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Out of the Dark Waycaller #1 ❮Epub❯ ➟ Out of the Dark Waycaller #1 ➞ Author D.J. McPhee – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Seventeen year old Jack Gordon thinks he’s going mad just like his mother who believed in mythical beings like elves dragons and monsters He’s even started hearing voices But then he and his littl Seventeen year the Dark Kindle Ô old Jack Gordon thinks he’s going mad just like his mother who believed in mythical beings like elves dragons and monsters He’s even started hearing voices But then he and his little sister Harriett are attacked by a monster that is definitely real Out of nowhere Jack and Harriett are magically transported to Anwynn a veiled Otherworld In Anwynn Jack learns that elves dragons and Druids are very real and that he is a Waycaller he has the Out of Kindle - power to part the veil between the hidden realm of Anwynn and the human realm Jack faces the challenges that come with being in an unfamiliar world that is as dangerous as it is magical To survive he must overcome his doubts and fears and learn to accept and use the power that resides within him That might be a little easier if he weren't also struggling with his feelings for the mysterious Anarra a part elvish girl whose beauty is of the Dark MOBI ☆ matched only by her skill with a sword Waycaller is a fantasy novel in seven episodes This is episode Waycaller is old school fantasy revamped for modern readers both adult and young adult For information about the other episodes and for lots of extra free material about Waycaller including a map of the magical realm of Anwynn go to wwwwaycallercom.

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  1. Prue Range Prue Range says:

    This is classic fantasy It has all the stuff you expect from fantasy in truckloads magic elves dragons a dark threat The author notes that it is deliberately traditional in that sense so nothing shockingly different here It's innocent and pulls on the heartstrings Waycaller is that rare book that is faithful to the traditional fantasy genre rather than trying a lot of pointless experimentation DJ McPhee knows what we like and gives it to us straight Waycaller is an epic portal fantasy but what's original about it is that the characters are perfectly written There are so many excellent characters it's hard to pick a favorite from the halfling Dorothea Butters to the elvish magician Kashashem to the druid Aelf Then there's the main characters Jack Gordon 16 and his sister Harriett 11 Jack is reserved and cautious while Harriett is friendly and funny I honestly cannot pick a favorite character they're all great The story starts off strongly with high action within a few pages of the opening and then continues at a satisfying pace Like all fantasy the pace eases off at times so we can learn about the characters and familiarize ourselves with the world the characters find themselves in but it is never slow or dull I read this in two sittings I had that experience where I could clearly picture everything in my head I found myself wondering who would play the characters in the movie because without a doubt this series will get snapped up and made into a film It'd be a great movie or even a HBO style TV series Waycaller is exceptionally well written engaging and really fun to read There is also a website with one of the best book promo videos I've ever seen wwwwaycallercom Waycaller is not for lovers of gore Game of Thrones fans may not like it That's okay by me I am so so bored by all the dark fantasy with its sex and blood It's a bit too white male focused for me Waycaller on the other hand has a lot of strong female characters and it is miles away from being an all white cast like most other epic fantasy My only complaint is that this was released as a serial I really would rather read it all in one go When I got episode 1 all but the last episode were available so I don't have to wait long But still I'd rather not wait at all If you like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit you will love this as it is a really excellent nod to that kind of fantasy It's better than Raymond Feist's Riftwar Saga by a mile and easily on a par with anything by David Eddings or Tad Williams You're going to love this guaranteed

  2. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    Because Tolkien style fantasy is so popular I really did not want to like this as much as I did I tend to think that extremely popular fiction is just connecting with a low common denominator Contrary to my expectations I did not merely enjoy Waycaller I loved itI devoured the whole seven episodes in about a week and a half The idea is a common enough one in fantasy outsider kid finds a hidden world and learns he’s got special powers This isn't to say that the plot is formulaic because the specifics of Waycaller make it read like it’s totally new That’s because of the characters Jack Gordon and his sister Harrie have a typical lovehate relationship that rings true When they find themselves in a hidden world full of elves and druids this brothersister to and fro adds a lot of humor and tension Jack’s worry about Harrie makes him vulnerable and likable While the storytelling is clear and the events kept me interested it was the characters that propelled me through and left me both satisfied and wanting at the end of each episode The episodes have a bit of violence but the writing is never over the top The love interest between Jack and a certain elf is not over the top either and doesn't fall into the Game of Thrones trap of being overtly sexual I recommend the series for adults and younger readers For younger readers I think it's perfect for those between 14 and 18 I really hope there is to Waycaller I could stay in the world of Anwynn with Jack and Harrie and the elvish folk forever

