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Warcraft Durotan [PDF / Epub] ☂ Warcraft Durotan Author Christie Golden – In the world of Draenor the strong and fiercely independent Frostwolf Clan are faced with increasingly harsh winters and thinning herds When Gul'dan a mysterious outsider arrives in Frostfire Ridge of In the world of Draenor the strong and fiercely independent Frostwolf Clan are faced with increasingly harsh winters and thinning herds When Gul'dan a mysterious outsider arrives in Frostfire Ridge offering word of new hunting lands Durotan the Clan's chieftain must make an impossible decision Abandon the territory pride and traditions of his people or lead them into the unknown.

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  1. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Durotan is the official preuel novel to the Warcraft movie set to hit theaters later this summer As a fan of the game franchise I almost feel like I have an obligation to go out and see this film though whether or not it’ll actually be good remains to be seen Call me cynical but I’ve been burned way too many times by underwhelming movie adaptations and so while part of me is excited to finally see one of my favorite games come to life on the big screen I will also remain cautiously optimistic for nowStill I picked up this book because I knew I would want the background story A lot of people don’t realize that Warcraft is than just a game series—it’s also an immense indescribably huge body of lore Its world encompasses a countless number of locations and characters and its history stretches back thousands upon thousands of years And as much as I enjoy playing the games in some ways I enjoy hearing about the stories even I love the epic tales of legendary heroes reading about their great deeds and how they made their mark on the world of Warcraft and its historyThe Frostwolf orc clan chieftain Durotan is one of these legendary figures The eponymous main character of this novel will also be one of the key players in the upcoming film and this is the story of how he led his people out of the dying lands of Draenor to find their home in a new worldWhen the book begins Draenor is already on the brink of destruction With the spirits of the elements weakened winters are becoming increasingly harsher and the dwindling herds mean that the orcs will soon have to abandon their territory or face death by exposure and starvation However when a mysterious warlock named Gul’dan arrives with an offer to save them the Frostwolf Clan decides to turn him away preferring to maintain their independence No stranger to tough times Durotan believes it would be better to take their chances on their own rather than join the outsider’s “Horde” especially since he does not trust the warlock But while the Frostwolf may be one of the last clans to hold out things in Draenor are going from bad to worse and soon they too will have to make a decision on how to move forward or risk dying with their homelandBelieve it or not finishing this book actually made me feel confident about the movie The events portrayed here offer us a solid foundation and a promise of some fantastic things to come But then again it’s Christie Golden She’s written some of my favorite Warcraft and Star Wars novels of all time and I knew even before going into this novel that it was going to be great I’m beyond excited that this was everything I expected especially since Durotan’s story was one that I’ve always wanted to get to know betterI’m also pleased that this novel was entirely about the orcs I say this even as a diehard Ally as I honestly believe not enough attention is being given to the races of the Horde when it comes to media tie ins plus fantasy in general can be so human centric It’s easy to get caught up in the faction pride sometimes reducing the “other guys” to nothing but enemies to kill but the truth is orcs are a complex race with values deeply rooted in their society and culture We get to see many examples of this in Warcraft Durotan as our protagonist realizes that being a leader is about than just his strength and pride Wisdom is just as important as is compassion—even for your enemies Durotan often finds himself torn between his honor and what he knows is best for his people but knowing when to listen and when you have to sacrifice for the greater good are just some of the lessons he learns first as the Frostwolf’s chieftain and then as a husband and a father to be This book is simply filled to the brim with feelsKudos also goes to Toby Longworth for doing a superb job narrating the audio version He has a very strong voice great for reading fantasy novels and perfect for capturing the personalities of larger than life characters like Durotan In addition this audiobook was very easy to get into; at seven and a half hours in length I finished this one in good time probably within two or three listening sessions Finally the audiobook ends with an audio excerpt of the “seuel” which is the novelization of the movie itself also written by Christie GoldenIf you plan on seeing Warcraft I highly recommend picking up Warcraft Durotan first because it shows a larger picture and puts some of the movie’s events in context Lore hounds will also love this book especially if you want deeper insight into those who had a hand in shaping the face of Azeroth All told this is a wonderful fascinating look into the life of Durotan who is the loving mate of Draka a contemporary of Orgrim Doomhammer and the future father of one of Warcraft’s most prominent characters

