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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    I loved everything about this book from the first to the last page It's not mind bending earth shattering or gut wrenching and I didn't walk away with any big message It is however an engaging multigenerational family saga spanning almost a century and I found that I didn't want to put it down There was not one minute that I wasn't interested in Amedeo Esposito his family and their life on Castellamare a five mile island off the coast of Sicily so small that your neighbors know things about you before you do Amedeo was an orphan a foundling who was helped along the way in Florence by a caring doctor He comes to the island in 1914 when he is 40 years old to take the position of island Doctor but importantly seeking a place he could call home and the life he has longed for He finds that home and that life when he marries Pina and together they build a family and a business in the cafebar The House at the Edge of the Night But life on the island is not always idyllic People are not perfect and it is Amedeo himself who creates some scandal on the island There are wonderful characters you will love with a couple of exceptions among the inhabitants of Castellamare A place isolated from the modern world immune to most of what happened outside of but not the changing tides in Italy The outside world creeps in in the form of the fascisti as the island becomes an out post for Il Duce's prisoners and the sons are called to warAn integral part of the story is Amedeo's love of stories stories of saints and miracles of fantasy and curses and real stories of the past He makes a practice of recording in a red notebook the stories he's told from when he was a child through his adult life This beautiful collecting and telling of these stories which the author tells us in a note are based on Italian folklore You don't have to believe in miracles or magic you only have to believe in the people of this island the Esposito family over the decades and the townspeople because it's their humanity that made the everyday miracles in this story It's a story of a family legacy The House at the a Edge of the Night and the red notebook of stories they pass on Catherine Banner clearly has a talent as a story teller and has created a beautiful story with an amazing sense of place and characterizations Highly recommendedThanks to Random House Publishing Group Random House and NetGalley

  2. Jen Jen says:

    I love stories within stories stacked inside each other reminds me of those Russian dolls and how they all fit together This is such a storyIn the Mediterranean between Africa and Sicily lies the small island of Castellamare A remote place where it is said to have had weeping curse put on it from centuries past This is a sweeping saga of 4 generations of a family the Espositos The secrets the relationships the flawed characters and the links that brought them together as well as separated themSpectacular imagery an air of mystery rich with folklore stories this was divine read 5

  3. PorshaJo PorshaJo says:

    I loved this book I loved the beautiful cover which initially drew me to this book I loved the story the sweeping saga over many generations of the Esposito family I loved the audio narration Edoardo Ballerini is an amazing narrator and he adds so much to the story I loved the House at the Edge of Night surrounded in bougainvillea I want to go there sit in the cafe and drink limoncelloThe House at the Edge of Night is a magical story told over many many years about a small island called Castellamare One day a young man arrives on the island to be the island doctor He is Amedeo Esposito and at some point he purchases the House at the Edge of Night and restores the cafe for himself and all of the islanders He eventually marries and has children The story told is about his life his children and their lives and his children's childrens lives But importantly it tells the story of all of those that live on the island and at times visit the island There are so many wonderful characters in this story The House at the Edge of Night seems to be the heart of the island the gathering place for the locals and the place at which many generations of Espositos live and workWhen I saw the cover I was intrigued I read a few GR friends reviews and sought out the book I love love love Edoardo Ballerini as a narrator so I knew I had to listen to this one via audio He does such an amazing job with all the voices the pace is perfect and his voice lends to that magical uality of this entire book I saw many lists of the 'best covers of 2016' and was sadly shocked to see this book did not make the list Nor did it make many top read's lists except by many on GR I could have had of this wonderful story tell me about the next generation of Espositos A highlight for year end 2016 and first 5 star read for 2017 And one I will read again in the future

