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  1. karen karen says:

    Ballet makes you all so sad You never used to be like thisi won this book at the bookriot live thingie by answering a uestion about thomas bernhard during the ask the audience portion of booknerd jeopardy which is likely the first and last time thomas bernhard and Tiny Pretty Things will appear in a sentence togetherthis book is a jumble of strengths and weaknesses so it's a pretty solid middle three stars for mein the strengths column i thought it provided a fascinating look at the mean girl flipside running underneath all the pretty pink froth of the ballet world kind of like how monstrous dancers' feet are beneath those pretty shoesall the sweat and jealousy the racism and politics the sexual favors and bitterness and competitiveness and eating disorders and pill popping and stress twirling gracefully around in little pink tutus i enjoyed the peek behind the curtains and knowing i dodged a bullet by not pursuing a career as a ballerina instead spending my one and only ballet recital scowling and scratching my chest which was SO ITCHY from those seuins that it was all i could think about i appreciated the three different perspectives bette is a perfect blonde music box ballerina following in her older sister's footsteps by any means necessary clawing out eyes figuratively and manipulating her admirers into bullying the competition until they break sometimes literallygigi is new to the school and new to new york bringing her friendly and laid back california attitude and her african american skin coloring into this environment of bette clones and providing a different kind of role model to young girlsjune is half korean and all starving fading into the background; lonely fatherless overlooked; pushing herself past safe limits uietly determined to be noticed and validated the book is mainly concerned with pressure from family from self from very specific standards of beauty and it's about how girls respond to this much pressure when they are isolated from their families and from the larger non dance world as for the weaknesses they mostly just have to do with depth the book is a very uick read skimming from one episode to the next without slowing down long enough to let the events sink in everything feels rushed as romances begin and end with no development pranks and bullying result in serious injuries and there are no repercussions adults breeze in and out as obstacles or comforts but contribute little else to the story subplots go unresolvedoverall i didn't feel like this was a self contained book there's not much in the way of resolution; it ends by introducing a new complication without wrapping up the previous ones there's a second book coming out this summer but i'm not certain that was a given before this book was released so it's pretty bold to leave so many things up in the air without that guarantee i will be reading the second book because i kind of want some answer huge discoveries are made and nothing comes of them major events occur and we don't really know who's to blame i don't mind not knowing who to trust while reading a book i do have an expectation that i will know by the end second book or noso we'll see the amount of detail about ballet is impressive and fans of dance or people who know this world intimately will no doubt love it but while i liked it enough to want to find out some answers i'm not gasping for it and although i don't have any pictures handy of the recital and the scratching itself here are some other pictures of ballet karen because adorable come to my blog

