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I Love Dick ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ I Love Dick Author Chris Kraus – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When Chris Kraus an unsuccessful artist pushing 40 spends an evening with a rogue academic named Dick she falls madly and inexplicably in love enlisting her husband in her haunted pursuit Dick propose When Chris Kraus an unsuccessful artist pushing spends an evening with a rogue academic named Dick she falls madly and inexplicably in love enlisting her husband in her haunted pursuit Dick proposes a kind of game between them but when he fails to answer their letters Chris continues alone transforming an adolescent infatuation into a new form of philosophy Blurring the lines of fiction essay and memoir Chris Kraus's novel was a I Love PDF/EPUB or literary sensation when it was first published in Widely considered to be the most important feminist novel of the past two decades I Love Dick is still essential reading; as relevant fierce and funny as everThe novel's cult following has ensured a steady undercurrent of buzz since its first publication twenty years ago with high profile champions as diverse as Lena Dunham Sheila Heti Kim Gordon Leslie Jamison and Alexa Chung.

10 thoughts on “I Love Dick

  1. Alexicon Alexicon says:

    Finally the ordeal of reading a book with this title on public transportation is over

  2. Laura Laura says:

    this book is fucking amazing i read it straight through without doing anything else all weekend it's rare that a book would inspire such monomania in me chris kraus is just so savagely smart and dissects the role of women in the art world like a surgeon she's confessional and angry and theoretical in the clearest way and poetic all at once she says all the things that you want to say but aren't supposed to say like that academic feminism is full of shit that artists who don't conform to pre made theoreticalcritical categories are made marginal that women's heterosexual desire is considered abject this book set a little part of me free

  3. Emily Emily says:

    If there is an afterlife probs no and you can pick your own heaven from all the moments of your life I'd like mine to be eternally reliving the first time I read this book

  4. Madeline Madeline says:

    I had to stop reading this It feels like I've been tricked into participating in a cruel piece of performance art The titular Dick is real life Dick Hebdige He's a cultural critic who hangs out with Chris Kraus and her husband Sylvere one time Chris and Sylvere then begin to sexually harass and stalk Dick They write letters about fucking and killing him They call Dick on the pretext of discussing their art protect aka their sexual fantasies and record the phone call without his knowledge They send a sexually inappropriate fax to his work Dick isn't a willing muse He finds the whole thing disturbing which is why I had to stop By continuing to read I would have made myself a party to Dick's harassment and I just couldn't do thatThat's not to say there isn't any artistic merit to the book Chris Kraus is an artist and seasoned intellectual The book is smart It's like Gauguin in that the act of sexual violence is itself made into art However I read for fun and there are plenty of other books out there

  5. Brianna Brianna says:

    this premise and the actual story behind this book just seems mean I have no idea why a book about a woman who continually forces her sexualromanticintellectual fantasies on a strange man who asks her to please stop repeatedly is so radically feminist the fact that this was a real situation just kind of makes it worse is it radical because it proves that like men women can also violate peoples boundaries for their art with no ualms I feel like a lot of reviewers try to absolve Krausher character of her actions by throwing a bunch of academic language and feminist theory at it Going on about mimetic desire and the radical recognition of female abjection while totally ignoring what is actually happening in the text itself I'm just like nah i've read reviews that discuss the way Dick Hebdige was deeply upset by this book but that it shouldn't matter because men having been using and discarding female muses for centuries like true but also that seems like such a perversion of any type of liberation like i have a lot of bitterness in my heart just as much as the next girl but the praise for this book is so utterly tone deaf i can't even imagine what jill soloway is going to turn this in to but i'm going to need to stay far far away from it I feel no connection to this as a feminist text what so ever it makes me feel gross the adoration for this book in certain circles is so confusing to me I think about this all the time and still just don't get it