  4. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Once upon a time there was an enchanted island called Castellamare located off the coast of Sicily Within the island was an enchanted place a home but also a meeting eating and drinking place for the islanders call the House at the edge of night The island people worshipped their patron saint Santa' Agata and on her name day celebrated with parades and great feasts Families lived on this island for generations and many of them we as a reader are fortunate to meet It begins with the arrival of a young giant of a man Amedeo a doctor who after a few missteps will find a home and love on this island Will create a family and collect the stories the folklore that the people cherishWhat a wonderful and fun read This is a place only the second after Three Pines of the Louise Penney books that I wish I could visit Feel like I could walk up to these uirky wonderful characters recognize each one and feel right at home From this island we experience the war the depression marriages deaths happiness and sadness The birth of new generations the heartbreak when one decides to leave and make their home away from the island The sights the sounds the beautiful scenery the fishing boats the old men and women the young Loved the way this was told and wish I didn't have to leave think uite possibly like many on the island I too would have happily stayedARC from netgalley and Random House

  5. Julie Julie says:

    The House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner is a 2016 Random House publication This book came highly recommended by several of my Goodreads friends who described the book as a family saga so I knew I had to check it out This story is centered around the Esposito family living on the island of Castellamare in Italy The island is remote but has its own fiefdoms power struggles and is fraught with personal family dramas and scandals Beginning with Amedeo Esposito who arrives on the island as the first doctor the island ever welcomed but eventually opens ‘The House at the Edge of Night’ a barcafé which becomes a center point of the island where the residents gather for fellowship communication and of course gossip The story follows Amedeo his wife Pina and their children as they go through wars conflicts financial fallouts and personal issues within marriages and families which entails sibling rivalry jealousy love won and lost and found again I absolutely love love love family sagas Sadly sweeping sagas are far and few between these days but perhaps wonderful stories like this one will inspire interest it them This is a beautiful story rich in details with incredibly well drawn characters which makes it so easy to become immersed in the story and to care for the Esposito family I found myself completely wound up in their dramas the amazingly beautiful setting the culture and the realistic portrayal of human beings with all their foibles and strengths This is a powerful and lush story filled with charm and enhanced with folk tales and tradition I never wanted the story to end but was so happy with the family’s perseverance in the face of adversity the way they came together and remained committed despite the challenges they faced I was impressed with the storytelling here and believe this is a story anyone can enjoy I wish there were many novels like this one

  6. Linda Linda says:

    I received a copy of The House at the Edge of Night through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Random House Publishing and to Catherine Banner for the opportunitySometimes just sometimes we wish to lay with elbows bent in front of a fire encased in the warmth of a sage storyteller who leans mind to mind into our cozy space Because dear reader it is all in those simple wordsCatherine Banner presents a story set in the Mediterranean island of Castellamare The ancient isle is surrounded in rugged volcanic rock the ruins of earthuakes of long ago tiny fisherman boats bobbing in the waves of the bay and landscaped with people who bear the fine honing of those who came before themOne of those well sculpted people is Amedeo Esposito Amedeo knows abandonment first hand as a foundling He is taken under the wing of the town's doctor and whittled into a medico through deep trial and error Amedeo surrounds himself with his collection of artifacts and his ability to touch deeply into the heart He meets the stoic Pina and they soon marry And slowly the stories pour out upon the page as Castellamare is affected by world wars disease birth and death For his own spirit these days could be precisely divided half of it light and fathomable half as dark and deep as the oceanThe House at the Edge of Night is just thatthe rising of the sun in one's life and the eventual darkness at the end of life's day Banner writes beautifully and describes so well the inner workings of a simple life complicated by the intrusions of the world The characters will stay with you long after the last page Involved and yet uninvolved Simple and yet complicated Banner leans into the story and you will as well

  7. Dem Dem says:

    What a beautiful Reading Experience an enchanting and sweeping story set over four generations Sometimes a book just needs to tell a story and that is exactly what The House At The Edge Of Night doesI love books set on Islands and Catherine Banner's story set on the tiny idyllic island of Castellamare is beautifully written with an extremely likable cast of characters that stay with you long after you have turned the last pageThis is a uite novel no major dramas or twists or turns just a beautiful well written story with interesting characters A story where very little happens and yet everything happens over a span of four generations The people of Castellamare are transformed by two world wars and a great recession by the threat of fascism and their deep bonds of passion and friendship and by bitter rivalries and the power of forgivenessI loved following the lives of the Esposito family and the other islanders and really got a sense of time and place of Castellamare I ordered the Hardback edition of this Book and so happy to have this one on my bookshelfI had a rating of 5 starts in my head through the first 350 pages of the Novel but I did find the last 100 pages ran out of steam and hence the reason for my 4 star ratingHaving said that I really enjoyed the read great writing and interesting characters

