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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    “I want to share whole worlds with you and write your name in the stars”“I want to measure eternity with your laughter” I want to know what the fuck that^ means? No seriously can someone tell me?1 12 stars The Star Touched ueen is a book full of dreamy purple prose that is at times beautiful and at others makes absolutely no sense But if you buy into these metaphors put on your prose tinted glasses and let yourself get drunk on the glittering descriptions I suppose you might be able to ignore• The slut shamingwoman hating• The instaloveobsession complete with nauseating sweet nothings• The lack of character development• The meandering plot• The blind stupidity of the heroine• The lack of world building beyond the nonsensical weirdness of the OtherworldLet's start at the beginning and break this downThe Star Touched ueen is not what I expected People often like to comment on my reviews that just because it isn't what you were expecting doesn't mean it isn't good Very true So I will also add that for me this book wasn't good irrespective of my expectations But I had it in my mind that this book was a high fantasy entwined with mythology kingdoms and death It's not It's yet another fairy tale esue retelling based on stories like Beauty the Beast and Hades Persephone and reminiscent of better books like Cruel Beauty and not so great books like A Court of Thorns and Roses like this one it has lots of kissingThe book opens with Maya being forced into a political marriage by her father When the groom is chosen she must take a poison and martyr herself for the sake of her kingdom But at the point when all seems lost a dashing suitor whirls into the room and takes her away to the Otherworld The love interest can be spotted immediately from the way the air changes when he enters the room When I looked at him something stirred inside me It felt like recognition sifted through dreams; like the moment before waking when sleep blurred the true world when beasts with sharp teeth and beautiful winged things flew along the edges of your mindBeing with him was like seeing for the first time But take a step back a minute Maya's lack of character development will remain throughout the entire novel but it is in the early stages of the novel where she establishes herself as someone with no female friendships lots of female enemies and a tendency to slut shame “I’d rather spread ideas than legs” I hissed back “But I doubt you would agree Suffice it to say this book definitely does not pass the Bechdel test In fact Maya has literally ONE female friend who is wait for it a horse Which is almost hilariousNot only is Maya allergic to all the other evil slutty females in this book but she is so freaking stupid I can't even I honestly cannot think of anything she does that was guided by her own decisions and brain cells does she even have any? The plot is propelled along by her doing what everyone else tells her to do and being tricked into acting like an idiot The bad guys or should I say girls? are not difficult to spot in this book The reader will spot the deceptions coming a mile away why is Maya so dense? She has very few thoughts of her ownMaya Oh my god How could I be so stupid?Me I literally DO NOT KNOWThe middle part of the book was the hardest for me to get through Once Maya becomes the ueen of Akaran the plot meanders and we are taken on repetitive tours Like Cruel Beauty but less compelling there are many doors mysterious voices and mirrors It is this wandering part of the book where I could not see what we were reading towards What uestions did we have to answer? What made us turn the pages? For me I drew a blankFortunately for the plot Maya acts stupid gets bumped out of this world and has to figure out how to get back to where she was That's right we basically reach the happy ending by the middle of the book but Maya fucks it up to give us another 150 pages And to give another example of her a stupidity and b lack of original thoughts this is what happens “Gupta what door is that?”He frowned “Door? What door?” He turned around and then asked sharply “What did it look like?”I hesitated Mother Dhina’s words echoed keep some secrets for yourself Yes Maya decides to withhold information about a weird voice coming from behind a door because of the words of an evil conniving woman She would rather give weight to the words of someone who hates her than think for herselfWho would I recommend this book for? Maybe those readers who like cursed romances but don't care about character development woman hating or actions making sense Sorry but it wasn't for me Points for Kamala though The horse is the best thing in this bookBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

