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Prince Albert [EPUB] ✰ Prince Albert By Sabrina Paige – Prince Albert is a royal prickHe’s the most famous one on the planet – wealthy gorgeous and a notorious playboy He’s also the most conceited insufferable arrogant man I’ve ever metDid I mentio Prince Albert is a royal prickHe’s the most famous one on the planet – wealthy gorgeous and a notorious playboy He’s also the most conceited insufferable arrogant man I’ve ever metDid I mention he’s a freaking prince An actual real life Prince Not So CharmingHe’s tattooed and pierced too Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing That's right – he's pierced you know where Allegedly I’ve never seen itMy mother is marrying a king Being a princess is every girl’s fantasy rightExcept that means Albie is my new stepbrotherOh and one thing I accidentally married himWe’re keeping the biggest secret on the planetEver heard the fairy tale about the Princess and her stepbrotherYeah I didn’t think soI’m royally screwed.

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Prince Albert
  • Sabrina Paige
  • English
  • 27 September 2015
  • 9781518809200

10 thoughts on “Prince Albert

  1. Christine Wallflower & Dark Romance Junkie Christine Wallflower & Dark Romance Junkie says:

    This was such a fun read It was super cute funny and insanely hot Propriety I remind myself I should give a shit about propriety I should give a shit about the fact that Belle Kensington is my soon to be stepsister She's part of the royal family I should keep my dick in my pants and my hands to myself The problem is that I've never been very good at doing the things I should do anyway So if you hadn't guessed already I love forbidden romance and not in a heart pounding break my heart kind of way I love it in a hot sex and even hotter dirty talk kind of way When it comes to stepbrother romances I've definitely gone through a few I normally read them off TBR and most of them are misses but what I've come to realise about Sabrina Paige's STEPBROTHER romances is that they're freaking awesome It's smutty fun forbidden love with out the trashy and sometimes eye roll inducing extra's that come with reading these types of books You could probably take the step sibling part out and the books would be just as enjoyable But I'd be lying if I said I don't get a thrill because of the forbidden aspect Yep I'm on a whole other level of perverted Trust mePrince Albert crown prince of Protrovia is a manwhore and he isn't shy about it He lives in the limelight glories in the attention the paparazzi give him he's even gone as far as flashing the paparazzi with his pierced royal staff Life is a buffet of pussy and I'm a damn connoisseur Belle Kensington is the textbook good girl she's been in Africa working with a Charity organisation She doesn't believe in hosting parties to raise funds she's a hands on kind of girl I sink onto the bed lying here in this room touching myself while at this very moment everyone in my brand spanking new family is on the other side of the palace dining room Albie and Belle meet in Las Vegas way before they find out their parents are getting married After a couple teuila shots they find themselves married they part ways thinking they'll never see each other again But unfortunately for these two what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas After their parents announce their engagement and the little tit bit that they'll all be living together it's only a matter of time until Belle gives into Albie's seduction And let me just say this was a treat I should be disgusted with myself for jerking off into Isabella Kensington's panties Coming all over my stepsister's panties is a new level of filthy even for me The banter between Albie and Belle was hilarious and their sexual trysts were super hot I'll stop harping on and on about the book because it was pretty straight forward I loved Albie's sister Alex and her relationship with Max her bodyguard definitely deserves it's own book I'm going to let Noah know I'm indisposed for the next few hours he says turningWait what if someone comes looking foe me?He turns and looks at me with a cocky grin Then they'll find you underneath me I guess

  2. Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Alba and Her Secrets..♥ says:

