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Through Love Hate (One Hell of a Romance, #2) [PDF] ✑ Through Love Hate (One Hell of a Romance, #2) ✓ Jennifer Felton – What happens when the life you've taken for granted disappears in the blink of an eye That's what Megan Williamson wants to know now that her best friend Anya Spanzer has been diagnosed with terminal What happens when the life you've taken for granted disappears in the blink of an eye That's what Megan Williamson wants to know now that her best friend Anya Spanzer has Through Love MOBI :Ê been diagnosed with terminal cancer They've been best friends since childhood Now Megan is determined to find Anya's second chance Anya's family needs her So it seemed like an easy choice she was willing to die in Anya's place Who needs a soul anyway So why should selling it to the gorgeous vampire bother her It shouldn't right Wrong The moment she meets Anya's doctor she finds herself attracted to him But this isn't a social visit There are pressing matters at hand like curing Anya Despite what appears to be a mutual attraction Megan can't afford to form any new attachments Little does Megan realize that what is meant to be will find a way Besides it's rare when things are all they seem to be.

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  1. Fiction Vixens Blog Fiction Vixens Blog says:

    This is the second book in this series and I thoroughly enjoyed this book as much as I did the first book This story is about Megan Williamson's and her best friend Anya Spanzer who has terminal cancer and who doesn't have long to live And Megan would do anything to save her friend so Anya could see for daughter grow up It's turns out that there is someone who is willing to help Megan make that choice come true and all Megan has to do is make the deal But is life that simple but Megan finds herself attracted to one Dr Jeremiah Carson and the feelings are mutual So all of a sudden the deal she made doesn't seemed like a good idea to her I think Megan determination to protect Anya is so brave of her all she wants is Anya to have a life with her familyBecause Megan doesn't think that it's worthlessDr Carson has a dark side to him that make me want to hate him but how do you hate some body that is so sexy Jennifer Felton has done it again and has given us strong characters and amazing story line that draws you in and holds you there until the very endI could go on and tell you about this amazing story but that would spoil the story for you I highly recommend that you read this story you won't be disappointed

  2. Laurie P Laurie P says:

    45 starsI was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this bookCONTAINS SOME SPOILERSThis was a good book I think the author could have given intense emotions to the relationships I went into this book expecting it to be paranormal and not uite as much contemporary romance I'm not so much into romance That is why I gave it 45 starsAnya has a fiancee and a young daughter She also has cancer Not just cancer but cancer that is all over her body and spreading fast With no point of origin there is no way to target anything to stop it Megan is her best friend Dr Jeremiah Carson is an ER doctor who also happens to be a vampire But he isn't just a vampire he is a demon working for the Goddess of the Unholy daughter of the King of Hell Jeremiah can make deals Megan wants him to heal Anya Is the deal worth making? Will Megan or Anya get out of this alive?This author has great potential with the story ideas in this book and in the preuel Through Life and Death I would like to see her write the stories between the preuel and this book

  3. Rebecca Austin Rebecca Austin says:

    Megan Williamson's best friend Anya Spanzer has terminal cancer and there's isn't much time left for her Megan would do anything to save Anya's life so that the she can watch her daughter grow up It turns out the someone is willing to help Megan make that choice and allows Megan to make a dealBut life isn't that simple and suddenly Megan finds herself extremely attracted to DrJeremiah Carson and the feeling is mutual Suddenly this deal doesn't seem like a good one after all I really liked Megan's determination to protect Anya so that she can have a life with her family where as Megan doesn't feel like her life is worth as much That being said it is somewhat sad that Megan feels her life is worth lessDrCarson was a bit of an enigma for me in that part of me wanted to like him and the other part hated him Which ultimately means a great character creation from the authorI found in this book I liked Maya less than I did in Through Life Death but again I believe that the author did this intentionally I look forward to books in this series

  4. Stacey Stacey says:

    what do you do when your best friend is dying from Cancer do you make a deal with the devil to take her place or let nature take its course and what happens when you find yourself drawn to a man who is than he seems and who is really her best friend and why does her best friends mom think she can help save her what secret can there be and why has she kept a secret from her daughter part of Magic books by promotions program given in exchange by the author and the group of authors in exchange for an honest review

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