  2. Sinisa Mikasinovic Sinisa Mikasinovic says:

    I'm going to say something here that even my wife knows and understands I love Christie Golden I love the way she tells me stories and keeps me glued to the bookShe writes such awesome stories placed in many different universes Star Wars Warcraft Starcraft Star Trek and every time she does her knowledge about them is than enough to tell a great story Even to the most hardcore of fansThis has to be my 7th or 8th book written by Christie I loved each and every one of themHer writing style reminds me of Timothy Zahn another author who seriously changed my view of the Star Wars universe Yes here comes the obligatory Screw you Disney shot callers for destroying a beautiful franchise I hope you all end up in your own private hellsSo Warcraft universe this time I couldn't wait to startAfter finishing the official movie novelization A book written after the movie based on the script I was pleasantly surprised to see there's a preuel ready Being a preuel to the first book this one ended up with a number 0 Yeah I know I just read the 0th book in the series ; We've seen what orcs can do when fighting for the survival of their race All united in the Gul'Dan's Horde they looked like an unstoppable force But we got only a glimpse of why You don't mess with the Horde ; The preuel tells us We learn about Draenor the ruined orc world about their old ways and orcs themselves Proud warriors who value tradition and family above all were split into numerous clans Like humans they freuently fought against other clans but always with honorIt was not until the arrival of the warlock Gul'Dan that orcs became united under a single leader for the first time in their long historyDraenor is dying Spirits of Life Earth Air Water and Fire commune with clan shamans less and less The end is near and the clan less Gul'Dan offers salvationHe shows just enough of his dark powers to sway clans one by one under his banner What looked like the power of Life provided hope to manyBut not the Frostwolf clan Durotan son of Garad the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan has seen first hand what terrible power fuels the warlock's magic Yet the world is inevitably coming to an end You might not want to mess with Gul'Dan either ; Air is turning to poison Water and Fire are becoming enemies and Earth and Life cannot be trusted any Draenor is turning on the orc clans And Gul'Dan however mad is the only one with the planWith the help of his friend Orgrim Doomhammer Durotan searches for a way out Can the father of Thrall the future Warchief of the Horde play Gul'Dan for long enough to save his clan?The Dark Portal is opening The First War against humans is at hand Will the Horde stand united? Or will all the effort to save the orc race be in vain?The forces of Azeroth however ill prepared for the full blown orc invasion will fight to the last man to protect their lands from survivors of the dying world Spoiler alert Don't look at the vid too late As usual Toby Longworth's narration was a music to my ears Both he and Christie brought their A game here I cannot recommend this enough for the fans of Warcraft universe A special and a completely unrelated note There's a DC comics in GraphicAudio audio bundle sale happening on Humble Bundle right now Grab it even if only the lowest 5 books for 1 bundle There are awesome audiobook bundles there all for bargain prices Active until 20180712 Warcraft Durotan Warcraft Movie Novelization 0by Christie Golden Toby Longworth NarratorVerdict     A feast for the fans of Warcraft universeRuntime     0729Overall     Performance Story      

  3. Monica **can& Monica **can& says:

    The narrator was excellent and I always enjoy Golden's writing There was a discrepancy in the story though If you have read Rise of the Horde there is a story of Durotan and his best friend Orgrim being saved by a draeni hunting party but in this one it is implied that Durotan's first interaction with draeni is as an adult That point wasn't crucial to the story so my nerd girl sensibilities were a bit agitated about it If you haven't read any of the Warcraft stories and are looking for a starting place this would be a good one to pick up if you don't want too much backstory on the world of Draenor If you really want a detailed beginning I HIGHLY recommend picking up Rise of the Horde if you can find it or the anthology Chronicles of War which has it as the first book It's what got me hooked on this fantastic series Full review to come

