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Kureren ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Kureren Author Kjell Ola Dahl – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk I 1942 blir den jødiske kureren Ester forrådt og hun unngår med nød og neppe å arresteres av Gestapo I all hast flykter hun til Sverige Slik redder hun livet; familien hun etterlater i Oslo depor I blir den jødiske Kureren Ester forrådt og hun unngår med nød og neppe å arresteres av Gestapo I all hast flykter hun til Sverige Slik redder hun livet; familien hun etterlater i Oslo deporteres til Auschwitz I Stockholm møter hun motstandshelten Gerhard Falkum som har etterlatt sin lille datter og flyktet fra tyskerne og mistanken om drap på sin kone Åse som hjalp Ester over til Sverige Deres gryende forhold tar brått slutt da Falkum tilsynelatende omkommer i en brannI dukker Gerhard Falkum så opp i Oslo etter å ha vært erklært død siden Han ønsker å gjenoppta kontakten med datteren som han fikk med Åse Men hvorfor kommer han først nå år etter Og hva er den egentlige grunnen til at han har kommet tilbake Hendelsene under krigen tar tak i Ester på ny.

  • Hardcover
  • 388 pages
  • Kureren
  • Kjell Ola Dahl
  • Norwegian
  • 14 September 2016
  • 9788205461437

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  1. Miriam Smith (A Mother’s Musings) Miriam Smith (A Mother’s Musings) says:

    I’ve heard lots of good reports about Kjell Ola Dahl’s writing and was therefore intrigued to read his latest book ‘The Courier’ an historical thriller set in NorwayBeing a keen reader of Nordic Noir I was very much looking forward to reading this story and I wasn’t disappointed Translated by Don Bartlett the transition into English is seamless and being eually atmospheric and suspenseful this made for a very promising mystery thrillerThe story opens in 2015 when Turid recognises a piece of jewellery up for auction that was her dead mothers The story then switches between 1942 and 1967 It’s 1942 and Jewish courier Ester is betrayed narrowly avoiding arrest She manages to escape to Sweden but her family are unfortunately deported to Auschwitz When Turid’s mother Ase and best friend to Ester is murdered Turid’s father Gerhard Falkum is believed by the Gestapo to be the killer Ester meets up with Falkum in Stockholm after he too flees Norway but later dies in a fire However twenty five years later Falkum shows up in Oslo wanting to reconnect with his daughter but where has he been and why has he returned Ester stumbling upon information that forces her to look closely at her past means she has to revisit her war time training just to stay aliveI loved how this captivating story switched between the two time lines connecting the two years perfectly with each chapter The characters are excellently portrayed and created which makes this a richly charismatically character driven story The precise attention to detail is truly second to none too and with short descriptive sentences this just proves the saying ‘less is ’Intriguing with brilliantly creative plotting dark and positively suspenseful yet utterly realistic I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Courier” and I will definitely be reading by this author again4 stars

  2. Ingrid Ingrid says:

    I didn't feel for any of the characters which makes the book rather cold

  3. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    I have previously read a contemporary crime novel by Kjell Ola Dahl a book that I really liked and was intrigued by the prospect of reading a historical crime novel this time Code Name Hilde story takes place both in present time during the 60s and 40s The present time story is the story that the book starts off with and also ends with The story starts off with an older woman recognizing a family heirloom that is about to be auctioned away and she vows to stop the auction It's then the story moves back and forth between the 40s and 60s as we get the whole story told a story that the old woman will never get the full scope ofI was so caught up with the 40s and 60s storylines that I pretty much forgot about the bracelet until it showed up in the story later on It's such a thrilling and engrossing book that I felt that it could have been a bit longer I wanted to know about Ester's life after WW2 about her son in Israel and what happened during the years after the events during the eventful days in the 60s This may be a stand alone book but I wouldn't mind reading about EsterCode Name Hilde is a captivating novel I especially liked reading about Norway during WW2 and the invasion of Nazi Germany and the peril of the Jews in the country I recommend the book warmly Thanks to Bokfabriken for the review copy