  3. Bella Soleil Bella Soleil says:

    DJ McPhee's Waycaller is the best fantasy fiction I've read for years The plot draws you in straight away I won't spoil it by talking about it here but it's action packed and heart warming I enjoyed this series as much as the Harry Potter series which was my last big fantasy love Set in a world like Middle Earth the characters are terrific The hero Jack and his little sister Harriett are both believable and likable Harriett is my favorite I messaged DJ McPhee to tell him I love the book and asked him what inspired him to write Harriett and he said she's a little bit Hermione Granger and a little bit Anne from Green Gables Jack is good looking and cool and a bit out of his depth He struggles to accept who he really is and to deal with his strong feelings for Anarra an elvish girl he meets along the way who wields a sword as well as any man Keep a look out for Miss Butters a halfling whose antics are laugh out loud Waycaller is satisfying and absorbing and lots of fun A wonderful book I recommend it to anyone who loves character driven fantasy

  4. Ben Mason Ben Mason says:

    With the Waycaller series DJ McPhee has done something that few other fantasy writers have accomplished remained faithful to the epic fantasy genre and delivered diversity without compromising believability or story DJ McPhee updates the epic fantasy novel with easy to read language and engaging identifiable characters Only the Harry Potter books found me so enad with a set of characters Waycaller is as rich as the Potter books in that sense but much diverse That makes these books as good if not better than Rowling’s series don’t stone me it’s just my opinion Fans of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit will appreciate if not love Waycaller The series is an exceptionally well written page turner All in all Waycaller breathes life back into the fantasy genre and delivers where so much other Tolkien inspired fantasy doesn’t

  5. Shayla Morgansen Shayla Morgansen says:

    Ensconced in the traditional fantasy elements of prophecies idyllic halfling villages and immortal villains is the beginning of a uniue and original fantasy novel This first part of the serialised story introduces us to modern protagonists Jack and Harriett orphaned siblings from our own world and hints at the 'other' world their mother glimpsed before going crazy and supposedly drowning herself When the children are attacked by a terrible beast in a policeman's skin Jack finds he has the power to make a Way between the realms and escapes with his sister thus catapulting the siblings into Anwynn and into the thick of the narrativeI don't normally read this subgenre but enjoyed and appreciated the author's choice to begin in our modern world before moving us and the characters into his other world This enabled the reader to be introduced at the same pace as the bewildered Jack I particularly liked the elements I had never found before in this style of fantasy the sibling pair leads the eerie stone circleshenges the skinwalker cop and the bog nags I would recommend this to a young reader of traditional fantasy Jack is a relatable character for young people to follow through this genre

  6. Fantasy Feminist Fantasy Feminist says:

    This review is not just for episode 1 but for the whole series episodes 1 7 Waycaller is an intelligent well written fantasy novel featuring multiple racially diverse and powerful women characters The novel refigures European mythology in a way that addresses the problematic white maleness of most fantasy fiction inspired by Tolkien The novel foregrounds dialogue as a way of undermining the tendency in masculinist fantasy of subsuming character and plot to action Waycaller also uses familiar character types and scenarios but reoriented against whiteness and sexism Waycaller cleverly deploys cliché to rewrite old meanings associated with familiar characters and stock scenes This is a strategy advocated in some feminist writings The novel has a male protagonist though he is surrounded by much powerful women This is not done in a way that diminishes the protagonist but rather gives him depth and allows him vulnerability This is both a fun read and a timely intervention into the epic fantasy genre

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