  4. DarkChaplain DarkChaplain says:

    Review also published here We all knew that changes would be inevitable for the upcoming Warcraft movie The lore is convoluted in a lot of ways and with the previous expansion to World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor things got even complicated for the early days of the orc tribes before their exodus to Azeroth Adding time travel didn't help eitherAs a result I'd recommend putting all you know aside for Warcraft Durotan preuel novel to the movie Things have been changed and adjusted to make the material approachable to a new audience and while hardcore fans may groan about it at first I believe it is a good thing overall Let the movie franchise stand separate and just nod in recognition when you encounter familiar elements or easter eggs You'll be happier that way Durotan 's main concern is the Orc Chieftain the book is named after and his Frostwolf Tribe First presented as the heir to the clan's leadership Durotan is soon forced to take on his father's role himself and find ways to deal with the world's changing nature As the hunts grow less successful and the elements themselves turn against the orcs a warlock called Gul'dan appears to offer the Frostwolves a choice Join him and his Horde and leave the world of Draenor behind or die alongside the doomed realmGul'dan however is not to be trusted so Garad and his son Durotan both refuse him and decide to stay true to their own identities and brave the seasonsAs a result the bulk of the story deals with the changing ways of the Frostwolves to cope with colder winters scarce food supplies and the forces of nature unleashed as well as rival orc clans that seemingly turned to cannibalistic attitudes to survive Durotan has to come into his own as the legendary chieftain that he is destined to be Maintaining his authority is challenging as is keeping up the morale of his whole clan as well as balancing the old traditions with new ideas needed for survivalIt really is a hero's journey to greatness a character piece and showcase of what made the Horde leave Draenor for Azeroth The prologue sets the tone for the novel firmly rooting it around the Frostwolf Clan's respect for nature and the spirits That theme is maintained throughout which I loved Experiencing shaman Drek'Thar commune with the elements seeing Durotan find love or feeling the deep friendship between orc and wolf all of these parts I found enjoyable and satisfyingSure it isn't the same story we already knew about the characters The roles of many of them are very different from the games but taken together they are all working in their positions and felt well balanced and properly used to make the journey of the Frostwolves an exciting and relatable one It is a classic tale of hardships to be overcome that can be enjoyed by anyone I believe No further knowledge is reuired to understand the struggles of Durotan and the easy writing style helps making it even accessible Even if you have never even heard of Warcraft before this book and by extension the upcoming movie or its novelization could be an ideal starting pointIt must have been difficult for Christie Golden who has a few Horde related books to her name already Lord of the Clans especially to set aside all her pre existing knowledge and expectations for the characters to write this novel but I am glad that she did It is a success in my eyesUnto the Dark Portal and off to Azeroth I say I'll be looking forward to reading the Movie Novelization by the same author and have to say that for the first time I am actually excited for the movie

  5. ⚜️Trea ⚜️Trea says:

    I wasn't expecting much from this story but it wound up being an excellent addition to the lore It tells the original history of the Frostwolf clan but in doing so it makes some of the things that you see in the Warlords of Draenor expansion of the game make sense I was able to easily relate to the characters and their struggle for survival and was even heartened to see the evidence of the coexistence between the Draenei and the Orcs of Draenor My chief complaint is that some of the lore that I knew was only vaguely referred to or hinted at and the book ends on a very abrupt note All things considered it was a great read but one I wanted out of

  6. Jonathan Maas Jonathan Maas says:

    A Surprisingly Good Tale Even for Non Gamers or Perhaps Especially for ThemAside from one multi hour binge of the original I have not played the Warcraft game I've dabbled in Starcraft again on a binge or two that showed me how addictive these games can be but I am not well versed in the gameAnd perhaps this is why Warcraft Durotan by Christie Golden appealed to meIt sounds kind of cheesy a preuel novel to a movie based on a video game but as these franchise things so often are they brought in Christie Golden one of the best in the business to novelize it and it is greatI am reminded of these two disparate tales Pirates of the Caribbean The Price of Freedom by AC Crispin A Shore Thing by Snooki and Valerie FrankelThe former Disney got one of the best in the business to make the origin of their big franchise the latter Snooki and co got Valerie Frankel a chick lit auteur superstar and yes A Shore Thing is both hilarious and a page turnerIn any case it is great because Golden finds a way to make orcs robust characters One of the criticisms of JRR Tolkien is that he separated the world into good and evil with nothing in the middle His orcs were firmly on the side of evil with no ambiguityWarcraft the video game may split the world into two but Golden does not She takes on the character of Durotan an orc in the Frostwolf clan who are known for honor and courage and not preying upon the weakFrom this standpoint she paints the picture of Durotan who takes the chieftainship of his Frostwolf clan and must make a difficult decision his home world of Draenor is filled with clans of fighting orcs and it is dying And then an orc sorcerer named Gul'dan arrives and says he has a plan to save all the orcs provided they bow to him Not an easy decisionBut Durotan can handle itThe book is a preuel and helps set up the movie Which I saw afterwards and liked as wellBut regardless check out this book it's a lot of fun

