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  1. Archit Ojha Archit Ojha says:

    Ok you caught me A curious case of a book binding the readeruinn Perkins comes to France as an exchange student One day in a pleasant summer she is found wounded and barefoot in the woods She has no sense of what has happened to her No memories at all Doctors advice her to record the video of what she remembersThis video recording and blogs written by her prior to this mysterious events have been the base of narration in The American GirlA reporter Molly Swift from Boston has been appointed to figure out the truth She will do anything and everything to get that Why this investigation team is being involved with this student? Strange to think ha? Well the most exciting part of this novel is that the host family of uinn Perkins has been disappeared since many days Everyone believes that uinn has one thing or two to inform the police What is the truth and will it be bitter like always? You have to find that out The writing of the author is impressive to say the least The novel is written in alternative fashion One from the recordings of uinn's and another is from the perspective of Molly as she progresses in her investigation Intense and Sharp I would sayThe suspense and mystery to it kept me engaged to it till the end pages The writer is exceptionally talented and she presents it very well You don't expect the debut books to be as great as this The American Girl has everything I could ask for in a suspense novel I would recommend this book if you're up for a psychological thrillerThe title matches up with the story and the movement throughout the pages happens at a breakneck speed Marvelously penned it would not be an exaggeration to compare this with the thrill and uality of The Girl on The Train

  2. Louise Wilson Louise Wilson says:

    uinn Perkins is a 17 year old foreign exchange student She wakes up in hospital with no memory except being chased by something dangerous She does not remember that she was involved in a hit and run accident She has been given a camera to help her remember events as they unravel door her The family she was staying with have disappeared With the help of journalist Molly Swift will she remembers?I liked the authors style of writing in this novel With a gripping storyline to keep your attention till the endI would like to thank Net Galley Harper Collins UK Harper Fiction and the author Kate Horsley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review

  3. switterbug (Betsey) switterbug (Betsey) says:

    In this noir ish mystery a 17 year old American exchange student uinn Perkins stumbles out of the woods in a small medieval esue French village bloodied and barefoot She falls into a coma and subseuently wakes up with no memory of the events that transpired In fact she remembers hardly anything about her life her family or her circumstances An obscure Boston journalist Molly Swift sounds like a name for a series pursues the story with her background boss in the states urging her on The family that uinn is staying with the Blavettes are missing which makes uinn a suspect witness or victim in an unidentified crimeThe police have no leads They ask uinn to make an ongoing video diary of her thoughtsrecall to help her memory return In the non linear approach to the story we know from the opening pages that uinn is out of her coma and trying to fill in the blanks We get diary entries but also entries from her pre event blog which are stored on her iPhone along with other traces of her social media accounts and apps This alternates with chapters on Molly who has pretended to be the suspect’s aunt Now add a burnt out stereotypical police detective and some secrets lies and a few sociopathsUltimately this was a mixed bag to me What I admired about Horsely’s narrative right from the start was the tone and voice These two components can make or break my initial absorption the incipient lure that makes me want to stay It is especially difficult when the story is about a teenager but aimed at adults Horsely applies a frank observant approach with moody undertones and keeps it taut She also has a knack for teenage psychology the earnest yet flirtatious and often uixotic nature of the uestionably reliable narratorSo what is the downside?The plot holes really distracted me Just to capsulize without spoilers the incompetence of evidence collection is of epic proportions but too easily explained away This was highly implausible for a carefully scrutinized international case that made daily headlines And where are Interpol and the FBI?Molly masuerades as uinn’s relative and nobody verifies her statement; they let this deceptive journalist saunter into the hospital room every day without a hint of suspicion This seemed like Harriet the Spy meets the Keystone Kops but without the intended campiness And where are the expert analysts of social media? Yet I kept reading because despite the author’s failure to stitch together a plausible investigation there was an atmosphere of mystery and dread that pervaded the text and a hint of disturbing disclosures to comeI saw most of the climax coming a mile away but I was often engaged anyway because of Horsely’s atmospherics and provocative adversity For veteran mysterythriller readers however don’t expect to be blown away If adapted for film the right director could clean it up and develop the edgier parts I expect the author to evolve with future books but this was a fair debut effort Trite in parts but the finale left an imposing image