    45 Royal Scandal Stars So this happened ; New book by Sabrina Paige and I really enjoyed it Prince Albert belongs to her Stepbrother series and actually I found this uite different from the other books This is the fourth one and obviously still with the stepbrother taboo thing but in this case we found ourselves in a different world royalty This is the story between Prince Albert aka Albie crown prince of Protrovia and a playboy who finds himself in a very particular situation with her new step sister and Belle Kensington said step sister who has just found his fiancé was cheating on her and now she is VERY atracted to the manwhore prince Life is a buffet of pussy and I’m a damn connoisseur“This is definitely one of those ‘shouldn’ts’” she says But she doesn’t move She stays where she is paused with her back against the brick wall her breasts arched up Everything about her screams yes “Prince fucks his royal stepsister” I whisper reaching down to flick open the button on her jeans It's a definite shouldn't This was such a funny light and smokin' hot read As always Sabrina Paige gives us a wonderful taboo story full of different moments Of course it's amazing to see how these two can't keep their hands off each other they do it EVERYWHERE hahah and how finally they fall in love Their chemistry is off the charts hot and Prince Albert is some dirty talker ladies ; “Say it” I order “Say you want my cock inside you Tell me how much you want me to bend you over that piano to pull that dress of yours up around your waist and fuck you until you come around me You want to feel my bare cock inside you pressed against you until you can’t hold out until you come and you’re milking me of everything I have” See? ; I am sure you will enjoy Albie's smart mouth LOL In ways than one Also I really liked that at the end they stand against everything and just decide to go with it It was so sweet “Ever heard the fairy tale about the princess and her stepbrother?” I whisper Albie laughs “We’ll write our own fucking fairy tale luv” Therefore my rating for Prince Albert is 45 STARS because I enjoyed this story and the different aspects that Sabrina introduced in this book If you are into stepbrother romances and want to read a different version you should give this one a try CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

  3. Eda** Eda** says:

    375 4 “a scandal of royal proportions” STARS “You’relike a drunken disheveled Cinderella”“So that would make you what the not so charming prince?” VERY different from the previous books I read it in only 35 hours at one sittingand that doesn't happen very oftenREVIEW TO COME ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Cristina Cristina says:

    Ever since stepbrother novels started causing a frenzy among romance readers I've been hooked on them and they've become my guilty pleasure PBut Prince Albert is in another category of it's own Why? Well it takes scandal to a whole new level because HE is a prince and future king and SHE is his future stepsistertalk about a media nightmare when the truth unravels PBelle has been gone for two years working with a charity in Africa so when she accidently meets Albie aka Prince Albert of Protrovia she doesn't know who he is but he's the best distraction she could get after just finding out that her now EX fiancé cheated on her with the made of honorAlbie is the future king of Protrovia a total manwhore and an army man It's hard to describe him because there's then meets the surface so I'm just going to let you get to know him ; Ohhhand did I mention that Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing? You already knew? And you totally googled it to see what it looks right? POne drunk night in Vegas and they are marriedonly to discover a few weeks later that their parents want to get marriedso what will happen now? Will they play nice and stay away from each otheror will they give into temptation and their feeling for each other?And if you are also a dirty dirty girl then you'll going to love all the sex in this book because Albie has a fifty mouth likes to use a lot of sex toys and has a very bigggggggg view spoilerimaginationwhat did you think I was going to say? You have a dirty mind P hide spoiler

  5. Kim Bailey Kim Bailey says:

    35 STARSWhen the author warns you up front that the book is the most ridiculous over the top and totally implausible story they've written you know you're in for a fun rideI've enjoyed all of Sabrina Paige's Stepbrother Romance books They're all completely standalone and each fun romantic and delicious in their own uniue wayPrince Albert is definitely the sexiest of the group The cat mouse game that Albie Belle engage in during the first part of the tale was absolutely captivating I loved the banter and the outrageous behavior The crown prince was definitely charming Irresistible in fact neither Belle nor I stood a chanceThe book as a whole didn't provide too much in terms of a deep or meaningful story line But that was just fine by me I got what I was expecting A sexy scandalous entirely filthy and completely pleasurable read Thank you to the author for a complimentary copy of this book

