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Katherine, When She Smiled ➝ Katherine, When She Smiled free download ➢ Author Joyce Harmon – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Katherine Rose has a secret She was shocked to discover that her late father a famous scholar was secretly the author of lurid Gothic novels These novels wildly popular though critically disparaged ar Katherine Rose has a secret She was shocked to discover that her late father a famous scholar was secretly the author of lurid Gothic novels These novels wildly popular though critically disparaged are her family’s main source of income His last novel is unfinished and soon due at the publisher In the family’s dire financial straits Katherine must take up the fallen pen and finish Katherine, When PDF \ the manuscript of a form of literature she has always disdained while all around her the neighborhood goes mad over the arrival in their midst of a handsome and single young lord Lord Charles Ramsey is home from the wars and ready to settle down He’s looking for a suitable wife – a nice easy going lady a ‘jolly girl’ The last thing he needs is a complicated clever critical young lady with secrets Katherine and Lord Charles each have their own plans But novel writing is difficult than it looks and finding a suitable wife is less straightforward than Charles imagined And romance isn’t always where you expect it to be Author’s Note Katherine When She Smiled takes place in the same universe as my previous Regency romances It occurs after the events of A Feather To Fly With and Regency Road Trip but before The World’s a Stage This is a stand alone novel and can be read and enjoyed without having read the previous works It is a traditional Regency and contains no sex scenes.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 197 pages
  • Katherine, When She Smiled
  • Joyce Harmon
  • 24 January 2016

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  1. OLT OLT says:

    I'm the kind of romance reader who can enjoy hot sex between H and h when it's appropriately placed in the story But I don't like it when the story itself is just a vehicle to allow the H and h to go at it in the backseat front seat hood and everywhere else they can think of So fuddy duddy me appreciates a reading break from sex that a book like Harmon's gives meYou are warned that this is a 4 to 5 star book to me but I doubt it would be across the board to all romance readers If you've enjoyed in the past those Signet and Zebra traditional Regencies put out in the 1980s and 1990s this is perfect for you You need to enjoy rather uiet witty low key humor and romance A comedy of manners so to speakThis is Harmon's third full length Regency novel and fits into their timeline as following the first one A Feather To Fly With and its companion novella Regency Road Trip a novella but it occurs chronologically before her second novel The World's a Stage You don't have to have read any of her previous work to enjoy this new one but for those who have read FEATHER you'll enjoy knowing that Lord Charles the H of this one is the younger brother of that one's H Arthur Duke of WintonCharles has been a career soldier His father had left him an estate outside the lovely little village of Piddledean and the Piddledeanians have been waiting years and years and years for him to come and take up the reins of it Especially the Piddledeanian young ladies and their parents who assume Charles must definitely be in need of a wife preferably one from PiddledeanMeanwhile our heroine Katherine a native of Piddledean is struggling to keep hearth and home together after discovering that her recently deceased father had been having to supplement their family income by writing Gothick romances Of all things Father had been a renowned scholar an expert in the classics and Homer But finances are not looking so good and when she discovers a half finished manuscript in his desk she makes the decision to finish itKatherine mind you doesn't confide in the rest of the family She's the sensible one and doesn't want them upset so it's a heavy burden on her young shoulders And there you are We have Charles newly arrived in Piddledean; Katherine with her secrets and her amusing struggle to finish up that Gothick sensation novel; Katherine's suitor the young vicar; the unexpected visit of Charles' sister and brother in law along with a female friend of theirs; Hans the artist brother of Cleo h of FEATHER doing his usual artist thing; Katherine's siblings and aunt; as many Piddledeanians as needed to round out the story one in particular being Katherine's fair weather friend whose obsession with marrying leaves no room for friendship anyAll in all this is a very entertaining story with great characters and an amusing storyline It's my favorite so far in the series I'm hoping Harmon is encouraged to write and and of these little stories

