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  • Hammers of Sigmar
  • Darius Hinks
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  • 15 October 2016

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  1. DarkChaplain DarkChaplain says:

    Hammers of Sigmar includes two stories Stormcast by Darius Hinks and Scion of the Storm by CL Werner Hinks' story makes up about two thirds of the book so it is about the length of Black Library's recent short novels on its own and almost twice as long as the Age of Sigmar novellas included in the previous Realmgate Wars installmentsBoth Hinks and Werners are veterans of Warhammer Fantasy with than enough works to their names; Werner takes the cake with a lot of classics howeverAs you might imagine my expectations were relatively high Both authors wrote stories I greatly enjoyed and showed great passion for GW's Fantasy range Maybe they would know what to do to tease out that charme of the old setting that made me wanting and create memorable characters in Age of SigmarSince Hammers of Sigmar doesn't actually follow the campaign books beyond referencing events the authors should have had enough room to improvise Or so I hoped In the end I was left somewhat disappointed with one story and very pleased with the otherStormcast by Darius HinksFirst off I actually enjoyed this for the most part Hinks picked a first person style for this short novel alternating viewpoints between Lord Celestant Tylos Stormbound his Lord Relictor Boreas Undying Prosecutor Prime Drusus Unbound and the non Stormcasts Vourla High Priestess of the Steppe that this story revolves around an age old scholar necromancer called Mopus because his full name is silly and lengthy and a Khornate captainThis is liked a lot as the shifting perspectives fleshed things out nicely and the contrasting views of some characters pronounced the unworldiness of the Eternals It also helped the story's pacing and my willingness to finish it as even if I didn't particularly care for one character at a given moment the next one might be interesting to meThe highlights were the crone Vourla who was enslaved by Khorne warlord Hakh but showed her defiance by manipulating him using her own visions of the future Presenting the warlord a worthy foe on a silver platter worked out well enough I liked her scheming presence throughout even though it might have been a tad underused overall She certainly prodded her captor here and there but didn't take much of an active role up until the very end while her PoV chapters ended halfway throughHakh's captain who received a chapter of his own felt intriguing to me He was a maniac which could be said about any Khorne worshipper but his detachment from reality could have made for a cool subplot Instead I am afraid he was killed off rather unceremoniously as a mid boss and never reached his full potential A pity as there were multiple things Hinks could have done with him to spice things upMopus full name Menuasaraz Senuamaraz Kemurzil Yes indeed Let's not use it again meanwhile added a layer of ambiguity to the story He's a scholar hermit skilled in necromancy and has history with Lord Relictor Boreas They meet in one chapter only before going their separate ways again Mopus' perspective chapters kick in afterwards and add a lot of depth to him as a character Like Vourla he is a schemer but also a hopeless sod who has abandoned life in most regards He is malnourished to the point of resembling his skeleton warriors and knowledge is his biggest desireHis story arc was engaging to me than that of the Stormcasts and so I am kind of bitter about it not having been towards the center of the stage His appearances mostly happen apart from the main plotline and when it finally converges it does so half heartedly The character was well constructed for what it was but again it was a case of missed opportunitiesNow as for the Stormcasts themselves I'm torn The first person narrative added a lot to Tylos Stormbound and co but it also detracted from my overall enjoyment of their role The first chapter alone Tylos' perspective was to me a full showing of the Sigmarines' awesomeness at awesome glorious combat in the glorious name of Sigmar Stop Hammertime and allA lot of scenes felt that way though to be fair Tylos and Boreas had subtle moments of development throughout All three Stormcast characters struggled with their own natures one way or another and that I enjoyedIf only it hadn't been so tedious to wade through all this glorious combat I'd have been engaged There's only so many Khorne dudes you can slay before it becomes monotonousAnd there's my chief complaints The plot itself is very formulaic For being the first book in this series that doesn't have to adhere to specific battleplans and background pages it was surprisingly run of the millWe have the same scenario of a warrior chamber of the Stormcast Eternals being dropped into a realm fire how could it be any other? way off course in search of a lost realmgate to reclaim They battle untold hordes of Chaos dudes on the way suffer almost complete losses and in the end only half complete their goal It is getting somewhat ridiculous just how many of these important realmgates so vital to Sigmar's reconuest of the mortal realms get destroyed instead of recaptured It happened in at least two novellas before Borne by the Storm by Nick Kyme and The Gates of Dawn by Josh Reynolds and the general scenario is mirrored in almost all the Realmgate Wars stories so farAdd to that the endless superlatives and world shattering events taking place view spoilera moon almost falling to earth a giant skeleton snake thing rising from the ground and bridging a lava river a giant skull made of skulls blood all over yet another chief daemon of khorne hide spoiler

