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10 thoughts on “Struggling With Scripture

  1. Jeff Jeff says:

    This book with chapters by Brueggemann Placher and Blount is a good brief read on the theme that taking scripture seriously reuires deep engagement with the text in the struggle to understand its meaning Taking scripture seriously means we cannot use it to bolster our biases and preferences but we allow ourselves to come under it's light

  2. Melissa Greene Melissa Greene says:

    Excellent book It gives 3 different lectures from 3 renowned theologians on the topic of scripture interpretation and specifically discussing homosexuality and the Bible

  3. Drew Drew says:

    Worth looking at for Placher’s chapter but the others were not especially interesting

  4. Erin Henry Erin Henry says:

    Short essays that make you think

  5. Chet Duke Chet Duke says:

    I found this for 75 at a used book store What a powerful short read This is something of a Post liberal theology of scripture in a nutshell The authors are also highly complementary of one another

  6. Jon Gill Jon Gill says:

    This book is a great introduction into how reading scripture differently doesn't mean we take it less seriously To someone who had been taught only to read things mostly literally it opened up a whole new world of active responsibility that I hadn't known I had the responsibility to truly struggle with the text and context rather than passively receive its mandates You don't have to agree with all of the authors' examples or theological positions to appreciate the importance of this responsibility If we say we uphold scripture as vital what vitality do we see? The Word of God is living and active and while that doesn't mean it has to be all entirely relative it does mean that we do need to engage with it in our own time experience and inner self What we find when we actively struggle with scripture will be far rewarding than hoping we got our first read rightOverall I like the theme of scripture being a conversation starter not a conversation ender

  7. Liz Johnson Liz Johnson says:

    Christians read all the words as the last word and do what they say whatever they say'I won't try to find a way to do differently because it's too hard' It's supposed to be hard stupid Whoever would be my disciple must take up my hard cross and follow follow daily follow into tomorrow where every word is a living word for people living where they are in the present and future not in somebody else's past One of my favorite uotes from the book it's a reminder that the biblical words are living which has been personally hard to grasp over time I usually want the Word to be a last word so I have an answer to a uestion etc Having to live with constant certainty is exhausting I hope to let go of my own need for certainty and let the living word be a uestionable mystery that can speak infinitely and never die because a last word is death and a living word is life God is the God of the living not the deadGreat read

  8. Suni Suni says:

    This very short book consists of three lectures in written form The first is by Walter Brueggemann the second by William Plancher and the third by Brian Blount All three are good but Brueggemann's piece is stronger than the other two meatier deeper most engaging and better written Each take a slightly different view on why we struggle with scripture but the common thread is that the authors encourage such struggling and believe that the Bible deserves to be read with critical thought than a plain literal readingBrueggemann goes deep with a few words he manages to emphasize the importance of the inspired word to Christians while encouraging imaginative interpretation I enjoyed this book and will probably return to it

  9. John Powell John Powell says:

    This book really helped me to understand how two people can love the Bible and come down on different sides of issues It helped me to recognize how arrogant it is to believe that if you don't interpret the Bible the same way I do then obviously you don't take the Bible as seriously as I doThat sounds moronic now but honestly that what many of us are taught to believe It's our way or the wrong way

  10. Tim Tim says:

    We just read this for a church retreat and I thought the 3 essays about 'biblical authority' were generally well thought out and interesting The authors from different perspectives argue against the simple fundamentalist reading of the bible and for the necessity of 'interpreting' the bible and the inevitability of disagreement

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Struggling With Scripture ❰Read❯ ➪ Struggling With Scripture Author Walter Brueggemann – Challenging the traditional meaning of Scripture is not easy even in the face of issues that call into uestion those traditional interpretations In these reflections Walter Brueggemann says that the B Challenging the traditional meaning of Scripture is not easy even in the face of issues that call into uestion those traditional interpretations In these reflections Walter Brueggemann says that the Bible as the live word of the living God will not submit to the accounts we prefer to give it The Bible's inherent central evangelical proclamation Struggling With ePUB í has greater and permanent authority than our inescapably provisional interpretations William Placher notes that taking the Bible most seriously means struggling to understand its meaning as well as affirming its truth And Brian Blount distinguishes what some may claim as a last word which is necessarily a dead word from the living word that is God's word to us today.