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Home Field [KINDLE] ❃ Home Field Author Hannah Gersen – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The heart of Friday Night Lights meets the emotional resonance and nostalgia of My So Called Life in this utterly moving debut novel about tradition family love and footballAs the high school football The heart of Friday Night Lights meets the emotional resonance and nostalgia of My So Called Life in this utterly moving debut novel about tradition family love and footballAs the high school football coach in his small rural Maryland town Dean is a hero who reorganized the athletic program and brought the state championship to the community When he married Nicole—the beloved town sweetheart—he seemed to have it all—until his troubled wife committed suicide Now everything Dean thought he knew about his life and the people in it is thrown off kilter as Nicole’s death forces him to re evaluate all of his relationships including those with his team and his three childrenDean’s eleven year old son Robbie is acting withdrawn and running away from school to the local pizza parlor Bry who is only eight is struggling to understand his mother’s untimely death And nineteen year old Stephanie has just left for Swarth and is torn between her new identity as a rebellious and sophisticated college student her responsibility towards her brothers and feeling like she is still just a little girl who misses her mom As Dean struggles to continue to lead his team to victory in light of his overwhelming personal loss he must fix his fractured family—and himself And what he discovers along the way is that he’ll never view the world in the same way againTransporting you to the heart of small town America Home Field is an unforgettable poignant story about the pull of the past and the power of forgiveness.

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  1. Annie Annie says:

    Read the review here Do you love the 90s and small town stories? If so you should get your hands on this book It’s a bit long and not a lot happens but I felt like I was watching a beautiful film one of those movies I used to love when I was kid I really believe this could become a great filmThis is not one of those plot driven novels I usually read it’s actually character driven everything revolves about Dean the high school football coach her teenage “daughter” Stephanie and her brothers Robbie and Bry The story takes place in 1996 about two months after their wife and mother’s unexpected suicideMainly this book is told by Dean and Steffy’s points of view Both storylinesDean dealing with the children and his feelings for other women and Steffy at college trying to figure out who she is were eually appealing I didn’t lose interest at any point and both characters were interesting although Dean was harder to like especially when he seemed to care about football than his children However the character I loved the most was Bry he was so sweet and innocent that you couldn’t help but adore him

  2. Perri Perri says:

    I can sure see the stated resemblance especially to Friday Night Lights an understated but powerful rendition of a family torn apart by tragedy It made me reflect on mental illness specifically depression and suicide and how it impacts loved ones and causes unintended reverberations

  3. Fatima Fatima says:

    I received this book in a goodreads giveaway and I'm so glad i did because it's a beautifully written novel about family drama; a father his teenage daughter his two young sons and the small town they live in For anyone who grew up in the 90's or raised children during the 90's this book will remind you of home I loved the characters and got attached to them instantly The plot is both heartbreaking and heartwarming I'll admit I cried than once Overall I loved this book and highly recommend it A must read

  4. Lesley Lesley says:

    I sadly say this took me forever to read I would try a few chapters put it down go back read some but just never enjoyed it Yes nostalgic of the 1990's and how a family deals with loss from a suicide but I HATE sports so I wasn't that interested in this coach's life Just wasn't for me I am sure many others will enjoy it

  5. Chaitra Chaitra says:

    I wasn't completely sold on Home Field but it wasn't completely awful either Dean's a football coach and I think that's part of it I myself was never sporty and try as I might I could not see things from his perspective that sport is the be all and end all it cures everything I also thought Dean lacked empathy and therefore I didn't feel I owed it to him to be sympathetic to his problems Dean is this typical jock he's uncomfortable with anything or anyone who's different from him his wife's mental issues are because she lacks focus and ambition he's unhappy that his older son prefers dancing and plays to sport he hates that his daughter's best friend is gay He thinks the purest sense of achievement can be found by something physical as opposed to academics and learning I know there are people like that but it was disappointing that that was all there was to a football coach And this persists he keeps these attitudes through most of the book and even at the end I felt they weren't all gone His older son was the one to find his wife hanging in the barn and there wasn't mention of therapy even when it becomes obvious that Robbie has issues I mean again I understand that these people exist in real life but I wouldn't be very sympathetic towards them I actually liked the lady portrayed as the Jesus freak the aunt Joelle because she at least showed she cared I didn't get that from DeanFor all that the kids were alright Dean's kids and the girls he ended up coaching I wanted to read about them It's just a pity that Dean had such a lion's share of the book