  8. Esil Esil says:

    I loved reading The House at the Edge of Night It's not great literature or particularly deep but it was a lovely absorbing story Spanning the 20th century and early 21st century and 4 generations it focuses on a few characters on a small island at the very southern tip of Italy They go through world events but with the buffering that necessarily comes from being part of a tight knit community on an island Old tensions fester and pass through the generations New generations try to change old ways with mixed success There are strong women and idiosyncratic characters There are superstitions that prove a little false and a little true In other words it has all the ingredients I like in this kind of historical family saga good characters some original plot twists and really good sense of place and history without the elements I don't tend to like too much sentimentality and melodrama I wouldn't want to mislead anyone this is definitely a book that plays on your heart strings but it hit the right chords for me A good summer read for lazy vacation days I wish Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for a chance to read an advance copyA note on the cover Yuck I don't like this cover I never would have considered reading this book based on the cover It looks like a 6th grader's art project Thankfully I read Angela's excellent review and was convinced to read this lovely book despite the tacky cover

  9. Karen Karen says:

    I just loved this novel of four generations of a family on a Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy starting with Amedeo a foundling from Florence who arrived here as a doctor for the island He with his book of stories spanning many years along with his personal indiscretion and what became of it for his family I just loved the story and reading about the island life and their house and bar named The Island at the Edge of Night

  10. Dianne Dianne says:

    This was a real fishes and loaves book for me No matter how much I read when I went to pick it up again it seemed like there was still infinity pages to go The book that kept on giving even when I didn't want it toThe multi generational saga follows a young doctor who settles on a remote island off the coast of Sicily called Castellamare The doctor falls in love with the island and its inhabitants and marries a local widow Their tale leads to their daughter's tale to her son's tale to her granddaughter's tale Along the way the island and its inhabitants provide local color and charm In the background world events World War I facism the world economy provide additional layers of depth The House at the Edge of Night referred to in the book's title is a beloved bar owned by the doctor's family through the years and is the heart of the storyI liked it but it was too long and meandering for me I am the outlier on this one so perhaps I was just not in the right mood for a leisurely story spanning almost 100 years If you enjoy family sagas and lovely settings and don't mind a slower pace of story telling you will probably really enjoy thisI liked it didn't love it I did however love the book's cover Beautiful

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The House at the Edge of Night [PDF / Epub] ☀ The House at the Edge of Night ✍ Catherine Banner – Castellamare is an island far enough away from the mainland to be forgotten but not far enough to escape from the world's troubles At the center of the island's life is a cafe draped with bougainville Castellamare is an island far at the PDF ↠ enough away from the mainland to be forgotten but not far enough to escape from the world's troubles At the center of the island's life is a cafe draped with bougainvillea called the House at the The House Epub / Edge of Night where the community gathers to gossip and talk Amedeo Esposito a foundling from Florence finds his destiny on the island with his beautiful wife Pina whose fierce intelligence grace and unwavering love guide her every move An indiscretion tests House at the PDF/EPUB ¼ their marriage and their children three sons and an inuisitive daughter grow up and struggle with both humanity's cruelty and its capacity for love and mercySpanning nearly a century through secrets and mysteries trials and sacrifice this beautiful and haunting novel follows House at the Edge of Epub / the lives of the Esposito family and the other islanders who live and love on Castellamare a cruel count and his bewitching wife a priest who loves scandal a prisoner of war turned poet an outcast girl who becomes a pillar of strength a wounded English soldier who emerges from the sea The people of Castellamare are transformed by two world wars and a great recession House at the Edge of Epub / by the threat of fascism and their deep bonds of passion and friendship and by bitter rivalries and the power of forgivenessCatherine Banner has written an enthralling character rich novel epic in scope but intimate in feeling At times the island itself seems alive a mythical place where the earth heaves with stories and this magical novel takes you there.