  2. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Although I had never envisioned marriage I had thought of love Not the furtive love I heard muffled in the corners or rooms of some of the harem wives What I wanted was a connection a shared heartbeat that kept rhythm across oceans and worlds I didn't want the prince from the folktales or some milk skinned honey eyed youth who said his greetings and proclaimed his love in the same breath I wanted a love thick with time as inscrutable as if a lathe had carved it from night and as familiar as the marrow in my bones I wanted the impossible high pitched screamingSorry about thatOh My God I'm speechless with glee and my head is spinning from this fantastical lovely exuisitely built tale The story can best be described as Greek mythology in a mythical Indian setting AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHSeriously both of those elements promise to be magical and trust me when I say you will not be disappointed by the way they are represented in this book I have always been fascinated by the image of the Indian royal court and the harem Call me a romantic if you will but I love the colors I love the harems I love the power play and the backstabbing I love the richness and vibrancy of it It's something that has always fueled my imagination and this book delivered on every frontSeventeen year old Princess Mayavati lives in the royal courts Though she is a princess a charmed life it is most defintely not The belief upon horoscopes prevail and upon her birth Maya was predicted to have a cursed life As such she may be a princess but she lives her life as one ostracizedIt's not all bad because nobody pays attention to her Maya gets the run of the court She reads She spies on her father That independence soon comes to a close when Maya gets the shock of her life; she is to be betrothed to the a foreign prince to avert war between their nations Life is over as she knows it Instead of freedom Maya will now live a life in a gilded cage to a stranger But her wedding is a bitunexpected A soldier's hand grasped for me but Amar pulled me away Arrows zoomed past but each time one came near he would whirl me out of the way He moved fluidly dodging javelins always a few steps behind me a living shield Oh snap Not your traditional wedding that's for sureAgainst all hope Maya finds happiness She finds love She finds a partner But what fun is it if the story just ended there? There's magic and mystery and hidden rooms and then there's the mystery of her groom itself The groom that's just too good to be true and perhaps is That night I dreamed of locked doors and baying hounds rooms that were night dark and a beast king that smiled and laughed around a mouthful of broken stars to sing one phrase over and over I know the monster in your bed Maya is such a wonderful character She may have suffered from her loneliness but she never becomes a martyr She has strength that comes from such loneliness And unlike other characters in other books who frustrates by building an impenetrable wall of bitchiness around their heart Maya is open to what her heart desires One criticism may be that she is too easily susceptible to romance but I compare it to a man dying of thirst confronted with a bounty of waterThe world building is incredible From the mythology within her worldIn all the tomes and folklores I had read from the archives there was no limit to the worlds around us Somewhere unseen were demonic realms filled with laughing asuras and blackedned suns There were austere kingdoms on the peaks of mountains where phoenixes serenaded the moon and the halls of the gods glinted with lightning And there was our own human world mortal with only the comfort of stories to keep away the chill of deathAnd the romance THE ROMANCE IT'S HOPELESSLY ROMANTIC What do you want from me?He stopped the smile was gone from his lipsI want your perspective and honesty he said before adding in a softer voice I want to be humbled by you My kingdom needs a ueen It needs someone with fury in her heart and shadows in her smile It needs someone restless and clever It needs you IT'S WILDLY MADLY ROMANTIC AND GUESS WHAT? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT It was beautiful and glorious and my heart sings with joy All uotes are taken from an advanced reader's copy and is subject to change in the final editionRead this review and The Book Eaters

