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Death in Bayswater Frances Doughty #6 ➤ [Epub] ➞ Death in Bayswater Frances Doughty #6 By Linda Stratmann ➮ – London 1881 Bayswater is in the grip of panic as a ruthless murderer prowls the foggy streets of the nation's capital Residents live in fear rumors and accusations abound and vigilante groups patrol b London Bayswater is in the Bayswater Frances PDF ✓ grip of panic as a ruthless murderer prowls the foggy streets of the nation's capital Residents live in fear rumors and accusations abound and vigilante groups patrol by night It is not of course a suitable case for a lady Death in PDF \ detective but when a friend falls victim to the killer's knife Frances Doughty cannot help but be drawn into a sinister new case Myth and reality collide in another thrilling mystery and Frances must untangle the truth from the lies in order to solve her most difficult in Bayswater Frances PDF ✓ case to date.

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  1. Damaskcat Damaskcat says:

    I have read and enjoyed all the previous books in this series and I think this is one of the best Frances' career as a private detective is now well established and she and her assistant Sarah have plenty of cases to keep them busy But the latest one looks like being one of her most difficult yet Jim Price has been found guilty and condemned to death for the murder of his sweetheart His family and friends believe he is innocent but a man he helped on the night of the murder has not come forward and it seems as though unless Frances can find the man Jim will hangThere are several brutal murders in uick succession and all of Bayswater is in a panic and Frances is popularly believed to be investigating those too But she draws the line at cases the police are investigating and anyway the murderer is particularly brutal and appears to be targeting women Could he be the one responsible for the murder for which Jim is about to hang?This is a well written and well researched story and I really enjoyed reading it I like Frances and Sarah and the painstaking way they set about investigating cases There are plenty of shocks in store for Frances in this book and she must use all her skills and resources to solve it and survive unscathedif you like your crime novels with vivid historical backgrounds and a cast of colourful characters then you may enjoy this series They can be read in any order but it is interesting to watch Frances' development as a detective by reading them in the order in which they were published

  2. Marfita Marfita says:

    A Ripper like slasher is killing women in Bayswater and Frances wonders if she can conflate those murders with the one her client has been convicted of if only to buy time to find evidence that will exonerate him The slasher murders used a weapon recalling the creepy man from previous adventures called The Filleter Could it be he? Do we care as long as he's captured? Other clients take up Frances's and Sarah's time because these stories are never about just one thing The former clerk of her attorney has managed to marry a wealthy elderly woman 50 years his senior Sounds suspicious to everyone except the man who performed the civil ceremony The December bride's nephew arrives from India too late to stop the wedding and hires Frances to help him somehow prove his aunt married unwillingly Frances knows a lot of not nice people While the major mysteries are cleared up Stratmann manages to end the book with a cliffhanger that will send the reader scurrying for the next installment Hope she doesn't do that with the next book because it was published in 2017 and I don't see another one in the pipeline yet

  3. Stef Rozitis Stef Rozitis says:

    It's junk food like a comic strip or a musical theatre but it's really good junk food It's pretty well written Frances is likable even if she has somewhat of an eye for the gentlemen There was something about the ending I didn't like but I suppose that will be a spoiler Full of tropes and stereotypes but freshened up Some of the humour would potentially offend me but it was done with the right level of tongue in cheek to be fun rather than dismissive of suffragists for exampleThere was enough mystery to keep you guessing even if the reader has suspicions based on knowing what this genre tends to be like Good balance between complexity of crimes and still keeping it easy to follow A disturbing number of character wind up dead but I suppose that stops the next book being cluttered with them needing to make a cameo appearanceI will read of these if they cross my path and will look for other things by Linda Stratmann Also poor Miss Digby but also LOL

  4. Leah Franqui Leah Franqui says:

    Another stellar installment of the Frances Doughty novels

  5. Anitha Anitha says:

    A great read plays off the whole Jack the Ripper in London feeling but Stratmann manages to make it her own

  6. Queenofthefaeries Queenofthefaeries says:

    One of the best Frances Doughty novels so far I think I felt rather stupid for not guessing the murderer at all when I feel like I should have The plot has a very different feel to her other books the serial murders feel unfortunately true to life a bit random and the whole thing is ominously nebulous until things fall into place laterIt's certainly an improvement on the 'appetite' one which was going so well until it had that absurd twist in the middle At least it makes me grin to think of it Having said that I read this one wondering when the absurd twist would come and when nothing had happened fairly late on in the book I began to think it was going to be a very straight story It wasn't there is still a slightly bizarre moment They've become one of my favourite things about these books though I think the author peaked early with the discovery of the parrot in one of the first books

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