  4. Erica Erica says:

    I had to give up on this I'd worked on it for weeks; every time I picked it up I had forgotten what had happened last time I'd read it and then I'd get bored and put it down again in favor of something interesting Once I made it a third of the way through and still couldn't wrap my mind around what this is supposed to be An old fashioned mystery with the strong and silent detective and a plucky journalist? A psychological thriller? Suspense? Something bordering on cosy? I decided I didn't care any and threw in the towelHere's what I gleaned in the first third of the storyIt's told from two points of view1 uinn Perkins of Boston I believe She's 17 practically an orphan her mother is dead and her father just got remarried and doesn't care about his daughter and is on an exchange program for the summer in a small French town Her story is told in the form of her blogs from before her incident and then video diaries after the incident She's writes awfully well and I doubt any of her peers read her blog because it would have bored them to tears I had a hard time believing she was 17The characters in her story are the Blavette family with whom she had been staying and a weird kid named Freddie2 Molly Switch podcast journalist an American who was vacationing in Paris when uinn's story broke She's maybe plucky Or she might be dumb She has a lot of confidence in herself as well as plenty of American entitlement but then she second guesses everything as she's doing whatever she's second guessing Being blonde like uinn and American she's able to pass as uinn's aunt thereby gaining access to uinn's hospital room while the girl is in a coma The characters in her story are lonely chief inspector Valentin with whom she shares a type of sexual tension I suppose and her boss in America who keeps pushing her to scoop this storyuinn and Molly are supposed to be Americans but neither of them speak American Their speech patterns are just enough off that I felt a sense of alienation from them both from uinn's overly proper blog posts to Molly's collouialisms such as I've had hangovers Some were the mother and father of all hangovers as they say I don't know who they are but I don't know any native born American speakers who say thatShe also carries a torch as in a flashlight and a penknife that picks locks She was on holiday in Paris when uinn's story went viral and she says she works for a program by which she means podcast called American ConfessionalThe writing is frustratingly sloppy I kept thinking this was a self published book because of things like three sentence paragraphs that contained the word hand three times though the hand was not at all important There was a lot of that type of repetition Also there were sentences like this one describing Molly's run in with the old caretaker man on the Blavette's property I got out of the car and walked over and for a moment we stood and looked at each other caught in the embarrassing freefall between people who never listen in language classI thought about that one for awhile Was she thinking that since she slacked off in school this caretaker did too and that's why he probably didn't know English? Only she hadn't said anything yet so there was no way he knew she spoke English She's not in a city so there's no reason to think there's a good chance anyone she happens upon out here would be proficient in a second language What the hell does language class have to do with the old guy and his pruning shears?There was a lot of that kind of thing going on and it just added to my frustration That frustration combined with boredom and a sense of irritation at a flimsy loosely woven set up left me not caring at all about anything that was happening on pageLike I said I made it through 13 of the book and gave up I hope the rest of you have much better luck reading this and that it turns out to be an interesting story

  5. Danielle Urban Danielle Urban says:

    Review Can you imagine being a young teenager girl and a foreign exchange student who is staying with a familynext thing you realize is that you're in the hospital They way you were found causes a stir among everyone So many uestions and no answers Your memory is blankall except for the memory of running away from something dangerous Everything else is gone An American teenager like uinn Perkins becomes a victim and even played a bit in being a non victimshe has been given a camera to help jog her memory by recording all that she does know as she remembers it The media and public are after her for the disappearance of the family she stayed witha journalist Molly Swift soon becomes uinn's only ally throughout the danger and helps solve the mystery uinn being accused for murder of each family member leads Molly into digging deeper into the case to search for answers But can she find them before it's too late and is she protecting a real victim or perpetrator? The American Girl by Kate Horsley is mysterious thrilling and highly entertainingThe American Girl is so much like Gone Girl I am not just saying thatthe suspense and deep plot speak volumes Instantly I was pulled into the story and taken in by uinn Perkins the American girl The story is fast paced Readers will find it being told by each of the characters perspectives This just adds to the drama and intensity of the danger looming ahead The truth is there yet so hard to reachand once it's found everything fell together unleashed the devasting news on what really happened The how and why of it all kept me on the edge of my seat I was deeply entranced with this magnificent tale and I highly recommend it to readers everywhere Kate Horsley is indeed a talented writer

