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  1. Emer (A Little Haze) Emer (A Little Haze) says:

    off down the hill they went turning back to wave but still heading inexorably away from library days and party nights and mornings after and endless afternoons spent huddled together laughing and clutching steaming cups of terrible coffee and everything else that had formed the fabric of their old lives together and which had seen it on the long as if it would never end but was now suddenly and irrevocably over This summer I have been in a terrible book slump Reading to me can be very emotional I tend to get heavily invested in the characters of whatever I'm reading and I lose myself among the pages So finding something to read this summer has been difficult Enter Invincible SummerThat title alone was enough to seduce me Au milieu de l'hiver j'apprenais enfin u'il y avait en moi u été invincible In the depths of winter I finally learned that there lay within me an invincible summer Albert Camus Retour à TipasaI love that uote I'm not one for using uotes and sentiments as wall art in my home but I have made an exception for a translation of that uote It means a great deal to me This is a story of a group of four college friends and what happens to them over the course of twenty years or so In a similar vein to David Nicholls' One Day we as readers flit in and out of their lives every summer and find out what exactly happens to them and their friendships after the responsibility free days of university It's almost a coming of age story for those of us in our thirties Is it the most original story ever? The best written? Probably not It was at times predictable the ending was weak the characters' personalities were a little identikit But there was something about it that I loved I guess I identified with these identikit characters There was part of me in all of them You see I'm right there with them in my own life I'm trying to figure out my shit while supposedly being a grown up I remember when I was younger thinking that by the time I reached my mid thirties I'd have my life all figured out Yeah that birthday is looming large on the horizon and I definitely don't have everything sorted but books like this one make me feel better about myself They remind me that no one is perfect That no one has got everything figured out The characters were flawed; they had highs and they had lows They did dumb things and then they did dumb things I have been a big fan of YA books for a lot longer than the target age group suggests I should be but in the last few months my love affair with that genre seems to be coming to an end It's funny a teenager in a book does something stupid and I think to myself 'ugh just grow up already' whereas in this book we had thirty somethings doing stupid things and I'm there high fiving because I've done those things too I guess what I'm really saying about this book is that it came at the right time in my life There were no greatly memorable characters; it's some weeks since I finished this book and I can't remember even one character's name But what I can remember is the feeling I got while reading this book I felt connected Connected to life to people to something And sometimes that's all we want from a story If there's one thing that I've realised it's that friendship and love are pretty much all we've got that's worth anything Everything else is noise Should probably rate it four stars but my heart says five

  2. BrokenTune BrokenTune says:

    35 The streets of Hampstead teemed with belligerent old ladies and their posses of tiny canines and they weren’t to be trifled withI must admit that I only picked this up because it fit one of the suares of a Summer Bingo Challenge Otherwise I would have judged the book by its cover and it's description and I would have decided that this was probably fluffy chick litI would have lost out Big time Invincible Summer is the story of four friends who try to come to terms with their lives romantic entanglements careers family and each other over the course of 20 years Yes there is some romance in it some heartbreak some drama but it is all described uite realistically and with a great sense of balance for fun and seriousness In a way the book reminded me of the film Notting Hill only that the book had a little depth and no bumbling Hugh Grant charactersThere were some aspects like the mental breakdown of one of the characters that really were handled uite well even if all problems seemed to conveniently resolve themselvesI really can't fault the author for this tho Sometimes convenient solutions are what help the book focus on the character development rather than to get stuck with the depressing state of the human conditionAlso I loved that Adams included a couple of scenes that were inspired by the works of Albert Camus an author I have a lot of love for The title Invincible Summer itself is taken from one of Camus' works and the uote on which it is based is the centre point of the book I really loved this the scene in original work fitted really well with the scene in Adams' book It also sparked my interest in re reading some of Camus work Even if this meant that I found a second uote used by Adams to be a misuote which is believed to have originated in the early 2000s rather than with CamusNo matter Invincible Summer was moving engaging and thought provoking for all the right reasons A ridiculous response to these glimpses of other people’s lives playing out she chided herself because if life had taught her one thing it was that appearances rarely tell the real story She’d spent long enough tending to her own carefully cultivated work persona to know that apparently calm exteriors could have all sorts of things seething underneath You could look through the windows at any one of these people but you would only ever see what was there not what wasn’t The losses and absences didn’t show despite so often being the immovable facts around which a life orbited That woman laughing as she herded her protesting children to the table she might have a story you wouldn’t see at a glance You wouldn’t be able to see the miscarriages she had before those children came along or the brother who’d died or the father she’d had to put into a home because his dementia had become too much to handle All you saw was the bright flash of happiness and it wasn’t anything close to the whole truth