  6. F F says:

    Hated thisAbandoned

  7. Adam Dalva Adam Dalva says:

    Often spectacular and VERY complex book I think the absolutely essential afterward hits it on the head the preoccupation with whether or not this is memoir or fiction epistolary or invented a preoccupation I'll add that I was a victim of myself masks the real achievement here which is a structural masterclass in time management and a brutal look at love The 3 characters Chris Sylvere and Dick himself never behave in expected ways and yet always move with authenticity and a strange sort of grace I love love loved big chunks of this book Oh and the ending a couple of uick paragraphs is one of the best I've readBefore I get into my criticism I'll also say this The interpretation and writing about this book has been colored by a misogyny that the book itself anticipates I'm not sure why male writers are allowed to be sprawling messy and sexual without being debased but all this talk of the novel being bold and honest seems to reduce the accomplishments of the line level prose delicious turns of phrase the research a section on Hannah Wilke in particular and also the writing on schizophrenia and the genre bending intelligence I WANTED to give this 5 starsBut I don't know There are issues I think the focus on cultural criticism hurts it there are LONG meanders that I had to fight my way through because I was hungry for the plot The section in Latin America seems to be a floating separate essay that was re purposed and the character of Chis is annoyingly effaced for way too long though she's there It repeats itself way too often I believe this is a problem of assemblage but it can't be ignored And the intertextuality occasionally feels arbitrary or imposed I had a very similar issue with NYRB's recent LETTERS FROM MONTMARTE which I couldn't get through Explaining what characters value culturally isn't the same as experiencing cultureSo 42 stars or so And a important lesson than uite a few of the books I've loved than thisAlso you'll never get stares on the subway then when you read this It must be how 50 Shades of Grey aficionados feel It must be why people buy Kindles

  8. Melki Melki says:

    Chris and I are sensible people We don't do anything without a reason and then you came What a disappointment I picked this one up because it appeared on a list of funniest books though other than the absurdity of the premise there's not a whole lot of chuckles here Chris and her husband Sylvère are not exactly embroiled in marital bliss To put it bluntly it's been a long time since they've had sex I'm guessing it's laziness not love that's keeping these two together Then after the couple spends one evening with the utterly charmless Dick Chris inexplicably falls head over heels in love with him Go figure AND instead of breaking his rival's nose or at least keying his car Sylvère helps Chris attempt to woo Dick The two begin bombarding Dick with letters and faxes Though I must say for Sylvère there's an upside to all this he and Chris have started having sex again thanks to Dick Sylvère and Chris have spent the four most intense days of their lives together Sylvere wonders if the only way that he can feel close to her is when someone else is threatening to tear them apart But poor Chris is uickly going off the deep end in her passion for the Dick She likens her feelings to a religious experience Knowing you's like knowing Jesus Like Saint Paul and Buddha who'd experienced their great conversions as they hit 40 I was Born Again in Dick Yeah that's creepy enough Now let's add some stalkery Today I phoned your colleague Marvin Dietrichson to find out what you did today What you said in seminar What you were wearing I'm finding new ways to be close to you It's okay Dick we can do the relationship your way I will not be ignored Dan Dick This one started out okay but I lost interest about 75 pages in It became too much like reading an intellectual's diary an intellectual who is trying to prove to herself and others just how much of an intellectual she can be by making as many literary allusions as possible Only the fact that I'm a cheapskate and dammit I paid good money for it made me finish the book Confession time one strange thing occurred during the reading of this book which I will relate only because I'm assuming you're reading this review because it had dick in the title and you're hoping for something stimulating I had a really hot sex dream about Matt Damon a guy whose Howdy Doody face I'd normally like to punch Ugh I blame you DickHope Chris boils your rabbit

  9. Michael Michael says:

    Mixing together autofiction and cultural criticism I Love Dick charts the rise and fall of a one sided love affair between author narrator Chris Kraus a failed experimental filmmaker nearing her 40th birthday and her husband Sylvère’s colleague Dick a suave professor The epistolary novel unfolds over the course of a series of meandering letters from Chris to Dick recounting their scant interactions with each other as well as reflecting on art gender and class The first half of the novel takes place before Chris and Dick’s brief hook up and chronicles Chris’s growing obsession with Dick in intoxicating intense prose; the second takes a turn toward the heady and offers insight into Chris’s past and her aesthetic philosophy

  10. Liza Liza says:

    I just try and try and try and try to love this book the way that every respectable person seems to but the whole time I'm reading it I want so much for her to join a lesbian separatist commune Like I'm totally through with hearing about dick you know I know this is not a morally defensible position Maybe one day I'll realize I actually secretly loved it all along rom com style because otherwise I don't know how to explain how mad it makes me

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