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  • If You Only Knew
  • Kristan Higgins
  • English
  • 19 July 2015
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10 thoughts on “If You Only Knew

  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    If You Only Knew what a happy accident this turned out to be How this little gem might not have ended up in my hands—or I should say in my ears—if it wasn’t for the persistent little nudges Audible kept sending to remind me that my credits were building up Combine that with my craving at the time for something sweet and voilà happy accident Infatuated listener Giggling gal New Kristan Higgins fan I still can’t believe this was my firstIt’s been a while since I’ve readlistened to something so laugh out loud funny—you know that sarcastic snarky humor that’s almost infectious? The kind that leaves a smile on your face and makes you pause in wonder— did heshe really just say that? A level of biting humor and dialogue that’s utterly addicting and habit forming; I'm determined to read all of her books nowThe crazy thing about it though the storyline itself isn’t all that funny It’s the sisters and their all too relatable thoughts and uirks that bring the humor to this story riddled with relationship woes and heartbreak genuine down to earth real life issues and feelings Things most of us think even obsess over in our own heads but never have the guts to say or do anything aboutThere’s Jenny the cynical wedding dress designer who was blindsided when her husband asked for a divorce but is now looking to start over somewhere new Snarky but all around sweet she’s managed to hold on to her belief in love and marriage despite getting things all wrong the first timeAnd then there’s Jenny’s sister Rachel Struggling with her feelings of discontent despite living the life she’s always wanted it took me a little bit longer to warm up to her A little naive and a tad wide eyed in the beginning she eventually found her backbone which I have to say I admiredOh Leo Leo Leo What to say about you? I didn’t want to fall for you I tried my hardest really but come on Sure at first glance he resembles a narcissistic womanizer someone who advertises himself strictly for recreation only but there's so much going on there Just try and despise him I dare you There’s a natural ease between him and Jenny a teasing nature to their relationship something I think most couples strive for but don't always manage to findStrong women an unbreakable sisterly bond relatable characters emotions galore spot on dialogue—it’s the perfect fusion of women’s fiction and romance Add an all around amazing narrator how is it that I've never listened to an Xe Sands audio before now? to the mix and it’s a total win in my book

  2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    Wow price drop to 099 at US 111716Excellent excellent excellentCan you believe that this is my first Kristan Higgins? There is nothing I like than discovering a new author that has a huge back list for me to devour Come to mamaThis book was a fabulous blend of women's fiction and romance There is a good amount of family drama and the sister dynamic was a huge part of the story but there was also some GREAT romance there I'm a devoted romance reader and I know a good romance when I read it and the romance in this book was fab Intense angsty hard fought no spoilers from me but I loved the twists and turns and where the author led us in the relationship department But what surprised me the most was how funny this book was SO funny Just really witty humorous writing that threw me for a loop I was expecting this book to take itself very seriously and though the subject matter was emotional and passionate the dialogue was extremely clever Jenny was by far my favorite narrator but Rachel was pretty great too And Leo I could read about him all day I simply adored every snarky bone in his body I started this book in the morning and read off and on through the day and I didn't finish until 2 am #noregrets It was the kind of book that made me laugh and cry and get mad and I don't think I'll forget about the characters for some time Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

  3. Mo Mo says:

    I don't think I have read a KH book that I didn't like There were one or two that might not have been up to par for me but honestly most of her books have been a solid four or five stars for me You want hot sex scenes? Forget it But I don't care Her lyrical prose is enough to transport me to the world of her hero and heroine so beautiful And there is always a dog Wedding dress designer Jenny Tate understands the happily ever after business yet somehow she's still involved in her ex husband's life Jenny trades the Manhattan skyline for her hometown up the HudsonHer timing couldn't be perfect since Rachel will need her younger sister Her idyllic marriage has just fallen to pieces in spectacular fashion after she discovers her husband sexting with one of his colleagues Second chances aren't in Rachel's nature but the desire for an intact family has her rethinking her stance on adultery much to Jenny's surprise Will she kick his cheating ass to base We shall see I think I would But then again if there are kids involved especially three cute triplets there is a lot at stakeOk they are now a bit older than that in the book but you get the picture Leo that's his name Leo Killian a nice Irish name Those of us who are married do get into a rut Yeah the sex isn't as spontaneous as it was in the early days You have to work for it Make a bit of an effort But Jaysus with triplets I think I would have shut up shop straight away LOL FFS Three all at once No bloody way How would you even have time to consider sex? Oh dear That's a good size glass in his hand and the liuid is clear I'm betting it's not water A bottle of Grey Goose on the coffee table confirms my Sherlockian suspicion Loved the dynamics between the sisters loved to see Rachel come out of her shell and be the woman she is meant to be Lizst's Hungarian Rhapsody Number Two Sean I liked Sean Kristan ya gotta get the accents not the names in future SeánAnyway bedtime here soon Great author Great book Love her

