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Once Upon a Wine Black Dog Bay #4 ❮Download❯ ➵ Once Upon a Wine Black Dog Bay #4 Author Beth Kendrick – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk From the “sharp sassy and surprisingly emotional” author of Put a Ring on It New Uses for Old Boyfriends and The Week Before the Wedding a new novel set in the charming seaside town of Black Dog B From the “sharp sassy and surprisingly emotional” author a Wine MOBI õ of Put a Ring on It New Uses for Old Boyfriends and The Week Before the Wedding a new novel set in Once Upon MOBI :Ê the charming seaside town of Black Dog Bay Delaware  Cammie Breyer needs a big glass of cabernet—her restaurant failed and her chef boyfriend left for a hotter kitchen Just when she Upon a Wine PDF/EPUB » thinks she’s hit rock bottom her Aunt Ginger calls with a surprise She’s bought a vineyard—in Delaware At Ginger’s command Cammie returns to Black Dog Bay the seaside town where she Upon a Wine Black Dog Kindle - spent her childhood summers with her aunt and her cousin Kat   The three women reunite determined to succeed There’s only one little problem None of them knows the first thing about wine making And it turns out owning a vineyard isn’t all wine and roses It’s dirt sweat and desperation Every day brings financial pitfalls unruly tourists romantic dilemmas and second thoughts  But even as they struggle they cultivate hidden talents and new passions While the grapes ripen under the summer sun Cammie discovers that love like wine is layered complex delicious and worth waiting for.

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  1. Brandie Brandie says:

    This book was exactly what I needed this week I loved everything about it – the setting the relationships between the characters the humor It wasn’t just a romance it was a story about the importance of family and of self discovery The family bond that Cammie Kat and Ginger had was so solid and heartwarming I adored Ian and the zero angst romance between him and Cammie I loved the witty banter and although it’s a predictable story it was such a delight to read Plus it’s about wine so how could I not love it? ARC kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review

  2. Obsidian Obsidian says:

    I really wanted to like this one But everything from beginning to end felt like paint by numbers Even the romance between the characters seemed a foregone conclusion and I I found myself bored I was happier to read about previous characters when they showed up in this book I think my biggest problem is that this whole thing was so far fetched and not believable A woman Cammie is called to help by her cousin Kat when her aunt Ginger buys a winery on a whim in Delaware Cammie is still reeling from being dumped by her ex and being left bankrupt by him when their restaurant failed Running back to Delaware where she left her last serious boyfriend is not what she wants to do They of course have an awkward meet up and then she of course needs the ex's help while trying to keep her aunt's winery afloat I really wanted to like Cammie but felt meh on her I outright got really tired of the character of Kat who is going through a mid life crisis and acts like a jerk towards her husband through the whole book and then magically resolves things Ginger was just frustrating since she refuses to see what her being a winery without any idea how to run it causes problems to her daughter and niece I guess I needed some real life tension in this book to be included It just felt like everything related to this installment was going through the motions

  3. LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL says:

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsThe cover grabbed my attention and what followed was a delightful summer readCammie used to summer in Black Dog Bay but when her cousin calls to say she must come there right away she has no idea what she is coming back to It seems her aunt has bought a winery and because Cammie had a restaurant and could talk a good wine game she thinks Cammie is has the expertise needed to manage a winery Hard work and determination may help Cammie save her aunt and her cousin from bankruptcy A certain farmer may just make Cammie glad she returned to take on this enormous taskI discovered this author and this series last year and I am glad I did When I need a break from my usual mysteries her books seem to be just what I need Black Dog Bay is uite a place – “the best place in America to bounce back from your breakup” With places like Better Off Bed and Breakfast the Eat Your Heart Out bakery and the Whinery bar Black Dog Bay offers a haven for the suddenly single So Cammie has come to the right place Her cousin Kat is married but things in her life are far from paradise so maybe this little adventure can put things back on track Aunt Ginger is recovering from a traumatic event and doesn’t have a man in her life but is open to the idea And that cute little bulldog on the cover is Jacue he makes himself right at home with all 3 of them at Lost Dog VineyardThis is a funny lighthearted story about a true family bond These women are so clearly in over their heads but are determined to make wine without a lot of whining A few trips to the Whinery bar and some guidance from someone that knows about growing fruits and the weather help get them off to a good start I admire the courage they had and the way they didn’t give upLike any romantic comedy readmovie the ending is predictable but I really enjoyed my escape to Black Dog Bay The author tells the story in a clever way with a few laugh out loud moments I was very pleased with the way the theme “bloom where you are planted” ran through the entire storyThis book is part of a series that all take place in the same location but are stand alone stories