  6. Sheila Sheila says:

    2 stars it was okayI really liked this book when I first started reading it; the mystery was intriguing the writing was good and there were lots of really creepy hints of something sinister going onBut the I read the disappointed I became The writing is good yes but I wasn't able to suspend my disbelief at the unrealistic nature of the plot The behavior of the police the press the hospital it was all so completely unrealistic that I was torn out of the story time and again This would have worked better if Molly the main character a reporter was investigating a cold case Having her investigate a current crime which supposedly was being heavily followed by paparazzi just didn't work unless everyone else in the novel was a complete idiot I was going to list every unrealistic detail but it would be spoilery not to mention a long list The ending also bothered me I was hoping for something really cool and creepy but it was just kind of tawdry Also view spoilerwhat are two teen girls going to do trying to run from the policetheir old life? How will they live hide spoiler

  7. i. i. says:

    This book reminded me of a summer I spent trying to learn French in France I lived with a host family went to lots of parties and to the swimming pool I still remember the strong smell of Gauloises that everybody seemed to loveand of course the delicious baguettes My problem with this book is that it scared me I like being intrigued but not frightened and unlike other readers who found it bland I started thinking foolishly that it could have happened to me If this is not your case you will probably enjoy this book a lotBy the way my host parents were an adorable couple of retired shopkeepers wwwtheleisurediariesblogspotcom

  8. Carlos Carlos says:

    4 12 stars I was intrigued with this book since I started reading it and the tension kept all the way to the end You are swept along with the events that are happening in the book the responsibility of the American girl in the crime being investigated is purposely left vague throughout the book you never know wether she is guilty or innocent all the way till the end of the book The setting also helps the story I mean who wouldn't want to investigate a crime while enjoying the sights in Paris France The reporter investigating the case does make some uestionable choices therefore my choice of not giving this book 5 stars but the book bounces back and keeps on the pressure this is a fast paced book you might even finish it in one day it is that good and also the way the book is set up would make for a good big screen adaptation just saying recommend it is you are into thrillers and want a fast paced book

  9. ScifiMostTheTime ScifiMostTheTime says:

    Merde this was a good book Kate Horsley has brought a slightly updated format to the story telling timeline that I personally enjoyed Reading between past and present but presented in a blog video diary or narrated seuence was a nice change This is one of the few times that when a book jumps back and forth it was easy to comprehend the timeline and current narratorfocusRead my full review here

  10. Donna Wetzel Donna Wetzel says:

    Thanks Goodreads for my copy of the book The American Girl This is one of those books that you won't figure out until the end It kept teasing along giving hints throughout Good mystery

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The American Girl ❮Read❯ ➭ The American Girl Author Kate Horsley – A riveting psychological thriller about an American exchange student in France involved in a suspicious accident and the dark secrets a small town is hiding On a uiet summer morning seventeen year old A riveting psychological thriller about an American exchange student in France involved in a suspicious accident and the dark secrets a small town is hiding On a uiet summer morning seventeen year old American exchange student uinn Perkins The American ePUB í stumbles out of the woods near the small French town of St Roch barefoot bloodied and unable to say what has happened to heruinn's appearance creates a stir especially since her host family the Blavettes has mysteriously disappeared Now the media and everyone in the idyllic village are wondering if The American Girl has anything to do with the missing familyA Boston reporter named Molly Swift travels to St Roch prepared to do anything to learn the truth and score the ultimate scoop After uinn is arrested and a trial by media ensues she finds an unlikely ally in the young journalist Molly unravels the disturbing secrets of the town's past in an effort to clear uinn's name but even she is forced to admit that The American Girl makes a compelling suspectIs uinn truly an innocent abroad or is she a cunning diabolical killer intent on getting away with murder.

  • Paperback
  • 423 pages
  • The American Girl
  • Kate Horsley
  • English
  • 08 January 2014
  • 9780062438515

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The Monster’s Wife my first novel was a rewriting of Frankenstein told from the perspective of the girl Victor Frankenstein transformed into a Bride for his monster I wrote most of the novel on the tiny island in The American ePUB í the Scottish Orkneys on which it's set and it was shortlisted for the Scottish First Book of the Year Award My second novel.