  4. Yigal Zur Yigal Zur says:

    one of the books that with regret i stopped reading after half of it and i really wanted to know who is the killer of the murder done in 1942 but the jumps between times the small too detailed information which it seems sometime bizarre made me uite and historically the time and location is interesting Norway under the german rule collaboration with nazis fascinating material a guy coming after many years to find who is the killer it seems that the only way is to come again sometime to the book with the right mood

  5. Beverley Beverley says:

    few things I like in a book Great writing An intriguing plot A mystery or three Multiple timelines Lots of political and social history Strong characterisationIf I read a book that contains two or three of the above I consider it a win if I read a book that hits every single item on my wishlist I feel like I’ve won the lottery The Courier by Kjell Ola Dahl is a winning ticket Set in the present day the 1960s and during World War 2 The Courier examines life in Norway during the war and its far reaching impactIn 1942 Ester a young Jewish woman working for the resistance in Oslo flees to Sweden after her cover is blown and she ends up on the radar of the Gestapo She has left her family and friends behind and is tortured by thoughts of how safe they are in a country increasingly in the grip of a fascist regime Her childhood friend Åse and her husband Gerhard are also entrenched in the resistance but when Ester discovers that Åse is dead and Gerhard is suspected of her murder she is blindsided Their daughter Turid is still in Norway and when Gerhard dies in a fire she is adopted by a couple from Oslo Except Gerhard reappears in Oslo in 1967 and he wants to see his daughter Where has he been who really died in the fire and is everything as it seemsI love a book set during WW2 and in particular love to read about this period of history in countries other than my own I am ashamed to say that I had little idea that Norway was so heavily impacted during the war and that Jews had their property taken from them Ester’s father’s shop has a sign in the window declaring ‘Closed Jew’ and subseuently sent to concentration camps Kjell Ola Dahl writes some heartbreaking passages which convey the fear and frustration that Ester and her family feel Her family home is ransacked and their possessions taken and it is all the shocking due to the sparse use of language used to describe this betrayalThe drawers have been smashed There are white splinters around the locks Her foot slips on a piece of paper The noise makes her freeze She is still for a few seconds Curiosity drives her onEach sentence is like a gunshot The gaps and the spaces left by the things unsaid let my imagination run wild and I felt the horror and disbelief for myselfThis tension runs throughout the novel like a river It is an undercurrent which taints every sentence and character and I didn’t know uite who to trust This is a brilliant thriller wrapped up in a piece of exuisite historical fiction with meticulous plotting and great characterisation I loved the multiple timelines which allowed the mysteries and boy are there a few to develop The intervening years have made long held resentments and secrets fester and for Ester Gerhard’s reappearance is shocking and visceral She needs to know what happened the night he was supposed to have died in a fire and the death of Åse still weighs on her mind leading to a brilliant cat and mouse chase between the two of them Or is it three of them Because somebody else is also investigating Gerhard and the past may not stay buriedWith great characters like Gerhard a man who is a principled loving father and husband but with a dark streak a mile wide and Ester a brave fearless strong woman this book becomes a study of human nature and what we will do in extraordinary circumstances Kjell Ola Dahl writes women so well they are not just ‘the wife’ or ‘the mother’ or ‘the pretty dead girl’ and the plot of The Courier is driven by women It is women who hide Ester from the Gestapo women who carry messages for the resistance and a woman who is unafraid to go against powerful and menacing men to right wrongs I loved the people in this book but most of all I loved Ester and her strengthIf brilliantly plotted novels with strong female leads and a stack of social and political history is your thing then The Courier could be for you Wonderfully translated by Don Bartlett it is Nordic Noir at its best

