Childrens Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other Stories

Childrens Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other Stories [PDF / Epub] ✅ Childrens Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other Stories Author Watty Piper – CHILDREN'S HOUR WITH RED RIDING HOOD AND OTHER STORIES Contained LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD THE GOOSE GIRL BABES IN THE WOOD THE SLEEPING BEAUTY SNOWDROP AND SEVEN LITTLE DWARFSReviewThere was once a swee CHILDREN'S HOUR with Red eBook ✓ WITH RED RIDING HOOD AND OTHER STORIES Contained LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD THE GOOSE GIRL BABES IN THE WOOD THE SLEEPING BEAUTY SNOWDROP AND SEVEN LITTLE DWARFSReviewThere was once a sweet little maid Childrens Hour Epub / who lived with her father and mother in a pretty little cottage at the edge of the village At the further end of the wood was another pretty cottage and in it lived her grandmotherEverybody loved Hour with Red Epub Ý this little girl her grandmother perhaps loved her most of all and gave her a great many pretty things Once she gave her a red cloak with a hood which she always wore so people called Hour with Red Riding Hood eBook × her Little Red Riding HoodOne morning Little Red Riding Hood's mother said Put on your things and go to see your grandmother She has been ill; take along this basket for her I have put in it eggs butter and cake and other daintiesIt was a bright and sunny morning Red Riding Hood was so happy that at first she wanted to dance through the wood All around her grew pretty wild flowers which she loved so well and she stopped to pick a bunch for her grandmother.

About the Author: Watty Piper

Pseudonym for with Red eBook ✓ the Platt Munk publishing house.

4 thoughts on “Childrens Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other Stories

  1. Debbie Zapata Debbie Zapata says:

    This is a 1922 collection of a few familiar fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood The Sleeping Beauty and The Goose Girl The illustrations are cute earning the book that second star But the stories were shortened and very different from what I remember I looked at an edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales at Gutenberg to compare the two versions and I would have to say that this book was possibly meant for a much younger audience who might not have the concentration to read the full versions of these classic storiesIn this telling of Little Red Riding Hood Red has a father and he is he one who saves her from the wolf at the end He has been out chopping wood and hears Red scream when he passes Grandma's house so he rushes in and cuts off the wolf's head just before Red becomes dinner I remember Red getting eaten and an anonymous woodsman doing the rescuing And in this version Grandma gets away from the wolf and hides in a closet the whole time But the pictures are cuteIn our version of The Goose Girl there is no talking horse that gets it head cut off in order to hide that the waiting woman has traded places with the princess And there is no mention of the fairy who protects the princess either I read this and then went to see the complete story and had an ah ha moment when I realized why this version felt as though things were missing It was not one of my favorites as a child but just reading it here I could tell it wasn't complete Possibly a youngster who has never heard the story at all would not notice And the pictures were cuteBabes In The Woods was just weird I couldn't find a 'real' version of it probably it has another title but I didn't want to search that much An uncle is given custody of two young children when heir parents die but he is greedy and wants the money that is meant for them so he sends them out into the woods with two men who are supposed to kill them The two men start fighting about whether or not they should do the deed and the scared children run away Do they find a witch with a gingerbread house? Do they find their way back home? Nope they get totally lost and totally exhausted lie down under a tree and go to sleep Now here's the weird part the birds come and cover them with leaves to keep them warm then go tell angels about the children and the angelscome and take them to heaven to be with their mother and be happy ever after There has to be something to this story? Even with the cute pictures it left me with a 'that's all?' feelingThe Sleeping Beauty left out all sorts of details but yes the pictures were cute Snowdrop And The Seven Little Dwarves was the final story and yet another that was so different from what I remember especially once Snowdrop had eaten the poison apple In the Grimm's version she is put into a glass coffin and kept around so the dwarves can look at her Then the prince arrives and falls in love with the 'dead' girl and wants to buy her and take her home with him That is creepy Then when the dwarves finally take pity on her and he picks up the coffin the movement shakes the apple out of her mouth and she comes back to life they get married so on and so forthIn this version the dwarves put Snowdrop in a glass coffin and are carrying her out to the woods to bury her when the prince comes along and falls in love with the dead girl Creepy again The dwarves finally say okay you can have her and they hand the coffin over to the prince's servants who trip as they start to walk away nearly drop the whole thing and the jolt knocks the poison apple out of Snowdrop's mouth and she comes back to life And Of course she married the prince and she her husband and the good little dwarfs lived happily ever after but the cruel step mother came to a bad end and no one was even sorry for her Overall this was surely meant for a very young audience but I think most children are than able to process the regular versions of these fairy tales I don't see the need to cut out of stories that were already cut from the usually gruesome ish originals But the pictures are cute

  2. Sara Sara says:

    This book was fun☺🐰It was fun I liked Sleeping Beauty I thought Red Riding Hood was going to be Robin Hood Snowdrop and the 7 dwarves it was enjoyable😊👑🐈 Review wrote by my daughter

  3. Rachel Auil-de Ocampo Rachel Auil-de Ocampo says:

    Good BookGood Book I love it Only one thing that I find odd in the book Snowdrop and the seven dwarfs is that Snowdrop is usually called Snow White; Why is that? Great book anyhow; love it👏📖💝💖💕

  4. Bonnie G. Miller Bonnie G. Miller says:

    reviewneeds pictures for small children the stories are good but would be enjoyable to children if there were some pictures

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