  2. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    Okay WOW I'm severely traumatised There's nothing like a school of backstabbing ballerinas to get me very grateful that I am a potato and the most dancing I've committed is head bopping to Incey Wincey Spider to please my baby nieces Note they were not pleased Little beasts BECAUSE DANCING IS FREAKING SCARY AND COMPETITIVE I was like so sure everyone was going to end up DEAD in this book omg Who has shattered nerves? Oh Oh it's just meOh but ignore my whining BECAUSE I TRULY DID ENJOY THE BOOK Even though it focuses on ballet and we've established I ain't a ballerina I still absolutely loved the writing how captivating the story line was and all the characters It had a huge cast and yet still managed to flesh everyone out?? That is amazing And like everyone was completely AWFUL to some degree I think I hate them??? But I also care about them??? So these two authors are absolute wizards and we should be careful of them because clearly they're fuelled on drinking the traumatic tears of their readersIt's also told in 3 points of viewwhich I did enjoy but I wish it'd been 2 I don't understand June's perspective She has an interesting storyline and all but it just seems weak compared to the others and I honestly felt her POV was fillerBRIEF SHRIEKING LIST OF CHARACTERS• GIGI She is the besssst She's the new girl to the school and an absolutely FLAWLESS ballerina She's black and basically the only black ballerina in the older classes so she often feels ostracize All the girls are really horrible to her BECAUSE SHE'S SO FREAKING GOOD And the bullying she goes through?? It's insane She's also really sweet and nice and kind andbasically I love her• BETTE She's like the worst mean girl of EVER She's absolutely nasty and vicious and gorgeous and she hates Gigi and waoooooah Please no one leave these girls in a room with a knife okay? Okay I really didn't like Bette but her mum is AWFUL and Bette's also a drug addict andagh I felt bad for her still Despite her being 10000% degrees of awful• JUNE Like I said I didn't really get June She's half Korean and her father was a dancer but also is a mystery and her mother doesn't want June to dance and #drama and #angst She's also anorexicbulimic But her storyline felt really detached from BetteGigi's whose stories are entwined SO YEAH I don't really care about June I was mildly bored in her chaptersI also have much love for the secondary characters And by love I mean half the time I'm freaking terrified of them Like I suspect Henri is a total psychopath I loved Alec Gigi's boyfriend and Bette's ex and he was so sweet BUT HE'S OBLIVIOUS And Will is sweet and gay and never gets lead roles and I feel bad for him Eleanor I just hated by the end And I'm FURIOUS at about 98% of EVERYONE'S parents Like seriously Read this book if you want to take Class 101 On How To Mess Up Your Kid Forever Except Gigi's parents who were amazingThe romance is VERY complicated and never healthy hahah I mean who needs a healthy romance? NOT ARTISTS AND ATHLETES pirouettes into tragedy I mean Gigi is a better dancer than Bette and THEN Bette's boyfriend dumped her and went with Gigi LIKE IT'S JUST ASKING FOR SO MUCH MURDER POTENTIAL Note this isn't a murder mystery but it feels like it wants to be And there's lots of stealing boyfriends and cheating amongst the other characters and also emotional manipulation and just ahhhhh It's hard to look away from BECAUSE IT'S SUCH A WORRYBRIEF LIST OF OTHER STUFF I LOVED• set in a ballet boarding school• it actually talks about ballet and technical terms for stuff and as someone who knows naught I thought it was really interesting to learn• SO MUCH DIVERSITY I LOVED IT• It addresses mental health issues particularly eating disorders and disabilities• Everyone is so AMAZINGLY TALENTEd like woah how can people even stand on their toes I can't even stand up on my average flat feet sometimes because I like to regularly trip and cuddle the floor• And everyone is beautiful which usually bothers me but it's not like SHE IS BEAUTIFUL HE IS BEAUTIFUL all the time so it wasn't irritating to read• It's really suspenseful• And darkly addictiveBRIEF LIST OF STUFF I DIDN'T LIKE• Okay it did NOT feel like it ended It just stopped So cliffhanger? Yes I WANTED ANSWERS AND I GOT EXACTLY ZERO• I'm miffed at how the school really didn't look into the bullying They got all upset about it but seriouslythey didn't do anything• I really think June's POV was unnecessary• And the book WAS nearly 500 pageswhich I think is too long for a contemporary There were tons of instances when I just wanted to speed things up or run someone over ya know normal stuffALL IN ALL This was an excellent dark book of ballerinas and the drive to be the BEST It's addictive and kind of like a train wreck and it has a HUGE mystery element of who the heck is behind all the bullying let's suspect everyone The characters were awful nasty little soulsand yet I still lowkey care about them Except Bette I honestly think she needs to walk into a brick wall Twice And the boys were complex and interesting And the STRENGTH and STAMINA to dance like 6 hours a day??? Excuse me while I go be a potato of awe