  2. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    35 stars rounded downThe village of Piddledean in Dorset has been in a tizzy expecting the arrival of Lord Charles Ramsay younger son of the Duke of Winton who has inherited an estate there Before Lord Charles can arrive that dratted Napoleon gets in the way Then what needs must Lord Charles do but rejoin his regiment to defeat the Corsican monster The war hero arrives on the scene unexpectedly without fanfare He's an old soldier at 23 who longs for the peace and uiet of country life He promised his mother he would settle down to finding a wife Charles wants a nice jolly sort of girl who will be content to live in the country He fears clever girls and prefers to shun them entirely The neighborhood ladies are excited and hope he will choose one of them His sister has other ideas Katherine Rose the eldest daughter of the late Sidney Rose classical scholar is the only young lady not interested in marrying Lord Charles She has bigger things to worry about like how to support her family without Papa's income which seems to be a big secret She discovers the bulk of the family money came not from rents and not from his scholarly works on Ancient Greece but from gothic novels It seems Papa had a secret life as a writer of popular gothic novels adored by hundreds including Katherine's sister and aunt Katherine has no choice but to continue where Papa left off How hard could it be? This story started off great It was uite witty in the Austen tradition I liked how the characters were enjoying Sense and Sensibility By A Lady and how Katherine could make comparisons to her own life They discuss what makes a villain and how difficult it would be to spot one in real life The villains have to be newcomers because it would be hard to maintain that fiction for too long So I expected a plot entirely different from how the plot actually goes It's not worse for not falling into the let's copy Jane Austen trap Parts of the story are uite enjoyable The story gets bogged down in the middle and the romance comes to a very unsatisfactory conclusion I didn't like how many characters were in the story and how many plots had to be wrapped up before the main characters got their happily ever after The epilogue tells us what happens next but I would have liked showing and less telling The schoolboy antics also weigh down the plot The last chapter is in need of better editing as well Lord Charles is a nice sort of gentleman Reading between the lines he has what we would call Post Traumatic Stress He's seeking a tranuil life with a happy family in the country far from the chaos of the battlefields and the social whirl of London Charles is like his brother in that respect but I prefer his nerdy older brother Katherine is a great heroine She's serious sensible and a good sister She lets her brother get into mischief as long as he's not harming himself or others She knows how not to scold and nag She's just a tad overprotective in the beginning but who wouldn't be when their little brother meets a new friend? I believe the author must have brothers andor sons to write schoolboys so convincingly Jack is a true teenage boy always dreaming up new adventures and getting into trouble Han is serious and sensitive It's hard to remember he's just a boy because he sounds so worldly wise and is so perceptive Still he has his moments when he acts his age The secondary characters are less memorable Katherine's sister Helen is not yet out and she is a Marianne Dashwood character Very typical of teen girls Helen dreams of romance with a dashing hero She is sadly disappointed in the prosaic Charles Aunt Alice is featherheaded but she knows the social rules and can enforce them when she wants to However her lack of sense leaves Katherine with a heavy burden Mister Downey the vicar is pretty boring and obtuse where women are concerned I worry about his future I am not convinced he will be happy Julia Fordice Katherine's best friend is a nasty mean girl frenemy I would not be so tolerant as Katherine Charles's sister Lady Clara is a silly wigeon I understand her frustration with Mama in law but she comes in like a hurricane and turns her brother's life upside down She has zero sensitivity but she does have some tact Her husband Captain Hector Fernley is also not clever He appears to be a dandy and rather silly but as a military man he has hidden depths He does seem fond of his wife Clara's friend Mandy is a force of nature as well Yes she's jolly but a little too much for me She seems to have a good heart and a good head hidden underneath all that fashion I admire an independent woman who knows what she wants and goes after it but Mandy is too forceful and too energetic for me Mr Grimethorpe Papa Rose's dear friend is rather silly but apparently brilliant because he came up with the scheme that saved Rosebourne and the family from ruin He never appears in the novel but seems a kindly chap His nephew Mr Grimethorpe is nice enough but I don't trust himI enjoyed this story a little less than the first in the series but I do love this world and the author's writing She is clever enough to come up with her own plots independent of Austen and Heyer which I commend Read this if you love Jane Austen

  3. Hope Hope says:

    Good clean fun I know it's weird but I like a romance when the couple is not the only story or even the main story so this book was just my cup of tea No racing hearts or sweaty palms just two dear people becoming fonder and fonder of each other over time Katherine is struggling to make ends meet for her family when the handsome rich Charles moves into the neighborhood You know how it's going to end before the story even takes off But you have to hand it to Harmon for creating likable characters intelligent dialogue and a nice little plot twist I particularly enjoyed the young boy Hannibal with his artistic temperament and insights into the people he is drawing The skating on the marble floors in stocking feet motif never really felt uite believable to me but I could let it go since the rest of the novel was so enjoyable

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    35 stars I'm so glad I gave this author another chance I felt very underwhelmed with this author's A Feather To Fly With but this book was in a word delightful It was completely clean and the humour and witty banter had me chuckling A sweet little gem this was a uiet story of two sensible people taking their time and falling in love There are no rakes mistresses or any owom drama I adored how sincere both MCs were and the secret surprisingly didn't bother me at all The plot wasn't predicated on this secret and the h was keeping it for someone else not for herself or her own pride The supporting characters were very realistic and added value to this story And Han He was my favourite and I wish we could get his story Overall a delightful historical romance

  5. Alice Alice says:

    DelightfulOh the travails of gothic authorship are explored as Miss Katherine Rose discovers where the majority of their family's income is actually coming from Yet the arrival of Lord Charles in the small village as he finally comes to oversee his own estate creates waves of excitement disturbing all the locals Sweet charming and very Jane Austen in tone this third book of the series has delightful little phrases and gentle humor interspersed with the story Lovely read

  6. Tia Tia says:

    Great Story Poor EditingThis book continues character development from the previous books in this series exceptionally well Its story is ingenious and intriguing The editing however leaves much to be desired From misspelled words to inconsistent verb tense to combining the names of two estates thus incorrectly identifying one of the estates the copy editor should pull this book and fix their mistakes It distracts from a compelling novel

  7. Judi Easley Judi Easley says:

    45 probably For the most part I really liked this book The MCs and the story were great It was a couple of minor things I had trouble with Hector Lady Clara's husband seemed to be asleep through most of the book The childhood friend Amanda was hyperactive forward and far too outspoken for a young woman of the era Rupert Grimthorpe should have been written with a bit grit to him I think Hannibal was a super wonderful character and Jack was his perfect foil I intend to read the other books in this series Recommended

  8. LemontreeLime LemontreeLime says:

    What a fantastic regency Everything good about Austen but with humor And drama it does have gothic novels in the plot Oh bravo Well done


    4 stars Harmon is really something I enjoy her writing very much Sweet little romance with a clever competent heroine

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    25 There were some uniue turns to this Regency story and some enjoyable characters as well Pacing lack of some applicable details need of scenes with the protagonists led to the lower ratingI just realized I've read another book by this author A Feather To Fly With It was also enjoyable with a uniue plot for a Regency Hmmm guess I'll need to check out her other books

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