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Christmas with the Colburns ❰EPUB❯ ✹ Christmas with the Colburns Author Keely Brooke Keith – It’s Christmastime in Good Springs and Lydia Bradshaw is eager for the light at the end of her year—the Colburn family’s big holiday gathering When she discovers none of her siblings are coming It’s Christmastime in Good Springs and Lydia Bradshaw is eager for the light at the end of her year—the Colburn family’s big holiday gathering When she discovers none of her siblings are coming back to the village this year she believes Christmas will be ruined As Lydia faces a gloomy holiday in the Colburn house an unexpected romance brightens her favorite season Christmas with PDF \ Will it be enough to rekindle the light of ChristmasSpend Christmas with the Colburns in this inspirational holiday novella If you like the traditional setting and sweet romance of Amish Fiction but are looking for something new buy Christmas with the Colburns today to jump into a fast paced story of Christmastime in a hidden landHoliday recipe included.

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  1. Katie W Katie W says:

    I have enjoyed reading about this hidden community and their lives in an uncharted land What a fun treat to spend Christmas with them and get another story out of itLydia is the beloved heroine from Book 1 and I liked reading about her and her family after the happily ever after It isn't easy to balance a family and a career as demanding as Lydia's as she soon discovers Lydia is a character deeply entrenched in tradition and change isn't easy for her She's feeling nostalgic and it's hard to think about the holiday traditions being different A change in attitude and her outlook on life is in order and a family secret and a romance may be just the things to help I loved the descriptions of daily life in this place as well as the descriptions of the traditions The added recipe sounds good and like one I may have to try As usual I'm excited to see what happens next in this land and with these people who are uickly seeming like friendsContent mild inspirational elements; mild romance; nothing else of note CleanI received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

  2. Iola Iola says:

    Keely Brooke Keith sent me a complimentary copy of her Christmas novella as a thank you for reviewing the three novels in the Uncharted series She didn't ask for a review but I'm thrilled to write oneChristmas with the Colburns is a Christmas novella that follows on from the Uncharted trilogy all of which I’ve read and enjoyed—and it’s probably best to have read the Uncharted novels first both because they give the history of the Uncharted island and because there will be some spoilers for those who haven’t read themHowever it’s a little different in terms of plot rather than following a romance and a mystery as the earlier novels did it’ s about Lydia’s disappointment at the prospect of not having a traditional Colburn family Christmas and how an unexpected gift changes her attitude It was a short but enjoyable story which gives a little background to the Colburn family and hints at some future changes and romances in the village of Good Springs Recommended for anyone who has enjoyed the Uncharted series

  3. Miranda A. Uyeh Miranda A. Uyeh says:

    This story portrays a theme beyond the traditional Christmas message With major emphasis on family traditions one can note that this is a story that can work for just about any seasonnon season Though a novella and so a fast read the elements that put the story together aren’t lacking in any way that will disturb the overall wholesomeness of the story Characterization plot setting and theme are delicately and skillfully handled so that it feels like a novel too which in my opinion is a sweet bonus The characters of the Uncharted Series already firmly rooted in their roles by now take on a different stage than what we’re used to—the Colburns have always been one in everything but for the first time as life moves forward with the event of many changes some traditions had to be let go for new ones to be born Clearly the message that man wasn’t made for the benefit of tradition but vice versa was something to note and applaud

  4. Beverly Laude Beverly Laude says:

    Lydia Bradshaw is a Medical Doctor young wife and mother Between taking care of her infant Andrew her blind aging Great Aunt Isabelle and her patients she doesn't have much time for herselfWhen her siblings decide to spend Christmas somewhere else instead of at the Colburn house Lydia is upset and saddened Her Aunt Isabelle seems to sense this and gives Lydia a journal written by Lydia's mother While Lydia reads her mother's story about the happiest time of her life Lydia finds her joy returning for the seasonThis short novella is inspirational heartwarming and entertaining A great listen for the Christmas holidays especially if you are finding yourself short on the holiday spiritThe narrator Kate Fisher does a great job and adds a lot to the enjoyment of the book I was given a copy of this audiobook by the writernarratorpublisher and chose to review it

  5. Kim Gregory Kim Gregory says:

    This is the fourth book in this series and it is a novella compared to the others I liked the message in this story basically It's not about you Things weren't going the way Lydia wanted them to go at Christmastime and she was getting very discouraged until her aunt gave her a short journal from Lydia's mother It was a time in her mom's life that was during Christmas and it taught her that she needed to think about others first I went through a lot of emotions in this oneThis is a clean read

  6. A Holland Reads A Holland Reads says:

    I loved the Christmas setting of this book What a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon but to read a Christmas themed book This was a novella so it read rather uickly but had the impact of a full length book I felt for Lydia when she learned that she would be spending the holiday without her family but then things turn around for her Like all the other books the author's attention to detail really added to the story A good addition to this series

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    This was a very sweet visit to the Uncharted series Wonderful charactersLessons of accepting loss and change A voice from the past helps Lydia deal with the sadness that changes in traditions caused her Though it wasn't the same Christmas at the Colburns was still wonderful I won a copy of this audiobook in an online giveaway No review was reuested The opinion expressed is entirely my own

  8. Regina A Fontaine Regina A Fontaine says:

    You need to read thisSo glad I read this novella it was nice to get the background on John Colburn on how he met his wife Hannah Gets my five star rating for making me grab the tissues than once in this little story If you are following this series you need too read this short story

  9. PatSchue PatSchue says:

    Enjoying this series This is an interesting seriesabout people who left the USA right before the Civil War and found an island They settled there and live in a future time just as they did then

  10. stella stella says:

    Good readingI enjoyed all this authors booksLoved the characters and the landIt would be great if we all could live this wayI want to read all her books

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