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  1. Heather Heather says:

    Beautiful and charming French cookbook for kids My favorite part is the note to parents in the beginning from the author As a society we have tried to encourage kids to eat healthy food by hiding them disguising them as something else or pouring processed cheese on them and think that we do a disservice to children by doing so Children don't come into the world eating only chicken nuggets pizza and french fried They will eat the food that they are given That's the food that they will become used to and like So if we feed them only kid food those are the tastes they will develop If however we feed them all sorts of foods they will eat them as wellSO TRUE I wish all parents thought this way She goes on to talk about how the idea of kid food disturbs her It's fine to make a dish less spicy or simpler when kids are going to eat it but we cannot decide what they will and won't like She talks about how they let their daughter try new things and growing up she was always given the same food that her parents and their friends were having although she may have eaten earlier and a smaller portion I can't agree with these sentiments Oh and everything in the book is also in French

  2. Diana Diana says:

    Cute little bilingual cookbook which would be perfect for multigenerational cooking sessions If my niece and nephew lived in town I'd love to give them this book and have them over once a month to cook a selected menu and invite their parents over to enjoy our efforts The recipes are for real food not dumbed down junk food Jacues Pepin and his granddaughter Shorey did the cute illustrationsStarter recipes include Gougeres and Vichyssoise Classic French main courses such as Boeuf Bourguignon Croue Monsieur and Salade Nicoise are featured as well as less common recipes like sautéed white fish and secret sauce Recipes for sides include potato and cheese gratin and spinach in béchamel which would appeal to my picky eater Desserts include almond cake and apple tart The recipes are followed by seasonal menu suggestions

  3. Anna Nesterovich Anna Nesterovich says:

    The book reminded me way too much of the La cuisine est un jeu d'enfants At first I even thought that it's just a later translation But no the author is different The design is all too similar with minimalistic drawings and recipes in French and English the overall look is almost the same But since it was published 35 years after La cuisine est un jeu d enfants nobody would notice right? However the recipes are not uite up to par too many ingredients and too many steps for a child to do unassisted Though I did like Cauliflower Souffle

  4. Lisa Urso Lisa Urso says:

    Unbelievably cute book that introduces kids to French cooking Claudine Pépin proves that kids don't have to eat chicken nuggets fries or bite sized food for every meal These recipes are all designed to be cooked with grown ups with FAMILY This is clearly a family oriented book I also love that it's written in English with the French translation on the facing page It's a book that promotes bilingualism AND cooking Awesome And it's clearly a family effort with both Jacues Pépin and his granddaughter Shorey providing the illustrations This is a must have for any parent that wants to teach their kids how to cook

  5. Allison Ririe Allison Ririe says:

    In the beginning pages the author talks about her food philosophy toward kids which matches mine Kids will eat what you feed them they're not born only wanting junk food or kid food I want to make every recipe in here but I was comforted by the fact that I already make a version of several The cutest thing is that every recipe has an English version on one page and the French version on the facing page so you can do a little language learning while you're cooking

  6. Whitney Whitney says:

    The content is fine; it contains real non simplified classic French recipes that you can find anywhere It's neat that the whole book is written in both languages The best part about this book is the happy friendly artwork

  7. Kim Kim says:

    I am never uite sure how to consider a cookbook read I have cooked a couple of recipes out of this and read most of it It was just a pleasant experience

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Lets Cook French, A Family Cookbook ❰Download❯ ➻ Lets Cook French, A Family Cookbook Author Claudine Pepin – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk 2016 IACP Award Finalist According to Jacues Pepin the moment for a child to be in the kitchen is from the moment they are born Previously published under the title Kids Cook French Let's Cook French IACP Award Finalist According French, A Kindle Ø to Jacues Pepin the moment for a child to be in the kitchen is from the moment they are born Previously published under the title Kids Cook French Let's Cook French written by his daughter Claudine Pepin is a fun interactive bilingual family cookbook that introduces the art and joy of French cooking—featuring classic recipes along with notes on French culture and suggested menus for your next Lets Cook PDF/EPUB ² family soirée With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and hands on preparation Let’s Cook French offers a total immersion in French culinary culture Each left hand page in English is mirrored in French on the right and food terms are called out bilingually throughout creating the perfect format for language learning Featured are authentic French recipes that are easy for young chefs to follow including starters main courses sides and desserts Sweet illustrations by Cook French, A Kindle Õ Claudine’s father legendary chef Jacues Pépin and daughter Shorey add charm to the pages throughout Prepare with your familyVichyssoiseBoeuf BourguignonSalade NiçoiseSpinach in BechamelCrème brûléeCrêpesWith this interactive cookbook and cultural guide your child's imagination and creativity will be sparked as will your deeper connection with themAlso available in this series Let’s Cook Spanish and Let’s Cook ItalianSelon Jacues Pepin « la place d’un enfant dans la cuisine doit se faire dès sa naissance » Écrit par sa fille Claudine Pepin et précédemment publié sous le titre Les enfants cuisinent à la française Cuisinons français est un livre de recettes familiales amusant interactif et bilingue et une introduction à l’art et au bonheur de la cuisine française  – il comprend recettes classiues des anecdotes sur la culture française et des suggestions de menus pour vos prochaines soirées en famille Avec un accent mis sur les ingrédients frais et des préparations pratiues Cuisinons français offre une immersion complète dans la culture culinaire française Chaue page de gauche rédigée en anglais est traduite en français sur celle de droite les termes culinaires sont mentionnés dans les deux langues tout au long du livre ce ui crée le format parfait pour un apprentissage bilingue Sont mises à l’honneur des recettes françaises authentiues faciles à suivre pour les jeunes chefs contenant des entrées des plats des accompagnements et des desserts De savoureuses illustrations réalisées par le père de Claudine le légendaire chef Jacues Pepin et Shorey sa fille ajoutent du charme au fil des pages Préparez en famille Une VichyssoiseUn bœuf bourguignonUne salade niçoiseDes épinards à la béchamelDe la crème brûléeDes crêpesCe livre de recettes et guide culturel ludiue éveillera l’imagination et la créativité de vos enfants et vous rapprochera encore plus d’eux  Également disponible dans cette série Cuisinons espagnol et Cuisinons italien.