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  1. Dallass Dallass says:

    I want I’m binging these since I stumbled across the first book three days ago and I’m enjoying this slice of Greece very much Kat is still doggedly trying to find her dear ol’ dad while we learn about grandma Xander is still a big fat uestion mark although I think if him as the ‘Ranger’ of this series and Det Melas is front and centre annoying the hell out if me We are introduced to a character I have a sneaky suspicion will be making future appearances Hera who reminds me of Joyce Barnhardt I didn’t like her one bit so I’m sure she’ll be backThe two cops that tail Kat from the States to Greece offered an opportunity for some funny moments as well as furthering the amount of information that Kat and her grandma have collected regarding who may have kidnapped MichailReally enjoying this only criticism of the characters would be Marika and Donk being so over the top and very ham fisted in their moments in the spotlight4 stars ⭐️

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    375I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this novel if it took place back in the states without all of the family members bodyguards and detectives I’d come to love I was pretty wary about it and honestly a lot of my suspicions turned out to be legitimate Katerina’s time back in the USA wasn’t my favorite but thankfully the US is not where she stayed for long like 48 hours so she was back in Greece in no time Although the previous 2 novels in this series had some humorous parts Doing Crime #3 make me laugh out loud on than one occasion And I can’t help but love a book with humor This book was really fun and I breezed through this novel I will say that this book still had the same old flaws as the previous two novels poor editinggrammatical errors plot holes sections that can ramble on an immature writing style etc but at the same time this book was exciting and fun Again this entire series has been a “guilty pleasure” series for me There are too many cons to the novels to make me want to shout it to the roof tops that I’m a semi fan but I can’t seem to stop myself from gobbling up every word and rushing to the next novel either At the end of this third book it’s starting to get a smidge frustrating that Katerina and her family don’t seem to be any closer to finding out where Katerina’s father is I’m hoping that this doesn’t last much longer I have enough confidence in the author that even when she does find him Katerina’s adventures and escapades in Greece won’t end I’m just hoping that this day comes sooner now rather than later I’m also getting frustrated with the lack of romance in these novels Towards the end we get the briefest of kisses but Katerina’s love life isn’t exactly nail biting – although the tension is Still I’d LOVE to see something happen The secondary characters continue to make this series really enjoyable except for Hera she just makes things awful in an enemy you love to hate kind of way and I found Katerina’s new side kick to be really funny and entertaining I’ll be reading book #4 soon

  3. Henriette Henriette says:

    The second book in the series was so funny that it some way it ruined this one for me It still has many amusing scenes such as the pot cookies but the gags made me smile rather than laughFollowing the cliffhanger of the last book Kat travels back to America For those who have just started the series the author explains all the pertinent facts in great detail So you can still read them out of order The book has two parallel storylines One about a dead vice cop that Kat found in her house in America and whose buddies follow her all the way to Greece The other is about uncovering a counterfeit money ring originally from Germany who tries to infiltrate into Grandma's territory As usual Kat is caught in the middle And her sidekicks include Takis Marika and Donk We also meet Melas’ ex girlfriend who is in the Greek CIA or something A colossal bh that is also completely unprofessional On the other hand interactions with her are the amusing parts of the book As are meetings with Melas’ motherOverall most of the humor is akin to a running gag It still makes you smile but it isn't as funny as the first time It is the best part though so my rating mostly reflects that However I didn't enjoy the storyline as much as the last one Because the premise of the series is kind of surreal I never give logic much thought Everybody acts strangely anyways Take Xander as an example Vow of silence? A voice like Mickey Mouse on helium? Maybe a Howard and Rajesh situation? Who knows He just doesn't talk So why bother analyzing whether what I just read made sense Still after finishing this one I couldn't help but feel that the storylines were constructed and a convolutes mess It is possible though that this is a side effect of not finding the book as funny and therefore paying attention Hopefully the next one will be better again

