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    Many hockey fans have memories of pretty goals – but may not remember the final score of that game Al Strachan looks at this a little differently – ignore the beauty of the goal or lack thereof and concentrate on its historical significance A Denis Savard spinarama may have been a thing of beauty BUT the Guy Lafleur goal against Boston in Game 7 of the 1979 Stanley Cup semi finals represented the return of play making versus intimidation in hockey strategyI've avoided this book for awhile – it didn't seem like the type of hockey book I would enjoy I was wrong There I said it Strachan provides a LOT of back story much of which I had not read until printed in this book – and I read a LOT of hockey based material He does take stands – firewagon hockey is better than a game ruled by intimidation scoring is exciting than defense for most people with a nod to Roger Nielsen in the minority and shutting down a professional sport for an entire year should NOT be considered a high point in the Commissioner's career I'm very glad I picked this book up and it did not take me long at all to read its almost 300 pages Not many books manage to grab me and not let go like this one did I recommend it to all hockey fansRATING 5 stars Well written and aspects will remain with me after I've moved on to my next read and the one after that and

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    It is important to note that the title might be slightly misleading These are not the top eight goals that changed hockey but eight goals that the author witnessed that he believed made an impact Some did make an impact like Lemieux in 1987 and Iginla in 2002 Others I'm not so sure about One of the reasons why this book is enjoyable is you get to read about the 1979 Challenger Cup series and the 1984 and 1991 Canada Cups These events are usually forgotten and not often mentioned when retelling of big international hockey events so it is nice to read about them here The book will also feel a little dated to today's reader but if you have an interest in any of the goals mentioned I would certainly recommend a reading

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Go to the Net Eight Goals That Changed the Game ❮Read❯ ➸ Go to the Net Eight Goals That Changed the Game ➻ Author Al Strachan – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Players and coaches of genius come along; rules and tactics and strategies evolve; careers ebb and flow And the best way to see how the game changes is to look at the goals the events that led up to t Players and coaches of genius come along; the Net PDF/EPUB ½ rules and tactics and strategies evolve; careers ebb and flow And the best way to see how the game changes is to look at the goals the events that led up to them and the way they change hockey history Go to Kindle - From Canada’s ultimate hockey insider comes the lowdown on the personalities the dressing room banter the chalk talk the sweat stained passion behind eight of the goals that changed the gameThere are moments in hockey history that matter even than the uestion of who won or lost when to the Net ePUB ☆ a single goal can tell us about the game itselfAmong the most famous and stirring in hockey lore was Paul Coffey’s dramatic counter attack in the Canada Cup against the USSR Canadian fans were terrified of the dazzling Soviets and were nervous about another drubbing like the to the Net Eight Goals PDF/EPUB ² loss Canada had suffered the last time the two teams had played Coffey’s pass interception and rush up ice is now the stuff of legend but it was not only the defenceman’s skill that won the dayGlen Sather was as mindful of the vaunted Soviet attack as any Canadian fan and he put together a game plan with one objective to keep the puck away from the Russians Once Coffey got the puck into the Soviet zone it was Tonelli’s spadework along the boards and Bossy’s refusal to budge from the crease that allowed Coffey’s point shot to eventually find its way to the net That goal beat the Soviets and changed the way the to the Net Eight Goals PDF/EPUB ² game was played foreverOther goals were eually shaped by their time Think of Guy Lafleur’s notorious “too many men on the ice” goal in which effectively ended Don Cherry’s career as a coach Or Wayne Gretzky’s overtime goal in Game Two of the Smythe Division finals in against the Calgary Flames arguably the goal that marked the pinnacle of his career Or Mario Lemieux’s Canada Cup winning goal Or Brett Hull’s disputed Stanley Cup winnerAl Strachan whose insider hockey connections are second to none was witness to all these goals He has been writing about the game we love for than three decades Chummy with the players respected by coaches and friends with the broadcasters and journalists he knows what is going on in the dressing rooms and the board rooms and he understands what is evolving on the ice He has talked to the men who made the decisions as well as to those who made the plays In Go to the Net he passes on in the trenchant style of his famous columns insights into the goals that tell us not only about the way the game has changed but also about the gritty soul of hockey that will never change.

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  • Go to the Net Eight Goals That Changed the Game
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  • 06 September 2016
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