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    If you've ever been cheated on undervalued passed over or been left behind in a different sense you will LOVE this book If you haven't then just count yourself as luckyand still read this book you're going to love it too Kristan Higgins knows what it feels like For real The internalization the uestioning the frustration the trust the trying the anger the hope the resentment the confusion the decisions the blame the shut up and smile the unfairness of it all THE GRIEF On and on it goes and Higgins has captured it all with delicate emotion and a surprising hilarity that I didn't expectIf You Only Knew alternates perspectives between two sisters with two very different personalities who each are coping with their own set of relationship stressors They remember their shared past in varying ways which impacts how they move forward or stay standing It is emotional very real and damn funny How have I never read this author before??? Seems I have a lot of catching up to do Yay me There is so much to these alternating storylines than what I have noted but I don't want to spoil anything further Read it you'll love it I will definitely be doing a re read soon Check it outNote In an online interview located HERE I found the following piece of information about the author which might explain how she can describe and show emotional responses so well Kristan often tells stories of loss and does so with verisimilitude This is in part due perhaps to her personal history Her father was killed by a drunk driver when he was 47 and Kristan was 23 Her mother never remarried and the theme of losing a great love and being afraid to risk such heartbreak again permeates many of Kristan’s books My favorite uote “The one thing I hate about the wedding industry is that it focuses so much on the one day People become obsessed with details enraged with those they love worn out from planning a few hours of a day that may not mean that much in the grand scheme of things Even as I’m designing a dress that will cost thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve always tried to work that message in Don’t forget that after this day comes thousands of other days Be careful Cherish each other Don’t blow it”4617 OMG I loved it RTC when I get off cloud freakin' nine ♥️

  5. Holly Holly says:

    35 starsI usually don't pick this kind of book sort of chick lit though I hate that term but it was picked for my book club This book is kind of a familycontemporary clean romance which I found enjoyable despite it's emphasis on marriages gone wrong cheating growing apart and death I thought it felt realistic and relatable and the characters were really well developed Maybe not something memorable but for the genre I like it I will check out other books by this author I hear her Blue Heron series is good

  6. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    Jenny Tate's marriage ended almost two years ago but she's still hanging on as her ex husband's friend even after his remarriage She's taken dramatic steps to move on but can't seem to make that final leap Her sister Rachel mother of 3 12 year old triplet daughters has the ideal life as a stay at home mother and is in a loving relationship with her husband Adam But circumstances change and has her re examining the life she's professed to love This work of contemporary fiction has to be Higgins' finest to date I literally could not stop reading because Jenny and Rachel became a part of me as they grappled with real life issues My emotions ran the gamut alternately laughing and crying then furious and contemplative I love when a story makes me feel something but yet makes no promises about the outcome It was so true to the characters I felt confident I'd be okay no matter the ending Obviously I loved this story and will be thinking about the characters and their choices and resolutions for some time to come This was justexcellent I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  7. Susan Phillips Susan Phillips says:

    I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a chick litwomen’s fiction novel I read it straight through Fresh funny heartwarming