  3. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    45 Stars

  4. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    this book did not deserve to be DNFed probablyI also officially made A Discovery You know what that discovery is? I love moral ambiguity and I also hate petty drama You know what I like? Feuds of two characters on opposing sides of a moral uandry in which both win and lose You know what I definitely do not like and would like to never see again in my reading? Pettiness between the Mean Girl and the Slightly Less Mean GirlYou know what creates some weird connotations? The fact that both ueer characters in this book are villains You know what’s just shitty? Giving every villain a point of view except the ueer girl and ueer guy villain You know what’s shittier? Villainizing a ueer guy for having a crush on some random dude a girl is dating and the narrative treating his crush as gross You know what’s just as shitty as that? Giving your ueer girl character the motive “fear of coming out motivates her to bully other girl for years” Yeah Anyway Those are my thoughts I would probably have finished this if not for figuring out one of these authors killed off her only sapphic character in another novel but I honestly am just tired and feel really uncomfortable with that yeahcurrent moodBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

  5. Maureen Maureen says:

    355 stars I feel like I'm so torn about this book On the one hand the story is so interesting and turns very mysterious The cast is incredibly diverse and the book deals with a lot of really big issues The unreliable narrators made for an added interesting element to the story But books about girl drama and girls being awful to each other just rubs me the wrong way always I've never been a part of the dance community so I don't know exactly how competitive it is but the drama just felt like way too much at times and people were so terrible Just when I thought they couldn't be terrible they stepped it up a notch I'll probably still read the next book because I have theories and I do want to know what happens but it may take me longer to get to it because I don't think I can handle it right now Too much DRAMA

  6. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss “The Sugar Plum Fairy has farthest to fall” Wow This book was certainly pretty cut throat And there was so much back stabbing going onI liked the characters in this book although they all seemed to do crazy things at times and to take massive risks to get what they wanted Bette was blood thirsty Gigi ignored her heart condition and June flirted with anorexia and all three of them wanted to be the lead in every ballet they performed “The black girl The new girl She’s no Sugar Plum Fairy Her feet are bad Her legs are too muscular Her face won’t look right on stage It should have been Bette” The storyline in this followed the girls as they danced at their ballet school and battled for the leading role in the ballets we had lots of cruel tricks which uickly escalated dangerous threats and even some pretty serious injuries all in the name of knocking Gigi off her top spot and boy were these girls serious about their ballet “Drop her” I’d whispered uickly before I could lose my nerve “Just once And not too hard Just enough”His nose crinkled just enough so that I knew he was judging me“Injuries change cast lists” There was a bit of romance in this although it was the battling for the boys that interested me These girls did not want to share and they didn’t want to let go of a boy once they had claimed him even if he didn’t want them any “We kiss for so long my lips go numb So long I forget to wonder whether he is Bette’s or mine or just his own person” The ending to this left us with several cliff hangers I really need to read the second book to find out what happens75 out of 10