  6. Diane Diane says:

    Hannah Gersen's debut novel Home Field is billed as a combination of Friday Night Lights and My So Called Life That's uite a high bar to set and Gersen clears it with room to spareDean is a successful high school football coach in a small Maryland town He runs a terrific program and is known and respected throughout the town Years ago he married a young widow Nicole whose husband was a high school football hero Nicole and her husband were high school sweethearts and had a young daughter Stephanie when he was diagnosed and diedNicole suffers from depression perhaps she never got over the loss of the love of her life Dean was smitten with her and young Stephanie and they married and had two boys of their own Robbie and BryanAs the story opens Nicole commits suicide and is found by her eleven year old son Robbie Stephanie is set to go away to college and struggles with leaving her brothers and father to go so far from home Robbie begins cutting class and acting out and finally finds salvation by participating in the high school playBryan has spending time with Nicole's sister and her family devoutly religious people Bryan finds solace in religion much to Dean's concern He feels that his sister in law is unduly influencing his young sonCoaching a successful high school football program is a time consuming profession and Dean comes to the conclusion that he needs to step down for the sake of his children He also becomes involved with Robbie's school counselor a woman he knew when she was a substitute teacher at his schoolStephanie is trying to find her way in the world and Gersen really nails the feelings of a young woman adrift She is grieving the loss of a mother she loved feeling angry that her mother abandoned them all and sad that her mother was suffering so She also feels guilty that she has left her brothers behindReading this part of the story took me back to my own time going away to college so vivid is the connection between Stephanie's experiences and most young women Bravo to Ms GersenJust when Dean thinks he is losing it all an opportunity to temporarily coach the girls cross country track team falls in his lap He misses football and he forms a connection with the girls that gives him a sense of control and accomplishment he is lacking in his personal lifeGersen does a wonderful job with the setting and characters of her story She has the small town atmosphere just right and we care deeply about these people even as we see them making mistakes Dean in particular needs to learn the importance of verbal communication with his children They need to talk about what happened to them and he like many men has trouble with thatHome Field is an emotional moving book that touched my heart Gersen's ability to write so beautifully and realistically in the voices of Dean Stephanie and Robbie is uite an accomplishment I recommend Home Field to anyone who loves a good family story

  7. Megan Coppadge Megan Coppadge says:

    I received this book via a Goodreads giveaway courtesy of William MorrowThis is the beginning of the blurb for this book The heart of Friday Night Lights meets the emotional resonance and nostalgia of My So Called Life in this moving debut novel about tradition family love and footballNow this is totally misleading Football plays a role in this novel but not a super big one Maybe about 25% maybe Also I don't know where tradition plays a role in this novel as wellI wasn't super impressed with this book but I liked it well enough to get through it There were parts that I enjoyed but overall I was kind of disappointed after reading the description and then reading the book Dean drove me nuts Without dropping any spoilers yes he's gone through a huge tragedy but the way he does some things after the death of his wife was just not right He makes a change with his coaching life that I really liked and was very happy about that However the way he handled certain things made me want to slap the guy and tell him to wake up I really enjoyed reading his daughter Stephanie's parts Her POV is part of the reason I kept going She was real honest and relatable and so were her younger brothers

  8. Cory Stocking Cory Stocking says:

    I got this book as a gift from my mom so felt some compelling force to finish it It had a good plot but was slow I didn’t feel like it wrapped up well lots of loose ends Nice casual read though

  9. Raymond Rusinak Raymond Rusinak says:

    uite an enjoyable and interesting story Doesn’t uite live up to the hype of Friday Night Lights meets My So Called Life but none the less still a good read

  10. Barbara Moher Barbara Moher says:

    Liked it did not love it

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