  2. David Guymer David Guymer says:

    Wow it might finally be time for Guy Haley's 'Storm of Blades' to step aside there's a new contender for best Age of Sigmar story yet written in the house Because 'Stormcast' by Darius Hinks the first of two novella length stories in this book is to put it simply spectacular It follows the by now familiar Realmgate Wars formula with a Stormhost of Sigmar's warriors blasted into a hostile realm with the aim of wresting the region from the vile clutches of Chaos What elevates this above any accusations of being of the same is a brilliantly warped depiction of a landscape that's been oppressed and remoulded by Khorne a caste of memorable antagonists a mortal sorceress my one grip is that I'd liked to have seen a bit from her at the end and a fascinating subplot involving a pair of necromancers in a farway realm as they debate which side to aid and whether to intervene at all The finale too is a cut above your basic battle with the addition of some inngenious backstory and one very large and very angry daemonI feel a need to go and read the Orion series right nowThe second story 'Scion of the Storm' was written by CLWerner one of my favourite Black Library authors and fellow fur wearer and by accident or design follows the shift set by 'Stormcast' to first person perspective which made for an interesting change This book gives our first look at the Celestant Prime sent to battle a daemon of Tzeentch and uncover the fate of a missing Stormhost called The Thrice Blessed The initial battles were essentially showcases for the Celestant Prime's titanic awesomeness but once we're inside the daemon's palace and his devious maze of reflections then things really get interesting Trickery abounds and the daemon's final deception was a killer The real mystery of course is the identity of the Celestant Prime it's not revealed here but I'm certainly intrigued enough to want to find out

  3. Christian Christian says:

    Hmm I'm getting a little tired of the constant fighting Some character development and world building with a side plot would make the story well rounded

  4. Abhinav Abhinav says:

    You can read teh full review over at my blog there was the Age of Myth when the Eight Realms were in harmony and the pantheons of the gods and goddesses worked with each other And then came the dreaded Age of Chaos as the pantheons were sundered and the Eight Realms descended into anarchy and despair as the forces of the Chaos Gods ran rampant And now the Age of Sigmar has begun the God King Heldenhammer sends out celestial warriors to throw back Chaos and liberate the Eight Realms from their grip As we’ve already seen it is not an easy road and many heroes and villains have fallen across itHammers of Sigmar tells us the stories of some of these heroes and villains and it is truly a mixed bag Darius Hinks’ Stormcast is about Lord Celestant Tylos of the Stormbound warrior chamber as he and his warriors race against time to destroy a great Chaos artifact C L Werner’s Scion of The Storm is about the mysterious hero known only as the Celestant Prime and his uest to kill a mighty Chaos warlord Different types of missions different heroes different villains all come together to present the weakest story of the Realmgate Wars but perhaps also some of the most poignantAs with the other Realmgate Wars before it Hammers of Sigmar is divided into two novellas of varying length the first by Darius Hinks and the second by C L Werner as they both make their Age of Sigmar debut having written extensively before for Warhammer Fantasy Stylistically both stories are very different from each other and that is part of the appeal of the novel It keeps things fresh and interesting breaking from the monotony of the “regular” stories as we’ve seen beforeHinks’ Stormcast provides an interesting concept with the mission entrusted to the Stormbound but to be frank I was rather bored by it all Neither Lord Celestant Tylos Stormbound nor Lord Relictor Boreas made for compelling characters seemingly cast in a cliche mold that we’ve already seen before with some of the other Stormcast characters That they are from a different warrior chamber is a plus point but I couldn’t really relate to either of them in a meaningful way That was compounded by the fact that Tylos is a thick headed glory chaser while Boreas is a pale imitation of Lord Relictor Ionus Cryptborn of the Hammerhands And the overall story of Stormcast is no different to what we’ve already seen The formulaic nature of everything really took me out of the experience one I do not care to repeat truth be told

  5. Lionel Taylor Lionel Taylor says:

    This book kinda picks up where the third one did In this one the main character is the Celestant Prime who is the wielder of Sigmar's Hammer Ghal Marz He is seeking out the Prismatic Prince who has created a huge palace that traps its foes withing it's walls In his uest he is accompanied by a wizard seeking revenge and some fellow Stormcasts who have also been tasked with finding and destroying the Prismatic Prince As I have read this series I have divided these books up into two categories There are the action books and those that advance the story and give background to the characters This book falls into the action part which is entertaining but it would be nice to see the story get advanced also

