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    I enjoyed this book most when it was moving the plot along about romances and palace intrigue At times though the author would draw out a point to tiresome extent For example that Hari felt perplexed or uncomfortable or even dizzy in love might merit a paragraph or a chapter but not IMHO several chapters in a row At times I felt like saying aloud Ok already I get it I get it now can our characters DO something in lieu of thinkingfeeling something?There's kind of a red herring with Hari's wife Ambissa who writes at the very beginning of the story that she and the kids haven't seen him in a year Where is he? What is he doing? We get to follow him around for the six month duration of the book and definitely some of what he is experiencing is written in poignant beautiful language The author's choice to set this story back in time in an exotic locale lends the story a fairy tale like flavor Our characters themselves however read like tropes you knew in high school ie the pretty girl the slutty girl the Big Man On Campus the rake etc That doesn't mean the story isn't enjoyable It's fun in a soap operatic type way Although at some point you have to wonder why introduce Ambissa at all? Why not make Hari single?The book is contemporaneous with George Orwell's Burmese Days While Orwell reads like modern fiction this book is reminiscent of Charles Dickens Wilkie Collins and authors of the 19th Century not the 20th It's uaint

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The Near and the Far ❴Download❵ ✤ The Near and the Far Author L.H. 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