  8. Didi Didi says:

    There's nothing like reading a KH novel She's amazing incredibly talented and manages to make me cry one minute laugh the next then sigh from the beauty of it all She's among my top 3 favorite authors I've read and loved everything she's ever written and this was no exceptionI can't even categorize this It's part women's fiction romance and comedy but all enthralling I loved everything about it The beautiful and enviable relationship between sisters Jenny and Rachel the sweet and soulful romance between Jenny and Leo the heartbreaking reality of a marriage teetering on the brink of dissolution and the joy of finding yourself all over againI loved how this book was written in dual pov's from Jenny and Rachel Every time I felt like I was on the edge of an emotion the pov would change leaving me suddenly lost and dying to find out what happens next That's the best kind of pov change isn't it? keeps the reader always wanting The thing is I could go on and on about how wonderfuk KH writes how her stories never fail to touch me But it's than that She's perfected the art of blending so much feeling in her characters so much heart I'm always left thinking about her books long after I've finished They're so poignant real deep and full of wisdom I know I'm blabbing My faves by her are Just One of The Guys my heart weeps over this still the Blue heron series particularly The Best Man and Waiting on You The next Best Thing Somebody to LoveI could go on and on Anyways loved this and highly recommend KH and all her books I'll leave you with a couple uotes that left an impressionIs there anything humiliating than begging someone to stay with you? To keep loving you? The answer is no I begged anyway For five solid hours I begged and sobbed and shouted Then he pulls back and smiles at me and it seems to me all I could ever want and all I ever hoped for is in that smile

