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  • 192 pages
  • Chicanos Volume 1
  • Carlos Trillo
  • French
  • 18 February 2015

7 thoughts on “Chicanos Volume 1

  1. Matt Graupman Matt Graupman says:

    NOTE I read the individual issues not the trade paperback but I assume they’re pretty much identicalThe prevailing wisdom in comics is that a great story can compensate for less than great art but great art can’t make up for a lousy story It’s true and I’d say “Chicanos” written by Carlos Trillo and drawn by Eduardo Risso takes that notion a step even further astounding art is no match in the face of a shitty story Though beautiful “Chicanos” is a sloppy frustrating and unsatisfying series“Chicanos” is the story of YA Jalisco a short ugly and busty Mexican woman trying to carve out a niche for herself as a private detective in New York City That unflattering description is not mine; every character in “Chicanos” including Jalisco herself repeatedly points out how dumb and unattractive she is Jalisco is freuently betrayed beaten double crossed put down and insulted She laments her treatment but is ultimately resigned to it because she thinks so lowly of herself I’m not sure what Trillo is trying to accomplish by making Jalisco endure so much abuse but given the rest of Trillo’s work in the series it’s fitting as he seems to have very little idea of what he wants the story to be or say The easiest reference point would be “100 Bullets” the gritty crime noir series by Brian Azzarello because it also deals with criminal acts and features Eduardo Risso as its artist but “Chicanos” has none of the nuance clever plotting or drama of that far superior series Even worse Trillo’s stories are astoundingly sexist misogynistic and transphobic I stuck it out because I adore Risso’s inventive dynamic art but it was a struggle I’m not gonna lieIt’s very possible that “Chicanos” lost a lot in translation but for me the humor fell flat the stories were messy and the series was a big disappointment Unlike the art which transcends culture and context the writing couldn’t make the same leap It’s a shame because it really is a nice looking series

  2. StrictlySequential StrictlySequential says:

    He fits so many intense cases she's a PI in this long read that took a few sessions to finish Trillo's engaging barrio crime literature of this length needs time than usual for proper immersion but it's ultimately very rewardingTrillo gets the old double tragedy mask action by giving her intrinsic comedy because of her shockingly uniue fugly looks which beget apathy for all the resultant burdens and sadness Then he proves she's actually perfect for her work despite common thought processHe gets the initial ¿Seriously? then makes her progressively interesting believable and human as she finds a place in your heart all while suirting ha comedy into the drama without compromising the dramatic flowIt's VIOLENT but not pushing boundaries of reality someone is committing each of the heinous acts somewhere in this world every dayI've never been a fan of Risso's art but it's in NO way lacking in skill He wows me at times but does to annoy me He puts too much full blackout space in his panels even for the detective genre because it's constantly distracting instead of accentuating the rest of the panels which also routinely suffer from poor sizing choices and awkward positioning

  3. Nihal Vrana Nihal Vrana says:

    I love the style of Risso from 100 Bullets and also his other collaborations with Azzarello I have read a previous collaboration of Trillo and Risso called Iguana which was excellent I found this book and wanted to give it a try It is honestly a hidden gem; it is a wonderful collection of short stories which are well plotted very tongue in cheek and full of well developed interesting characters The main character Alejandra was an amazing lead in some ways she reminded me of Tyrion Lannister The stories are just the right length with either nice punchlines or with a genuineness that touches you I think that it is a great piece of graphic storytelling and I will try to read all TrilloRisso pairings that I can find

  4. Dario Malic Dario Malic says:

    Chicanos je skup kratkih priča o Alejandrini Jalisco vrlo neobičnoj ali izrazito simpatičnoj privatnoj istražiteljici kojoj ne cvjetaju ruže ni na privatnom ni na poslovnom planu U pitanju su ne previše originalne ali vješto ispričane krimi pričice s dobrom dozom crnog humora Niti jedna priča ne odskače nešto posebno no s vremenom mi je sam lik Jolisco postao drag pa me iskreno zasmetalo sve čemu ju je Trillo u drugoj knjizi izložio Čitajući ju imao sam osjećaj kao da je prešao iz prikazakritike društva u čisto ismijavanje svog glavnog lika Iako je očito napravio dobar posao natjeravši me da se zbližim s likom ne mogu mu oprostiti sudbinu koju joj je namijenio Ono čemu se pak ne može pronaći previše zamjerki je Rissov vrlo dobar crtež Neobični kutevi i snažni crno bijeli kontrasti stvaraju dobru atmosferu i s lakoćom drže čitatelja prikovanog za strip pa na kraju crtež ostavlja bolji dojam nego priča Ipak spomenutim zamjerkama unatoč ni priča nije loša i u pitanju je jedan sasvim dobar strip Vjerojatno mu se neću vraćati ali mogu reći da mi je drago što sam ga pročitao

  5. Anthony Anthony says:

    Never heard about any other Risso illustrated books besides 100 bullets Batman Broken City but had o try these out Absolutely love the storytelling in Chicanos the play on the detective who always tries to do her best but bad luck always follows her Great storyelling panels from Risso; book was in black white but the story just looks even better this way

  6. Komuniststar Komuniststar says:

    Još jednom si potvrđujem da su Trillove priče genijalne samo što Risso nije pravi ilustrator za njega

  7. Zanne Zanne says:


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Chicanos Volume 1❴Download❵ ✤ Chicanos Volume 1 Author Carlos Trillo – The smash European series Chicanos arrives on these shores with this first volume of an ongoing series recounting the misadventures of AY Jalisco Private Detective Penned by Carlos Trillo and featurin The smash European series Chicanos arrives on these shores with this first volume of an ongoing series recounting the misadventures of AY Jalisco Private Detective Penned by Carlos Trillo and featuring art by fan favorite Eduardo Risso Bullets Chicanos follows Jalisco an unattractive short Mexican woman who follows her dream of becoming a private eye in the US while trying to stay one step ahead of the bad luck which inevitably follows her.

About the Author: Carlos Trillo

Carlos Trillo was an Argentine comic book writer Trillo began a prolific career as writer already at the age of writing his first story for Patoruzú magazine Trillo created together with Horacio Altuna the strip El Loco Chávez which appeared every day at the back of the newspaper Clarín from July to November After that the strip was replaced by El Negro Blanco which h.