  6. Markus Heinel Markus Heinel says:

    It’s okay Some pretty cool moments in both stories and typical heroic fantasy characters that make it worth while But only read if you’re going to be invested in the series and if you care about the lore

  7. Tim Tim says:

    Barely average for licensed fiction

  8. The Good Man’s Reviews The Good Man’s Reviews says:

    CAUTION HERE MAY BE SPOILERSgotta say that this book really disappointed me it was actually pretty boring to be honest book 3 in the Age of Sigmar and up till now the series was doing great every instalment was a continuation of the previous one we had recurring characters and villains and I get that one of the down points of this series is the lack of overall story but what little we had was great this one while not exactly lacking in it just wasn't up to the standard of the previous onesfirst we have Stormcast by Darius Hinks which takes up the majority of this book and the biggest drawback for me was the first person narrative it took not many books get written where you are the character where it's less than him or her doing something and written as you doing it and I have to say I hated it couldn't stand it it confused me to the point it was like reading a book about myself because of the perspective it was written in and just did a number on my brain so straigh away no matter how good the story was going to be i was already on the outs with itother than that horrible aspect i did like the story but i just cant get away from that first person narritive this is the first book ive read that has done it and hopfully its the lastthe seconds story in this book and arguably the better of the two was Scion of the Storm by one of Black Libaray’s best writters CLWerner and unfortunatly not even he can save this book his story was much better written stor driven and it really shows what this guy can do with so little i really liked the charactures the setting the whole mirror world was original and well wrote and it was wrirten in third person naritive Thank Sigmar for thati was really looking forward to reading this book and continuing the AOS series but dudethis was of a chore than enjoyable read if this book wasnt part of a series i would of donated it to a charity shop and be done with it the scariest thing about this book was that its the first Darius Hinks Warhammer novel I've read and I hope to sweet merciful Shallya that his other books don't follow this leadSimar save us all if he does 😪🙌🏻🙏🏻

  9. Dan Findlay-Robinson Dan Findlay-Robinson says:

    The first tale in this book was Stormcast by Darius Hinks Very different prose to the previous two books which provided a very different view into the Stormcast Eternals and the ongoing realmgate wars Particularly enjoyable was Hinks description of the stormhost in the opening pages of the book and he really builds a picture of a mighty stormhost arrayed for battle and was a joy to readThe tale is pacy and has a fantastic ending filled with heroics and sacrificeThe second tale is the introduction of The Celestial Prime and although short demonstrates his power and has a very nice twist sterling work by cl werner

  10. Michael Dodd Michael Dodd says:

    Book three in the Realmgate Wars series Hammers of Sigmar once again combines two novellas into a single volume collecting together Stormcast by Darius Hinks and Scion of the Storm from CL Werner Both are new story arcs Hinks tackling a Stormcast chamber sent to reclaim a daemon infested Realmgate while Werner introduces Sigmar’s greatest champion – the Celestant Prime – who’s tasked with rescuing a lost force of Stormcast and defeating a Tzeentchian championRead the rest of the review at

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Hammers of Sigmar[Reading] ➰ Hammers of Sigmar ➸ Darius Hinks – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Amongst all of the Stormhosts none are vaunted than the Hammers of Sigmar Forged first upon the Anvil of the Apotheosis their Warrior Chambers are exemplars of Sigmar’s glory In the shadow of the No Amongst all of the Stormhosts none are vaunted than the Hammers of Sigmar Forged first upon the Anvil of the Apotheosis their Warrior Chambers are exemplars of Sigmar’s glory In the shadow of the Hammers of MOBI :Ê Nomad City the mettle of the Stormbound is tested against the hordes of Khorne in the battle to sanctify the Crucible of Blood a gateway to Chaos and madness Within the ranks of the Stormcast Eternals there is one who is greater than all others He is the Celestant Prime Sigmar’s Storm made manifest For centuries he slumbered until the great hammer of Sigmar Ghal Maraz was returned and he rose again But a warrior born must still be tempered and so unto the swamps of Krahl does Sigmar cast his scion to destroy a powerful creature called the Prismatic KingThe Celestant Prime makes his first appearance in Black LIbrary's Warhammer Age of Sigmar fiction And as the God King's champion battles his foes for the first time he tries to make sense of who he is what his purpose is and why he's worthy of wielding the might of Ghal MarazThe Realmgate Wars Hammers of Sigmar contains two brand new storiesStormcast by Darius HinksScion of the Storm by C L Werner.

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