  3. Elena May Elena May says:

    When my favorite character is a skinny talking horse who also happens to be a flesh eating demon you know it’s a memorable bookMythology retelling Indian folklore Harem backstabbing Lush and colorful settings Strange creatures and hungry demons What’s not to love???The book seems to be partially based on the legends about god Yama The version we see here is uite different though we still have the water buffalo I got to ride one too Princess Mayavati’s horoscope is a disaster – she’ll be partnered with death itself But the real disaster is people’s interpretation Everyone blames her for everything that happens in the palace A child gets sick? Maya’s fault A wife dies in childbirth? Maya’s fault A wife’s slippers disappear Okay that one was really Maya’s faultBut then she’s swept in a magical adventure like one from the bedtime stories she tells her little sister and she must learn that there are many ways to interpret a horoscope In a world of reincarnations death is not just a natural part of the circle of life – it’s also a new beginningBefore she find herself Maya goes through being an ignored princess a confused ueen and even an unwilling sadhvi a sadhu sadhvi is an ascetic who is simultaneously respected as a holy person and ostracized for being an outcast and a beggar Maya’s characterization shows some inconsistencies which is why I’m deducting a star At the very beginning her father informs her that in order to avoid a war he needs to wed her Maya will have the choice among a pool of possible husbands Instead she decides to run away Her choice is somewhat selfish – this could mean war and would surely bring lots of trouble to her people But this is selfishness I can accept and understand What has her family done for her after all? What does she owe them? The choice is still self centered but it would have made for an interesting flawed character But it was not to beOnce her escape fails her father tells her his plan has been different all along There will be war anyway so his plan is to lure in her suitors and kill them off However they would be protected by guest rights which is why Maya needs to kill herself; after her death the foreign nobles will no longer be protectedAnd Maya’s reaction is okay sure She never tried to fight her fate and obediently starts drinking the poison until a random stranger stops her Supposedly she does it to protect her people in particular her half sister but she never spares them any thought before So she is unwilling to marry someone of her choice to protect her people but is fine with dying?From that point on Maya shows next to none independent thoughts She just blindly follows whatever random people tell her without putting much thinking into it I’ve seen many reviewers complain she makes a stupid choice but I didn’t really have a problem with the choice itself Honestly she doesn’t have enough information to make the choice and she’s right not to trust Amar at this stage The bigger problem is she never really thinks about her choices and seems to decide at random And given how insane her life becomes all of a sudden she doesn’t ask enough uestions Why is Amar so unconditionally in love with her without even knowing her? He is willing to forgive her anything and overlook all the messes she makes He claims he needs her insight but we’ve never seen this insight The reasons are revealed later on and they are not hard to guess even before that but Maya never guesses what’s happening She doesn’t even wonder about it Also it doesn’t look good when we see how in a previous life view spoilershe makes EXACTLY the same mistake Listening to Nritti now is somewhat understandable if random but listening to Nritti in the past??? After Maya already knows Amar and all his secrets? After she knows Nrittin has a reason to hate them? Also I’m not a fan of the trope where friends turn against each other because of a lover hide spoiler

  4. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    All fantasy readers are you ready to meet your favourite 2016 publication?That’s right it’s that goodThe first thing you’ll notice when you start reading this gem is the elegant writing If it doesn’t sweep you off your feet color me dumbstruck I can’t imagine someone being immune to it An angel must have written this story ‘‘My kingdom needs a ueen’’ he said ‘‘It needs someone with fury in her heart and shadows in her smile It needs someone restless and clever It needs you’’ As I was reading the story a thought kept popping up my mind how the hell did Maya survive this long even with those guards? Everyone simultaneously hates and fears her Even her own father wants her dead In a time when horoscopes act as gods and determine if a person is trustworthy or not and the kind of future that awaits them your destiny better be brightMaya has the darkest horoscope of them allThe Raja of Bharata her father decides to marry her off in order to gain an ally for when the upcoming war bursts to life So she gives up the sliver of freedom she still had and marries But not to anyone—to the King of the Otherworld She uickly learns though that there is to Amar than charming promisesI admired her strength and how feministic her values are the most She wants from life than to just be wife; she yearns for education freedom and she doesn’t blindly trust men And let’s not forget the fact that she plays the role of the saviour Amar too is very intent on euality and treating Maya with all the respect she deserves ‘‘My star touched ueen’’ he said softly as if he was remembering something long ago ‘‘I would break the world to give you what you want’’ I truly wish this was a series When I turned the last page I just couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to the characters I grew in only a few days so attached to and therefore went back to reading my favourite passages to pluck beautiful uotes here and there However the author lovely concludes the story You won’t be disappointed in that departmentI’m impressed at how automatically I liked the love interest I didn’t even review his ualities or looked for flaws—it just happened and uickly too Maybe you’ll find him a little too ‘‘intense’’ but if the romance in Cruel Beauty worked out for you I don’t see why you wouldn’t adore the relationship between Maya and Amar You just have to know that Amar is a sweet talker but he’s always genuine—or is he?The world building is a bit less developed than I thought it would be when I heard of the whole never seen before concept of horoscopes mirroring a person’s fate Why? Very few settings and a lack of meaningful interactions with diverse secondary characters Except I took in consideration that this is a standalone and that it’s hard to well include both of those elements in a one book story On the plus side you’ll find that the original plot three dimensional characters and gripping dialogs shine ‘‘You know nothing about me’’ ‘‘I know your soul Everything else is an ornament’’ Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google