  6. Tripfiction Tripfiction says:

    Nordic Noir at its best dark thriller set in OSLO and STOCKHOLMThe Courier is the 11th book by Kjell Ola Dahl one of the fathers of Nordic Noir The first was published in back in1993 Eight of the books are police procedurals featuring investigator Gunnarstranda and his sidekick Frank Frølich But The Courier is uite differentIt is set in three time zones – briefly the present day or rather 2015 1967 and 1942 Alternate chapters switch between 1967 and 1942 It is Oslo in 1942 Ester a Jewish girl delivering underground anti Nazi newspapers is betrayed – she knows not by whom – and has to flee to Stockholm Her family are sent to Auschwitz where they all perish She suffers from guilt at having escaped In Stockholm she meets Gerhard Falkum a hero of the resistance who has also fled Oslo Gerhard left under a cloud with accusations which he vehemently denies that he murdered his wife and left his young daughter an orphan Åse Gerhard’s wife was Ester’s best friend when she was young A relationship between them is beginning to develop – when Gerhard is killed in a mysterious house fire25 years later in 1967 Gerhard returns from the dead and appears in Oslo – to everyone’s surprise and amazement Where has he been for 25 years and why has he returned His alleged reason is to catch up with his daughter but there must be And he lies about where he has been – says he is a car dealer in the States but this is not true Slowly it begins to emerge that he may have been involved with US and UK intelligence – and that they may even have faked his death in Stockholm all those years agoEster and others from his 1942 past are trying to second guess him and control what is happening But it is very difficult There are many mutual suspicions Old concerns and fears are raised againThe Courier moves to a frightening conclusion in a graveyard where all is revealed The ending is both surprising and convincingBoth Oslo in 1942 and 1967 and Stockholm in 1942 are well described A very scary time for the Jewish population – indeed for most citizens – of Oslo is covered in sensitivity and a sense of outrage And 1942 returns to haunt the inhabitants of 1967This is Nordic Noir at its best – a great example of what good thrillers should be about

  7. Rowena Hoseason Rowena Hoseason says:

    If you rate a book by its historical context social insight and technical accomplishment then this Scandinavian story would be a full on five star phenomenon It’s a consummate construction of complex timelines set in WW2 in Norway the mid 1960s in Sweden and the 21st century A cold blooded killing committed in the past can only be solved in the present but the culprit’s identity is skilfully obscured by layers of shameful secrets – the distasteful reality of wartime collaboration exploitative espionage inter agency rivalry and greed driven opportunismEach time and place is painstakingly realised and author Kjell Ola Dahl interlaces fascinating observations about the Norwegian resistance and the fate of Jewish citizens in Norway under Nazi occupation into the mysteryThe actual investigation is pretty thin however There aren’t many options about who the murderer could be The cover blurb talks about ‘shocking twists’ but I was neither shocked nor particularly surprised by whodunnit and whyThe rising tension depends heavily upon all the zig zagging back and forth Similarly the story is told from several perspectives – making it uite fragmented There’s little action or satisfying confrontation and I became fairly frustrated with the repetitive sneaking around Stockholm’s backstreets I also struggled to form strong bonds with the characters – perhaps because their experiences were disjointed and diluted by the narrative device The Courier is much like an exercise in historical realisation than a powerful crime drama then While it excels as the former it didn’t succeed for me as the latter710There are reviews of crime fiction over at