  3. Bill Kupersmith Bill Kupersmith says:

    Reflecting on this lovely book I became aware that two subtle but major watersheds in English social history had been passed by in my adult lifetime Our four principal characters are graduates of the University of Bristol yet two of them go on to have very high octane careers one as a physicist practically on a first name basis with the Higgs Boson the other in the London financial sector In Evelyn Waugh’s or even in Kingsley Amis’s day they would necessarily have been Oxbridge graduates one of them the City trader would not have been a woman Also they only discover that the father of one of them the physicist actually is a peer when they see the groom designated The Honourable on the invitations to his wedding In Jane Austen’s era or even in my youth that would have been the first thing everyone knew about himWe follow the trajectories of our four friends over a period of two decades from entrance to uni to the threshold of middle age They are Benedict Evie who are reading physics Sylvie an artist with her brother Lucien who claims to be an entrepreneur a euphemism for dope dealer Evie was reared by Keith her single parent socialist father she goes against the grain by heading for Canary Wharf the big bonuses instead of the laboratoryThis book could have been a whole series of novels like A la recherche A Dance to the Music of Time both of which I burnt out on fast early or Simon Raven’s Alms for Oblivion which I mostly hugely enjoyed in my youth for its mix of militarism academism cynicism But as a single novel Invincible Summer is a perfect epitome It recalled for me a lot Robin Kirman’s Bradstreet Gate but much better tho’ Bradstreet was a solid four star Part of my preference is an almost indefinable uality that Adams puts into her characters – except for Lucien who very much overworks the loveable scoundrel persona till it lands him where he belongs They seem to be people I would truly like to have as personal friends Indeed by the time I was half way through I almost thought that they wereEspecially Evie who emerges as the protagonist Adams’ account of her career as a bond trader is gripping The only other novel I’ve read that offers the same opportunity to share vicariously the excitement eroticism of the trading floor was Nicola Monaghan’s Starfishing Both authors have worked in the financial sector have a feel for the action Best experienced audibly the scene where Evie is trying to manage the purchase of 900 million yes million Italian government bonds BTPs was so suspenseful I nearly crashed the car The dangerous part is that such a huge buy order will drive the price up to the level that Evie’s firm will lose money her bonus likely her job on the transaction The trick is to start buying slowly so the market doesn’t notice that there’s a big movement underway then just before the market closes for the day put in a large order to drive the price up the close short the remainder of your transaction Of course the next day lots of bond holders will take a profit the new high price you can cover your short position a profit But you almost feel you’re wearing Evie’s headset as she talks with her broker ‘Graham 9500 bid in 10” She’s offering to buy the first ten million 95 euros each “Working that ’ several minutes silence then ‘9520 lifted 9520 to 9540 following’ Then the price which Evie had to buy keeps going up ‘Forty lifted Bid over there seventy offer on the follow’ I love the feature where you can get both audible text on your reader so I could go back figure out just what was going on Of course what Evie is doing is something called “Market Manipulation” it’s a bit dodgy tho’ we should keep in mind that in the end all that happens is 30 million euros will be transferred from one financial institution to another so far as the rest of us are concerned it makes no difference one way or the other As Dr Johnson once put it so well men are never so harmlessly occupied than in making money Goes for women too Before it’s all over we know it has to end because we are approaching 2008 Evie finds out she was swimming in a shark tank Besides creating loveable characters Alice Adams has a gift for felicitous phrasing my favourite was ‘weapons grade flirtation’ A hypercritic might complain that her minor characters are a bit flat stereotyped – I found both Evie’s personal trainer live in her Docklands ‘apartment’ American is now upscale boyfriend like Lou’s in JoJo Moyes but not funny Julian her City mentor ‘Big Paul’ an odious fat oaf she never uite convinced me that Benedict was really a physicist tho’ even C P Snow didn’t know how to do that Still Benedict redeemed himself lived up to his name by showing a real streak of spirituality Even the child characters are affecting especially Sylvie’s special needs daughter No uestion Emotionally Invincible Summer will be my Me Before You for 2016 I hope it may be yours

