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A Man From Planet Earth ➺ A Man From Planet Earth Free ➰ Author Giancarlo Genta – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Sometime in the not too distant future unbeknownst to Earth the Galaxy is home to a number of spacefaring societies This confederation enforces a strict protocol forbidding any contact with civilizati Sometime in the From Planet PDF ´ not too distant future unbeknownst to Earth the Galaxy is home to a number of spacefaring societies This confederation enforces a strict protocol forbidding any A Man PDF or contact with civilizations that have not yet achieved both a substantial spacefaring capability and sufficient maturity to control the technology explosion before triggering their own extinctionWhile this policy is Man From Planet PDF É intended to only bring in peaceful new members matters change entirely when the confederation is threatened by some unknown entity is the menace real or imagined The confederation decides to break with the rules and sends a delegate to Earth to hire one of the supposedly belligerent Earthlings to investigate and to revive the confederation’s long unused starfleet The Earthman agrees but demands a high price should he succeed the confederation will have to accept Earth as a new member As the threat becomes ever acute the uestion soon becomes which mission will prove harder saving the confederation or convincing it to accept the dealThe extensive appendix written in non technical language reviews the scientific and technological topics underlying the plot ranging from the Fermi paradox space travel and artificialcollective intelligence to theories on possible universal convergences in technological and biological development.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 308 pages
  • A Man From Planet Earth
  • Giancarlo Genta
  • English
  • 09 July 2016

5 thoughts on “A Man From Planet Earth

  1. Jarne Van vooren Jarne Van vooren says:

    I bought this book in a Humble Bundle along with other sci fi books written by real scientists because I was genuinely interested in this conceptThe story tells of a doctor Thomas Taylor who becomes an admiral of Starfleet no not the Star Trek one to help defeat the hrun whose presence plague the galaxy They have proven to be unstoppable In a desperate attempt to fight them a representative is sent to planet Earth to find someone capable enough to stop the hrunThe worlds and the creatures who are presented are humanoid Some species are categorized on the amount of arms legs and wings they have Interesting because most writers use their imagination to create alien beings This one limits himself only to humanoids Of course there are many differences between the creatures like skin colour or height due to lowgravity Because it is written by a real scientist it creates for some interesting theories around life outside EarthUnfortunately while I enjoyed the hypotheses and the world building in this book the story suffers One of the problems lies with that the main character Because Thomas Taylor is from Earth which in this book is a planet not yet represented he should be like a fish out of water Everything around him would be entirely new and unfamiliar Yet throughout the course of this book he succeeds in all his actions with little to no failure Whilst he is a well rounded character it does seem like he's a bit of a Mary SueThen there's the story itself I'm not sure if this was meant to be a part of multiple books but it seemed like the ending was cut off I may have dozed off over a few parts but I did not have the impression that the hrun threat was properly dealt with There's no mention if they're defeated or not It feels like it's unfinished that there's to come A bit of a shame since the purpose of these series was to present actual science ideas but process those into a story And since the story is the foundation here it feels like the author wanted to present its theories than really tell a good storyWhilst the book was interesting enough to present its concept the story is underdeveloped Some readers may find it interesting for its ideas but those who want a good sci fi story need to look somewhere else

  2. Scott Scott says:

    The book was good But like most reviewers I was unhappy with the ending that didn't

  3. Richard Richard says:

    This book would have been a lot better if it didn't just end without wrapping up the storyI don't know what it is about Springer Scientific Novel ebooks but they really destroy the performance of my Kobo and sometimes crash it outright

  4. Bru82 Bru82 says:

    There is a prospective on human that i never explored a lot of interesting uestionsThe story has some passages I don't feel are balanced at all but in general it's not so badThe second part is about scientific aspects taken into account to build the novel's universe and I've to say that is like a school lesson but uite interesting

  5. Leibowitz Leibowitz says:

    The novel part is nothing to write home about i'd give it an average 3 stars I'd also deduct one star for insufficient editing and proofreadingThe scientific part is very interesting also with way better proofreading which brings it back to average overall

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