  5. Laura Laura says:

    I know I'm in the minority with this one I gave a full star simply for the writing Other than thatthe book lost me It was hard to stay interested Gorgeous writing is not enough to make up for what it's lacking in plot and charactersI admit it I saw all the hype surrounding The Star Touched ueenall those 5 star reviews And I needed to read it A retelling of Hades and Persephone Fairy tale like story A girl cursed by the stars What could go wrong? Unfortunatelyme and this story weren’t friendsThis book is filled to the brim with lush flowery prose Metaphors galore over descriptions lyrical writing If this doesn’t interest you I’d already suggest reading something else I meanthe writing I get it I can appreciate it But it got to a point where it was just way too much If we took the book and cut out all the overly descriptive sentences and metaphors it would be less than half the size and that’s being generousThere was so much lacking when it came to plot Not a lot happens And when something does it doesn’t even make sense Nor does it flow well The plot is hard to follow I found myself so completely lost at times Other times I found myself bored I really had to push myself to keep readingWhere was Maya’s characterization? Where did we establish who she is? I don’t feel like we knew her I don’t feel like we knew any of the characters really Which brings me to the romance at the center of it allThe insta love is real OH BOY is it real Although I understand the purpose within the plot of this particular book it was still nauseating and overall just annoying It’s hard to care about any relationship when it begins like thisAgain I’ll mention that while I can appreciate the beauty of the writing it wasn’t enough for me Luckily I still haven’t read some of The Star Touched ueen's closely compared novels such as Cruel Beauty A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Wrath and the Dawn all of which which I’ve heard are similar but seem a little my thing I think I’ll just read those and pretend this didn’t happened

  6. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    Goodreads is saying I've read this for the second time but this is my first time reading it as it has with a lot of books since adding the rereading feature Need sometime to think on it also it's 5am so I will update later

  7. jessica jessica says:

    you know that feeling when you finish a book and enjoy it so you go creep on your friends reviews to see how much they like it as well but then you have to slowly back away because than half of them DNF’d it? no? just me? okay then haha yikes i honestly had no idea so many people disliked this book i mean i can sort of understand how it might have bored some people but i actually uite liked this i thought the writing was imaginatively descriptive the story was uniue and magical and i was pretty much entertained throughout the entire book the only complaint i do have was the ending it left with me with a ‘huh okay’ reaction which was a little anticlimactic but it didnt ruin the book for me i feel so sad that a lot of people didnt enjoy this but the book had high entertainment value for me personally 35 stars

  8. Mikee (ReadWithMikee) Mikee (ReadWithMikee) says:

    ❝He loved her And she loved him And in such bliss does devastation grow❞ Rating ★ ★ ★I must admit I'm a bit conflicted on how I want to rate and review this book I enjoyed reading The Star Touched ueen but at the same time I did have a few issues that stuck out to me and affected my reading experienceThe Star Touched ueen was like The Wrath and the Dawn meets Cruel Beauty meets A Court of Thorns and Roses with Indian mythology added into the mix A lot was going on and I was really lost 90% of the time I was reading I think even when the truth was unveiled I became even confused as to what was happening I had hoped that once everything was explained it all would start to come together but it never really didRoshani's writing is very vibrant and beautifully detailed Her sentences are weaved together perfectly to create such melodious prose However I did find the writing to be both a strength and a weakness when it came to The Star Touched ueen On the plus side the lush writing provided the readers with such fruitful imagery Unfortunately at times I did feel overwhelmed with the amount of details that were given to us The imagery of course was enthralling but in certain parts it became too much and too flowery to the point where it took away from the plot because I often found myself getting lost in the descriptionsSecondly I felt that the world building was a bit confusing Even after finishing the book I'm still unsure of how the world works How the threads worked How the palace worked I'm not even sure I'm just completely lost with this book The only thing I understand is that the palace has different rooms? Obviously But different as in There's a different world in every room? Every room is a gateway to another world? Goodness I honestly don't even knowOne of the things I did enjoy was the star crossed relationship between Maya and Amar However I did feel that they were a bit insta lovey in the beginning I just think that any relationship that deals with past lives or past loves is a bit tricky to handle in order to avoid coming off as insta love just because of that instant spark that they're supposed to feel due to the whole past love thing But I decided to just look past the insta love part and found myself enjoying the chemistry between Maya and AmarThe Star Touched ueen wasn't really how I expected it to be It's sad to say that I'm a little disappointed but I have no doubt that Roshani will write many great books in her future Roshani's writing is very artistic and beautiful and I wish I could've enjoyed it to its full potential but it didn't work for me I can understand completely how other readers would enjoy The Star Touched ueen It's very creative and diverse I sure haven't read any books based on Indian mythology and I give Roshani props for trying to pursue this We need diversity in YA and I'm glad she decided to contribute to this movement Although I didn't enjoy this as much as I was hoping to I have faith that this author will accomplish a lot with her future books She is a great writer and a great person to talk to I will read anything that Roshani writes and support her 100%