  8. Mairead Hearne (swirlandthread.com) Mairead Hearne (swirlandthread.com) says:

    Ester can see part of her father’s face through the bars on the window The hairline the fringe over his forehead and the top of his glasses That is when he sees her They exchange looks His hand grasps a bar on the door window She closes her eyes and regrets that she has seen this She wishes she had spared him the humiliation’ The Courier by Kjell Ola Dahl will be published by Orenda Books in paperback on 21st March 2019 available now in ebook format and is described as ‘a stunning and compelling wartime thriller with its sophisticated storytelling and elegant proseexploring one of Norway’s darkest periods of history from the Godfather of Nordic Noir’ With wonderful translation by Don Bartlett The Courier is a thriller that has been compared to the work of John Le Carré a fitting analogy I would thinkThe Courier is a novel that takes the reader on a journey beyond the final days of the Second World War and into the following decades After treaties were signed and hands shaken the impact of the previous years did not just fade into the distance The aftermath of the brutalities inflicted rippled throughout the generations and still do today Although The Courier is a book of fiction many historical references are based on actual facts I was completely unaware as to the extent of Norway’s involvement in the Second World War a country that was never really mentioned when we studied this period in school so I was fascinated to read about it here and to look beyond the novel always the sign of a good read when I’m enthused to do my own research In 2012 the then Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg apologised for the role his country played in deporting its own Jews as Europe marked Holocaust Remembrance Day “Norwegians carried out the arrests Norwegians drove the trucks and it happened in Norway It is time for us to acknowledge that Norwegian policemen civil servants and other Norwegians took part in the arrest and deportation of Jews” – BBC News 270112 It is with this in mind that Kjell Ola Dahl departs from his favoured police proceduralpsychological thriller genre and brings us this book filled with the horrors and mistrust of an era a book that rivals many espionage style reads currently and historically on the shelvesIt’s 1942 and Ester had lived a comfortable life with her mother and father in Oslo But Ester was frustrated by the increasing influence of the Nazi regime and was willing to do her bit for the resistance Ester received an urgent message that her father was targeted as part of a Jewish roundup but Ester was too late to warn him and had to stand and watch as he was taken away Ester had no where to run and fearing for her own safety she approached her childhood friend Åse and her husband Gerhard Falkum a heroic member of the resistance for help Ester made her escape into Sweden where she continued to assist refugees escaping the terror of the Nazis but always with an underlying hope that her family were safe She crossed paths with Gerhard Falkum a man in the shadows frustrated with his inability to do but also in hiding after being accused of murdering his wife Ester’s friend Åse But after a mysterious fire which takes Gerhard’s life Ester is left alone and afraid As the war came to it’s inevitable conclusion Ester remained in Sweden the place she called home Twenty five years pass and Ester’s world is suddenly faced with upheavel as Gerhard makes an astonishing reappearance looking to re establish a relationship with his long lost daughter TuridWhat follows is a game of cat and mouse as Ester is unexpectedly reacuainted with people from her past from that life of secrecy that she had left behind But can you ever escape the hidden dangers of your pastKjell Ola Dahl builds the suspense throughout seamlessly shifting between the decades as the layers are slowly peeled back The true character of each participant is revealed as the story exposes the depths of secrecy and classified information that was long hidden never expected to see the light of day again The Courier is a tension filled thriller wrapped around interchanging timelines It has a strong plot that both entertains and informs capturing the imagination of the reader from the opening pages The Courier is a spy novel it’s a historical guide it’s a mystery all fantastically translated by Don Bartlett bringing the writings of Kjell Ola Dahl to a much wider and very appreciative new audience of readers across the globeI am a huge fan of historical fiction so it was an absolute treat for me to have the opportunity to read The Courier A highly compelling read packed with suspense and intrigue Highly entertaining

  9. Dimitris Passas (TapTheLine) Dimitris Passas (TapTheLine) says:

    ''The Courier'' is definitely one of the top novels of the year in the Nordic Noir genre its main merit being a compelling plot unfolding into three different timelines the first covers the first years of the Second World War the second is set at 1967 while the third is unraveling in the present 2015 It is a great crimemystery with lots of main and secondary characters who are masterfully outlined proving the talent of the writer Kjell Ola Dahl who along with Gunnar Staalesen Varg Veum series are considered to be the patrons of the Norwegian crime fictionFor my review visit

  10. Bruce Hatton Bruce Hatton says:

    In 1942 Gerhard Falkum a Norwegian resistance fighter flees to Sweden; ostensibly to escape the Gestapo although it turns out he is also wanted by the Norwegian police for the murder of his wife Shortly after arriving in Stockholm he is assumed to have died in a plane crashHowever in 1967 he turns up in Oslo; allegedly having spent the previous 30 years in the US and seems determined to exonerate himself for his wife’s murder by finding the real killerThe chapters alternate between 1942 and 1967 with three excursions into the present time concerning the provenance of a rare bracelet This is a device which can work well however on this occasion I had trouble reconciling the characters of 1942 with how they appeared 25 years later The resolution of the central crime was rather clumsily handled and I felt well telegraphed beforehandIn all a very intriguing and original idea which could have been handled much better

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