  7. Becca Becca says:

    My review will be a list of changes from the original origin story in Rise of the Horde for those that are curious and have some knowledge of the original and want to know how the movie will be different The whole of this novel is from the perspective of the Frostwolf clan so some of the origin story details may still be present in the movie Please keep in mind that in game lore and other novel lore are separate from movie lore these are not retcons Sorry if I miss anythingview spoiler1 Orgrim Doomhammer is a member of the Frostwolf clan not the Blackrock clan 2 Guldan is the first Warchief of the Horde not Blackhand3 Durotan is never offered the blood of Mannoroth by Gul'dan Gul'dan is still green so I guess he still drank it but it is never directly mentioned4 The formation of the Horde is for survival not to wipe out the draenei 5 Draenor is a dying planet the spirits of the elements have all but died there is no food or water left practically anywhere and natural diseasters are a common occurence6 The upcoming invasion of Azeroth planned by Gul'dan is to escape the dying planet not to conueror another world due to pent up demon blood aggression7 Draka Durotan's soon to be mate is exiled by the Frostwolves when she is younger due to being weak She returns when she is stronger and that is when her and Durotan are mated8 Orgrim and Durotan are never rescued by the draenei when they are younger hide spoiler

  8. Dottie Dottie says:

    Christie did it again Lives up to Rise of the Horde and Lord of the Clans

  9. Sergio Ponce Sergio Ponce says:

    This is most definitly a must for fans the WarCraft movie particularly those who liked or want to know about the Frostwolves Draenor andor orcs Also for those who appreciate orcs in general both of which I am ^^The WarCraft and by extension the WoW universe is as rich as it is convoluted so this may not be the book for purists of the game as it does change some canon for the movie universe that hopefully continues fingers crossedThe book follows the events that lead to a long series of tragic trials that Frostwolves and all of Draenor which eventually comes to the beginning of the movie The dramatic irony is strong in this book and at times I found myself shouting in my head of course to try and curb unwise decisions In terms of content its typical fantasy trash not to say its bad trash can be goodexcuse my wording I do really love this book with most outcomes predicable not aided by the fact that if you know anything of WarCarft lore you know nothing is going to end well for anybody That being said two events genuinely surprised me although this may be due in part to me losing myself in the bookI loved all of the main characters and wanted to save them all This totally would have been a 55 had the OTP ship sailed OrgrimDurotan FTW 3 but amazingly I did not hate DrakaReally that is all there is to say Fans of orcs WarCraft particularly the movie universe and those looking for a uick romp in a Fantasy world though a different perspective enough of frail humans flouncy elves and stumpy hobbitshalflings take a dive into the world of Draenor Say it with me Zug Zug

  10. Nathalie Römer Nathalie Römer says:

    I've played World of Warcraft for almost 9 years and I was not sure what to expect of a book that was based on the upcoming movie Warcraft The Beginning It's definitely a departure from the established Lore of the game The movie is intentionally parallel with the game It is not a movie made from a computer game as some may thinkBecause of that I think Christie Golden had an added challenge to bring a story to the pages which was fresh and which presented the characters as humane compassionate often times as people with their own hopes dreams wishes and desires The danger they face is real and it is vividly described so that I as a game player of World of Warcraft can actually imagine how the world they knew was actually likeDraka and Geyah are two characters in the World of Warcraft Lore that I was always curious and in awe of Two strong women who where thrust into a life that neither asked for or wanted In this book they come to life in a beautiful way and earned a renewed respect from me for Christie Golden as an authorWorth reading even if you've never played the game as this story stands up on its own merits

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