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Fighting Cockpits ❰BOOKS❯ ✸ Fighting Cockpits Author Donald Nijboer – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk What was it like to sit in the pilot's seat and take control of a P 51 Mustang in World War II What about an F 14 Tomcat at the height of the Cold War Or a Lockheed Martin F 22 Raptor today The cockpi What was it like to sit in the pilot's seat and take control of a P Mustang in World War II What about an F Tomcat at the height of the Cold War Or a Lockheed Martin F Raptor today The cockpits of these fighter and bomber aircraft are revealed in Fighting Cockpits Showcasing than of the world's most famous combat cockpits from early World War I aircraft to present day fighters this book includes than rich color photos from photographer Dan Patterson as well as detailed history about combat cockpit development from aviation expert and historian Donald NijboerPresented in large format you'll be blown away by studio shot spreads of views from the cockpits vintage photographs of the aircrafts in action and modern photography of surviving crafts This book will complete any history buff or aviation enthusiast's libraryAircraft includeWind in the Wires Nieuport Royal Aircraft Factory SE Bristol F Fokker DrI Sopwith Camel Sopwith Triplane AEG GIV SPAD VII Halberstadt CLIV Fokker DVIIThe Rise of the Monoplane Martin MB Hawker Hind Fiat CR Boeing P Peashooter Curtiss FC Sparrowhawk Vought SBU Vindicator Westland Lysander PZL PWorld War II Supermarine Spitfire Messerschmitt Bf Republic P Thunderbolt North American P Mustang Handley Page Halifax Vickers Wellington Focke Wulf Fw Wurger Fairey Firefly Fiat CR Ilyushin Il Sturmovik Heinkel He Uhu Kawasaki Ki Toryu Curtiss SBC Helldiver Northrop P Black Widow Boeing B Flying Fortress Boeing B Superfortress Dornier Do Pfeil Messerschmitt Me Schwalbe Arado Ar BlitzCold War to the Present North American F Sabre Boeing B Stratofortress Grumman A Intruder General Dynamics F Aardvark Hawker Siddeley Harrier McDonnell DouglasBoeing F Eagle Grumman F Tomcat Fairchild Republic A Thunderbolt II General DynamicsLockheed Martin F Fighting Falcon Mikoyan MiG Rockwell B Lancer Lockheed Martin F Nighthawk Lockheed Martin F Raptor Lockheed Martin F Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

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  1. Jim Gallen Jim Gallen says:

    “Fighting Cockpits” is another of uartro Publishings’ oversized illustrated coffee table books This one focuses on famous Warbirds from World War I to the present primarily from the pilot’s viewpoint Each of the 51 featured aircraft has its own two to four page entry that contains the title of the model a color photo of its cockpit as displayed in a contemporary museum a description of the plane’s history and usually the Pilot’s Impressions written by a modern pilot who has flown the model On the later pages of the sections are diagrams or pictures of the planes either on land or in the air sometimes with the men who flew them The photos really add a lot Aircraft from several nations and many manufacturers are includedAs I advanced through the book I noticed the progressively complex cockpits with dials that eventually gave way to touch screen controls I enjoyed the pilots’ comments about the strengths and limitations of the various aircraft The visual limitations from upper wings of bi planes and the varying comfort levels of the pilots’ seats were things that I had not thought of beforeI appreciated being introduced to the many warbirds covered in this work uit a few of the aircraft pictured are on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton When I travel there or to other air museums I will be looking for some of the details I have read about in this book This is one I will keep handy As encounter references to airplanes in other military histories I am sure that I will pull “Fighting Cockpits” off the shelf for a refresher on the aircraft about which I am reading I am sure you will enjoy the text and pictures in this tome as much as I haveI did win a free copy of this book in a drawing without the obligation to write a review

  2. Monty Monty says:

    Fabulously uniue photo history of military aircraft from the cockpit perspective There are also exterior photos but the color interiors will enthuse flight buffs pilots artists and modelers alike The evolution of the flight cockpit from the Bleriot XI up to the F 22 Raptor is highlighted along with the FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS from the pilots perspective Some of these planes were a dream to fly others were nightmares Rare birds are included such as the He 219 Uhu first aircraft with a compressed air ejection seat the Me 262 and the Arado 234 Blitz jet bomber Other mainstays such as the Ilyushin Shturmavik Bf 109 Spitfire P 51 P 47 B 17 B 29 first aircraft were the pilot was a manager and didn't really fly the plane A special treat of a book for flight afficianados that also includes some data and trivia about the planes catalogued

  3. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    This is a fantastic book that will be passed along to a private pilot that I knowThe author and photographer did an excellent job of showing the reader the evolution of the air combat plane's cockpits Every once of this historical evolution is displayed in this over sized book It is remarkableI won a copy of this book from GoodReads in exchange for a review

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