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Into the Wild A Chicken Suad Adventure #3 ❮Reading❯ ➳ Into the Wild A Chicken Suad Adventure #3 ➬ Author Doreen Cronin – The Chicken Suad is back for their third misadventure and this time they’re facing off with whatever’s hiding in a mystery box in the backyard A hilarious chapter book from the bestselling author The Chicken Suad is back for their Wild A Epub Þ third misadventure and this time they’re facing off with whatever’s hiding in a mystery box in the backyard A hilarious chapter book from the bestselling author of Click Clack Moo and Diary of a WormOur fluffy fearless young detectives are back out sleuthing because there’s a new cage in the yard and the Chicken Suad is determined to figure out just who this new addition is Because whatever it is it’s definitely up to no Into the PDF \ good So euipped with the latest surveillance gear—which apparently includes copious amounts of marshmallows—the chicks venture into the wild to get answers Let’s just hope they can beat that giant raincloud that’s closing inbecause everyone knows that chickens can’t swim.

10 thoughts on “Into the Wild A Chicken Suad Adventure #3

  1. Laura Laura says:

    Short yellow fuzzy chicks with fake mustaches and marshmallow belts 'nuff said

  2. Megan (ReadingRover) Megan (ReadingRover) says:

    This is my least favorite of the series so far Not sure why but I just don’t feel like it was as funny or engaging as the others

  3. Becky Becky says:

    First sentence I got a bad feeling about that new box over there said SugarPremiseplot Dirt Peep Sugar Little Boo Poppy Poppy and Sweetie Sweet Coconut Louise ARE the chicken suad Supposedly these chicks are DETECTIVES who solve cases In this one no one has come to them asking for help Barbara their owner has built a box in her backyard It is CONFUSING the chicks greatly Who is in the box? My thoughts This is the third book in the Chicken Suad series In this one the four chicks try to piece together the mystery of WHO is in the BOX in the backyard Is it a real case since no one has come to ask them for help? Since the chicks are just curious themselves? This early reader series is only a mystery series in the very lightest of terms The characterization has just as much substance as the mysteries that is it's almost nonexistent But it's a uick read with a few laughs

  4. AMY AMY says:

    95 pages Another great misadventure of the chickens This one involves disguises and a mysterious box containing some unknown possibly dangerous creature Lots of fun Kids will enjoy the funny dialogue of the chicken family Highly recommended for grades 3 5

  5. Readergirl77 Readergirl77 says:

    Nathan just loves these books with the chicken suad adventures

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This was pretty hilarious but disappointed in the unnecessary toilet humor Besides chickens don't pee

  7. Eme87 Eme87 says:

    Another silly adventure with 4 little chicks Cronin has fantastic style and humor that gets kids and adults laughing at the antics of these little chickens solving their imaginary problems

  8. Paula Paula says:

    Author Doreen Cronin has a silly sense of humor as seen previously in books like Click Clack Moo and Diary of a Worm She has used that same silliness to create The Chicken Suad a series of early chapter books featuring 4 crazy chicken sisters who like to solve mysteries In this book there is a new box in the backyard that holds a mysterious possibly dangerous creature The sisters need to find out whether it is friend or foe Eventually they do but along the way there's adventure intrigue lots of miscommunication and humor

  9. East Gwillimbury East Gwillimbury says:

    This is an early reader’s chapter book great for young children who are graduating from longer picture booksThis book is about four chicks Dirt Sweetie Poppy and Sugar who set out to solve what mysterious being exists in a nearby box All these chicks know is that the stranger is not a chicken Join them on their humorous adventure to solve the case There are many illustrations along the way for kids to enjoy The author of this book is Doreen Cronin

  10. Sheila Sheila says:

    The next adventure of the chicks This time we see them on a stake out They are funny as they prepare for the stake out then do it Their observations are wild Sugar doesn't let the facts stand in the way of her theory Dirt is realistic and they all need to pay attention to Sweetie Again another fun romp with the chicks and Momma to straighten them out

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