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    I have been enjoying Beth Kendrick's Black Dog Bay series It's a fun escape and I enjoy visualizing the different places in the town If the focus weren't so much on break ups I'd want to take a trip there I also love that characters from previous novels make an appearance or two The books can be read as stand alone but buyer beware that there are spoilers for the previous novels based on who shows up in the following ones Once Upon a Wine is one of the happy go lucky novels in this series While there are conflicts that come up everything seems easily resolvable and Cammie seems to come through it all no worse for the wear I enjoyed the entrepreneur aspect of the story as the women are trying to bring business to the vineyard They had some fun and creative ideas that I would have liked to see played out Kat's story stood out to me than Cammie's She was struggling with both marriage and career complications making it seem like she had a mid life crisis in her early thirties She brought drama to a light and entertaining novel I also liked getting to know Jenna the owner of The Whinery in this book She needs her own novel already Especially now that there are new developments in her lifeOverall this is great for a day at the beach and it moves along uickly Easy to breeze through in a short amount of time It's also a good cure for a book hangover from an intense novel Beth just needs to find a way to produce and sell the wine that was being served throughout most of the story It would be perfect to have in hand while reading this novel as a way to enhance the moodMovie casting ideas even though Black Dog Bay could work well as a TV series tooCammie Amanda Crew Kat Bryce Dallas Howard Ginger Susan Sarandon Ian Scott Eastwood Josh Sam Page Jenna Lake Bell

  5. Carmen Carmen says:

    “This is like the start of a romantic comedy Hot local farmer cute city girl who's inherited a vineyard Opposites attract Lots of touching and glancing in the grapevines”“I didn't inherit anything” Cammie rolled her eyes “I'm just here because you told me to come”“At the end they whip up some fancy wine that's so good everyone in Napa cries with shame”“Despite the fact that the cute city girl has no clue about how to grow harvest or make wine?”“Yes It's a miracle They make tons of money move to France and live happily ever after” Kat snapped her fingers “We'll call itOnce Upon a Wine”

  6. Eva • All Books Considered Eva • All Books Considered says:

    Review originally posted at All Books Considered 25 STARS This was pretty cute definitely a fun and fast read that would be perfect for the beach I didn't love Cammie something about her hesitancy and voice threw me off a bit but I wholeheartedly fell for her old love Ian Not only is he a farmer but he goes out of his way to help Cammie and there were so much swoon A fun second chance romance but I think a lot of the scenes that were supposed to be funny just weren't And my favorite character in the entire book was probably Kat even though she frustrated me to no end but I just loved the idea of her being a retired professional skateboarder since I used to skateboard in high school and it is so rare to find books or any media with female skateboarders This wasn't my favorite but I've seen other rave reviews so you may love it This is like the start of a romantic comedy Hot local farmer cute city girl who's inherited a vineyard Opposites attract Lots of touching and glancing in the grapevines I didn't inherit anything Cammie rolled her eyes I'm just here because you told me to come At the end they whip up some fancy wine that's so good everyone in Napa cries with shame Despite the fact that cute city girl has no clue about how to grow harvest or make wine? Yes It's a miracle They make tons of money move to France and live happily ever after Kat snapped her fingers We'll call it Once Upon a Wine

  7. Barb (Boxermommyreads) Barb (Boxermommyreads) says:

    I don't usually read a lot of contemporaries but I read one by Beth Kendrick last year that I absolutely loved and this is a companion book set in the same town so I couldn't resist picking it up Plus isn't summer the best time to read these type of books?Once Upon a Wine is the 4th Black Dog Bay book You really don't need to read them in order as only some characters make minor appearances later on in them In fact I still haven't read books 1 and 2 although this one seals the deal and I'm putting them on reserve at the library as soon as I can Cammie lives in LA but her life is drastically going downhill her restaurant tanked after her chefboyfriend jumped ship and she lost her job as a waitress Cammie gets a call from her cousin Kat advising the her Aunt Ginger just bought a vineyard in Black Dog Bay None of them know much about what they are doing but since Ginger raised Cammie after her parents died she returns to Deleware to help figure the winery business out Add in Kat's marriage is on the rocks and Cammie's ex boyfriedfarmer still lives in the area and you have a great family centered novel with enough romance to keep you interested but not enough to make you ueasy Kendrick has really created uite a town in Black Dog Bay It's a beach side location where people come to mend their heartbreaks and often end up finding new loves There is also a mysterious ghost of a black dog that is sometimes seen in town and is a harbinger of good things to come This book has the right amount of humor and drama and once I started I couldn't really put it down Now the real reason for the 55 rating I really did love the book and it would have definitely have gotten 45 but enter Jacues see the cute dog on the cover? In the book Kat's husband buys her Jacues as a gift because she always wanted a dog and he just makes the book He is a retired show dog who thinks he is a farm dog who ends up being the hero of Black Dog Vineyard He is so cute and the authorpublisher gets extra points because the dog on the cover looks like the dog described in the book a major pet peeve of mineSo if you like contemporary books and are looking for a light summer read with some substance you should give Kendrick a try As I mentioned I plan on reading books 1 and 2 and learn about this little hidden town in DelewareI received an ARC of this book from the Penguin First to Read program in exchange for an honest review

  8. Ann Ann says:

    This is a nice romance that is light hearted and fun to read Most of Beth Kendrick's books have a dog with an important role for the story This one has Jacue the French bulldog helping with the publicity for a new winery Set in coastal Delaware Cammie returns to help her Aunt and Cousin start up a winery and discovers her summer love from 10 years ago still lives on the farm outside of town A pleasure to read such a feel good story once in awhile

  9. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Corny but cute This is definitely a beach read predictable and lighthearted but still a fun story Three ladies trying to launch their own vineyard in a breakup themed town while figuring out their own life crises and a cute dog to boot

  10. DeB MaRtEnS DeB MaRtEnS says:

    I simply couldn't get interested so no rating Chick lit with a nice story no pizazz my attention became a deficit

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