  7. Beth Beth says:

    I'm still not over this this is literally one of my favourite reads so far this year 45 Stars because of how much I loved this Ballet is supposed to be beautiful You're making it ugly Mr KTrigger Warning this review will talk about disorders and addictionHonestly I have no idea why I enjoyed this book so much but I really really did So we get this story is three different peoples points of view We have Bette Gigi and June they are all so different from one another All three are part of a Ballet school competing to become the soloist for the dances produced Competition is tough and some people will stop at nothing to get there From the very start we see a talented girl called Cassie dealing with her pressures and performing a dance what we see after that is how others change because of what's happened or how people choose to ignore their involvement My character breakdownFirst off we have Bette she's supposed to be ueen B and rules the ballet world However what we see is a complete utter bitch and a bully That is the best way to describe her However we kind of see why she is like she is There's a lot of pressure on Bette to be as good as Adele her mother comes across as a complete control freak She's expected to be on top and be good all the time we see Bette have issues with addiction throughout this book As much as I genuinely disliked her character there were times I did feel sorry for her For example It's one of the things I'm most afraid of That I will be exactly like Adele or that I won't be enough like Adele You see her be and of her sisters shadow and her mother and teachers expect her to be as good as Adele if not better It's too much pressure for one person Due to this you see how she reacts and what she does to regain her control You see the breakdown of many relationships for Bette and when she did try to be a good friend it completely back fired and did damage than good I think out of everyone in this book I'm really really looking forward to seeing how she develops in the next bookGigi the golden star the new girl in town who everybody wants to know Throughout the book you see that Gigi is a genuinely nice person who just wants to do things that make her happy and her love of dance is evidently clear I think Gigi's back story was really well executed and you wanted to know what her issues are As Gigi is just such a lovely character your instincts are just to swaddle her in a blanket and look out for her Throughout the book I wanted to go seriously mama bear on a lot of characters to protect her What I'm mostly looking forward to in the next book is what's next for her?Finally we have June Honestly she's such a difficult character and I don't really know where to begin Firstly she doesn't really like socialising with other people even though personally I believe that she craves the love of others It's really hard hitting in this we see June battle her demons in relation to eating disorders you can see how ill she is and how obsessive she becomes She doesn't even have a period any that's such a health concern not only that but she has ways in which to get past her weigh in or cheat the system Once again June has a lot going on in her life she wants to please her mother she's in love with someone who's dating someone she doesn't get on with she has a lot of self doubt throughout What I can't understand is that she makes it out as though she hates Gigi but they have some really nice moments together I'm really looking forward to how she develops and I hope we see her conuer her eating disorder We also get a glimpse of some other characters that are Alec Henri Will Eleanor Liz and Sei Jin these are all someone a bit different and adds something to the story I don't want to say a lot about Alec just in case of spoilers I have no idea what to think of Henri I mean in my notes I said that he seemed like a nice guy BUT he is bat shit crazy I'm a bit unsure about Will like is it all an act or is he a genuinely nice person? Eleanor is a bit of a bitch she's pretty sneaky Finally Liz my heart literally broke for her I cannot Sei Jin is just another awful character liar and manipulatorWhat did I like? I have honestly never read anything like this before it had me gripped from the start I didn't want it to end The different representations were dealt with really well you see Gigi and June deal with different issues We see forms of racism towards Gigi and the pressures on June because she doesn't know Korean very well It has to be said how supportive Gigi is towards other people the girl get a lot of shit from many characters and she still shows love and compassion to others This may sound out but I genuinely liked seeing this story from three different peoples points of views they're completely opposite from each other and it was really interesting to see how they all dealt with hurdles they met This got very very darkWhat I didn't like? One of my main issues is that they didn't really handle the bullying situation very well You can see how traumatised Gigi becomes over time when it comes to it and she speaks out they don't look into the bullying rather they look into an awful rumour spread by bitch people Still undecided if I liked the ending I am desperate to read and I want to know who is messing with everyone I have a sneaky suspicion but I'm probably wrongFinal thoughts are that I'm itching literally itching to read Shiny Broken Pieces I have to wait however long for it to arrive and I need to know things now I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys these type of books ALL OF THE DRAMATHE WAIT IS REAL To harass means to subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation or to make repeated small scale attacks on an enemyTiny Pretty Thing 45 StarsShiny Broken Piecesa 45 Stars

  8. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    Setting this aside around 50 pages or so I liked the descriptions of dance and the fact that the girls represent a variety of different ethnic backgrounds some of them are even spot on in describing subtle cultural and parental pressures But I dunno the backstabby thing starts right off the bat and is in every chapter and it's hard to get a handle on that or even care when you haven't gotten to know anyone yet and when there are so many in this cast of characters and when the backstabbing stands out than anything else Maybe I'll come back to this if the reviews seem promising? We'll see An advance copy was provided by the publisher