  9. ALPHAreader ALPHAreader says:

    ‘If You Only Knew’ is the latest novel from Kristan Higgins – but let me just be clear and say I wouldn’t call this a romance This is much women’s fiction closely aligned with the likes of Liane Moriarty or Jojo Moyes I’m still uite new to the Kristan Higgins fandom considering she’s been steadily releasing books since 2006 and I only read my first one in 2013 But I already have my favourites of her backlist ‘Just One of the Guys’ and find myself eagerly anticipating each new yearly romance release I’ve come to love Higgin’s masterful balance of heartbreak and humour in her romances the way she can start a protagonist at the lowest point and build them up from within so that when a fella does comes along he tends to feel like the cherry on top rather than the whole shebang sundae Higgins is such a fine romance writer for paying eual attention to her heroine’s deeper purpose and life ambitions So truth be told I wasn’t all that surprised when I started reading ‘If You Only Knew’ and discovered Higgins’ ventured to the women’s fiction end of things with the romance taking of a backseat to marital crises family secrets and suburban facades But in losing the romantic element Higgins seemed to lose a little spark in her writing and the seemingly crucial humour element that really makes her work leap off the page and into reader’s heartsThis is the story of two sisters Younger sister Jenny is a wedding dress designer and amicably awkward friends with her perfect ex husband and his eually perfect new wife Ana Sofia Jenny thought she and Owen were happy and in love even if she wanted a family and he didn’t she was willing to wait for him to be ready then he dropped the bombshell that he’d fallen out of love with her and shortly after their divorce he remarried the perfect woman and started a family with her The thing is Owen still wants to be friends with Jenny and Jenny being that she’s still in love with him is happy to martyr herself; Owen still asks about my work He loves my sister and nieces and mother He thinks I’m pretty and funny and smart He admires my creativity We have a similar sense of humour Conversation comes easily and since the day I met him and even through out uickie divorce and his marriage I have yet to go three days without hearing from him Even when he’s been in a third world country with Doctors Without Borders Even now So Being Owen’s ex wife is still better than any relationship I’ve ever had except for one – when I was his actual wife Older sister Rachel is the happy stay at home mom of triplet girls married to her still handsome husband Adam Or so she thinks A sexting scandal erupts in their happy home life and Rachel is forced to confront the prospect of being single at forty versus staying in a marriage that has than a few cracks starting to show Meanwhile a family secret that only Jenny knows could be the secret to her sister’s perspective on what’s really behind the “perfect” marriage Cheating – extramarital and emotional – is a big theme in this book Now I love me a good cheating storyline which makes me a romance reader anomaly I know But I love the instant emotional connection and gut wrench that comes with a cheating storyline when readers are put into a protagonist’s corner and I eagerly anticipate that Aretha Franklin R E S P E C T moment for the wronged party within a crumbling marriage And I like reading cheating storylines when they’re doubly complicated by children and the seemingly idyllic white picket fence marriage I like poking at that bruise of suburban rot because cheating storylines are and probably only in my opinion the closest that romance stories often get to noir – with the seedy underbelly of a marriage revealed a femme fatale and damsel in distress Corny and reductive especially to women I know but it’s my guilty trope and I can’t help liking it So believe me when I say I’m surprised at how much I hated the cheating storyline in this book I found Jenny’s story and complicated post divorce friendship with Owen to be interesting and a new take on cheating But Rachel’s storyline did nothing for me it read too simplistic and predictable there was no new territory trod here Adam was reduced to a caricature of the cheating husband when what I would have preferred was nuance and grey areas A future male love interest is glimpsed for Rachel but he came so far out of left field as to be a bit ridiculous And I didn’t like the treatment of the “other woman” – ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ are bandied about because she’s as much a caricature as Adam and one moment in which Rachel shows a glimmer of sympathy for her felt trite ‘If You Only Knew’ did remind me a small bit of Liane Moriarty’s ‘The Husband's Secret’ that book is all about marriages and their myriad twists and turns surprises even for the parties involved But where I walked away from Moriarty’s ‘The Husband's Secret’ – which also has a strong through line of extramarital affairs – with a feeling that Moriarty had brought something new to the “wronged woman” and “cheating louse” tropes I came out of ‘If You Only Knew’ thinking only that Higgins didn’t shine any new lights on the topic and instead trod a careful and predictable path There is a small dose of romance in the book for Jenny – in the form of her super Leo a mysterious man who claims to only be for “recreational” purposes This romance is so tonally different from what Higgins normally writes there’s no lightness or humour really in the whole book and especially not much around Leo and Jenny Even Higgin’s trademark – a dog in every book – is depressing with the dog a literal symbol of sadness and loss One thing I really loved was Manhattan as a character When the book begins Jenny has moved to back to her hometown an hour out of Manhattan and the move is a break up in itself from the city that never sleeps; What I didn’t uite expect was that as soon as I left Manhattan behind the beneficent regal creature forgot me It tolerated me when I was a student of eighteen it gave me my chance it celebrated me when I made it and it forgot me the second I drove over the Henry Hudson Bridge You’re always just a foster child in the city that never sleeps The second you go someone else takes your room I did like aspects of this book I think Higgins’ exploring Jenny and Rachel’s sisterly bond was lovely and nuanced – and perhaps that’s the real romance in ‘If You Only Knew’ between two sisters whose friendship starts out strong and just gets stronger by the end But I think Higgins also missed an opportunity to explore deeper family ramifications of cheating by choosing to keep a few secrets only to Jenny I didn’t love ‘If You Only Knew’ certainly not as much as I’ve come to crave Higgins’ romance books That being said – I think she’s onto something with a foray into women’s fiction and a step back from her usual romance genre I just wish she’d remember that writing without the intention of a happily ever after man on her heroine’s arm doesn’t mean she should lose that sense of humour that readers have come to love35

