Zachary Holmes Case 1: The Monster ePUB î Zachary

  • 48 pages
  • Zachary Holmes Case 1: The Monster (Martín Holmes, #1)
  • Carlos Trillo
  • French
  • 01 January 2016

4 thoughts on “Zachary Holmes Case 1: The Monster (Martín Holmes, #1)

  1. Kristel Kristel says:

    Combining the late 19th century famous detective personality with some early 19th century gothic fiction Trillo who passed away in May 2011 and Bobillo have created a monster of a new graphic series Zachary Holmes must prove the so called monster Frankenstein’s innocence when London authorities put the Baron’s creation on trial Holmes’ new friend Diana is convinced of Frankenstein’s good character but Holmes must track down the true saboteurs in one night Zachary Holmes acts and lives independently as an adult but the Bobillo depicts Holmes in child like stature Holmes is drawn wearing a cap and short pants commonly worn by male children in the Victorian era—when they became adults they wore long pants and derbies or top hats Holmes’s familiar sidekick Watson has been transformed from a doctor into a rat with opaue looking eyes However Watson no longer attempts to discover and document Holmes’ crime solving methods but saves Holmes’ life and draws the detective’s attention to clues Background colors tend to be rich hues of green yellow and eggplant until the end when Holmes views a sunset with his lady friend Trillo creates a rapid pace by infusing action scenes with witty conversations held by Holmes and the other characters The vocabulary is rich but not overly complicated Younger children could easily figure out the meanings of the longer words through context and the images Illustrated in a series of suare panels the largest of which does not reach 5 inches tall or long this graphic novel allows the reader to see the realize the scope of each scene Constrained by space Frankenstein appears huge in contrast with the other characters especially when bursting his chains which he does to frightening effect several times in the story Trillo does not employ the common sound indicators like POW or ZOOM often found in comics but Watson does “sueak” to great effect The authors do an excellent job of introducing Victorian themes language and settings as well as familiar characters like Detective Holmes and new twists on horror stories like Frankenstein Highly recommended for public libraries

  2. Fugo Feedback Fugo Feedback says:

    No es ue la haya pasado mal leyendo este libro salvo tal vez por los diálogos trillescos ue me resultan cada vez más insoportables e inverosímiles pero comparado con otros grandes comics ue leí últimamente y ue por caprichos míos los limité a tres estrellitas con este ue no me terminó de convencer no puedo más ue dejarlo en un mediocre 2 aunue tenga varias cosas de zafable para arriba Entre ellos la idea central algunos personajes y principalmente el genial dibujo de Bobillo uizás no tan inspirado como en otros laburos suyos pero sí muy funcional y creativo Se ve ue la dupla Trillo Bobillo no es de mis favoritas en historieta pero si me cae otro comic a un precio tan bueno como este uizás le dé oootra chance más

  3. Variaciones Enrojo Variaciones Enrojo says:

    Primera historieta de Martín Holmes Primer tomo de la Colección Aventuras Dibujadas

  4. Dony Grayman Dony Grayman says:

    Colección Aventuras Dibujadas #1 Primer tomo del personaje El segundo no se editó al menos en Argentina

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Zachary Holmes Case 1: The Monster (Martín Holmes, #1)[PDF / Epub] ☄ Zachary Holmes Case 1: The Monster (Martín Holmes, #1) ✓ Carlos Trillo – Dans sa première enuête Zachary doit découvrir ui a détruit le château du baron Frankenstein Toutes les pistes le mènent à un étrange géant ui travaille pour le baron mais Zachary croit en l' Dans sa première enuête Zachary doit découvrir ui Case 1: Kindle Ø a détruit le château du baron Frankenstein Toutes les pistes le mènent à un étrange géant ui travaille pour Zachary Holmes MOBI :Ê le baron mais Zachary croit en l'innocence de la créature Il sait ue malgré son apparence disgracieuse le géant a bon cœur et aime aider les vieilles dames Holmes Case 1: PDF/EPUB ¶ ou cueillir des fleurs pour ses amiesAvec l'assistance de son ami Watson une petite souris armée d'un sens de l'humour remaruable et d'une passion dévorante pour le Camembert Zachary entame une difficile enuête pour trouver le vrai coupable.

About the Author: Carlos Trillo

Carlos Trillo was an Argentine comic book writer Case 1: Kindle Ø Trillo began a prolific career as writer already at the age of writing his first story for Patoruzú Zachary Holmes MOBI :Ê magazine Trillo created together with Horacio Altuna the strip El Loco Chávez which appeared every day at the back of the newspaper Clarín from July to Holmes Case 1: PDF/EPUB ¶ November After that the strip was replaced by El Negro Blanco which h.