  4. Deb Evanson Deb Evanson says:

    I love this series It's a lot like Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series Kat is Stephanie Melas is Morelli Xander is Ranger Marika is Lula The grandmothers are different though In the Kat Makris series grandma has cancer and I am not looking forward to her passing This installment involves a German counterfeiting ring that Kat's uncle is involved with We're introduced to some new characters in this one too The main one which I'm sure will pop up again is Hera and to put it bluntly she's a bitch She's tall thin gorgeous and works for NIS Greece's CIA She's also Melas's ex girlfriend and she wants him back Kat's father is still missing I'm assuming the author wants Kat to fall in love with Greece and her family before we find out what happened to him where he is or even if he's still alive I hope King doesn't wait until the last book to resolve this Marika becomes Kat's other bodyguard and has some of the funniest scenes in the book The sexual tension between Kat and Melas is also starting to grate Pardon my French but shit or get off the pot already But while there are issues with the book I still loved it 45 stars

  5. Joan Vannan Joan Vannan says:

    More fun and adventures with Kat and Marika EnjoyThis is the 3rd book in the series and it is always sad to come to the end of a good book I am really enjoying this series and love Kat and her crazy family especially Marika her gun toting sidekick I laughed out loud often in the first two books but I think this is because scarily the craziness of the Family is now becoming ‘normal’ the of these books I read I have already downloaded the fourth one and am off to Greece to read it there but not to The Peloponnesus where our village life is remarkable similar to Makria

  6. Becky Andersen Becky Andersen says:

    It's almost Easter and I find that instead of indulging in my favorite addiction Cadbury Eggs I have a new one I'm addicted to Alex King's Kat Makris series I just finished Doing Crime #3 and have started #4 all within a span of four days I love humor wit sarcasm entertainment and adventure King's books provide that and Now would someone please hand me some Easter candy and tell me I need to get back to work on my own novel? AFTER I finish #4 In Crime Thanks Alex A King for sharing your talent

  7. Audrey Shaffer Audrey Shaffer says:

    I love this series The Family is wild but they make perfect sense in their own world Kat is settling in becoming one of them against her will I'm beginning to think she will eventually take Grandma's place as head of the FamilyThis book number 3 wasn't as funny as the first two That may be because the things that happen around Kat are starting to seem normal To Kat and also to me Things that were ridiculous in the first book are expected now It isn't dimming my enjoyment in the series thoughTime to head to and pick up the next one

  8. Sam Sam says:

    The further adventures of Katrina Makris with an S The further adventures of Katrina Makris with an S and her colourful assortment of friends and family Another twist in the hunt for her missing presumed kidnapped father and Katrina gets drawn deeper into the Greek underworld I find these books exciting and humorous and am reading them in uick succession A really good series

  9. Sara Sara says:

    HilariousI'm totally hooked on this series The grandmother the characters living in the compound and Katerina are all so amusing A littleKidnapping dungeons snipers with no sense of timing and a budding romance keep the book moving at a uick pace I have to read every book in this series

  10. Cecilia Cecilia says:

    As usual with the previous books I enjoyed this one too and I'm not bothered by the fact that the book does not really end because I like the series so much that I don't mind that I like all the jokes and references to other books or series and the constant jokes

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Doing Crime Kat Makris #3 [PDF / Epub] ☁ Doing Crime Kat Makris #3 ✎ Alex A. King – With Grandma’s second best henchman and his wife tagging along Katerina Makris is back in Portland to untangle some of her kidnapped father’s secrets However she gets sidetracked when she discover With Grandma’s second best henchman Kat Makris Epub Ý and his wife tagging along Katerina Makris is back in Portland to untangle some of her kidnapped father’s secrets However she gets sidetracked when she discovers her house is one corpse less empty than it was when she left To complicate things a pair of American cops are snooping around asking uestions about her missing father and a fellow detective they can’t seem to locate When it becomes apparent that her father’s secrets extend beyond the small safe in the bathroom wall Kat races back to Greece where she discovers the sexy Doing Crime PDF or and very very bad for her Detective Nikos Melas has been involved in a deadly stakeout And Grandma has a newold enemy who wouldn’t mind getting cozy with Kat especially now that Grandma’s reign is growing shorter by the day It’s a long hot Greek summer and the bodies are stacking up and exploding Everyone on the dark side wants Kat to play on their team Kat’s just trying to find her dad What’s a mostly decent woman to do and what are these green bits in Grandma’s cookies.

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