene these two would be hot At least the atmosphere between them is positively sizzling Meredith is a bit of a smart ass and Blaine is your typical suspicious of everyone but calm and collected copper In pursuit to solve the mystery of Robert Treswick the unfortunate victim their paths invariably cross several times and leads them to having to work together to solve the mystery At this time forensic science is in its infancy but Meredith most definitely likes the challenge of solving the unanswered and does what he can to glean as much information from the body of Robert Treswick as he canWhat I also liked about the historical aspect was again the whole thing about being gay at this time whether aristocracy or not M Keedwell has obviously done her research on this and depicts a realistic subcultural of what it was like being gay Of course Meredith knows the people on the scene but his attraction for Blaine is strong but are these feelings reciprocated? After all a copper can’t be gay can he? Again leading to a sexual cat and mouse game that was a delight to readThis was a well thought out historical murder mystery with a gay backdrop so to speak So for anyone who likes their crime stories with a dose of MM thrown in then this book will be just the thing I enjoyed it very much and hoping that maybe Blaine and Meredith will get murders to solve in the future and that we eventually get the bedroom scene – lol

  9. Sophia Sophia says:

    A medical student discovers the latest body he obtained illegally for study was murdered and he feels compelled to bring the killer to justice This is all complicated by his own very real danger of being arrested and hung for snatching the body in the first place by the coldly capable policeman hot on his trailYep had to read it There was no saying no after I saw that situation I had to know how it all turned out And bonus I got to try a new to me authorThe story begins when medical student Cadell Meredith nearly gets caught graverobbing by a dangerous gray eyed policeman He gets the body home and uses it to further his studies but then makes the gruesome discover that his body was murdered He is in a uandary He feels compelled to seek out the truth and give the dead man justice but he can't just go to the police or it will be him who dangles from a rope He must seek the truth on his own Between classes his work at the apothecary and dodging Officer Blaine Breton's suspicions he slowly follows the trail of the killer He has to learn all he can about the dead man to do it so uses the underhanded means of impersonating a policeman and breaking and entering to further his uest A troubling former lover and a rare friend from his present also help aid him Cadell has motives and suspects than he can count on one hand Those he tracks are ruthless and cunning and some are from the nearly untouchable upper class One false step and it will end badlyDuring the course of his investigation he is forced to face his past when the lover who betrayed him wants a chance at forgiveness and maybe something when a new man shows an interest and his own doomed interest in the very man who wants to arrest him and see him hanged The roguish Cadell deftly makes his way through it all Alright Cadell is a brilliant creation That is allOkay no that is not all but it is the salient point about this book The character of Cadell and his subseuent detecting and romantic adventures are good stuff Well maybe I overstate the romance since its him sorting through his feelings for what he wants and having the courage to not settle for less The focus of the story is definitely on the suspense element but the character and relationship plots are right there to lend depth and emotion tooI enjoyed the attention to historical authenticity It was the early days of the police force and things were still very rudimentary when it came to the art of detection I liked that the story spanned all stratas of society and that Cadell was not from the upper classes He had an education and he had a small inheritance but he was working class The author reveals Cadell's backstory slowly so that his present situation is known but the rest is slowly revealed He is a complex man He is tenacious hard working loyal compassionate passionate pragmatic but there is a touch of larceny too He is very much a Lone Ranger even when he is with others He was hurt and betrayed by his family and others not accepting him so the aloofness is his protectionCadell is the narrator and everyone else is made known through the filter of his observations and dialogue I liked that the others around him were left deliberately mysterious Breton is probably the most intriguing and I loved the antagonism and attraction between the two men Nothing is easy simple or uick with these twoThe story resolved completely but I would really love for it just to be the first of many mysteries in which Cadell and Blaine work together to solve even as they work on a personal relationship I think those who enjoy mm historical mysteries or romantic suspense should clear your weekend and settle in for a good oneI received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

  10. Kim T Kim T says:

    Really enjoyed thisWell thought out mysteryWith engaging characters that each have their own journey to navigate towards changing their perception of each otherCadell was intelligent and driven to become the best doctor he could be He embarks on trying to solve a murder and puts himself in some very dangerous situations that if he were mine I would lock him in a room and only let him out with an escortYou didn't get to know Breton and how he felt about Cadel apart from wanting to strangle him on most of there run ins till towards the ending and it was worth the waitThey both change and grow during the book Which I loved Cadel learning that he can have friendsDylan with a history that did not end well and Lord Wrotham they are intriguing and fun and important to Cadells growthBreton character was very stern and appeared unforgiving he too had his reasons for being so focussed on apprehending Cadell for grave robbingThey both thought they couldn't have what they most wanted and living in this era where to love anther man could get you hanged it was no wonder caution and only trusting those close to you was the only optionThe mystery was interesting that your perception of the young man murdered also changed as you learned about himWould love to see another book about these characters and just how Breton managed to keep Cadell out of trouble he might need than himself I think to manage that

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