  4. Blair Blair says:

    I picked this because I wanted something fun and uick to read on a very warm sunny Sunday afternoon It was on my radar anyway and seemed like a natural choice – I mean it actually has the word 'summer' in the titleLike a mash up of David Nicholls' One Day and a much lighter take on Linda Grant's Upstairs at the Party the story follows a group of university friends for twenty years starting with their first summer as students They are Eva physics student from a poor background who becomes an investment banker; brother and sister Sylvie and Lucien an artist and 'entrepreneur' for which read drug dealer respectively; and Benedict another physics student who goes on to do a PhD while trying and failing to suppress his unreuited love for Eva Using shifting perspectives Adams revisits these characters at intervals and we watch as their careers relationships and fortunes develop and change The story is weighted towards Eva There's a depth to her that isn't apparent in the rest of the book best illustrated by the complicated dichotomy between her upbringing and the career she chooses to pursue Unlike her affluent friends who have romantic ideas about a life of poverty she's desperate to claw her way to the top by any means partly because she knows all too well how awful the bottom is Despite her working class origins Eva turns out to be the most unapologetic capitalist of the lot – but she's not without a conscience leading to fierce inner debates as well as clashes with her staunchly socialist fatherI wondered if three stars was a bit harsh because I did really enjoy racing through this but I think at least some of that can be attributed to the circumstances in which I read it Would it have been uite as beguiling on an overcast day? It's flimsy and cliched a little too often to ignore when someone's desperately in need of moneya place to stay a solution magically appears uite a few times for uite a few characters; there are annoying recurrent platitudes eg the idea that women aren't fulfilled unless they have kids; the dialogue can feel unnatural; there are plot holesWhile it does't have the intellect of Upstairs at the Party and doesn't uite tug on the heartstrings like One Day Invincible Summer is still an enjoyable debut novel Its flaw is the same thing that makes it so readable its lightness While the characters are in the main likeable I can't say I ever felt passionately invested in their fates But it was a good companion for a day in the park

  5. Kelley Kelley says:

    ARC received courtesy of Goodreadscom First Reads GiveawayThis book is like looking back at the stories of our lives We follow four friends from college two of whom are brother and sister through their turbulent twenties and into the rest of their lives The main character Eve becomes financial wizard on the trading floor for a major bank Benedict follows his dream to work at CERN in Switzerland Sophie the tortured artist struggles to find meaning in her life Her brother Lucien turns into the criminal of the groupThese characters are so well developed in such a short novel that I felt as though I watched the whole thing like a movie I really cared about these people Because the situations they found themselves in were so believable the novel is relevant I do hope to find coming from Alice Adams

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    The concept is good 4 friends over 20 years but the execution is amateurish Reads like a first draft for most of the book So much telling Two dimensional characters and no depth uit telling us so much about who we're supposed to believe these characters are Let us base our decisions on your having SHOWN us who they are Still I read it in one day so not much lost in the reading of it

  7. Brandice Brandice says:

    I'm freuently drawn to books about a group of friends or a family and their various personalities as they each deal with their own struggles as well as the collective group dynamic Invincible Summer fell into this group well The book was light and the story was interesting but there was nothing groundbreaking or any new twists I enjoyed the story and was happy with the ending although somewhat predictable It was a good light summer read