  6. Mitch C. Mitch C. says:

    Hands down Sabrina Paige is the ueen of stepbrother romance She can certainly pull this type of story And to top it off a notch she makes a different and totally outrageous character for a stepbrother – a princeNormally when the words stepbrother and romance is in one sentence the one adjective that would come to mind is disgusting Morally it’s incestuous Technically it’s not Though in some countries ethnicities and religions it’s acceptableSo to cook a story with a prince as a stepbrother where people in this generation are still gradually tolerating this kind of ethical issue is a big bold move Also by the world’s standard crowned heads live well surreal So to make a foul mouth easygoing openly manwhore prince is totally uncannyBut like a steak Sabrina Paige cooked it well doneNoteIf you’re the type of reader who has a very high morality principle one who believes in perfectly crafted princes this book is not for you Otherwise you can give it a try After all the author made a note prior to Chapter 1 So you’re forewarned

  7. ~Kristin~ ~Kristin~ says:

    35 StarsThis book was a lot over the top which I'm usually not a huge fan of but it was cute funny and steamy as hell too My copy had a bonus copy of Tool included at the end of this book so when all shit hit the fan and I was only at 51% to say I was worried is an understatement I think I let that frustrate me too soon because I really enjoyed how this played out All in all an enjoyable story

  8. Shannon Shannon says:

    Sabrina Paige is the ueen of the stepbrother genre and Prince Albert firmly solidifies her in this position As Sabrina says at the start of the book it's the most ridiculous over the top story she's writtenit is and I loved every word of it Prince Albert ranks right up there with Prick as my favorite of her stepbrother books It's funny it's raunchy it's sexy it's silly it's dirty but on top of all that it really is an enjoyable story with heart I feel filthy and used And I think I like it Oh you and me both luv you and me bothPrince Albert is light hearted than her previous step books there's not a lot of angst and drama between our 2 main characters although we do get our share of those frustrating parental moments The relationship between Belle and Albie was a fun one with Albie being so outlandish you couldn't help falling for him The banter the back and forth the word play these 2 share was so much fun to read Honestly I don't know how Belle thought she stood a chance against him And who knew Albie would have such a heart??As long as Sabrina keeps writing these delicious tales I'll keep reading

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by the author for an honest reviewI want this not so Prince Charming Belle as had a lil bit of a bad time findin her ex fiance with her bff so she decided an had a weekend in Vegas where she bumped into a very very hot man Albie they ended up havin a great nite there was no sexy time but they did get married say WHAT Belle ended up leaving b4 he woke up there is a lil twist an they did end up seein each other again but not in the way they would of wanted Belle as been with an married the Prince of Protrovia who is AlbertAlbie an know the shocker is her mum is goin to marry the King of Protrovia an this is where the problems start they both like each other a lot but don't want to be with each other cause they are goin to b step brosis but the sexual tension comes in they both get each other so turned on an the things they do r really hot but how can it work out Albie is so hot an a total player he as tattoos hot body an knows how to use his man bits an Belle is very beautiful an asnt had much experience in the bedroom an Albie is just the man to show her how good it can be once Belle lets Albie in they can't get enough of each other an he brings something out in her that makes her so confident an she does stuff that she as never done b4 but this just makes Albie want her I really enjoyed this book it is a really hot book an got me a lil hot under the collar I do like the Cinderella an Prince Charming thing that goes on in the books it's good I did luv the way Albie would get at Belle the banter they had was so funny I did luv the chemistry between them an I did like AlexandraAlex this is Albie's sister she is so sassy an I just luv it I would really luv a book on her an Max that's her bodyguard it would just b great cause she is a lil out of control I do recommend this book it's got everything in an I did really like it xxx

  10. Milica& Milica& says:

    Prva knjiga koju sam čitala od Sabrine Paige i jako mi se svidela iako joj doduše ne mogu dati 5 zvezdica Nije spektakularna pričaali su jako zabavni glavni likovi i dijalozi “Ever heard the fairy tale about the princess and her stepbrother?” I whisperAlbie laughs “We’ll write our own fucking fairy tale luv” ♥

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