  9. Christopher Paolini Christopher Paolini says:

    Wonderful mythic fantasy Definitely recommend it

  10. Melanie Melanie says:

    “Kill if you must String a garland of severed heads around your waist if you want I would take you in my arms if you were drenched in blood or dressed in rubies but think Impulsiveness is a dangerous thing” You guys this was so beautiful The Star Touched ueen is a loosely based retelling of the Greek mythology surrounding Hades and Persephone but told in a setting to completely celebrate Indian culture I loved every aspect of the retelling but I also loved every new and inventive way Roshani crafted this into her own story This was lush and engaging and so romantic This was an absolute treat to readMaya is the daughter of a very powerful Raja who is constantly trying to keep a war at bay Maya is also the daughter of a woman who was a part of her father’s harem but died while giving birth to her In this world horoscopes are read like prophecies once you are born and they are very important and very dependent on what your future will bringMaya’s horoscope is one that promises she will be married to death therefore many people in her community treat her awful Also this makes her very undesirable for a marriage proposition Though her father soon becomes very desperate and arranges a marriage for Maya while covering up her real horoscope and replacing it with another of better fate “He loved her And she loved him And in such bliss does devastation grow” Obviously the story takes a very unexpected turn and Maya is thrown into a world where secrets literally hide behind every door We get to see her grow and learn and become strong on her own and decide what she wants for her life This is a story about a girl learning what she is capable of without her father’s power or her brother’s kingdom or her husband’s help and that’s so damn beautiful This story places a heavy emphasis on love but also the importance of sisterhood motherhood and friendship And the price and weight we put on all those titles And the good and bad things we are willing to do for the sake of those relationships And the romance the romance is so good I was swooning so hard at some of these lines And even though I think the writing could be almost too lyrical at times this book had some of the best one liners I’ve ever read Also on a completely unrelated note I’m also completely in love with a certain sassy flesh eating demon horse “I would break the world to give you what you want” Overall I loved this It was diverse and so well crafted and the world building was phenomenal It was swoon worthy and empowering and a joy to read I want so badly to read the spin off A Crown of Wishes now I was blessed to meet Roshani this October at the Goodreads Power User Summit in San Francisco and she was honestly the sweetest and kindest author I've ever met I knew I couldn't let 2017 end without giving The Star Touched ueen a proper review This in no way has impacted my rating or review but I just wanted to let you know what an absolute angel is she And this was a buddy read with another confirmed angel Sonja ❤Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Steam | Twitch

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The Star-Touched Queen ✸ [PDF] ✈ The Star-Touched Queen By Roshani Chokshi ✴ – Length 9h 22m Fate and fortune Power and passion What does it take to be the ueen of a kingdom when you’re only seventeenMaya is cursed With a horoscope that promises a marriage of death and destruc Length h m Fate and fortune Power and passion What does it take to be the ueen of a kingdom when you’re only seventeenMaya is cursed With a horoscope that promises a marriage of death and destruction she has earned only the scorn and fear of her father’s kingdom Content to follow scholarly pursuits her whole world is torn apart when her The Star-Touched PDF \ father the Raja arranges a wedding of political convenience to uell outside rebellions Soon Maya becomes the ueen of Akaran and wife of Amar Neither roles are what she expected As Akaran’s ueen she finds her voice and power As Amar’s wife she finds something else entirely Compassion Protection DesireBut Akaran has its own secrets—thousands of locked doors gardens of glass and a tree that bears memories instead of fruit Soon Maya suspects her life is in danger Yet who besides her husband can she trust With the fate of the human and Otherworldly realms hanging in the balance Maya must unravel an ancient mystery that spans reincarnated lives to save those she loves the mostincluding herself Listening Length hours and minutes.

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Roshani Chokshi is the author of commercial and critically acclaimed books for middle grade and young adult readers that draws on world mythology and folklore Her work has been nominated for the Locus and Nebula awards and has freuently appeared on Best of The Year lists from Barnes and Noble Forbes Buzzfeed and Her New York Times bestselling series includes The Star The Star-Touched PDF \ Touched ueen duolo.