  10. BookLover BookLover says:

    I was blown away though not surprised by If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins I’ve been trying to put my finger on why this book read so different for me than others by this author and I came up with two main reasons 1 this story is actually two stories in one the story of two sisters Rachel and Jenny each told in the first person 2 while most Kristan Higgins books tell the story of one heroine trying to come to peace with issues in their lives and finding love along the way this story starts at a point in Rachel and Jenny’s lives when each have already supposedly “figured it all out” and found their “happily ever after” As we all know real life is never this neat and Rachel and Jenny illustrate this in their own uniue and heartbreaking waysWhile I love the escapism of romance novels with their neat little bows all tied up at the end I also enjoy a good “story” messiness and all If You Only Knew delivered this in spades Jenny younger sister to Rachel a successful wedding dress designer couldn’t seem to help herself while befriending her ex husband’s wife and remaining close friends with Owen and Ana Sofia despite her being blind sighted and devastated over Owen leaving herRachel a stay at home mom to her adorable triplets had been married for nearly ten years to Adam Right around the time Jenny moved back to their hometown to open a dress shop Rachel starts being suspicious that Adam was cheatingI felt all kinds of emotions while reading this story sadness frustration it was hard with the two points of view and two stories because I would just start really getting into one sister’s story and then it would switch over to the other’s point of view disbelief melancholy and happinessIt’s so easy to be on the outside and make judgement of others but not so easy to be living in those shoes I wanted to give Jenny a shake at many of her decisions I couldn’t understand why she kept Owen and his new wife in her life after the way he treated her I was constantly angry on her behalf When she starts an ill advised “relationship” I winced knowing the train wreck she was blindly moving towardsRachel broke my heart She was so painfully shy and unsure of herself and her worth Her dreams were simple and I hated the way they were thrown in her face and used against her to keep her from standing up for herself I was surprised but not truly when I really think about it by the way she decided to handle her husband’s affair I felt like no matter what she did there would be no way to avoid sadness It seemed like such a no win situationLots of great characters in this story and I must say the resolution and way the resolution came about surprised me in both sister’s cases There were enough people and situations thrown in there to make me unsure what would happen I loved seeing Jenny and Rachel come into their own and find their way to happiness despite their life not turning out the way they had envisionedI was sad I didn’t get to read about any of Kristan’s trademark ill fated online dating disasters for either of her heroines but there were still some great bits of humour to help dull the pain of the serious nature of this storyLeo Jenny’s superintendent was at times great for a laugh especially in his ineptness in actually carrying out any of his job duties He had a very dead pan way of putting things out there “Leo gets up and glances at the ceiling Call someone about that light I just moved here myself and don't know anyone Oh and could you have him stop down at my place? My toaster doesn't work unless I plug it in the hallwayI look at him for a second You blew a fuse That's probably why my light won't go onAh FascinatingWhere's the fuse box?What's a fuse box?Are you serious? How did you get this job?I already told you Good looks and charm” Gus though not a main character had such a great attitude and made me smile I really wanted to see of him “Can I open the van door? he asksI nod He slides it open and the girls all fall silent immediately at the sight of a strangerYou must be the Puke Sisters he saysYou not funny Rose says and her own comment makes her laugh then puke againYou're gross Gus says” Above all else I adored the love and support Jenny and Rachel were able to provide for one another “You deserve a husband who'd cut off his own dick before he'd cheat on you Rach You doMaybe we can put that in my Matchcom profile I suggest hiccuping on a sob” Absolutely loved this

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If You Only Knew❮Reading❯ ➺ If You Only Knew ➲ Author Kristan Higgins – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A funny frank and bittersweet look at sisters marriage and moving on from the New York Times bestselling author of the Blue Heron series Letting go of her ex husband is harder than wedding dress desi A funny frank and bittersweet look at sisters marriage and moving on from the New York Times bestselling author of the Blue Heron series Letting go of her ex husband is harder than wedding If You PDF/EPUB ² dress designer Jenny Tate expectedespecially since his new wife wants to be Jenny's new best friend Needing closure Jenny trades the Manhattan skyline for her hometown up the Hudson where she'll start her own business and bask in her sister Rachel's picture perfect family lifeand maybe even find a little romance of her own with Leo her downstairs neighbor who's utterly irresistible and annoyingly distant at the same time Rachel's idyllic marriage however is imploding after she discovers what looks like her husband's infidelity She always thought she'd walk away in this situation but now she's wavering much to Jenny's surprise Rachel points to their parents' perfect marriage as a shining example of patience and forgiveness; but to protect her sister Jenny may have to tarnish that memory—and their relationship­—and reveal a family secret she's been keeping since childhood Both Rachel and Jenny will have to come to terms with the past and the present and find a way to help each other get what they want most of all.

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Kristan Higgins is the New York Times USA TODAY Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of novels which have been translated into than two dozen languages and sold millions of If You PDF/EPUB ² copies worldwide Her books have received dozens of awards and accolades including starred reviews from Kirkus The New York Journal of Books Publishers Weekly Library Journal People and.