  9. Melanie Melanie says:

    See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsIt has been a long time since I've read a book featuring ballet so the synopsis for this book attracted me instantly Unfortunately this one turned out to not be my cup of teaWhy I didn't like Tiny Pretty Things The multiple perspectives It's always a hard task to get multiple POVS pat down and while I had no trouble distinguishing the voices of the three main characters I felt no emotional attachment towards any of them Charaipotra and Clayton's novel follows three girls; Gigi June and Bette who are all vying to be the prima ballerina at their elite ballet school I loved the diversity that the authors brought to the table Gigi is African American and June is Korean as well as some LGBT side characters but it just became overwhelming as it was too hard to keep up with all of the drama in each of the girls' lives Zero in terms of character development Another reason why I failed to click with any of the characters was because they were all just so unlikeable I think this was of a it's me not you situation but they all just seemed lacking in depth I was hoping that the girls would develop and grow in terms of complexity as the story went by but nope that clearly just wasn't happening It was too back stabby and drama drama for me I do love a good revengedrama read Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian just for example However this one didn't seem to really have anything else in terms of plot asides from the constant competitiveness of who shall be the next prima ballerina and all the back stabbing and mean girl drama I feel like it was too intense I soon found myself just skimming sections and sections The relationships made my head hurt Yes this is romance in here but it fell completely flat and I'm sure many reviewers have already pointed this out Bette and Alec are known as the 'power couple' but when Gigi replaces Bette by getting the lead role in The Nutcracker it's like Alec is suddenly all interested in Gigi and their romance felt rushed and well shallow The romance felt like a competition too so it really just lost all of it's meaningWhy you might like Tiny Pretty Things If you're into books featuring ballet Yes there is ballet If you didn't know already If you like drama backstabbing and mean girlsIn all I can't say that I would recommend this one but if you're into ballet like reading about it enjoy drama as in LOTS of it maybe you'll enjoy this one than I did Thanks HarperCollins Australia for sending me this copy

  10. Emer (A Little Haze) Emer (A Little Haze) says:

    Why do I keep reading these books?? Why??This was dull It draaaaaaged like no other YA contemporary has dragged before It was dull There was a spechul snowflake to out spechul all the other spechul snowflakes in existence It was dull There was cliché after tiresome cliché It was dull There was absolutely no feeling of suspense because of how clichéd it was It was dull There was ridiculous instalove It was dull There were about fifty billion different ridiculous love triangles It was dull There were so many one dimensional mean girls who we were supposed to believe were so sad insideIt was dullThe different PoVs never truly worked as no character ever truly found their uniue voiceIt was dullI thought the story would never end And did I mention it was dull??Good points Maybe1 diverse characters they were still painfully cliched though 2 nice portrayal of the pressures to stay thin and fit in the ballet world but some positive focus on the athletic side would have been nice to balance it outSo That wasn't enough I was never so happy to finish a bookone star

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Tiny Pretty Things [Download] ➼ Tiny Pretty Things By Sona Charaipotra – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Soon to be a Netflix TV showBlack Swan meets Pretty Little Liars in this soapy drama packed novel featuring diverse characters who will do anything to be the prima at their elite ballet schoolFrom the Soon to be a Netflix TV showBlack Swan meets Pretty Little Liars in this soapy drama packed novel featuring diverse characters who will do anything to be the prima at their elite ballet schoolFrom the New York Times bestselling author of The Tiny Pretty MOBI :Ê Belles Dhonielle Clayton and the author of the highly anticipated Symptoms of a Heartbreak Sona CharaipotraGigi Bette and June three top students at an exclusive Manhattan ballet school have seen their fair share of drama Free spirited new girl Gigi just wants to dance—but the very act might kill her Privileged New Yorker Bette's desire to escape the shadow of her ballet star sister brings out a dangerous edge in her And perfectionist June needs to land a lead role this year or her controlling mother will put an end to her dancing dreams foreverWhen every dancer is both friend and foe the girls will sacrifice manipulate and backstab to be the best of the bestDon’t miss the gossip lies and scandal that continues in Tiny Pretty Things’ gripping seuel Shiny Broken Pieces.