  8. Joanna Park Joanna Park says:

    Ref can also be found at 45 stars I so enjoyed this fantastic book It was simultaneously funny heart breaking and uplifting and takes the reader on uite a journey The book is told from the point of view of each of the characters in turn though Eva’s story is the dominate one Due to the style of the book you feel as if you are right there watching all the action unfold The reader gets to know the characters very well and you end up feeling that you know them personally I certainly would like to be in their friendship groupMy favourite character was Eva I liked that she managed to put her traumatic experiences at school behind her and become so successful She stands up for what she believes in though sometimes she doesn’t do this in the best way She tries her best to keep in contact with the others and be there for them when they need her despite having a busy life I also uite liked Benedict who seemed uite a sweet bumbling guy who always tries to do the best for other people even if it puts him out He makes mistakes throughout his life but he works hard to correct themIt was very interesting to see how their group and their roles within it changed throughout the years The friends all go through some hard times which they don’t always handle very well This always seemed realistic and never forced in any way as the problems seemed very true to their characters The author cleverly includes some of the real life events that have happened in the last twenty years The banking crisis the election and the finding of the Higg’s particle are all mentioned and have an impact on the characters in some way This again helped the story seem very realIt was uite poignant to realise how differently life had turned out for the four friends then they’d planned Each of them ends up on a different path then they expected and it is heartwarming to see how they deal with each situation that is thrown at them As a reader you feel that you are going through all the hard times with them and experiencing all the highs and lows that they doThe ending was lovely though a tad poignant The last few pages brought a tear to my eye as you realise how much the four friends have been through and how much they have changed There are a few things that I wish had ended differently but I think that would have made the ending too perfectThis is Alice Adams debut novel and I really look forward to reading from her If you like coming of age stories that are a perfect mix of poignant and heartbreaking you will love this bookHuge thanks to Alice May Dewing Picador Books and Pan MacMillan publisher for my copy of this book

  9. Tess Tess says:

    Oh I so wanted to like this book I am such a sucker for the “group of friends grow up as you follow them for years” trope but after The Interestings by Meg Woltizer blew me away a few years ago I’ve soured on books that don’t do it as successfully Plus this is a group of British people I love British peopleAlas we start following the 4 friends in college but all too uickly zoom ahead to life pretty much stinking for all of them once they are out in the “real world” I think it would be been much intriguing to get to know them in college The book starts off so strong and they seem like great student characters Once “life” starts to happen to them though it seems of just a laundry list of things that have happened I think we jump through the years too fast to get to know the characters or truly care about what happens to them They seem a bit flat no British pun intended We get the highlights work love children But I found it hard to care about these big things when I felt no connection to the people they were happening to In all honestly I think this may be a fun movie than novel It might be a fun beach read but I don’t think it will stay with me for very long I received an ARC via Netgalley Thanks Little Brown and Company for the opportunity

  10. Cindy Cindy says:

    I was looking forward to reading this book but I had difficulty at times really getting into the story and characters Things would get interesting then kind of went nowhere for me Back and forth throughout the book Yet I did enjoy the it The good parts made me give a three star ratingInvincible Summer spans twenty years in the lives of four college friends We see them out of college with all their dreams and hopes for their future But unfortunately life and dreams don't always work out how we wish The was well written and I would give the author another try This book may appeal to a younger person whose is just starting out I didn't feel a deep connection with any of the characters but Sylvie seemed to be the one who changed for the better She had be strong due to her situation I received this book from a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review

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Invincible Summer ➿ Invincible Summer Free ➶ Author Alice Adams – Four friends Twenty years One unexpected journey Eva Benedict Sylvie and Lucien graduate in 1997 into an exhilarating world on the brink of the new millennium Hopelessly in love with playboy Lucien an Four friends Twenty years One unexpected journey Eva Benedict Sylvie and Lucien graduate in into an exhilarating world on the brink of the new millennium Hopelessly in love with playboy Lucien and keen to shrug off the socialist politics of her childhood Eva breaks away to work for a big bank Benedict a budding scientist who's pined for Eva for years embarks on a physics PhD and siblings Sylvie and Lucien pursue freewheeling existences she as an aspiring artist and he as a professional partier But as their dizzying twenties evaporate into their thirties the once close knit friends now scattered and struggling to navigate thwarted dreams lost jobs and broken hearts find themselves drawn together once again in stunning and unexpected ways A dazzling depiction of the highs and lows of adulthood Invincible Summer is a story about finding the courage to carry on in the wake of disappointment and a powerful testament to love and friendship as the constants in an ever changing world.

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See this thread for information Alice Adams was an American novelist short story writer academic and university professorShe was born in Fredericksburg Virginia and attended Radcliffe College graduating in She married and had a child but her marriage broke up and she spent several years as a single mother working as a secretary Her psychiatrist told her to give up writing and get remarried; instead she published her first novel Careless Love and a few years later she published her first short story in The New Yorker She wrote many novels but she's best known for her short stories in collections such as After You've Gone and The Last Lovely City She won numerous awards including the O Henry Award and Best American Short Stories Award.